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Jan 14th, 2020
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  1. exhale my crystal
  3. You exhale softly on your sanowret crystal, and scintillating sparks of light dance across its surface.
  4. You hear in your mind a quiet recollection of wisdom. Though you think that you could get more knowledge if you were to GAZE into the crystal, you come away from the experience with a further understanding of Arcana as the scintillating lights fade again.
  5. >
  6. Learned: Arcana
  8. [automapper]: west
  9. Ice detected!
  10. You had better slow down! The ice is far too treacherous for you to move as quickly as you are.
  11. You go west.
  13. [Himineldar Shel, Mountain Road]
  14. The road curves sharply as it slides along the sheer walls of ice that coat the mountainside. Along the outer side of the path, a deep chasm sweeps downward to end in a gorge filled with dagger-like rock protrusions littered with the remnants of wood and bone. Rushing icy water spews down from a wide crack in the mountainside, the spray freezing instantly upon contact with the frigid air, making travel very hazardous.
  15. You also see a pile of rocks.
  16. Next move: ice southwest
  17. Obvious paths: east, southwest, northwest.
  18. Roundtime: 2 seconds.
  20. R>
  21. RT with no EXP.
  23. perceive
  24. *** Collecting rocks and pausing so we don't slip and crack our head open
  25. [automapper]: collect rock
  26. You reach out with your improving senses and hear hazy streams of harmonious Elemental mana coursing through the area.
  27. You sense the Eillie's Cry spell upon you, which will last for about nine roisaen.
  28. Roundtime: 7 sec.
  29. R>
  30. Learned: Attunement
  32. ...wait 7 seconds.
  33. R> play REEL
  34. Your zills's dirtiness may affect your performance.
  35. You begin a spritely reel on your copper zills with only the slightest hint of difficulty.
  36. >
  37. ========================
  39. ========================
  40. remove my zills
  41. You should stop playing before you do that.
  42. > get my zills
  43. [automapper]: southwest
  44. You should stop playing before you do that.
  45. >
  46. Your excessive speed causes you to lose your footing.
  48. Falling down you slide southwest.
  50. [Himineldar Shel, Mountain Road]
  51. stand
  52. Far below, a lush valley is visible, framed within jagged peaks of icy black stone. A gentle mist rises from the jungle as tropical birds sweep amongst the stone-grey canopies that push in close to a massive black spire set into the southeastern wall. The low babble of water reverberates off the icy walls of the mountainside, slowly slipping downward in semicircular beds of ice that follow the contours of the roadway.
  53. Next move: ice southeast
  54. Obvious paths: northeast, southwest.
  55. Some ice has hurt your chest in the fall.
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