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  1. Sayomi
  2. Michael
  3. Edo
  4. Kenny
  5. Bastion
  6. Fishman
  7. Skeleton
  8. Tree
  9. Wall
  10. Bombman
  11. Jamira
  12. Nature Bigger Brother
  13. Dog Lover (nature/light/darkness)
  14. Old Sensei (Fire)
  15. Dark Raven, Shadow of Grief
  16. M Temple Minion (Death Smoke)
  17. F Temple Minion (Virtual Tripwire) W/N
  18. F Temple Minion (Swamp Worm (Worm Player)
  19. M Insect Player D/N
  20. Tohru
  21. F Big Temple Guy Skeleton Soldier, the Defiled
  22. F Cook (water)
  23. M IT Consulant (Cyber/darkness)
  24. F Brewer (Light)
  25. F Financial Advisor (Mana Manipulation)
  26. F Secretary (Fire)
  27. F F/D Claivoyani
  28. M D/N Waiter
  29. F L/N Bard
  30. F N beauti Therapist
  31. M N Housekeeper
  32. M W/L Lap Dancer (Jojo Style)
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