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  1. 6 Oct 2015  
  2. Directi Logo   
  3. Research Analyst Interview
  5. Anonymous Interview Candidate in Mumbai
  6. No Offer
  7. Neutral Experience
  8. Average Interview
  9. Application
  10. I applied through an employee referral. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at Directi (Mumbai) in September 2015.
  11. Interview
  12. It usually has 4-5 rounds. 1st round is the aptitude round(damn easy). The second & third rounds are technical rounds..they will ask you ti give keywords..I was asked to give keywords for auto-repair..They mostly ask they same questions in all the rounds..With basic knowledge of digital marketing and key terms one can easily crack the interview..
  14. Interview Questions
  15. Why are you shifting to a non technical role?  
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  17. Come up with keywords for a auto repair shop..  
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  21. Other Interview Reviews for Directi
  23. 11 Sep 2015 Helpful (2)  
  24. Directi Logo   
  25. Research Analyst Interview
  27. Anonymous Interview Candidate in Mumbai
  28. No Offer
  29. Positive Experience
  30. Easy Interview
  31. Application
  32. I applied online. The process took 2 days. I interviewed at Directi (Mumbai) in August 2015.
  33. Interview
  34. The candidates are first given a form to fill up regarding personal information,salary expectation and related information. The candidates are then allowed to give aptitude test which is pretty easy and they have to write an essay on a topic given on the paper. The candidate then is asked to submit the test on the reception desk.After that,irrespective of your test your are interviewed by the members of the RA(Research…
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  37. Interview Questions
  38. Why do you want this job?  
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  40. What are your strengths,weaknesses?  
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  42. Are you willing to accept a 1 year bond?  
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  46. Sponsored Jobs
  47. Gerson Lehrman Group Logo  
  48. Analyst - Primary Research
  49. GLG – Gurgaon
  50. Opera Solutions Logo   
  51. Research & Data Analyst II
  52. Opera Solutions – Noida
  53. 8 Jul 2015  
  54. Directi Logo   
  55. Research Analyst Interview
  57. Anonymous Interview Candidate
  58. No Offer
  59. Positive Experience
  60. Interview
  61. tell me about your self ? why directi ? where do u see urself in next 4years ? describe ur CV in short and talk about ur interest and about the company and the Job description
  63. Interview Questions
  64. what are web browsers ?  
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  68. 21 Aug 2015  
  69. Directi Logo   
  70. Research Analyst Interview
  72. Anonymous Interview Candidate in Mumbai
  73. Declined Offer
  74. Positive Experience
  75. Easy Interview
  76. Application
  77. I applied online. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at Directi (Mumbai) in July 2015.
  78. Interview
  79. it was really Easy. The whole process was very chilled out. An easy Aptitude test and basic general knowledge on computers, general questions about urself. U have to wait before each round a lot because many people come for the interview. One just needs to have good communication skills so u can put forth your point.
  81. Interview Questions
  82. Tell me about yourself, education,etc.  
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  87. 2 Jun 2015  
  88. Directi Logo   
  89. Research Analyst Interview
  91. Anonymous Interview Candidate
  92. No Offer
  93. Positive Experience
  94. Easy Interview
  95. Interview
  96. in directi every round is of elimination. first is introduction round out of 22, 3 were selected for apti round. apti is easy. and then comes technical round. in that be attentive they will first explain you what is the job about and then you have to explain them the whole thing. they will ask you about keywords for website. so be prepared for creative keywords . after this round…
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  99. Interview Questions
  100. in technical round they will ask you browsers, search engines. e-commerce websites for furniture car etc. also they asked me keywords for dating website  
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  104. 15 Jun 2015  
  105. Directi Logo   
  106. Research Analyst Interview
  108. Anonymous Employee in Mumbai
  109. Accepted Offer
  110. Negative Experience
  111. Average Interview
  112. Application
  113. I applied online. The process took 3 days. I interviewed at Directi (Mumbai) in June 2015.
  114. Interview
  115. GD, Aptitude Test, HR round, Technical Round, Functional Round . It's quite tiring, at times it may take your full day.. They make you wait after each round alot.
  117. Interview Questions
  118. Tell me about yourself ?  
  119. 1 Answer
  120. What do you know about directi ?  
  121. 1 Answer
  122. What do you know about media.net ?  
  123. 1 Answer
  124. What is the reason for your switch from your previous job? Why you want to join directi ?  
  125. 1 Answer
  126. What do you know about the research analyst profile? Where do you see yourself in 5 years? What do you want to learn from here?  
  127. 1 Answer
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  130. 4 Feb 2015 Helpful (5)  
  131. Directi Logo   
  132. Research Analyst Interview
  134. Anonymous Interview Candidate
  135. Declined Offer
  136. Positive Experience
  137. Easy Interview
  138. Application
  139. I applied through a recruiter. I interviewed at Directi.
  140. Interview
  141. Through mail i applied then after few days i got a call frm hr abt the vacancy then she told me to come for an interview at andheri . It was overall simple apti for quantquant etc
  143. Interview Questions
  144. Simple apti then hr round ..she was asking basic wuestion tell abt yourself ...etc  
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  148. Sponsored Jobs
  149. A10 Networks Logo  
  150. Staff Software Engineer - Systems - India
  151. A10 Networks – Bangalore
  152. Syniverse Logo 
  153. ASE System Administrator
  154. Syniverse – Bangalore
  155. 26 Nov 2014  
  156. Directi Logo   
  157. Research Analyst Interview
  159. Anonymous Interview Candidate in Mumbai
  160. No Offer
  161. Negative Experience
  162. Average Interview
  163. Application
  164. I applied online. I interviewed at Directi (Mumbai) in November 2014.
  165. Interview
  166. There was a simple aptitude test and den the interview was conducted.general questions were asked in d aptitude test.It was neutral. hr interviewers were kind and friendly. It was nice and easy.
  168. Interview Questions
  169. Come up with keywords for any random thing?  
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  173. 2 Aug 2014  
  174. Directi Logo   
  175. Research Analyst Interview
  177. Anonymous Interview Candidate
  178. Declined Offer
  179. Positive Experience
  180. Average Interview
  181. Application
  182. I interviewed at Directi in June 2014.
  183. Interview
  184. 1. group discussion on current affairs 2. aptitude test (pretty simple.. had quants, verbal and an essay) 3. Personal interview 1 (asked for personal details was very simple.. the interviewers were very warm and didnt grill me much) 4. personal interview 2
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  187. 3 Sep 2015  
  188. Directi Logo   
  189. Research Analyst Interview
  191. Anonymous Employee in Mumbai
  192. Accepted Offer
  193. Negative Experience
  194. Easy Interview
  195. Application
  196. I applied online. The process took 1 day. I interviewed at Directi (Mumbai) in May 2014.
  197. Interview
  198. 4 rounds of interview 1 with HR 2 with the module leads 1 with the senior account manager They continusly grind you and explain various positions they offer such as Biz Dev, Account manager and Research Analyst but i will give it to you in writing a research analyst is at the bottom of the food chain while Biz Dev's are at the top.
  200. Interview Questions
  201. 1. How to map the right keywords on our contextual engine? 2. How to do effective research? 3. How efficient are you in collecting data? 4. Are you willing to work long hours? 5. Explain in depth good quality analysis  
  202. Answer Question
  203. Negotiation
  204. Don't negotiate your salary that will give a bad impression especially if you're a fresher. If you are given a choice to be a account manager or a Biz Dev take it or you will spend the rest of your life regretting your decision to being a research analyst just like me.
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