190430 A Statue for Father by Asimov

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  1. A Statue for Father is a 1959 <a href="">story by Dr. Isaac Asimov.</a> This, like many of Asimov's stories, was a light hearted fun to read  bit of fluff. Think of it as a light literary snack. The narrator's father was a scientist committed to the notion of making time travel work-- so committed in fact that he'd sacrificed all of his worldly possessions to continue his efforts to prove time travel possible. This was after he'd lost his reputation as an academe and scientist, and had been fired from his university because of his fruitless pursuit of the seemingly impossible. His years of toil and sacrifice, his ceaseless experimentation, produced one successful result, thus Dinachicken became his gift to the world. A <a href="">synopsis for the story was posted by DL Hegel</a> The story is extant in the <a href=""> Asimovian anthology Buy Jupiter.</a><p>
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  3. <a href="">cover art by Tim Hildebrand under fair use by way of ISFDB</a>
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