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  1. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
  2. <tv generator-info-name="WebGrab+Plus/w MDB &amp; REX Postprocess -- version  V2.1 -- Jan van Straaten" generator-info-url="http://www.webgrabplus.com">
  3.   <channel id="Example">
  4.     <display-name lang="en">Example</display-name>
  5.     <url>http://www.dummy</url>
  6.   </channel>
  7.   <channel id="Rede Record FHD">
  8.     <display-name lang="pt">Rede Record FHD</display-name>
  9.     <url>http://www.clarotv.com.br</url>
  10.   </channel>
  11.   <channel id="Rede Record HD">
  12.     <display-name lang="pt">Rede Record HD</display-name>
  13.     <url>http://www.clarotv.com.br</url>
  14.   </channel>
  15.   <channel id="Rede Record SD">
  16.     <display-name lang="pt">Rede Record SD</display-name>
  17.     <url>http://www.clarotv.com.br</url>
  18.   </channel>
  19.   <programme start="20190415000000 +0100" stop="20190415235900 +0100" channel="Example">
  20.     <title lang="en">dummy program - Full Day Show</title>
  21.     <desc lang="en">Created by WebGrab+Plus, your favorite TVguide Grabber(n)</desc>
  22.   </programme>
  23. </tv>
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