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  1. *       Emorius carefully balances the clothes on one hand, and makes magical gestures with the other. Slowly, bit by bit, Emorius starts to chant, 'Here goes nothing... /Pres...ti...digi...ta...tion!/' And sure enough, water was getting sucked out of the the wet clothes, turning the maid costume dry in a manner of seconds, while the water collected in a ball next to the wall. 'Woah...'
  2.         Moon    "But just all-.. of my love wants to shag Pilot! But stupid.. -ass-girl Pandora has ruined it of me now!" It was true that it was pretty hard for her to find eligibility with anyone in a sexual sense, her size and shape such that willing partners were sorta hard to come by - particularly in such a place. "Uh, GOD?" (repost if necessary!)
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  4.         *       Uni-B7C watches intently as the woman began to chant her magical words and suck the water, and tea out of her clothes. "Oooh... that's amazing!" Her large eyes widened with wonder a the display, seemingly more interested in the ball of water and tea than her own dress. She reaches out with a single pale index finger and touches the ball, curious as to how it would feel, unused to such physics defying behavour.
  5.         *       Emorius grins, before realising something. 'What were you soaked in? This water look strangely... brown?'
  6.         Moon    "Oh no.. two girls, one tea cup.." Moon whispers to herself tearfully, as if her Pilot problems weren't bad enough..
  7.         Emorius The ball reacts like... a ball of water, surface tension and all. It does stay as a ball too.
  8.         Emorius 'Well erm... sorry, I must go now!' With one last hurried chant, Emorius says, 'you can play and move the ball around, \i gotta go!
  9.         *       Uni-B7C spins about to face Emorius, "Umm.. what? Oh... oh right." She quickly steps back over to take her dress from the woman, once again performing a little bow. "Thank you so much Miss~ I genuinely appreciate it... Take care." and should Emorius actually depart, the teabot would wave softly.
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  14.         Moon    Moon sniffs sharply, nose thoroughly snotted up and tearful eyes watching Uni-B7C in sad silence. Who the heck was that! The fat catgirl watches her if only for the distraction that she was momentarily, rubbing the back of her chubby hand across her eyes as she tries to organise and come to terms with the tumultuous sensations swirling around inside her newly feeling body. "..I do not even know who you are.." she murmurs sadly.
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  16.         *       Uni-B7C The timid pale girl's attention seemed to be caught quite easily as she heard Moon's voice speaking somewhat in her direction though the eye-contact confirmed it. "That is all right Miss.. we.. have not met before so that w~ould be natural." She steps closer to the catgirl, still basically dressed in her underwear.
  17.         Moon    Still believing herself to be irreparably heart-broken, Moon stares at the dainty girl in front of her, hunched forwards on the couch and watching her in silence as thoughtless, self-centered ideas begin to build in her head. " have.. boy or perhaps girlfriend?"
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  19.         Intisar Speaking of basically in underwear, Intisar (( )) comes in through the front door at this point, smiling as she sees the atrium has filled a bit. Tossing her empty bottle in the trash, she gives the maid, the moon, and anyone else remaining a happy wave. "Good morning!"
  20.         *       Jake walked in behind Intisar. His eyes gave a soft sweep to the patrons, but then a soft glance to the woman before him's rear. A smile danced onto his lips as he moved around her and made his way to the bar.
  21.         Moon    But, with the arrival of Intisar, Moon's thoughts of trying to use the meek female in some sort of sexual counterstrike against Pilot are quickly dismissed, the tubby neko sitting up straight and rubbing at her moist, cryful face. "..oh. H-.. good morning. Hello." Still hunched forwards, still looking disproportionately distraught over the perceived end of her romance with her lovely Pilot. Still keeping her attention half-on Uni.
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  23.         Uni-B7C ACTION cants her head a little at the sudden increase of guests. Uni's underwear consisted of a lacy black bra with matching styled thong, though they were certainly not as revealing as Intisar's number. "I.. um.. well.. t..that is a little complicated Miss... Not in -this- manor, no." She shook her head, that neon-blue hair fluttering with the motion until she catches sight of Intisar and Jake, tightening her grip on her dress to
  24.         *       Uni-B7C  "Are... are you all right Miss... Would you like a tissue? or.." she remembers that her dress was soaking wet before, so her tissues are probably not in any fit condition for actual use... Instead she offers the hem of the frilly skirt part of her dress.
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  27.         Moon    Which Moon impolitely takes, leaning forwards and gathering the hem of the pretty garment and rubbing her face somewhat crudely against it. Man. Uni was as if -built- for someone like Moon who, if only in her darkest moments, remained capable of some pretty brash self-centeredness. Fuckin cats, man. "..nfghh-. No, I very am shit. My heart and tits is broken from cheating at me. Pandora was right: love just is bullshit."
  28.         *       Uni-B7C blinks softly, eying Moon's chest for a brief moment as she watches the girl sully her dress once more. "Umm... I.. well.. I.. um.. I dont quite understand what you mean by 'your tits are broken'... t..they look all right to Me.." her cheeks flushed a little pink. "W..would a cup of tea do anything to c~heer you up perchance?" The timid mechanical girl seemed to smile pleasantly in spite of the catgirl's manner.
  29.         *       Nishi patapats Moon on the head, equally perplexed, as she's really not heard of a god with that specific rule set forth. She sits in deep concentration of this particular conundrum.
  30.         *       Intisar , for her part, looks confused. "What happened, Miss Moon? Who broke your heart?" Beyond that, she also nods a greeting to Nishi who was there but not there earlier. "Love isn't bullshit, you just need to find the right person."
  31.         Moon    "Like.. my chest. Inside of my tits now hurts lots." Moon tries to explain, settling one hand on a chest whose volume and softness came as a result of lots of hard-earned tubbiness as she remains perched awkwardly as close to the edge of the couch as her large behind permits. "..I perhaps.. shall like now to drink meatshake now.." she tries limply before, hearing Intisar, she points an accusing finger at Nishi, her lips sealed and chee
  32.         Moon    ks gently, huffily puffed! "Nishi! Nishi has helped Pilot to break my heart to -bits- in me!" And, however legitimate her love was, she believed in it enough for it to exist as a greatly uncomfortable ache in her chest. Unless that was just cholesterol.
  33.         Moon    her love actually* was
  34.         Nishi   "Or persons.. usually it's persons... At least.. that's what I've encountered in most societies I've been.. but then.. there are 27 diverse intelligent races where I am from, many of which are able to inter breed... Soo... Yeah.. Sorry Moon... I.. uh.. guess it won't happen again.."
  35.         *       Uni-B7C 's eyes narrowed curiously and a sort of frown fell over her expression, "I.. I see..." The droid girl's eyes followed Moon's fingers to Nishi, her lips pursing somewhat at the idea... "I... am not sure if there is anything I can do to assist though, this would a~ppear to be something that you might need to solve amongst yourselves.." though one thing did hang on her somewhat simple mind... 'Just what is a meatshake?'
  36.         *       Intisar looks to Nishi in a slightly overwhelmed examination of the other woman. Matters of therapy and emotional care are not exactly the pokemorph's strong suit, though the look on her face also indicates an apparent desire to fix things. "Uh, see. There you go, Moon. She won't do it again, sounds like. Me, I'm used to bein' passed around but I know it's not for everyone?"
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  38.         Moon    " is a milkshake.. that just is meat instead. I will like some of that for my drink." Moon grumbles softly, still giving Nishi a good, solid frown. Shame her face carried with it absolutely no capacity for genuine threat, with her chubby cheeks, rounded little nose and sore eyes. Which prickled gently at her, causing the occasional little 'oh..' of discomfort between sniffs. "..even I have tried to have phone sex.. but I have becam
  39.         Moon    e scared it would get stuck inside of up me.. like a techno-mole inside of its hole. So instead just I tried to rub my vagina against Rhamadaunt very, very soft against his leg. But then he has woke up. So I just have gone to sleep next."
  40.         Moon    "Large crocodile," presumably she meant Intisar. "basically it does not now even matter. Because now I have decided I just will go to live and be inside of the cloest now for all of my life."
  41.         Intisar "Uh, Moon, sweetie... phone sex isn't having sex with a phone."
  42.         Moon    "Oh, what is it then?" Moon grumbles beligerently: "What? I just will -call- a 'mysterious voice' and they will talk sexy for me until I just will fud myself to their words?" Moon snorts softly. "..yeah, right."
  43.         Nishi   "I dunno... But... I think.. maybe you should.. get a new god? That one sounds mean.."
  44.         *       Uni-B7C squeaked a little at Moon's retort before diligently nipping off to attempt to make a meatshake... She disappeared into the kitchen to look for something that might resemble meat, such as a steak or whatnot.
  45.         *       Intisar giggles. "My name is Intisar, I'm not a gator and... yeah that's actually closer? I mean I always did it with people I knew, but that's the idea. No shame in stayin' out of the closet, though. Have you, uh..." She scratches at her left horn idly with a finger. "Have you talked to the person you love?"
  46.         Nishi   "Yeah.. I don't know what a 'phone' is... But if it's anything like a telegraph machine... It's probably really not designed for any kind of sex."
  47.         Moon    "So.. so what? What, I just can have sex from words? That still counts as doing sex?" Having had her fingers burned with same-sex relations, Moon's eyes fall on Jake who she stares at in silence, her fickle nature winning out as far as Nishi was concerned as the hefty catgirl edges slowly backwards in order to rest herself at least partially against the girl, slyly putting her ears in hand range.
  48.         Moon    Because at this point, it was that immense sexual frustration that was winning out, her need for physicality of some kind heightened to the point where, attempting to lean her squishy bulk against Nishi, her hand moves to rest almost unknowingly against the top of her thigh. "..Jake. Jake, come and do sex words."
  49.         Intisar "IT's, uh..." more hornscratching and another pause. "It's not like, full sex? But you can get off to it, sure."
  50.         *       Jake wasn't really present in the events of the morning, but when he heard his name called he turned to see exactly who it was that called him. His eyes settled down on Moon. Staring at her with those dead eyes he'd slip his hand into his pocket and grab that mystical ball of yarn. "Sorry Moon I can't."
  51.         Moon    "Jake!" Her mind was made up! "..come and talk dirty to my vagina right now, please! Nishi. You are on my ears duty. Charmander, you make sure Pandora does not ruin it." This was gonna be a team effort!!
  52.         *       Uni-B7C managed to find some pork in the kitchen and promptly went about trying to dice it finely enough that it could be consumed like a drink, before adding milk and emerging once more, this time glancing at Jake and Intisar before scurrying over to Moon and handing her a glass of milky, pink-ish.. blegh.
  53.         Moon    "Jake STOP being weird and come to whisper into my vagina right now!" She demands, just as she is able to take the disgusting milk and meat-based drink from Uni. Whose usefulness was -very- intriguing!
  54.         *       Uni-B7C was quite obviously confused as her eyes frantically flicked between Moon and Jake.
  55.         *       Jake shook his head. He squeezed his ball of yarn as he stirred in his seat. "I cannot Moon."
  56.         *       Nishi blinks in surprise, "Ea..Ears duty?"
  57.         Moon    Oh, man. This was getting her no where. While she was a little bit too invested in Pilot to want to clamber all over anyone else, she -had- to get -some- release, if only through the indirect help of someone(s) else! But it was proving as hard to accomplish as masturbation, the pear-shaped neko tensing up, balling her fists and releasing a short, sharp squeak of frustration. "G-! God! All I will like is to eject!" Why was that so much
  58.         Moon    to ask? Well, she had an idea about that. An idea that has her turning her huffy glower to Nishi and demanding: " must make me a thin and also sexy female -today-. Let us go to swim so much people will think we are demented."
  59.         Moon    "When I shall become thin, I will basically be having to beat boys off - sometimes with a stick..!" she speculates loudly.
  60.         Moon    "When my arms become tired. That is when I will use a stick to beat them off."
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  62.         Moon    Right, that was it. She had no choice. There was simply no avoiding it any longer. Her eyes settle on poor little Uni, the catgirl able to ignore her own body's immense sensitivity for the moment as she shuffles quickly forwards on the couch and attempts to take the female by the arm, giving her a tug towards her. "..s-.. we shall do it. We now must.. we must do something. Please just-.. lay.. Just lay..?"
  63.         *       Intisar just... she giggles at all this. Not wildly, or mockingly. But she finds this incredibly bizarre situation more than a little humorous at this point. Also, she half heartedly corrects the lineage error Moon has made between giggles. "Haven't been a charmander since I was like... nine, Moon."
  64.         Uni-B7C (... -Level- nine... de dum tish)
  65.         Jake    (HA)
  66.         *       Uni-B7C was about to make her way out before suddenly feeling the hand grasp around her pale wrist and she emits a sort of surprised mumble "Hmmn?.. .w...what?.. .do what?" She moves closer to the girl a little perplexed.
  67.         Moon    "Quiet and help me to Pound this girl..!" Moon squeaks back, her lust reaching a dangerous peak as she.. well, basically sees fit to try to use poor Uni. To tug her into her arms and down onto the couch, the only thing dampening her action's aggression being her own vulnerability. "L-.. look. Thin girl." Wasn't there a routine? Didn't they have to go through a whole process of liking each other and falling in love and ultimately a litt
  68.         Moon    le thing called CONSENT to stop it from being, like.. well. Rape? Moon hesitates, looking up at Uni. God, how did Damyen do it again? The fat catgirl stands up, hand lifting shakily to settle on Uni's face as Moon starts to do her best Damyen impression: "Uh.. you know you will like do to it?"
  69.         Moon    so.. standing first and not actually trying to tug her down onto the couch yet!*
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  72.         *       Intisar 's thoughts on consent are maybe not one hundred percent the same, given her position in life, but she can appreciate that Moon is trying to be kind even in her misguided ways. "Uh, Moon? You sure that's the best plan, just seducin' a stranger?" She leaves aside her many dalliances with the unknown in the past. She doesn't call herself a whorizard for nothing, after all. "Maybe sleep
  73.         *       Intisar on it a little?"
  74.         Moon    "But I cannot even sleep! I can't! I did a tiny, -tiny- piece of sleep just very very briefy but mostly I just was awake all of the night!" Being very, very frustrated after Pandora's interruption the night before. And with her own vagina still such a daunting prospect, there wasn't anything she could do about it! As a result, she was tired, stiff and cranky in a way fuller and more physical than she had ever experienced before! "Just-
  75.         Moon    ..! Just someone let me.. just.. hump their ass or-.. their clothes or..!"
  76.         *       Uni-B7C The timid mechanical girl seemed a little hesitant in Moon's arms, she'd never been called 'thin girl' before, so she almost instinctively peered over her shoulder as if she were referring to someone else. "I.. um... Im not sure what you mean Miss..." The girl's chest huffed softly as she peered down at the insistent woman.
  77.         Nishi   "At least wait till pilot wakes up."
  78.         Moon    "Pilot is dead to me, Nishi!" Moon snaps hastily. She revises it: "..well. She just is in a -coma- to me. Maybe she just will one day wake up, I do not even know." Back to Uni Moon looks, trying to go through -some- sort of system of etiquette: "S-.. so.. you will just like to lay down so.. we can kiss a tiny bit together? Or just.. you do not even have to do much really at all!"
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  81.         *       Uni-B7C She blinks softly before sitting down on the floor in front of the couch before Moon, before finally leaning back enough that she ended up laid on the floor. "Um... l... like this?" She seemed overly nervous, the metal blade-like ears being careful not to touch the floor as she peered up at the girl.
  82.         Moon    Moon acts. Very. -Very- rashly. The moment that Uni is on the floor, Moon goes in for the kill - potentially in a literal sense as she plods quickly towards the girl, moves onto her hands and knees and goes to reverse straddle her. Her face. Well, more like her entire head and the tops of her shoulders by the time that Moon's tragically big, deeply round, leggings-clad arse seats itself, the catgirl looking up and around her company ex
  83.         Moon    pectantly! RIP Uni. "Oka-..y. Now what do I do? What d-.. How does sex happen from this place I now am on?!"
  84.         Uni-B7C ( xP )
  85.         *       Intisar looks to be having a serious internal debate as she struggles on if she should ANSWER this question. She wants to, but... something tells her it might lead to more suffering.
  86.         Moon    "I.. I will hump or.. I will bounce or.. what even must I do?!" Moon squeals, fists clenched and teeth bared! Why was sex filled with such possibility.. and yet so maddeningly, frustratingly complex?
  87.         *       Uni-B7C was quite surprised to find herself exhaling so wholly as Moon almost jumped on her but she fought to breath in another lungful of air... Not that she exactly -needed- to breathe, though it did help with cooling somewhat. She doesn't say anything, blinking up at the vast rear in front of her with a sense of foreboding... "U... umm." she crackled beneath her.
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  89.         Intisar "Uh, miss are you okay under there?" She circles partway around the scene to look down at Uni, or whatever can be seen of her. "Do you need Mood to move? Moon, I think you might be hurting her."
  90.         Moon    It probably could have been worse for Uni - at least Moon, by virtue of her catgirlness, was a pretty keen cleanser. But it was still a suffocatingly burdensome load to have sat on one's head, however alleviated by softness and centralism it might have been. "Okay, I just shall.. try to do what feels nice. I shall try." Moon states firmly, planting her hands on either side of Uni's comparably miniscule hips before she begins to sort of
  91.         Moon    .. bounce back and forth. Only gently but the size disparity was such that it must have felt pretty rough. "..One-.. second..!" Was it even working?
  92.         Diablo_Kain     -He simply seems to wander in out of the blue, his eyes seemed to be fixated on what he was witnessing
  93.         Diablo_Kain     ((sorry I need to finish that))
  94.         Uni-B7C (-what he was witnessing- no other description xD Bwahaha)
  95.         *       Intisar uses Strength! Intisar can push boulders around! And thus with the virtue of significantly better than human muscular ability, the whorizard lifts Moon bodily off the maidbot and sets her back on the couch with relative ease. "Moon, you can't just hurt a human to get yourself off."
  96.         Diablo_Kain     -He simply seems to wander in out of the blue, his eyes seemed to be fixated on what he was witnessing. He simply states in a firm tone, "Moon, what in the world has gotten into you, where are your manners my dear?"-
  97.         Moon    "No! N-n--n-n-nonoo-o-o-ooo..!" Moon howls in frustration as she is lifted off just as she managed to get some sort of rhythm on top of poor, fragile, abused Uni. She is set on the couch where she flops, entrusting her new vulnerability to the couch as she turns and balls herself up snugly, dropping her head into an alcove of arms and knees. "It's not 'hurting' it just is called 'kinky'..!" Nice try. Hearing Kain, Moon snuggles her fac
  98.         Moon    e in against her arms and releases a long, sorrowful groan. Such frustration.
  99.         Moon    And you know what the overriding thought was? It was all Pandora's fault. Some sister!!
  100.         Uni-B7C ACTION peers down at Moon straddling her middle, bouncing atop her slender frame. Though enduring the first bounce, it would seem that her muscle structure beneath the girl quite suddenly hardened, thickening beneath in attempt to resist the forces being applied to her until the woman was lifted free. Uni sighed with could only be relief as those muscles relaxed once more, leaning up on her elbows to sorrowfully peer up at Moon aga
  101.         *       Uni-B7C  am sorry Miss... that i could not satisfy you." Her eyes roll to Intisar softly before noticing Kain too.
  102.         Intisar "Moon, Moon. Calm down, c'mon huh? It's not kinky if it's an attack they don't know about, it's just dangerous. Humans are fragile, you can't just bull rush them unless you have absolute permission to. It's an important rule to remember." She carefully puts a hand on the cat's shoulder. She really, really doesn't know how to handle this but she doesn't like seeing people sad. "It's all right,
  103.         Intisar it's all right."
  104.         Moon    Having done a whole bunch of crying after convincing herself of some great betrayal committed against her by Pilot earlier in the day, she has few tears left to sob at this point! But she does make those soft, unfortunately slightly pigly, nasal sounds of hers as dear Intisar tries to comfort her, with even the pats to her shoulders enough to stir an antagonistic yearning in her 'guts and also bits'. "..but I neeeeed it. I so.." Snort
  105.         Moon    Huff. Snort. Squee. " need it..!"
  106.         Diablo_Kain     -He wasn't entirely sure of what had transpired before his arrival, but, hopefully for now it is finished. He walked over to the Uni-bot, "Are you alright  Miss Uni, my overzealous friend didn't hurt you did she?"-
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  108.         Moon    "I am n-.. not OVERzealous, I just am the right AMOUNT of zealous! Perhaps.. perhaps even she sort of has find it a bit pleasant? Perhaps she will like me to do it more to her?" Moon speculates miserably.
  109.         Intisar And Intisar, bless her stupid heart, wants to help the poor thing. Her wings droop a bit as she tries to come up with a solution. "Uh... how about... you said you haven't actually talked to the one you're in love with, right? How about you wait until they wake up, and talk to them? Then if things aren't sorted in a couple days I can help you get off, all right? I'm more durable and I've got...
  110.         Intisar experience." She leaves that bit vagues and understated.
  111.         Intisar *vague
  112.         Uni-B7C ACTION Leaned up a little more until she sat cross-legged, her gaze falling upon Intisar and Moon at first with a sense of futile defeat before turning somewhat to Kain. "Oh no no, I... I dont think so sir, thank you... I'm fine." She did indeed look fine at least, save for the fact that she was still dressed in only her underwear and stockings... Her eyes turn back to Moon at her quick retort and sort of smiles wanly. "If.. if you
  113.         *       Uni-B7C  would be sufficient Miss..."
  114.         *       Sein comes tumbling down the stairs... The stairs creeking as Sein's metallic dragon body tumbles down. Someone really should have taught the warhorse sized dragon how to do a proper barrel roll, and not the Fox Mc.Cloud version. Sein's body makes quite the interrupting sound. -Thonk- -Thonk- -Thonk- -SNAAAP!-, yes, the floorboards at the bottom just snapped from the metallic dragon's weight. As what would be expected of something
  115.         *       Sein that's biology was based in metal.
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  117.         *       Terra steps down into the main room, looking...actually tired, at the moment, rubbing her eyes and making her way down the stairs. /Someone's/ sleep schedule is presently a little fucked. Perhaps some food would help...a pause as she notices everyone else in the room, Intisar and Uni in particular catching her attention momentarily, though soon it's back to Moon. Blink, blink. What /did/ she miss?...
  118.         Moon    But Intisar's lovely stupid heart does provide an answer as she offers Moon not one hopeless direction but instead reasons for optimism: talk to Pilot first, if only very begrudgingly.. and hey, if that doesn't work, just sit tight and in a couple of days you'll get a pity shag! If not for the couple of days part, it was win-win, with a time scale affording her the opportunity to fix the problem herself. She stops her whining, shoulder
  119.         Moon    s hunched and body still ball-like as she rests on her side, snuffling and whispering unintelligibly to herself as her tail trails off the couch limply. "..feel like soon I will explode from my sperms becoming too angry, Intisar.." she doesn't seem to at first notice Terra or hear Uni's comment, trying to bury herself in her own little chub world.
  120.         Diablo_Kain     -He simply smiled brightly. "Good, good, can't have our little favorite little tea-main getting all sorts of damaged," and with that he patted her on the head, then wandered off to find a place  to sit.-
  121.         Diablo_Kain     tea maid***))
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  123.         *       Intisar smiles in the direction of the green-haired newcomer, but she... tries, anyways... to keep helping Moon. "Why don't you rub yourself off while you wait, then? Not like you need two to twat tango." ...yep, she's classy all right.
  124.         *       Sein rolled up after tumbling down the stairs. Then he would slowly approach the robot, a few quick smells along the tea maid's chest annnd... Sneeze. A mild electromagnetic pulse was generated by such.
  125.         Moon    "Because I do not even know -how- for such a thing! I need Pilot because she just very, -very- is used to knowing such things such as controls and buttons! I just thought.." A small groan. "..I just thought a vagina just was a accidental rip in my body until I have came here!!"
  126.         Uni-B7C ACTION The timid mecha-girl smiled up at Kain as he established that she was all right before once again returning her gaze to Intisar and Moon with futility until she catches the sound of Sein and Terra's entrance. Another one she didn't recognise she pondered as she eyed Terra before noticing the metal dragon moving towards her and sneezing on her. "EEeyeeeh!!" she shivers and convulses briefly as the EM field passes through her.
  127.         *       Terra hasn't even /heard/ some of these words before. What? "I...excuse me? What's going on? Is someone hurt?..." Yes, she's /utterly/ confused- oh. "...oh- /oh/..." A pause, as she attempts to determine what the hell one /does/ in a situation like this.
  128.         *       Pan^AFK half shuffles in, her bare feet softly hitting the floor, she wears a baggy vest top with a leather bra under and a pair of shortshort and her thigh daggers, her hair is seriously all kinds of messedup bed head type of thing eyes still mostly closed she yawwns as she enters forcing one of her eyes to open "I swear, you lot are waaaay too loud for this ungoly hour" she grumbles and
  129.         *       Pan^AFK thumps down in to a chair
  130.         *       Pan^AFK is now known as Pandora
  131.         *       Intisar doesn't seem to know the solution any more than Terra as she gives the room a helpless shrug. "Moon... I'm not so intelligent to be an educator, I can't teach you all that stuff. Just... just talk to them as soon as you can and tell them the truth. If they love you back, they'll help. Mornin', Pandora. Sorry if I woke you."
  132.         *       Intisar looks over to the dragon and maid as well, but this is rapidly getting beyond the beach girl's processing power.
  133.         *       Varrain is now known as Varr-nap
  134.         *       Sein pointed his long narrow snout at the beach girl. It's short horns where made of a clear crystalline material, they glowed slightly. The dragon's nose emitted a weak magnetic field, perhaps the thing could smell the beach girl if she was made of metal.
  135.         Moon    "And now I will feel.. my sperms just float back into my tummy.. and there they shall become a horrible pain inside of me once more." Moon laments quietly, feeling without any hope whatsoever! Deeply, deeply frustrated. And, as Pandora makes her entrance, finding a very suitably target for her annoyance, shooting her the most bitter glower past her arms. "Not -yet-, Terra."
  136.         *       Pandora has her eyes closed at this point, with them being barely open and unable to ake anything in when she entered, what more could one expect!
  137.         *       Terra "Sorry!... I didn't get any sleep, I'm just...I feel like I should be making food...." She peers at the...creature, the one she doesn't recognize, what with the tail and wings - that is to say, Intisar - before looking back to Moon. "Would food help? I mean- help you deal know," she offers, rather awkwardly.
  138.         *       Intisar is flesh and scale and fire, more than metal. (( )) She looks back at the dragon-thing, seeing similarites to some pokemorphs of course but far less... humanoid. "Can I help you?" And then her gaze is torn to Terra again... and then she just moves to flop on an empty couch cushion bouncily, keeping her tail well away from the fabric. "I'm gettin' a
  139.         *       Intisar headache."
  140.         *       Uni-B7C Simply remained where she was, sitting in front of the couch that Moon had curled up on though her hair seemed a little unkemp from the sudden shiver of electromagnetism in the air.
  141.         Moon    Moon simply stares at Terra. "..I am not going to put food up into the indoors of my vagin-.." Wait a minute. Hmmmmmm...
  142.         *       Terra ". . . ."
  143.         *       Sein lets an eye dance to the pokemon half breed. He then gave the tea-bot's hand a lick, before scattering off into the kitchen to chase down any unwanted fragments of metal.
  144.         *       Pandora chuckles from her seat, eyes still closed "she means eating will help take your mind off being horny"
  145.         Moon    "Pandora, this mostly is YOUR fault, ALSO, BY THE WAY." Moon snaps sharply at her sister. "YOU made me stop having sex on Pilot and now NISHI has RUINED my LOVE to her." She actually sounded really, really pretty pissed off!
  146.         Jake    "Yea, good job Pan."
  147.         *       Intisar gets up to wander off up the stairs. Maybe Zoe will ball her up for a while, with any luck. This is all too confusing.
  148.         Diablo_Kain     -he yawned softly, snuggling up into the chair he was sitting in, "I think the metal dragon is on his way to eat the fridge, or possibly the deep freeze, someone should stop him," and with that he began to close his eyes.-
  149.         *       Pandora lifts her head, cracking open an eye and lifting a brow "Oh?" a smile played at the corner of her lip "It wasn't my fault Moon, you didn't have to yell me from across the room and draw my attention to you"
  150.         Moon    "And THEN you just have LET Nishi take Pilot from me so now I do not even have a SINGLE person for my sex love." Moon emits a sharp squeak as she hears Pandora's reply. "You so were loud that you have muff-rebuffed me, Pandora! I was in my happiest moment even of my life and then you shouted like a gigantic son of BITCH."
  151.         *       Terra blinks a few times, not at /all/ sure how to react to just about any of this, and apparently rather overwhelmed. She does head for the kitchen, though- she needs something to eat before bed, and she's /going/ to share it with /someone/.
  152.         *       Pandora snaps her eyes open and looks at her little sister "Moon, you need to control yourself. I will deal with Pilot later."
  153.         Moon    "Terra, YES." Moon, recapturing old levels of outrage, snaps unfairly at poor Terra. "I will like FOOD." If she had learned to swallow yet. She stands up, marching firmly over towards Pandora, jabbing her finger at her. "YOU did not even STOP her from CHEATING on me, Pandora! You KNOW how in love and wanting to hump Pilot I was!"
  154.         *       Uni-B7C finally brings herself to stand up beside Moon's couch, she thought for a moment about asking for her dress back, before deciding that it would probably be best that she didn't ask. Instead she makes her way over to the kitchen also as the sounds of the large dragon rummaging caught her ear-blades.
  155.         Jake    "How could she have stopped her, when she wasn't hear Moon?"
  156.         Pandora --She just stays, watching her little sister. Moon was soo lucky she cared for her at this point "Moon, do you really REALLY think I would ALLOW something like that to happen?" she gets up, red becoming the more dominant colour in her eyes "You think if I was here I'd let ANYONE hurt you?"
  157.         *       Sein begins to sniff around gently, going through drawers and things to find something metallic that either no one cared about or that there was enough of that no one would notice something missing.
  158.         Moon    "I have thought that Pilot has liked just to JUST become only with me ONLY.. but now I know how really it was not about me because she just would like to shag ANYTHING." Moon, her grasp on the unnatural language slipping, snaps her eyes onto Jake! "She -was- here! She was here getting DRUNKED on RUM." Moon snaps at Jake before, feeling a deeply ugly, bitter urge to hurt, she hisses at Pandora: "You do not like for me to be in love, Pan
  159.         Moon    dora. You have said love just is BULLSHIT so you basically has tried to make MINE bullshit as well."
  160.         Diablo_Kain     -He was just simply trying to ignore what was transpiring before him, when, a thought occurred that made him crack a small smile. He reached down into his bag, and withdrew a large amount of catnip  and threw it onto the floor.-
  161.         Jake    "She wasn't hear Moon. I didn't see her at the bar before the whole thing with Pilot and Nishi happened."
  162.         Pandora --She flinched back from that, it hurt, more than any physical blow could have, her eyes dull as she looks at Moon "you really think I'd not want you, of all people to be happy?" she shook her head "I'd burn down worlds for you to be happy, little sister, I didn't know anything about Pilot and Nishi, when I left they weren't near each other"
  163.         *       Uni-B7C Uni entered the kitchen behind Sein and was at least pleased to see that while others might've predicted that he would devour the refrigerator, he had yet to do so... She didn't speak to him as of yet, instead just watching with a view to trying to stop him if he did so choose to devour the kitchen's utilities.
  164.         *       Terra : back
  165.         Pandora (wb)
  166.         Jake    (Welcome back~)
  167.         Uni-B7C (wb)
  168.         Sein    Unfortunately for the tea-maid her body had quite a unique smell, not just from having metal parts but also fast moving electric signals as well. The Dragon turned around to face the maid-bot, then simply laid in a coil and closed it's eyes.
  169.         *       Terra , meanwhile, begins looking through the fridge herself, and, not finding anything that she's really been /looking/ for, settles on making stew. As she collects ingredients, she glances over towards Uni. "Excuse me...if you don't mind my asking...what are you?"
  170.         Moon    It was a hurtful comment carelessly and flippantly doled out, riding on a tide of unspent vaginal juices but it takes Moon a moment to realise that, panting softly and -glaring- with now at least blink-needing eyes at the sister who, honestly, had been nothing but perfect in her treatment of the deeply troubled, utterly confused catgirl. "..I think.." she pants, arms moving protectively around herself. "..I think you must stop your rum
  171.         Moon    , Pandora. I think also you have problems that I do not have." There was certainly a legitimate worry for Moon after some of the previous night's comments but right now, on no sleep and with that build-up of tension gnawing and aching within her, it didn't come across as all that sensitive an observation.
  172.         Uni-B7C ACTION The timid girl blinked as the dragon turned to face her, then seemed to slump down in front of her. Confused, her head canted askew as she curiously examines the dragon, before then looking down at herself and coming to the revelation. Of course! It was because she was only in her underwear!... But, what an odd reaction-... Terra's voice seemed to break her out of her train of thought. "Hmmn? Oh?.. Oh me, no that's quite all
  173.         *       Uni-B7C  I.. Im an android Miss..." She nodded, knowing at least the 'name' of her kind, even if she was not so familiar with the actual details.
  174.         *       Jake stood then and began to walk away. The Baron being as caring as he is stopped next to Pandora and whispered something to her before walking away and into the kitchen! Where everyone else seemed to be holstering up.
  175.         *       Sein yawned gently. Another sneeze at the maid, her electrical activity tickling his nose.
  176.         *       Terra is going to be in here for a while, of course; stews take time. Her player is also not really in the mood to describe the whole cooking process, so it wouldn't be a stretch to imagine ~*magic*~ being exploited so that she can keep her attention largely on Uni.
  177.         *       Terra tilts her head, looking rather curious. "What's an android? We...I've never heard of that."
  178.         Pandora --Her eyes narrow so so slightly and shes about to rage aver the rum comment when Jake speaks to her. with a nod she takes a deep breath "Moon, we need to get you sorted first, the whole point in feeling is having control" pot-kettle-black much "you need to learn to know these feelings and act appropriately on them" she moved closer to Moon "you understand?"
  179.         Uni-B7C ACTION found herself quite confused by Sein's reaction, blinking softly as she once again peered down at herself. She twitched as the dragon sneezed once more, the electrostatic energy projecting odd tingles along her form.. and then it hits her.... She has the power to make dragons sleep! Her eyes widen with childlike wonder as she holds her hands up in front of her face, examining them from all sides as if she'd never seen them b
  180.         *       Uni-B7C  Again Terra snaps her attention back to reality, "Um?.. I... well... Is it not a human?... I have often wondered, and believe that it is because I need to connect myself to a p~ower source before going to sleep, that must be it." she nods matter-of-factly.
  181.         Moon    There was a difference in non-feeling Moon anger and feeling Moon anger: it was weaker in front (she wasn't about to throw herself into any sort of fighting any time soon if she could help it) but seemingly slightly more surgical in application, the nekomimi remembering to 'use her words' and doing so to say something deeply hurtful, observational and probably in this case a little bit exaggerated. She huffs loudly, her lips pressing t
  182.         Moon    ightly together in a stubborn, wavering pout, the tubby thing nearly buckling under the strain of her agonising physical impulses and the weight of her sister's kindness. Finally: " yes.. Pandora.."
  183.         Pandora --She smiled slightly then "If youre angry go to the workout room and punch some bags, if you're sad.. ice cream helps.. You just need to find something to help deal with each feeling" like rum, she thought "but it takes time, it's harder for me to explain, I can't imagine what it must me like for you right now, but you know I'll help" she gently places a hand on Moons arm "I'm sorry about
  184.         Pandora Pilot, do you want me to deal with her?"
  185.         *       Terra pauses for a moment, then slowly shakes her head. "Humans don't do that...they run off of food, not electricity," she says, rather simply. "...what is it like being an android? Is it nice?..." She pays little mind to the dragon, partly because, well, she /knows/ what dragons are like and they typically don't much care for humans, as far as she knows. There are...exceptions, but this one hasn't spoken to convince her otherwise.
  186.         Moon    One of them had to be stable. And although it might have taken a quick word in her ear from Jake, it looked as if, once again, Pandora was going to have to be that rock for her troublesome sister. Guilt had started to bloom in Moon's chest. A tickly, sickly weight 'in her guts' that felt somehow even less pleasant than both hunger and unfulfilled arousal, rendering her weak and, ultimately.. ashamed. Her head drops with a small, quiver
  187.         Moon    ing groan, hands reaching up to wrap around her bowed bonce as her teeth grit and ears wilt. "Goddd-.." It wasn't as simple as it used to be. Wasn't a case of 'I will eat or seize the catnip mouse on the floor and everything will be all better' anymore. Now things had been stirred and everyone from Uni to Pandora would have to bear the brunt of it. "I will talk. I-.. I will talk to her, Pandora. I will.. use my words.."
  188.         *       Uni-B7C cants her head at Terra, "They dont?... well... maybe that's why I'm not called a 'Human' then" she nods affirmingly, idly glancing at the dragon, apparently asleep. Terra's other question took her aback somewhat, she had no idea how to respond, what 'was' it like to be an android... "I... I am not really sure how I can answer t~hat Miss... I... am... well.. I am 'Me'..." she gestured to her chest
  189.         *       Revolverman ( has joined #succubus
  190.         *       Sein was less the type who hated humans, and more so the type who was just shy but otherwise a good friend. Well at least Terra did not decide to scream or draw a blade on sight. Sein's tail motion indicate he was aware of the human's presence, but otherwise the beast remained calm and more so focused on trying to locate a recycling bin without drawing too much attention.
  191.         *       Cain_Ashland ( has joined #succubus
  192.         Pandora --She nods and pulls her confused little sister into a hug "It'll be alright" she whispers to her. it'd be hard, no doubt about it but she meant what she said, she'd burn worlds down to keep Moon happy and she'd find a way to help her deal with this right now, own issues be damned "I'll help you speak to her, if you'd like, or I can just be near by for some support if you need it" she wanted
  193.         Pandora to rip the other girls head off for hurting her catgirl. she gave Moon a little squeeze "we got this, little sister, we'll get through it"
  194.         *       Vihanna is now known as Vi-LoL
  195.         *       Cain_Ashland came down the stairs in the same attire as last night, just a pair of leather pants.  His wings folded in against his back.  There is a lit red cigarette bobbinng between his lips as he takes the stairs one step at a time.
  196.         *       Tobias ( has joined #succubus
  197.         Cain_Ashland ))
  198.         Cain_Ashland    bobing^
  199.         *       Tobias is now known as Guest13813
  200.         *       Nishi has quit (Quit: Error: Erection reset by beer.)
  201.         *       Guest13813 is now known as Nishi
  202.         Jake    Meh eyes hurt~
  203.         Jake    *()
  204.         *       SolarAquarion ( has joined #succubus
  205.         *       Terra doesn't know squat about Sein, unfortunately, and she's more focused on Uni at the moment...she's strange and unfamiliar. She hasn't /met/ a robot that acts like a human, yet. As such, the half-esper tilts her head, attention rather firmly on her. "You...don't know how you feel? Or what you want? What is your life like?..." She isn't sure how to take this - she's admittedly starting to get some familiar vibes by this
  206.         *       Terra point...after all, /she/ was just as confused at one point, and still sort of is. (Just ask anyone who's made moves on her.)
  207.         Moon    Moon had loved going through life ignorant to the possibility of guilt. Feeling absolutely nothing when she did something wrong and floating from person to person in pursuit or whatever it was she wanted next. But now, it felt as if she had swallowed a rock and it had got stuck somewhere inside of her, the fat catgirl sinking in against Pandora limply and seeking the familiar comfort of her sister's neck. "I am sorry. I re-.. really-..
  208.         Moon    " Moon's shoulders stiffen and tail droops, arms attempting to gather herself in against Pandora. "..I did not mean-.. to d-.. to say it-.. to say it all was you or-.. I do nn-.. I just am so erect now and I just-.. Pandora," What was the easiest way to vent this new, neauseating pressure? "..I now am hurting within me.. because I have hurt you.."
  209.         Pandora "Sshh it's fine, I'm tough" she chuckles softly leaning her head against the top of Moons, she didnt want to add to Moons pain or confusion "I forgive you, ok? I always will.. Unless you run me through with a blade, I think that may cause a few issues" she smiles against her hair
  210.         Uni-B7C ACTION blinked a little at Terra's questioning "Umm-" shuffling a little oddly as she pondered the matter more carefully. "I... I can feel things just fine." she reaches across and touches the kitchen counter,. "Umm.. what I want is to make guests happy... and assist them however I can." she nods softly, before finally pausing at the final query, unsure of how to respond. "I... am not sure how to comment on 'what is my life like?'"
  211.         *       Uni-B7C  seem to stare down at the floor, shifting occasionally as attempts to squeeze the answer out.
  212.         *       Emorius ( has joined #succubus
  213.         *       Terra nods, not entirely understanding, but /trying/ to...she smiles. "It's okay...those were hard questions. How much of your past do you remember?" she asks, extending a hand to briefly stir the stew from afar. "You seem nice...I don't know how to talk to you, though..." She doesn't seem to have much issue admitting that she's not sure what she's doing - Uni is sort of a mystery to her at this point, but she wouldn't mind changing
  214.         *       Terra that.
  215.         *       Terra It probably helps that the fact that she /hasn't slept/ means that the recurring dreams she's been having aren't as much of a problem. (Yet. She's got to rest sooner or later, after all.)
  216.         Moon    A small, dry sob is choked out as she is soothed, leaning gently in against Pandora and finding herself wanting to simply disappear at that moment. Everything inside ached. Not from injury but from the byproducts of her own life's mismanagement. But one thing did seem clear, however. One great, irrefutable truth at the very core of her turmoil: she really loved Pandora. Didn't 'really, really like' or 'wanted to smell all day' but love
  217.         Moon    d with all of her achingly new heart. But she says nothing, that fact's articulation beyond her stubby grasp. "..I want to go to bed, Pandora. I want to have a small sleep, please.."
  218.         Moon    want*
  219.         *       Cain_Ashland steps off the last step and would look at the plump cat woman hugging on the attractive red head.  He perked a brow in slightly curiousity.. not curious enough to ask what is going on however as he keeps on walking to the bar.
  220.         *       Nishi hmms from her spot on the couch, she been deep in thought about how best to handle Moon and her god of monogomy with out probably ruining thier budding friendship.
  221.         Pandora --She nods "Ok little sister, go on, go and rest, you'll feel better and when you wake up come and find me" wish one last squeeze she releases her sister, the first being she has cared for  in over 200 years "sleep well" she plants a small kiss on Moons cheek leaning back and smiling at her
  222.         *       Cain_Ashland hears the word sister which did get his attention and he turns a little leaning his bare hip against the counter to look back at the two.  After looking back and forth he sees no similarities..  Adopted is what came to mind.
  223.         Moon    Having once been comfortable just sleeping any where, be it on the couch or on the floor, Moon's sensitivity these days was such that that was not really an option. So it is in fact to Pandora's room that she would eventually head, her hand clinging onto Pandora's own for a second or two, squeezing with a fond, apologetic look before she waddles her wide ass up the stairs.
  224.         Uni-B7C ACTION The timid bot picked her head back up at Terra's words and before long those bright gold eyes of hers began to subtly flicker oddly, casting over her whole body examining the girl completely, internally scribing such information as dimentions and even atomic and chemical composition. There was something unique about the girl and that would be reflected in her internal reports... However it would seem that Uni was completely
  225.         *       Uni-B7C  she simply smiled brightly and conversed. "I see, Um.. well... Im not really sure myself, but... you seem to b~e doing all right for the moment." She offered a kind smile.
  226.         *       Terra : cut at "Uni was completely"
  227.         Emorius An androgynous, skinny blond(e) in a blue silk robe walks into the kitchen, sniffing the air. 'I sense some stew coming from this room... oh, hello everyone!' Emorius chirps
  228.         Uni-B7C >> oblivious as
  229.         Moon    Her meat shake is grabbed on the way, also. Her hunger probably didn't help matters.
  230.         *       Cain_Ashland looks away from the two and gave a smile around his cigarette to Emorius "good morning."
  231.         *       Pandora watches Moon leave a small smile on her lips, they'd get through this... with a sigh she turns to the bar, leaning over and grabbing a bottle of her best Captain, popping off the lid and taking a long sip while slipping into a chair
  232.         Moon    such.. a boozehound)
  233.         Pandora (You know it!)
  234.         *       Acheron ( has joined #succubus
  235.         *       Emorius looks over to Uni. 'Hey, still in your underwear huh? What happened to the costume I cleaned earlier?' Sie grins.
  236.         *       Terra nods again, smile growing a little wider - though she can't /tell/ she's being scanned in any sense, and from any standpoint but a magical one she actually looks surprisingly normal. Not /entirely/ normal, but surprisingly so. " you normally dress like this?" For a moment she ponders something rather /uncouth/, but decides against asking for the time being. She's /still/ aching from the events of the days prior, and to be
  237.         *       Terra honest, she's not sure how many times casting Cura on herself is going to /help/ with that. She's a tad tempted to grab a drink from the bar, but for the time being she just goes about putting the finishing touches on the stew. Beef, vegetables, not much else...still well-made, though.
  238.         *       Keraal has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  239.         Uni-B7C ACTION Also smiled before shaking her head somewhat, "Oh no no Miss.. I.. well.. well.. sort of..." the sudden topic change added an element of nervousness to her.. "Umm.. i." that was when she noticed Emorius also and blinked at the woman.. "Ahh yes... afraid so Miss... I... well... You dried the dress, yes... but Miss Moon out there-" she gestures out into the commons with a dainty hand before continuing, "was upset.. and i would
  240.         *       Uni-B7C  a tissue, but i feared that t~hey would be ruined with the dress being wet before.. so.. i offered her the skirt of the dress and she t~ook it.. the dress I mean.." her lips pursed awkwardly as her gold eyes peered out from beneath her level, blue bangs.
  241.         *       Emorius just grin even wider as Uni relates her story. 'Hey, if anyone's to get mad at that, it'll be the owner of the dress. You, that is.' Emorius tosses hir hair. 'May I admit, that I prefer you in the outfit you're in now?'
  242.         *       Pandora grabs her bottle and jumps off her stool, glacing around she shrugs "Laters all" she calls, hoping they would hear her. she walks off to.. anywhere at this point, drinking from the bottle as she goes
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