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  1. Monster Spawners and Spawneggs
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  4. Monster Spawners and Spawneggs are a major benefit of OMM. As you level up your jobs, you can craft and demolish spawners and catch hostile mobs. They allow players to farm mob drops, and also create revenue into the global economy. Spawners are also a way for players to grind job levels and gain easy income over other jobs.
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  10. 1Monster Spawners
  11. 1.1Crafting
  12. 1.2Demolition
  13. 2SpawnEggs
  16. Monster Spawners[edit source | edit]
  17. Mob Spawners are crafted by an artisan and broken by a demolitionist. When broken, they drop a spawnegg of the mob and 8 iron bars. To craft a spawner, the egg is place in the middle of a crafting grid and surrounded by iron bars. The type of spawner determines the required level for the job. The required level increases as the value of the spawner increases. Below shows the required levels to destroy or craft a spawner.
  19. Zombie Skeleton Spider Cave Spider Silverfish Zombie Pigman Blaze
  20. 20 30 30 30 30 40 40
  21. Crafting[edit source | edit]
  22. Spawners can be crafted by an Artisan. Crafting a spawner is fairly simple. As stated and shown below, a spawner is a spawn egg surrounded by 8 iron bars. The spawner can then be placed in a settlement world. Spawners cannot be placed in the Wastelands. There also has to be at least 32 blocks in between 2 spawners.
  24. Spawner.jpg.pgn
  25. How to craft a spawner
  28. Blaze.Jpeg
  29. Placed spawner
  30. Demolition[edit source | edit]
  31. Spawners can be broken by a Demolitionist. To break a spawner, right click it while holding a pickaxe. This will cause the spawner to break and drop 8 iron bars and a spawn egg which can be crafted into a spawner by an Artisan.
  33. SpawnEggs[edit source | edit]
  34. SpawnEggs are a benefit of the Monster Hunter job. A player with this job may right click a mob with 25% or less health with a dragon egg. This will cause the mob to be captured and turn the dragon egg into a spawn egg. These spawn eggs can then be used to craft mob spawners. Below are the required levels to capture mobs using a dragon egg.
  36. Zombie Skeleton Spider Cave Spider Silverfish Zombie Pigman Blaze
  37. 20 30 30 30 30 40 40
  38. Dragonegg.jpeg
  39. Dragon Egg
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