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  1. Gwen stripped to her panties. The thin blue lace of the fabric was dripping. I could tell she was horny by the way I could see her vulva was swollen. Her pussy was so flushed with red I could see it through her underwear. Her tiny nipples were so perky I bet I’d cut myself on them.
  2. I ran my hands over that small but taut fit body. I could feel her muscles relax as I went over them. Hot air escaped from her mouth as I made my way down to her pussy. She let out a small squeal as I started to rub it. ‘’Put them in’’ She whispered. I obliged. Her body spasmed as I slid my fingers in. My fingers were covered in loli juices as I moved them back and forth inside.Her breathing quickened as I flicked them around. I grabbed her undeveloped breast and started to move it around. She bit her lip to stop from screaming. She was orgasming. As soon as she was done I asked her if she was done. ‘’No…..I want it….’’She gasped.
  4. Her face was bright red and her hair was drenched in sweat. She turned around and kneeled down. I could feel her breath on my crotch. She fumbled with my zipper. I was already so hard at this point that as soon as she pulled it out it slapped her in the face. She was so enthralled by my cock that she didn’t seem to notice it. She took the tip in my mouth as she put one hand back into her panties and one around my dick. My cock felt like it was going to explode as she swirled her tongue around the shaft. Her moans made my dick ever bigger as blood rushed to it. I became lightheaded.
  6. ‘’This is it chief’’ I thought to myself as she continued to massage my member. I was pretty sure I was dying. ‘’Gonna….cum…’’ I croaked. ‘’Not yet anon…’’Gwen giggled as she pushed me onto my back. I had no strength left at this point. This girl had conquered me. Drool dribbled out of my now retarded mouth as she stood over me. She sensually slid off those blue panties revealing heaven itself. Her bald swollen pussy was staring me in the face. I would’ve grabbed her and sunk my tongue into it but I was not in control anymore. She squatted down and maneuvered my throbbing cock into her tight hole. I died and came back to life like 10 times in that very moment. She started to gyrate and move up and down my dick like it was a stripper pole. This went on for about a minute before I couldn’t take it anymore. I grabbed her ass and slammed it down as I released my hot seed. She yelled as she came again from feeling my cum. As we came together she crumpled onto my chest as my spunk oozed out of her.
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