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It's hot today

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  1. (Credit to The Wonderful People of /co/, Homestuck General and queefmaster !e.qQ4/b9Y6)
  5. God almighty it's hot today. Like, I mean, I'm sweating all over. I can't cope with this.
  7. Do you think troll fans are biological as well? I wonder how that works.
  9. -----
  11. What if it was a sweltering hot summer's day, so hot that it was practically impossible to do anything that required any meaningful level of exertion, so hot that despite having already had several cold refreshing showers that morning Aradia was already feeling hot and sticky again
  13. And what if the sheer heat and humidity of this abnormally hot day for some reason made her feel really horny, to the point that after managing to drag herself to her computer Aradia spent the entire afternoon wearing nothing more than a skimpy, loose-fitting t-shirt and a pair of panties pulled halfway down one leg, sitting in front of her pc with one hand on the mouse looking up hardcore erotic archaeology fanfiction and the other tucked snugly between her legs, edging closer and closer to the brink of climax but always pulling back at the last minute so as to prolong the pleasure, while the breeze caused by the fan on her desk only served to heighten her pleasure as it blew over her sensitive breasts
  15. And as the sweat beads trickled down her forehead, and her fingers rapidly slid in and out of her lovebox as the sweet fragrance of her perfumed body mixed with the aroma of sweat and love juice, her body suddenly shuddered as she climaxed, her legs twitching and jerking as she curled up into an exhausted ball
  17. and then she noticed Equius watching through the window
  19. -----
  21. would Aradia mount an epic feat of strength and scream in a rage and stumble towards the window
  23. even as her pussy powerfully throbbed and squirted out load after load of her maroon slurry
  25. just dripping down her tensed legs and across the floor as she grabbed her whip, shaking, still cumming even as she went to chase off the disgusting highblood freak, her orgasm suddenly burning twice as strong with kismetic agony
  27. -----
  29. see, now I'm just imagining an enraged and seriously horny Aradia running after Equius with a whip and leaving behind a long, unbroken trail of maroon-red pussy juice that continuously gushes forth from between her legs.
  31. I think I'm going to have to fap to these two posts now.
  33. -----
  36. yes
  38. and it would just become too much for her, slowing down as her legs shake with increasing violence and exhaustion
  40. until Equius is gone and she falls over gasping for air, ass stuck up high as her hair wreathes her head, pressed to the cool grass as the last of her orgasm gushes out of her sweaty, tense, shaking body
  42. and it was the most intense one of her life, going non stop as she chased the horsefucking freak
  44. -----
  46. what if she collapses down on the ground and sees Equius getting away, and she decides that there's no way in hell she's going to let him see her naked and live
  48. so with the last of her strength she lies down, spreads her legs, and strains her quivering, trembling body, until suddenly she lets loose a loud, echoing moan as her vagina spews forth a veritable cannon of Aradia-juice with the force of a fire hose
  50. and as Equius suddenly realises what's happening he turns around, tries to shield his face from the oncoming vaginal juice storm, but it's too late - he is drenched in the cloud of lady-jizz, literally knocked to the ground by the force
  52. Aradia merely gives the barest hint of a smile, and then collapses
  54. -----
  56. You know in Resident Evil 4 how Leon gets his face burnt off by a novistador if he's on low health? That's what happens to Equius after he gets his face burnt off by the acidic cuntjuice. Accompanied by a big sign saying 'GAME OVER'
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