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  1. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  2. 'Anon', ???: 12HP, 10DR. Age: unknown.
  4. *****
  5. APPEARANCE: a green-skinned humanoid with no discernible non-human traits or features, excepting a 'face' that seems to be more of a skintight mask than flesh and bone. Approximately 7' tall with a slightly wiry, masculine build, Anon prefers to wear upper class human-styled formal suits, black pants and overshirt with a white undershirt, but will wear informal if a dismal event occurs. Sometimes wears a green mask with a large purple question mark over the face, the mask having an odd property capable of projecting his emotions to all Operators in sight range, remaining entirely unfelt by those that aren't human.
  7. *****
  8. BIOGRAPHY: a highly intellectual and intuitive individual, Anon shows up to chide and insult the Operators for poor valor or detrimental actions after an Operation, though he rewards them well for exceptional performances. He does not appear to have been in this world very long, but has been noticed by Naliyna and Cadence at different times in the past. Anon may be some form of gestalt created by the Operators, though that is merely one possibility, thus it is unknown if he is free, or merely acting in Razorback's shared interests. If that is the case, he may be their unwilling prisoner, without the Operators themselves knowing it.
  10. Anon is quite a gambler, having made numerous deals and/or bets with the various leaders of Tallus, and prides himself on having won all but two. Due to winning a bet with Discord, Anon can readily identify, analyze, and instinctively understand every area, inhabitant, and relic of Tallus once viewed or asked about, ranging from mineral compositions to the names of those better left unspoken.. at least, for mortals that is.
  12. Appears from time to time in the Fortress, usually to deliver a number of bronze discs after large scale events have taken place, and takes great pride in offering a sheet of silver trimmed vellum paper that allows an Operator to write down and receive virtually anything they want, within logical reasoning, that existed on their world or can be found on Tallus. The items granted from the paper take time to be delivered, especially if they must be modified, customized, or are difficult to get ahold of. In addition, Anon has gained the capability to freeze relative time from his first bet against Empress Silver, allowing only those that are of human descent to move under it's effects. It does seem possible that this may have other uses, though he hasn't experimented with it long enough to discover it's uniquenesses.
  14. Despite referring to another being, or perhaps beings, at times in a mildly hostile manner, he seems to consider the competition, or whatever Anon sees it as, as a nuisance more than an enemy, and while he does care for the well being of the Operators, there have been numerous statements from him of neutrality or dismissal when it comes to ponies or other Tallus native beings.
  16. *****
  17. RELATIONSHIP: 'Anon' seems to have taken a great deal of interest in Thrill's relationship with Naliyna. While this cannot be considered a standard relationship per se, there seems to be a heavily vested interest in their shared well being, more so than to the other Operators.
  19. *****
  21. -Grandmaster Bartering+5
  22. -Grandmaster Negotiation+5
  24. *****
  26. -Critical Marksman: possibly gained from carefully studying the Operators' ranged combat capabilities and philosophies, Anon is capable of utilizing his revolver with devastating results, allowing him to penetrate most, if not all, forms of armor and protections with 2x [1d6+30] rolls. Anon is also capable of dividing his fire between two targets, as any skilled marksman should, though he may only carry six shells at any point in time as they are immensely difficult to procure.
  28. -Summon Silver Wish Discs: at any point in time after a large Operation has occurred, Anon may call forth an exact number of silver discs, used to fulfill the wishes of humans.
  30. *****
  32. -Forget Me Not: an ornate silver and pearl inlaid ironwood box, 6" long, 3" deep, 8" wide, with silver inlays depicting the process of a forget-me-not shedding each petal, containing a small amount of a blinding white liquid. Once per day, the owner of this exceptionally prized trophy may open the box and present it to a target, but must take extreme care as any viewers are stunned senseless for anywhere from ten to sixty minutes using a [1d6] roll. Those under the effect can be ordered to complete any number of highly simple tasks for the duration, forget important details, or even an entire event, but only if the amount of time to be erased is equal to or less than the roll result. 8/10 uses remaining.
  34. -Moon Chime: a simple chime made of pure moonstone taken from Luna's Citadel on the Moon, capable of granting insight to it's bearer upon hearing the emitted tones with a [1d6] roll. The chime cannot allow it's owner to predict an event if the owner has little information on a sequence of events to do so. The lower the roll, however, the greater the chance the owner may lose their entire grasp on 'reality', and will act in a very strange manner for 24 hours.
  36. -Scorched Orbs: a box of 1" in diameter glowing orange and white spheres, won from Anon's very first bet, just so happening to be against Princess Celestia. When tossed on a living being or object, an intense rip in the fabric of reality tears apart what was touched, literally 'burning' the being or object from existence entirely. As a side effect, this leaves only Anon with the memory of it's existence, though Discord and Silver will know an event occurred that they can neither see nor understand. 17/20 remaining.
  38. *****
  40. -"Ride Ender", The: a long-barreled, silver-coated .41 Magnum revolver with an old style non-swinging 6-cartridge cylinder that must be reloaded by hand. Considered a very rare firearm on most worlds, this was first used by an Operator, then taken and reshaped for Anon's use, undergoing numerous upgrades due to the excess number of wish discs that went unused. When an Operator commits suicide, the "Ride Ender" replaces the firearm used shortly before the act takes place, and while it is currently unknown why this occurs, Anon has expressed great distaste for watching such an action take place.
  42. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  43. Naliyna Remostrine, former Siege-Marauder: 130HP, 2DR. Age: 60. Month of birth: January.
  45. *****
  46. (Affectionate, Calm, Crystal-Forger, Elite: Senses, Emotional, Minorly Forgetful, Purposeful, Quiet, Slow, Studious, Warm-Hearted)
  48. *****
  49. APPEARANCE: a slightly wavy, bright fuchsia coated Crystal pony with brilliantly shimmering ruby red eyes. Has a long dark fuchsia mane that nearly reaches the ground, a slight curl present at it's end, while her tail somehow manages to curl on itself and not drag all the time. Tries to take care of her coat and mane, though finds it difficult due to the condition her body is in. Upper half of left ear missing, under left eye, entire head and body covered in deep, slightly sensitive scars, remnants from Sombra's attempted domination over 1,000 years ago, though when Thrill touches them the sensation is quite soothing to her. Her right Mark was removed and eaten by the unicorn King. Several small burns from the Changeling 'incursion' 21 years ago dot her back. Naliyna's coat, mane, and eyes sometimes sparkle or gleam when happy, an interesting and highly noticeable effect due to the intense emotional capacity inherent in all Crystal ponies.
  51. *****
  52. BIOGRAPHY: once part of the largest trading family in the Crystal Empire, travelling constantly to buy, sell, trade, and appraise anything that caught her exceptionally critical eye, Naliyna was once a singer, forger, and several other occupations, though has forgotten the majority of her skills and techniques due to memory and personality damage via the formation of her unique skill, Revenge, under the forced occupation of King Sombra's reign. Naliyna's tenacity and loyalty gave her little choice but to protect her herdmates and fellows, the failed results of which caused the emotional trauma leading to memory fragmentation, though Cadence has noted the recovery process outside the Empire has done much for her wellbeing.
  54. Meeting the Operators arriving via train at the Crystal Empire Main Station, Naliyna's interest in the otherworldly mercenaries was piqued by their appearance, size, and the clothing they wore, since wearing clothing is either done at important or formal functions, or worn by prostitutes. Not knowing that this wasn't the case, she spent some time selling and trading with the members of Razorback, with interest in the outside world rekindling. Curious about the history of the rainbow daffodil in his possession, Thrill sought Naliyna out for information on it, leading to a misunderstanding on the Crystal mare's part, as a great deal of her personal history was invested in Princess Cadence's existence. Suffering a mental breakdown and leaving to a place of safety, Thrill sought her out once more to apologize, though he had little understanding of the events that had taken place long before. Admitting that she considered the Empire to be her tomb, Naliyna requested that Thrill execute her as she could no longer bear or cope with the disjointed, crippling, and confusing memories and emotions of her past. Upon his refusal and understanding the reasons behind it, she acknowledged that she had been, essentially, committing protracted suicide in the city-state, she chose to seek a life outside the Empire regardless of what leaving entailed, remaining quiet and withdrawn for some time.
  56. Experiencing familiar emotions while traveling with Thrill and the rest of Razorback, some of which were little more than touches of deja vu, the rest vague, strongly held memories and thoughts, Naliyna's slowly developing interactions led to her accepting Thrill's attentions and affection without restraint, mostly due to his considerate, caring nature. Seeing humans and ponies as capable of the same concerns, she began taking all opportunities to enjoy their time together, particularly when it came to exploring new places.
  58. After being confronted with the knowledge of her wrongful and partly misguided hatred of Cadence, solely by Thrill, Naliyna was left puzzling over her own bitter, substantially hostile actions. Eventually decided that her former sovereign suffered as much, if not more, than she had, what remains of her distrust for the Princess of Rebirth's visible weaknesses is kept to herself, partially out of regret, and partially out of understanding. As evidenced by Cadence's discussion with Thrill, her proclamation that she was never a warrior, only a healer whom had little idea of war's long lasting affects on the mind, the pink alicorn's promise of reconciliation with all of her ponies seems to be at hoof, though the two are still incapable of meeting each other's eyes.
  60. No longer quiet, and more affectionate than ever, she speaks about her past to Thrill and her chosen friends without reserve, her formerly crippled mentality and willpower have become solid, giving her a high degree of autonomous flexibility when dealing with the oddities, and sometimes horrors, of Tallus. Recovering her interest in mechanical and technological applications, the specifics of Crystal engineering are still a work in progress, despite a rather large amount of time spent in experimentation. As she will speak her mind at all possible opportunities, one of her largest joys involves giving advice to other ponies on relationships, yet often ends with  Her new favorite hobbies, besides stuffing herself with pastry, are being brushed, hoof massages, long walks around the Fortress, and swimming lessons in the Enclave, though she still worries over what else might be lurking in the water.
  62. After Spiral left the Fortress, Naliyna took the position of itemologist, and has retained control of the various relics for Razorback after Amerose's arrival. Along with Hodch, Amerose, and Denra, Naliyna has been aiding the rest studying and cataloging the Enclave's contents, cracking open lockboxes and using her vast knowledge of historical relics to identify the various weapons and armor. Though Amerose and Naliyna are reasonably friendly towards each other, Naliyna's age, force of will, and stubborn presence have made her nearly as superior as Twisted Wing in the head Lorekeeper's eyes, and as such Amerose will not refuse to divulge any specifics or favors asked of her.
  64. During the Fortress's renovations, Naliyna grudgingly allowed her family to serve food and refreshments to Razorback, knowing that she would lose each and every argument, instead aiding as much as possible with the new and under construction Clinic with Tipper, then spending some of her free time with Malyne and Dancing Eyes in the library, relearning alchemy and helping the batfoal along in crafting. Also helps with plotting out Malyne's next 'targets'...
  66. *****
  67. FETISHES: voyeurism & polygamy...
  69. *****
  70. CUTIE MARK: a platinum Imperial coin inlaid on a brown book under a lens, the right Mark, however, is missing.
  72. *****
  73. STATUS: formerly a street vendor at the Crystal Empire Main Station, now Razorback's dedicated merchant, sometime treasurer, and paper pony.
  75. *****
  76. RELATIONSHIP: Thrill Collins. Desires his company, though is slightly possessive.
  78. *****
  80. Expert Assault+5
  81. Expert Parry+3
  82. Expert Riposte+2
  84. *****
  86. Expert Block+4
  87. Expert Evasion+2
  88. Expert Reaction Speed+3
  89. Expert Sprint+3
  91. *****
  93. Basic Alchemy+2
  94. Basic Crafting+3
  95. Basic Crystal Engineering+3
  96. Expert Fearless+3
  97. Expert Bartering+4
  98. Expert Perception+4
  99. Expert Negotiation+4
  100. Master Appraisal+5
  102. *****
  103. Expert Crystal Runes+6
  105. -Learned Runes:
  106. *Cover: creates an innate crystalline shield that may be used to defend herself or allies with, and is also capable of attacking and stunning opponents.
  108. *Fade: allows the user to become invisible on a result of 6 or higher, but does not confer the other benefits typically associated with Stealth.
  110. *Power: adds +1 to all Crystal Rune rolls for each max critical, capping at a maximum of +3, and can be used with Crafting.
  112. *Pull: allows use of minor Psychokinesis, limited to a maximum of 500 pounds.
  114. *Refresh: allows use of a ranged, minor Recovery-like ability, though allies must be in line of sight and within 100M in order to function. On a max critical, natural Poisons, Toxins, and other minor status effects will be negated.
  116. *****
  117. SHARED ABILITY: Basic Crystalline Focus. Once per Operation, Naliyna and Thrill, whether separate or alone, may roll a [1d6] <Crystal Focus, the result being the number of turns +1 is added to ALL rolls, whether combat or non-combat related, with no limitations of use outside of an Operation. This also grants Naliyna and Thrill a passive Basic Singing+1 skill, allowing them to Entrance and stir a crowd, though they cannot move while doing so; the greater the result, the broader the possible effects. This may also be used to sway and direct a crowd's focus, making it easier to suggest ideas and reinforce opinions with Negotiation.
  119. *****
  121. -LEVELER: when attacking heavily armored opponents (those with 10DR or more), or assaulting buildings & fortifications, Naliyna must roll 2x [1d6]'s, the lower result being added to all offensive rolls, the higher result being how long the effect lasts. This ability has a 5 turn cooldown and may only be used twice per Operation.
  123. -Minor AutoRegen: regenerates +1HP per turn.
  125. -PAIN MEANS NOTHING!: due to the overwhelming injuries Naliyna has sustained throughout her life, even as a filly, she has become inured to the many negative effects Tallus has thrown at her. As a result, Naliyna may never suffer from the follow status effects: Burned, Chilled, Crippled, Concussed, Doom, Fractured, Frostbite, Frozen, Sorched, Shock, Slowed, Sprains, and Stunned. Additionally, Naliyna is incapable of suffering from Fear, Horror, Terror, and never needs to Rally.
  127. *****
  128. UNIQUE ABILITY: Expert Revenge. Suffering the stresses of King Sombra's takeover, the resulting torture she endured, and undergoing memory fragmentation from losing her right Mark, Naliyna's thoughts twisted into focusing solely on revenge against the Unicorn King. While imprisoned, she sought to find weaknesses in the Empire's newly built prison, and her captors, developing intense memoriological reflexes in an effort to duplicate both the skills of Cadence and Sombra. Roll 3x [1d6+4]'s, on a result of 10 Naliyna gains 1 Revenge token, and may only store 3 tokens. For each Revenge token stored, Naliyna may duplicate ANY pony related ability ONCE per turn, or other unique skills, that she has seen and is capable of performing. For obvious reasons, this excludes pegasi skills requiring wings, Casting, psionic abilities that are dissimilar to Crystal Runes, and non-physical Eldritch, Otherworldly, Planar, Spectral, and Undead skills, as well as those that do not have obvious physical mechanisms. While copying the skills of Leaders, performing them in the vicinity of faction members may be seen as worthy of condemnation, personal loss of reputation, and at worst, possibly heretical. Naliyna cannot be Confused, Paralyzed, Silenced, Stunned, in a Hold, or otherwise immobile while attempting to perform a copied skill, and copied skills may only be utilized in the sequence that they were learned. After the first use, Naliyna becomes Moderately Fatigued, after the second she will become Severely Fatigued, while attempting a third will result in the loss of 1/2 her HP, and removal of ALL modifiers for the following day/night cycle.
  132. >EXPIRED SKILLS COPIED IN SEQUENCE: Master Execute+8, Grandmaster Diamond Reprisal+14, Grandmaster Night Reaper+16, Grandmaster Gravity Surge+20
  134. *****
  136. -Composite Materials
  138. -Crystalline Circuitry
  140. *****
  142. -Fuchsia Ponyshoes (Custom-Fit): a quartet of basic colored steel ponyshoes that cover her entire hoof, made comfortable to wear by the addition of a soft, thick, and most importantly, warm layer of treated cotton. Though not meant for combat, Naliyna has found they make excellent hoof protectors while skating around the Fortress.
  143. Melee Weapon Class: Light.
  144. -Enchantment Slots: 0/1 remaining.
  145. -Base Modifier: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  146. -Utility Enchantment #1: Superior Slowfall-Float, allows Naliyna to float 1' above any solid materials, and reduces her overall weight by 1/4.
  148. *****
  150. -Burst Pendant: allows a [1d6+20] <Force Shock AoE ranged non-elemental attack, ONCE per Operation, that deals double damage to Fragile or XL enemies.
  152. -Castoff Empire Crystal Pouches, 3x.
  154. -Custom Fit Radio+Headset: a miniaturized radio and custom earbud redesigned by Jeff.
  156. -Custom Saddlepack: a bright, multi-colored striped saddlepack, mostly pink, blue, and green hues, hoofmade by Lann. Extremely large and oversized, even by earth pony standards, this pack was specifically created to to haul tremendous amounts of... stuff, ranging from a host of small heatstones, two standard heatstones, ten water trapping gems, six miniature Empire tents, four miniature Empire mats, two miniature Empire bedrolls, a cast iron cooking pot, a stew pot, a full set of tableware, two one-gallon containers of water, a week's worth of sealed Empire food, ten original Kingdom era glowstones for lighting up large areas, and much, MUCH more than can be described here. She also has a second saddlepack outfit with medical supplies, enough space for a (mostly) full load of ammunition, and other items in order to set up a defensive camp or barrier as a just in case measure. The sheer amount Naliyna is able to carry makes most ponies wonder if Krinza secretly created a float core just to offset the weight, though she seems perfectly capable of hauling around 250 pounds (or more) of equipment for half a day without tiring.
  158. -Ethereal Chain-Bitten Bond: a trio of clear pink crystals carved into three links of a chain, half-melted and covered in numerous bite or gouge marks, recovered from the Solar Armory in Canterlot. These tokens of appreciation are awarded to Crystal ponies by Champions from the Ethereal Plane for service to the Empire (but particularly it's citizens), though this one's enchantment seems to have drastically altered over time. When used as a rune-catalyst by a Crystal pony, or as a final addition to Empire or Ethereal crystalline armor, the sigil renders it's bearer a Mortal Foe against monstrous, XL or XXL-sized beings, whether Eldritch or Otherworldly in nature, becoming the main target of said beings when in line of sight, gaining +1 to all Assault & Crystal Rune rolls, also adding +2 to all Demoralize/Intimidation rolls.
  160. -Fall Egg: a 3" tall, rounded bright brown, red, and yellow hued egg, carved with a stunning number of facets representing the season of Fall, recovered from the Solar Armory in Canterlot. One of numerous crystalline eggs carved in the Crystal Kingdom long ago, before it became the Empire, this is one of the Four Seasons set, meant to evoke a sense of purposeful progression and project completion before winter arrives. When carried by a Crystal pony, the Fall Egg adds +1 to all Alchemy, Crafting, and Crystal Engineering/Forging rolls, but only one of the Four Seasons may be carried.
  162. -Hololith: an eighty pound marvel of Crystal Empire engineering and rune mastery, this is a large, rectangular, white crystalline housing unit with rounded corners, 1' long, 8" tall, and 8" wide. Capable of storing several thousand hours of voice recordings and hundreds of thousands of pictures, Hololiths project a solid form of light above it, much like a hologram, able to display images in perfect clarity, yet only Crystal ponies seem to understand how to use them. Is usually left in the mess hall to show off the various images from Razorback's history, and buried in her saddlepack when traveling. Also ridiculously expensive.
  164. -Imperial Rune Fragments: a collection of refined, castoff Empire crystal fragments, shavings, and dust in a tightly woven, waterproof canvas pouch, recovered from the Solar Armory in Canterlot. Normally recycled by the ever mindful Crystal-Forgers, this pouch was either misappropriated or lost on it's journey to the Spire's workshops. When used to reforge a crystalline weapon, adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls and shortens the reforging process; when used to reforge crystalline armor, adds 1DR and shortens the reforging process.
  166. -Marsh Stalker's Eye: a slim, almost feathery three-toned blue eye taken from a barely corporeal quadrupedal humanoid in the Deep Moors. When consumed, grants a [1d6+4] <Stalker's Eye ability, allowing the use of a unique form of biological visual sonar capable of seeing through armor, trees, or thin walls, and is especially effective underwater, but gannot gain additional modifiers. Was most likely bought and used to complement Thrill's watery nature. Naliyna complained VERY loudly after eating it, however.
  168. -Mystic Quartz Flakes: a satchel of small, jagged shards of shimmering, rainbow hued mystic quartz, taken from the Boneyard's mine pit in the Dragonspine Mountains. Normally sold to the Dragon Vigilant smiths for use in their exotic weaponry, this one was given to Razorback as thanks for removing a Moss-Wisp from the newly dug mine. When properly used to forge or reforge crystalline slashing weapons, adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls, halves the Crystal Forging process, and grants a [1d6+4] <Mystic Blades non-elemental attack.
  170. -Phase-Hat: a VERY comfortable, warm, full head covering, and color-shifting floppy hat with holes for her ears, though Naliyna tends to forget she even has it. Adds +1 to all non-combat Stealth rolls.
  172. -Satchel of Vendor Coupons: approximately 500 large white coupons with printed, constantly changing stamps of Discord holding a Discord face mask, each holding up a sign with Discord in various poses on the rear. The caption below reads: "Good for ONE FREE USE of any Vending Machine! Except for the one in the fridge, which I might add: I don't suggest you try it~! Also, Naliyna, you could have left a few for others to have fun with.."
  174. -Sea Egg: a 3" tall, rounded bright blue hued egg with several dark swirling currents, carved with a stunning number of facets representing the ocean, recovered from the Solar Armory in Canterlot. One of numerous crystalline eggs carved in the Crystal Kingdom, before it became the Empire long ago, this is one of the Four Lands set, meant to evoke a sense of calm, placid seas interspersed with violent ocean storms. When carried by a Crystal pony, the Sea Egg adds +1 to all offensive Crystal Rune OR Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls, but only one of the Four Lands may be carried.
  176. *****
  178. -Completed Rainbow Daffodil: a glowing, 10" long multi-hued and beautifully rendered carving of a simple daffodil. This ancient relic was shaped from a piece of Queen Chrysalis's own core, given to Princess Cadence as a symbol of her undying affection and sisterly loyalty as a promise of perfect cooperation between the Changelings of the Hive and the Crystal ponies of the Empire. Long thought lost during and after King Sombra's takeover and subsequent reign of the Empire, Anon presented it to several of the Operators on the train during their approach to the city-state, offering no explanations as to how he obtained it or why it was in his possession. The heart of the daffodil was returned by Empress Silver and given to Thrill, allowing Naliyna to embed it in the petals and complete the relic. When touched, it will play melodies from either the Hive and the Empire in soothing crystalline tones. Naliyna, unfortunately, has no idea what to do with it.
  180. -Northern Star of the Empire: a legendary, 1' tall, bright blue 5-pointed star shaped sapphire with five small, bright white diamond triangles making up the tips. Weighs much less than one might think it should. One of the first of four Crystal Kingdom relics, the Northern Star was created by Princess Cadence with aid from Champion Belregard, one of the Ethereal Wardens' most prized and ancient Crystalline Golems, as a sign of the Crystal ponies successfully creating their own city-state in the bitterly cold, nearly uninhabitable Northern Equestria regions. Contrary to popular belief, the Northern Star is not one of Luna's fallen stars, and instead is capable of use as an extremely powerful light source, also fully preventing harm from cold. Grants a [1d6+10] <Northern Star roll ability that lights up from a 110M to 160M cone 70 degrees in front of it, and negates ALL cold damage to the bearer, whether physical, Elemental, Mystical, Otherworldly, or otherwise. May only be carried by a member of the Crystal Conclave, Crystal Empire, or Crystal Kingdom factions.
  182. *****
  183. PONIAL ENCHANTMENTS: 1/3 Slots remaining.
  184. -Stalker's Eye: grants a [1d6+4] <Stalker's Eye ability, allowing Naliyna to utilize a unique form of biological visual-sonar, capable of seeing through armor, trees, or thin walls, but is especially effective underwater. Cannot gain additional modifiers.
  186. -Softspike Leaf: an incredibly soft and extremely tasty leaf, similar to saltwater taffy, that confers it's regenerative nature to the one that eats it. When struck, Naliyna's skin temporarily becomes rubbery, slightly reducing any physical and elemental harm dealt to her. Gains a permanent +1DR and +1HP/turn.
  188. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  189. Raindrop Raspberry, Free Knight Marecenary. 100HP, 2DR.
  190. Age: 18.
  191. Month of Birth: unknown.
  193. *****
  194. (Amiable, Aware, Brawler, Cautious, Cool-Natured, Droll WIt, Dutiful, Efficient, Guardian, Hard-Working, Honorable, INQUISITORIALLY SANCTIONED, Intuitive, Level-Headed, Polite, Precise: Combat, Rational, Steadfast, Watchful)
  196. *****
  197. APPEARANCE: a neon raspberry red coated pegasus mare with a dual black and cherry red mane, standing 4'1" tall at the top of her head. Her wings bear an uncommon dual shading of cherry red primary feathers and black secondaries, while her eyes are a reflective red. Typical of Stalliongrad descendants, Raindrop's physique is noticeably more muscular than Equestrian pegasi, though not quite heavyset, and retains the common, curvacious appearance of her heritage. Generally unseen outside of her armor however.
  199. *****
  200. BIOGRAPHY: unknown, but is a definite former inhabitant of Stalliongrad. During the mass evacuations of related to Councilierge and Watch Guard activities caused by Razorback Company, Raindrop temporarily joined the Wing Shields, a minor Free Marecenary companeigh of pegasi Knights, whom chose to defend against Watch Guard units seeking to prevent the evacuation. Successful in defending against the moderately organized Watch, and brute force 'convincing' a number of the younger earth ponies to ally with them, the Wing Shields chose not to join Shanis in the Southern Rushyan Plains. Seeking higher priority targets, the Wing Shields returned to Stalliongrad for a short, mostly successful assault on several Councilierge officers in commarend. Capturing the officers with significant trouble due to being heavily outnumbered, the Watch Guard that resisted were killed to the last. Returning to Shanis with their prizes in tow, the Wing Shield's current leader chose to leave for calmer, more peaceful regions, leaving Raindrop and several non-affiliated Free Knights behind. Unwilling to join Shanis or her ideology, she nonetheless stayed on to provide alchemical and surgical aid whenever needed.
  202. Later transferring to Tartarus Isle after salvaging everything possible from the ramshackle encamptmarent, Raindrop would accompany traders to the Crystal Empire and Gozka as security. Once Tartarus Isle became established she left, taking short contracts throughout most of Equestria, excluding Solar and Lunar aligned regions, in order to reaccustom herself to the necessary rigors of travel. Becoming a Free Knight once more, Raindrop completed numerous high profile contracts since leaving Tartarus Isle, and was noted to spend more time than necessary in the Crystal Empire.
  204. Now hired to Razorback, her stoic mood and resentful poniality towards humans remains unchanged. After all, a contract is a contract, and, unless broken, will be fulfilled regardless of the costs.
  206. *****
  207. STATUS: hired by Naliyna for one month trial contract to Razorback, specifically to accompany and protect Rookie Operators with the expectations of protecting and teaching less experienced Operators while in Equestria. Currently assigned to Mallia Castella.
  209. *****
  211. -Chisan Nas: has an extremely strained, argumentative, and  physically combative 'relationship' with. Previously assigned to protect numerous Operators under Naliyna's orders, she was directed to guard Chisan the night of his arrival on Tallus. When Chisan refused to accept her services and became physically abusive, Inquisitor Flash convinced Naliyna in reassigning Raindrop to primarily guard Mallia until her month-long trial contract ends.
  212. -Hodch: is amiable towards given his easy going lackadaisal nature, expertise on Stalliongrad's politics, and regards him as an honored teacher. Of course, she doesn't like the way he looks at fillies.
  213. -Naliyna: her favorite employer so far. Hired due to needing a non-faction aligned pony capable of protecting Razorback's least experienced humans from danger, Raindrop's few meetings with Naliyna have inspired a great deal of openly honored friendliness due to the trader's overwhelming number of battle-earned scars. She does quietly express a high amount of respect towards the older Crystal mare whom she regards as an exceptional role model for broodmares.
  214. -Twisted Wing: distinctly hates and would like nothing more than to duel her to the death. Raindrop has openly insulted, derided, and scorned the Starborn General for every (correct) reason known to Stalliongrad, refusing to look in her direction without swearing. Twisted Wing has shown no interest in antagonizing the Free Knight, and so far has only responded with apathy.
  215. -Shanis: a close friend towards. She particularly enjoys being around Shanis as both of them are close to the same age and share numerous common bonds, though she has nothing to offer save for contemptful disdain towards the quickly deviating Stalliongrad ponies now living on Tartarus Isle.
  216. -Sweet: BITTERLY hates.
  217. -Zigri: profoundly despises his selfish emotional sensitivities. Avoids coming into contact with him at all costs.
  219. *****
  220. CUTIE MARK: a bright white and pale red striped cluster of raspberries floating in the middle of a puffy, ornate white cloud with 8 drops of water falling below.
  222. *****
  224. Expert Assault+3
  225. Expert Parry+4
  226. Expert Riposte+5
  228. Expert Ambush+2
  229. Expert Charge+4
  231. *****
  233. Expert Block+6
  234. Expert Evasion+5
  235. Expert Flight+4
  236. Expert Reaction Speed+6
  237. Expert Sprint+3
  239. Basic Fearless+2
  240. Expert Stalk+4
  242. *****
  244. Basic Alchemy+3
  245. Basic Bartering+2
  246. Basic Cartography+1
  247. Basic Geography+1
  248. Basic Perception+3
  249. Basic Research+1
  250. Expert Scouting+4
  252. *****
  254. -Honor In All Our Duties: owing to a highly responsible, honorable upbringing in a herd of Stalliongradian Free Knights, Raindrop is disgusted at and will NEVER learn Stealth or Thievery, viewing those that rely upon either, or both, skills often with increasing disdain. As a result she has chosen to focus on short-ranged tactics intended to overwhelm an opponent in order to obtain a near-earth pony level of optimal combat efficiency. This ability grants Raindrop the ability to Flurry once per Operation, and may be upgraded further.
  256. -Ritual Duelist: drawing upon her relatively strict upbringing and deep dedication to the styles of open combat preferred by Stalliongradians, Raindrop will never back down from an honorable challenge, and has attained the right to issue the same. ONCE per Operation, Raindrop Raspberry may issue a Duel to the Death towards an opponent that does not possess Stealth or Thievery, has an Honor rating of at least 80, and is not in possession of banned or distasteful enchantmarents, equipmarent, and abilities.
  257. *LIMITATIONS: Raindrop will always refuse to Duel batponies, Spectrals, Eldritch-touched beings, Elemarentals, all Lunar-aligned, and those that she sees as contemptible, dishonorable, corrupt, or otherwise weak.
  258. *PREFERRED TARGETS: nobility, royalty, and leaders (particularly faction leaders).
  260. *****
  261. UNIQUE ABILITY: none.
  263. *****
  265. -Ancient Stalliongrad Stormrider Knight's Helmet (Armor Traits: Custom-Fit, Archaic Stalliongrad Artifact): a highly reflectlive, blackened steel full head and neck one-piece helmet, specifically designed for Stalliongradian pegasi. This one is fit specifically for Raindrop Raspberry, and is highly difficult to modify without excessive redesign. Similar to early Solar Guardian designs circa 23,400's, though with late 28,600's improvemarents, the snout mask features a row of vertical slits allowing for the wearer to inhale, exhale, and speak with ease, two 1/2" thick clear diamondine lenses fully protecting the eyes, and a smoothly faced rearward-sloping design which makes causing direct blows and concussions incredibly difficult. Likewise common for the era are two heavily reinforced, hardened ear guards covered in roughly a thousand pinholes each which allow Raindrop to utilize her hearing capabilities unhindered, as well as the tightly overlapping, segmarented and banded neck plates granting maximum ease of movemarent.
  266. -Armor Value: provides 3DR to the entire head and neck.
  267. -Armor Class: Medium.
  268. -Enchantmarent Slots: 1/1 remaining.
  269. -Mechanical Enhancemarent: reduces the duration & effects of Concussions by 3/4.
  271. -Ancient Stalliongrad Stormrider Knight's Plating (Armor Traits: Custom-Fit, Archaic Stalliongrad Artifact): a highly reflective set of tightly fitting, blackened steel plating specifically shaped for Stalliongradian pegasi, with a helmet that One of an unknown number of unornamarented sets recovered in the late 28,600's from the burial vaults of a long ruined city that would eventually be claimed, then renamed Stalliongrad. This specific set was bought in 29,994 and fit to Raindrop's specifications. Bearing only a few similarities to ancient knight armor designs, the most curious aspect is that each overlapping, smooth faced plate 'slides' on a barely visible, gel-like substance which is nearly frictionless, causing little noise to be made from even the most extreme movemarents. As to whether or not the interior is padded, nopony knows as Raindrop is loathe to show it off.
  272. -Armor Value: provides 3DR to all except the head and neck.
  273. -Armor Class: Medium.
  274. -Enchantmarent Slots: 2/3 remaining.
  275. -Utility Enchantmarent #1: Advanced Slowfall-Float.
  277. *****
  279. -Ancient Stalliongrad Stormrider Knight's Hoofblades (Custom-Fit, Archaic Stalliongrad Artifact): reforged from any number of damaged black iron scraps from around and underneath the city that would become known as Stalliongrad, these are a quartet of heavy blackened steel hoofboots, resized and lightly padded for Raindrop's comfort. Unique among hoofblade designs, all Stormrider Knight's Hoofblade sets feature five 3" long sheepsfoot-like blades capable of being extended from the front through a minor spoken rite. While the small, odd shape is virtually unknown to most of Equestria and Tallus in general, they're quite capable at piercing armor, but are less useful when climbing trees or digging than standard designs.
  280. -Melee Weapon Class: Medium.
  281. -Enchantmarent Slots: 1/1 remaining.
  282. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Assault rolls.
  283. -Advanced Modifier: adds +4 to all Parry/Riposte rolls.
  284. -Mechanical Modification #1: Claws: when extended and used in combat, the blades grant Armor Pierce 1 (negates 1DR) and will cause Bleeding upon a max critical.
  285. -Utility Enhancemarent #1: adds +1 to all Wilderness Survival rolls.
  287. -Ancient Stalliongrad Stormrider Knight's Wingblades (Custom-Fit, Archaic Stalliongrad Artifact): reforged from any number of damaged black iron weapons or armor pieces recovered from around and underneath the city that would become known as Stalliongrad, these are a sturdy pair of glossy, blackened steel full wingblades custom fit for Raindrop Raspberry. Like most older patterned full wingblades, each features a highly sharp, durable V-shaped frontal edge with numerous gasket-like sockets and semi-rounded, flexible plating to allow for normal wing motions. Designed to be inflexible when locked open or closed yet highly protective, they're light enough to mareneuver in tight, complex formations with other Free Knights if need be.
  288. -Melee Weapon Class: Heavy.
  289. -Enchantmarent Slots: 2/2 remaining.
  290. -Base Modifier: adds +2 to all Assault rolls.
  291. -Advanced Modifier: adds +4 to all Parry/Riposte rolls
  292. -Mechanical Modification #1: Blunt Impact Resistance: grants a damage reduction of 1/4 when struck by blunt means, whether hooves, fists, weapons, trees, or ersatz objects.
  294. *****
  296. -Custom Marecenary Saddlepack: the most commonly produced and worn piece of marecenary equipmarent on Tallus. Comes in a wide variety of styles, thus ensuring that few are similar. Two tightly woven and field tested pair of small flank-slung satchels hold a pair of alchemical bottles in each, a small rump satchel to carry a day's worth of supplies, completed by a wide, thick belt strap to keep it in place, all of which is made from black dyed Rushyan Lowland cotton. The assembly is imbued with a minor wearer-controlled Sticky enchantmarent, designed to be easy to toss off before or during combat, and keep the contents safe. This one is ornamarented with a single white striped raspberry on each flank satchel and a large pair of crossed full wingblades on the main satchel, both in grey thread.
  297. *Flank Satchels' Contents: 1x Dampener, 1x Regeneration, 2x Restoration.
  298. *Main Satchel Contents: Advanced Empire Crystal Compass, 1x Standard Stalliongrad Armor Maintenance Kit, 1x Coldstone, Empire Field Utility Kit, 1x Heatstone, 2x Hoof Cleaning Kits, 2x Superior Empire Travel Blankets.
  300. *****
  302. -Frostweave: an extraordinarily rare, priceless, purely psionic enchantmarent dating back to the Middle Dynasty Era. Given no physical object to inhabit like nearly all enchantmarents, Frostweaves may only be transferred from owner to owner through an archaic earth pony ritual of gifting. The specifics of what this enchantmarent is for, how it functions, and what effects occur are ferociously guarded and virtually unknown to Equestria, however, those whom possess one display an unusually high level of hostility when questioned.
  303. *Reduces all Air, Ice, and Water damage, whether physical, Elemarental, or Mystical, by 1/2 rounded down.
  306. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  307. Roust, Elite Modern Vanguard: 150HP, 1DR. Age: 20,000+. Month of... 'birth'? ...March.
  309. >>
  311. *****
  312. (Armored, Cautious: Minotaurs, Changeling, Curious, Inquisitive, Noble, Heavy, Purposeful, Respectful, Slow, Studious, Veterancy: Combat/Psionicism)
  314. *****
  315. APPEARANCE: a massively built, heavily armored Captain Changeling, slightly smaller than Queen Chrysalis and roughly the size of a typical Morgan horse. Her thick armored shell is organically streamlined with small glowing lines marking the large armor segments, having replaced her former multiple plate segmentation entirely. The joints between segments run from her smoothed out facemask to neck, neck to withers, withers to leg and side plates, and side plates to flanks. Her hooves are still thickly armored, though appear to have a large, smooth black ring around the hoof itself, possibly ornamentation. Her back armor also greatly resembles a saddle, and is quite comfortable now. When she walks she causes the ground to shake, either from carelessness or amusement is unknown, but weighs at least 800 pounds. Her true inner body is capable of being separated from her armor, allowing her to leave by spreading her back and neck armor apart. This lets Roust operate both forms independently, though controlling the heavy shell armor takes a major toll on her mental focus, and may only attack with one or the other. Roust, in her separated form, appears to be a tall, very slender black unicorn, though the oversized cavitated horn and her clear green glass eyes, sometimes blue under low light conditions, are impossible to hide. Interestingly enough, her internal body is entirely organic without any armoring, while the eight green bands around her chest and green highlighted black mane are the only non-black colorations present.
  317. *****
  318. BIOGRAPHY: a unique Changeling when compared to the rest of the Hive, Roust, when compared to Queen Chrysalis, lacks a great deal of her Matron's basic psychokinetic capabilities, yet makes up for it with deeper introspectives and insight on the various pony species and other races from reading constantly, as well as heightened close combat prowess. Inquisitive, curious, and nearly impossible to startle, she wanders unless kept busy, and eats things she finds interesting. Due to her age and knowledge, Roust can be considered the penultimate Changeling, next to the Warden of course, as Hollow's aid has allowed her to mutate into the first modern Changeling. Like all Vanguards, Roust is able to perform a powerful frontal stomp, stunning ground-borne enemies in a 180 degree arc in front of her, by combining her massive weight, a psionic shockwave, and a short burst of speed, the effects of which are similar to a miniature earthquake. A poorly understood side effect of psionic Changeling healing is the fact that recovering any living being, except other Changelings, can be moderately to cripplingly painful, depending on the severity of the recipient's injuries, due to their potent species-specific acids that drift along the pathways of their neural-psychokinetic abilities.
  320. The only Changeling to have her mind fracture after the Unicorn King's takeover of the Crystal Empire, this perceived personal failure to protect her Crystal pony brethren caused her mind to split in half, remaining as noble and royal fragments, the first protective, curious, and insightful; the second arrogant, haughty, and selfish. After the takeover and before the time the Operators arrived in Equestria, Roust struggled to keep a majority hold over her fragmented, barely functioning mind over the course of more than a thousand years, spending her days wandering the Everfree.
  322. Seeking to drown out her misery over events, she began exploring ruins of ages long since past, utterly ignoring the requests from her Queen and eating anything she could find without care for her own well-being. Eventually realizing that even the most poisonous of flora could be recovered from, she ceased trying to kill herself, though this has left her with a very sensitive stomach. This condition hampered her during the attempt to prevent the Empire from being enslaved once more due to the King's retaliation against the Changelings, whom had arrived to support Cadence's initial assault, and she was unable to leave the new Hive to aid the Empire. Unfortunately, neither Chrysalis nor the Changelings warned the Crystal ponies of their intent to aid the Princess of Rebirth, suffering considerable casualties as their forces were divided between annihilating the King's forces and choosing not to defend themselves against the enraged Crystal ponies.
  324. Her mind, again damaged by the losses incurred in the Crystal Empire, and the assault on Canterlot with the remaining Wardens and Nobles seeking to oust the Tyrant, saw the event as another personal failure, though this one merely left a bitter taste when it comes to dealing with Solar faction members. The loss of nearly all Changelings when, immediately after both assaults, the Solar Tyrant began hunting down her brothers and sisters now located outside the Hive at that time, caused her mind to degenerate again as her kin were forced to enter dormancy to survive.
  326. After traveling with Razorback under Hollow's tutelage for several months and subsequently settling down in the Fortress, Roust began to finally recover from her experiences, learning to accept the ponies she met as a much broader family to her original one, a family that she discovered didn't have to be related to by blood or sovereign.
  328. Belatedly realizing that learning was fun once again, it became a vital necessity for her while under Hollow's tutelage, then Tipper's, and she began to enjoy the brand new swaths of information freely and readily available to her. While her mind recovered slowly, her guardian instincts, having remained dormant along with her prowess in combat and the typical Changeling characteristic of immense curiousity, quickly returned, giving her a considerable boost in courage against the events that would occur later on.
  330. During Razorback's first winter, Roust shed her original armor in the Nest, and upon waking used the complete with ichor nodes spanning across the interior for additional lighting. Constantly plants red, blue, and green hallucinogenic mushrooms growing on the walls for Hollow and herself to trade with. Also added several types of edible shelf fungi for more variety.
  332. The map-maker Torven, unable to enter a cavern that he suspected held a number of Changeling cores, decided to hoof it over to Hollow upon recognizing his relationship to the Vanguard, claiming that he had no idea how to safely enter and retrieve them. Penetrating the cavern's defenses, in reality a maze of mental misdirections created by the remnants of a Changeling Lord, Roust brought Hollow to stand before Kavel, recognizing him as an old brother shortly after he released himself from Tallus. In exchange for taking the cores to safety, the Lord required Hollow to carry his own damaged core, still marked with the fatal injury caused by his resistance to the Solar Tyrant.
  334. Seeing that there were still Changelings to recover and bring back to Chrysalis, Hollow's continued aid and her experiences allowed the noble mind to conquer the royal fragment, which she ultimately deemed a parasite and purged entirely, considering it too weak and selfish to be 'the' Roust. At this point in time, Roust seems to have fully recovered, taking a great deal of inspiration from her brother-Lord's long standing and honorable duties, reshaping her perceptions to be much more open to the future.
  336. It is known that Roust, along with Chrysalis and the other sisters, met Cadence several times before in the Empire, though remained close to the Hive once her wanderlust plateaued.
  338. Finding it humorous to teach other ponies the vagaries of history and the Hive's vast, accumulated knowledges, Roust spends much of her time in the library patiently teaching Mercy and Malyne, or when otherwise unoccupied, spends her time in the Clinic learning from Tipper studying biology.
  340. Having faced several minotaurs in combat and suffering greatly during each encounter, Roust is openly pessimistic when dealing with one, preferring to be cautious and wary around their species.
  342. *****
  343. CUTIE MARK: 5 berries (blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, strawberry, dewberry) making a bowl, a green apple in the bowl, and a vivid red mushroom sliding down the apple. Yeap.
  345. *****
  346. STATUS: the first of the Modern Vanguards, released from the Hive to travel with Razorback freely. Now a Changeling Noble with the title of Lady.
  348. *****
  350. -Hollow Case: desires his company.
  351. -Malyne & Mercy: older sister figure to both, greatly enjoys teaching both of them. Also 'scolds' them if their plots are found out.
  353. *****
  355. -Quadruple Wings: a side effect of the Changelings' odd, partially insectoid biology is that random mutations may occur after each molting, this one seemingly inspired by a dragonfly. As interesting as having four wings may seem to some, the only benefit is that Roust can glide for long distances while outside of her armor, though is a considerable hindrance to her ability to fly. Reduces all Flight rolls by -3.
  357. *****
  359. Expert Assault+2
  360. Expert Parry+4
  361. Expert Riposte+2
  363. *****
  365. Basic Block+2
  366. Basic Evasion+5
  367. Basic Reaction Speed+4
  368. Basic Sprint+5
  369. Basic Flight+2
  371. Resist Damage+1
  373. *****
  375. Basic Alchemy
  376. Basic Bartering+2
  377. Basic Medical
  378. Basic Night Vision+1
  379. Basic Negotiation+3
  380. Basic Research
  381. Basic Shapeshifting+4
  383. *****
  385. *Expert Sunken State: even though Changelings share a number of similarities with both unicorns and earth ponies, the differences are a stark contrast between all three. Changelings learn to become wary of their fellow magical users in different means, especially when it comes to infiltration and reconnaisance duties. As a result of having spent more time around both than the average Changeling due to the necessary close proximities in Razorback, Roust is typically able to stroll past either with the bare minimums of training without being noticed.
  386. -Grants 3x [1d6+3] rolls; may also be used to temporarily cover another living being's mind from intrusion.
  388. *Basic Illusionary: like most Vanguards and their associated kin, Roust has seen little need to create illusions when her ability to shapeshift is above average, her ability to deal harm at range is high, and her abilities focusing on absorbing punishment are phenomenal.
  389. -Grants 2x [1d6] rolls for the purpose of creating static illusions; the longer an illusion is worked on the more realistic it will look to an observer, though such illusions are only two-dimensional.
  391. *Expert Mind Reading: comprises the knowledge of how to safely delve and link to, understand, and draw information from the mind of another living being. As Vanguards typically have zero use for this ability, Roust considers the idea rather distasteful in most circumstances and has only maintained the basics.
  392. -Grants 3x [1d6] rolls that must be used on a fully calm and willing being, otherwise Roust and her intended recipient may suffer instant temporary damage, shared psychosis, or worse effects, although the intended recipient may also use Iron Will or Fearless to stabilize their mind before an attempt is made. Or they can get stoned, that works too.
  394. *Expert Psychokinesis: covers the ability to and the knowledge of how to form, distort, manipulate, damage, and even drain electromagnetic fields on a sub-molecular level as a physical property. Strictly speaking, Psychokinesis can be best summarized as 'pushing' a magnetic field into a predetermined 'proper' state that the user desires, using much the same as the process for creating psionic lances, bolts, or other weaponry. As a peculiar benefit, any psionic projection or weapon created by a Changeling is imbued with an acidic elemental property, causing increased harm to Fragile targets and Undead.
  395. -Grants 3x [1d6+8] rolls.
  397. *Basic Recovery: similar to the process of restorative healing that unicorns are able to easily learn and master, Changelings have some knowledge of the same, though their version of Recovery is, to put it simply, excruciating to non-Changelings due to the acidic elemental quality of their psionic powers.
  398. -Grants 2x [1d6+4] rolls that restores the target's HP by the total result, causes a high amount of pain, and inflicts the total result in Fatigue damage; if all rolls are max criticals then a [1d3] must be rolled immediately, the result of which determines whether the recipient will be Stunned, put in Shock, or knocked Unconscious.
  400. *Expert Shield: virtually the same as shielding spells created by unicorns, Changelings are lesser adepts at creating defensive barriers. Being a Vanguard, Roust typically prefers to cover her less durable friends and gleefully charge into combat like the rest of her kin.
  401. -Grants 3x [1d6+5] rolls, Roust, may maintain a maximum of two shields for two targets at a time.
  403. *Basic Teleport: like most Changelings, Roust has little understanding of the processes required to safely open rifts, portals, or the like, making any attempt at 'diving' into the Void spectrums of Tallus a questionable decision for her to make.
  404. -Grants 2x [1d6] rolls; on critical failures Roust will be harmed from the backlash; if all rolls critically fail, there is a chance that she may be deposited elsewhere in the Underdark or the Overdark.
  406. *****
  408. -BOSS-class Fearless: Roust cannot be Intimidated or Demoralized normally.
  410. -RALLY SCREAM: recalling her early days under the guidance of the Changeling Nobles and Wardens, Roust is capable of drawing on their unshakeable courage and fearlessness in battle once per Operation, bolstering an allies' offensive retaliation to unprecedented levels by utilizing a unique psionic 'scream', essentially inspiring that ally into a temporary state of berserking.
  411. -Grants 1x [1d6], the result is then added to all of an Ally's Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls, but only if that Ally was attacked in the previous turn. Lasts for 1 turn, cannot be upgraded.
  413. *****
  414. LIVING ARMOR: a self-grown 'living' suit of armor, slightly smaller than Queen Chrysalis herself, that provides immense protection for physically vulnerable Vanguards, flight-capable and versatile duty Changelings with the ability to perfectly control the psychoreactive chitinous exoskeleton as a minor extension of their bodies. Vanguards act as as frontline shock forces, organizing themselves into optimal Formations to best break through opposing lines, and as such each one evolves their armor in different manners to complement others. Regardless of the individual in question their armor confers immense survivability and fear value. When 'worn', Roust's living armor imrpoves most of her abilities significantly, though the concentration required to control it only allows her to utilize one Psionicism ability each turn.
  416. -Armor Value: 7DR
  417. -Armor Durability: 600 Armor.
  418. -Armor Class: Heavy, Full Body.
  421. Expert Assault+9
  422. Expert Parry+5
  423. Expert Riposte+7
  425. Expert Earth Smash+5
  427. Basic Intimidate+3
  430. Expert Block+8
  431. Expert Reaction Speed+4
  432. Expert Charge+6
  434. Basic Resist Damage+7
  437. Basic Night Vision+3
  439. *Self-Defense Nodules: when Roust's armor becomes too damaged to continue controlling, if possible she will escape from it and burst the remaining ichor nodes inside, splashing all targets within a 5M radius and covering them in a sticky film with a [1d6] <Ichor Node roll, the result being the penalty that any affected targets, Roust included, suffer to all Assault/Parry/Riposte and Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint/Flight rolls for 3 turns before the ichor naturally falls apart.
  441. *****
  442. SHARED ABILITY: Basic Vanguard's Fury of the Hive. Tapping into Roust's finely honed mental processing abilities and her chaotically charged, highly active and enormous reserves of psionic energies, Hollow and Roust can combine their skills, senses, and minds, allowing them to temporarily slow down time for planning an assault against hardened enemies, and even fortifications. Fury of the Hive may be activated by Roust or Hollow whether alone, separate, with or without Roust asleep or unconscious and has no range limitations, however, it cannot be activated if Roust is in Critical or Shock status.
  443. -This ability adds +5 to all Psychokinesis & Evolution of Humanity rolls for two turns, while also adding a passive +1 to all Creativity and Warp Shift abilities except for Mind Read.
  444. -This ability allows Hollow to utilize Evolution of Humanity up to four times per Operation instead of the standard three, though may only be activated twice per Operation and cannot be used consecutively.
  446. *****
  447. UNIQUE ABILITY: Basic Grand Horn. Once per Operation, Roust may form a close approximation of a Lord Changeling's horn with 2x [1d6+20]'s, it's size always half the total mass of her target. Once sunken into an opponent, the horn bursts apart in a spray of potent Changeling acid, the effects of which are highly random and impossible to predict. The horn itself is physical, can be damaged or destroyed, and is affected by Vanguard's Fury of the Hive if active.
  449. *****
  450. PERSONAL ENCHANTMENTS: 3/3 Slots remaining.
  453. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  454. Twisted Wing, the Starborn General, AKA: the Burning Pegasus: 350HP, 8DR. Age: 58. Month of birth: April.
  456. *****
  457. (Anti-Authority, Brash, Bold, Challenger, Commanding Presence, ELITE: Combat/Defense, Fearless, Heavy, LEGENDARY, Natural Leader: Nocturnal, Quick, Stern)
  459. *****
  460. APPEARANCE: a dark royal blue coated pegasus with a short, similarly dark royal purple mane, and piercing bright hyacinth blue eyes. Twisted is the same height and length, though with a much more muscular build, than Princess Cadence, and when standing straight she is 5'1" tall at the top of her head. While she carries few scars, the majority can be found under her mane, mostly small and innocuous, presumably from the time before her Enchainings.
  462. *****
  463. BIOGRAPHY: referred to as Luna's Guardian or the Lunar Executioner, Twisted Wing is a somewhat stern, demanding, and anti-authority driven General of Luna's Guards, the Night Guard, the Lunar Guard, and the Starborn, as her title was never revoked, nor rescinded.
  465. A natural fighter from the Ferron clan, she hides a number of thin black blades beneath her primary feathers, used as alternate weaponry besides her hooves, and can use her heavy wings to deal heavy, non-lethal stunning blows. Dislikes certain leadership figures due to what she sees as earned distrust, though will use her own extensive knowledge to guide and embolden her own allies. Somewhat brusque, Twisted speaks her mind freely, with a partially masculine demeanor and mannerisms, making her a master of insults and swearing.
  467. Born to one of the main Ferron clan's matriarchs, Twisted Wing, as she later came to be known, showed a natural aptitude for combat and leadership, quickly earning her the favor of numerous former Night & Lunar Guard members, many of whom had chosen to retire and return to the Ferron's carefree ways of life. Despite spending most of her early years growing up in the Everfree, Twisted was able to visit Las Pegasus, Cloudsdale, the Moors, and even Imeron fairly often, giving her an appreciation for travel and meeting new ponies or other sentients.
  469. During much of her training, she displayed speedy aptitudes for learning how to use exotic weaponry, and understood how to modify said weapons for greater ease of use and versatility, though she professed little desire to aid in crafting, instead making herself useful by constant stress testing. Developing close friendships with many of the retired Guard, especially in the Basin village, she eventually applied for a position in the Night Guard in order to honor their knowledge and aid, finding that while her physical talents were finely tuned, she still had much to learn about Equestria, and social dynamics, as a whole.
  471. Rising through the ranks much slower than was originally expected of her, Twisted Wing chose to dedicate much of her time into forming partnerships between those of similar personalities and skill sets, just as she'd done in the Ferron during her youth. Upon reaching the rank of Nightclaw, her predisposition for forming effective cadres garnered her attention as a highly valued asset to the Night Guard's local outposts, whom normally placed members with complimentary skills or personalities, but not both, together in a team, and was immediately requested to undertake training as a Lieutenant, which she denied on the spot. While this did not earn any ire from the Night Guard's commanders as they wholeheartedly approved of her continued activities, other sources that she would later on come to know saw her as a potential nuisance.
  473. Reaching the rank of Brawler and further specializing in close combat with exotic weaponry, she met a young batpony Claw named Belltower, whom after several months thought Twisted would make an excellent commander, and encouraged her to take a large risk: applying for the position of Lieutenant-in-training in what would be known as the Lunar faction's second largest class. While scoring well and reaching the rank of Lieutenant, Twisted had made numerous enemies amongst the class, one in particular, a light grey batpony named Vapid Call, with whom her disgust at filly-fooling while on duty was well known, leading him to be ostracized and reprimanded numerous times.
  475. Disregarding the problematic situations entirely, Twisted Wing immediately requested Belltower be added to her team after accepting induction into the Lunar Guard as a Nightfang, awarding the cheerful batpony her badge as a Punisher. During her time as a Nightfang, Twisted Wing was constantly on request for distant Lunar faction outposts across Tallus, quickly putting together excellent situational or long term cadres and teams in order to relieve pressure on field commanders that would normally be forced to induct members one by one for their skills and personalities. Although much of her time was capitalized on forming outpost teams, Twisted Wing, Belltower, and her hoof picked cadre were sent to deal with Otherworldly and Planar incursions numerous times, and she never missed a chance to recruit locals whom were specialized against certain enemies, garnering her even greater appreciation by the Lunar Guard's Nightblade Captains.
  477. Approached by a unicorn Nightblade by the name of Hodch whom offered her a place in the Starborn, Twisted Wing was torn by the idea of leaving her friends behind, and was unable to make a choice. Realizing her situation, Hodch immediately apologized, retracting the offer and mentioning that he was in the wrong by asking. Making numerous personal appeals to the Lunar Council about inducting both Twisted and her specialized team, Hodch, rebuffed at each instance, grew irate, and resorting to digging into her history to find enough evidence that would point to exceptional confidence and results. While visiting with many of the Ferron clan's retired Guard members, Hodch came up with a devious plan to use Twisted's successes during several encounters across Tallus, including one instance with Dragon-Prince Velkruz, known to be excruciatingly difficult for most ponies to deal with, in order to demonstrate both her usefulness and honorable devotion. Pulling the opinion of most Starborn members in his favor, the Council was drowned out by the Starborn, with Princess Luna and Hodch watching gleefully, calling their votes for Twisted Wing to be accepted along with her team. The Council, under the weight of votes, was forced to relent, and accepted that they had lost.
  479. Approached once more by Hodch, she was stunned by his offer, complete with Princess Luna's seal of approval: immediate promotion to the Starborn as a Nightblade Captain, along with acceptance of her entire team and any others from the Night and Lunar Guards that wanted to join. Leaving with many wishes of luck from both Guards, Twisted Wing brought nearly a hundred members into the Starborn, all of whom immediately passed the Hall of Tartarus, a newly built training arena, in a grand display. With the added benefit of swelling their ranks, the Starborn was granted greater legitimacy across Tallus due to the minotaurs, gryphons, Crystal ponies, Saddle Arabians, and even two Eyes that had accompanied her, fostering relations towards the various countries and city-states that once looked at the Starborn with distrust. While her day to day duties shifted from training to recruiting new members, particularly in the Crystal Empire, the Minotaur Hegemony, and Saddle Arabia, she was still instrumental in hoofpicking teams for specific outposts, regions, and cities, her increasingly vaunted leadership skills garnering her no lack of appreciation and a swift promotion to Lunar Claw.
  481. During a meeting with the Lunar Council over an offer from the Empire, Twisted Wing, unable to deny a long standing attraction towards the Nightmare, became far less interested about the matter at hoof, instead making subtle displays of affection towards the Princess of the Night, whom responded with a favorable smile and a note to meet her later, privately. Realizing that she may have just doomed herself, after the meeting adjourned Twisted immediately sought out Belltower for advice, the newly promoted Nightblade Captain directing her to a shaman in Gozka whom gave her several bottles with a warning: not to use them all at once. Hurrying to arrive back at the Citadel at the appointed time, she had forgotten the shaman's warning, downing all four in rapid succession and entering. While neither have spoken of what occurred, the next night Belltower discovered Twisted Wing, in critical condition, at the Citadel's hospital undergoing extensive surgery, her hooves and teeth being replaced with diamondine under the care of a sorrowful looking Luna, muttering once to her: 'it was worth it'. After recovering and with her teams succeeding in more and more dangerous incidents in Equestria and abroad, several years passed before Twisted Wing was offered the position of Luna's Guardian, a position that would require her travel with the Nightmare during diplomatic visits as her sole mareguard, also allowing her to spend more time with the alicorn.. which, of course, she immediately took.
  483. Remaining in Canterlot after a diplomatic envoy, a failed assassination attempt by a Royal Guard unicorn, later on found to be linked to the Councilierge by Fankil's investigations, severely injured Twisted Wing, sustaining numerous crippling wounds inflicted by a poisoned relic biteblade. Quickly dispatching the assassin, Hodch and several Nightblades immediately took her the Citadel's hospital, the first forced to summon the Lunar Council's healers to save her life. Understanding the position's danger while recovering, Twisted Wing requested the Nightmare, whom had been in the Empire at the time, to Enchain her with the Guardian's Mark, albeit doing so bitterly. Acknowledging her lover's despair, Luna warned of the numerous dangers and side effects that would occur, but accepted the proposal nonetheless. Performing the ritual in the hospital with the Lunar Council, Belltower, and Hodch attending, she returned to her duties after less than a week of recuperation, finding that the side effects, while slightly irritating, were easily tolerable. Despite her eyes now glowing, none were disturbed with her changed appearance, instead congratulating her on becoming the Nightmare's lover, though not without being the target of hundreds of jealous, but happy, snarks, jokes, and remarks.
  485. Becoming the Starborn's General after another year of service, Twisted Wing again approached Luna, asking her to Enchain the General's Standard to her and pointing out the relatively minor side effects from the first, yet stated that if it were refused she would not think differently. Thinking over the matter for some time, Princess Luna accepted, this time allowing the majority of the Starborn to view the entire process, with the results being as minor as the first Enchain. Though Twisted didn't mind seeing herself form of candy and the change in her coloration were acceptable, the slight dislike of nobility and royalty was worrisome, but put the matter out of her mind entirely afterwards.
  487. When the former Lunar Executioner, an earth pony from Detrot that had reached the age of 60, retired from his position and the Starborn entirely, Hodch openly considered the position for some time, but retracted his interest upon receiving the honor of permanent admittance to the Hall of Memory's Lorekeepers. With none wanting the title, Twisted Wing reluctantly approached the Lunar Council with the offer to commit herself into finding a Starborn member that would accept it. Several months and no results later, Chuz`ain, the Lunar Council's sole Kra`ken member, offered the position to her, under the agreement that Twisted Wing would only perform honorable executions that would not interfere with her duties as both the Starborn's General and Luna's Guardian, and that she would relinquish it should another seek the title. Although Twisted Wing realized she had no weaponry that would allow her to perform an execution, she accepted the agreement, leaving the Council with her thanks.
  489. Immediately after being notified of her consort's decision, the Nightmare left the Citadel for parts unknown, returning two days later, heavily injured and carrying the armored wing of a creature that none had seen before. Ignoring her wounds, Luna, along with many of the Citadel's smiths and rune-forgers, created a set of three-hued wingblades over the course of a week, presenting them to the General afterwards. Joyfully accepting the proud gift, though disturbed as to how the Nightmare had been injured, Twisted was given her first writ of execution, strangely and quietly issued by Princess Celestia no less: a minor noble in Canterlot that had been collaborating with Stalliongrad's slavery ring. Disposing of the unicorn and two bought off Royal Guards in the noble's manor without being noticed, she returned with his head and a satchel of evidence, presenting both to the Council as proof of his death and his affiliations for information discovery. While there were no questions about her methods or tactics, some amongst the Starborn were curious, and a bit queasy, as to why she had chosen to keep the skull as a trophy.
  491. In a meeting with a peculiar Everfree druid, Twisted Wing was surprised to learn that Enchaining an item to oneself would bring out it's maximum effects, making it far more useful than simply enchanting it to one's body. Learning that the Nightmare herself had taught the druid, a unicorn mare named Tree Singer, Twisted was curious to learn what the various trophies in her possession would grant her, and was quickly shocked by the possible benefits that could result should she choose to undertake further Enchainings. Convincing the Nightmare into further Enchaining her pegasus lover, Tree Singer offered her services should the Princess be incapable of doing so. Although pleased by the prospects of greater resilience, vitality, strength, and even lifespan, Twisted Wing was skeptical of further changes to her body or mind, yet her fears were allayed by Luna and Tree Singer, both pointing out the incredible luck she'd had. The Lunar Executioner's Sigil, a Maze Delver's eye, and the Tempest King's Siglet, supposedly won from the elusive being itself, were Enchained to Twisted along with the set of wingblades Luna had created for her, and while performing the Enchaining process four times in a row was taxing, Twisted recovered quickly. Strangely, the wingblades themselves did not become permanently attached, but would not allow others to touch them. Luna, surprised at her lover gaining half a foot of height, was overjoyed at Twisted once again suffering from minor side effects, excepting that the smell of burnt feathers would often make her sneeze, bidding Tree Singer good luck and farewell as the two left for the Citadel. Unfortunately, all three would later come to regret their decisions that night.
  493. Returning to their daily routines, the alicorn and nearly earth pony-sized pegasus were nearly inseparable from the other unless duty called, the pair's success lauded by the Starborn and the Lunar Council, except for Belltower whom had begun eyeing the strange habits, mentality, and questionable actions Twisted had begun exhibiting. With renewed purpose, the Starborn started an investigation into the Councilierge of Stalliongrad, spearheaded by Nightblade Fankil, but found few allies amongst the xenophobic earth ponies, despite greater support from Tallus, and in particular earth ponies from across Equestria as a whole. Shortly afterwards, under suspicious circumstances a Master-General of the Tower Guard was murdered while on a diplomatic visit to the Crystal Empire. Hodch and Belltower, seeking to recruit several healers for the Starborn at the time, were called in to examine the body immediately after the Master-General's death. Finding evidence of foul play, the most notable piece being shards of a standard issue Royal Guard Commander's armor, the Starborn's Crystal pony members were immediately requested to return to the Empire and prepare for possible provocations with Stalliongrad.
  495. With a near complete lack of information from Stalliongrad, Twisted Wing's decision to expand the Starborn's intelligence teams was initially regarded as a smart move, but her orders to capture Watch Guard and even citizens for interrogation were hotly contested by Nightblade Belltower, being considered both wrongful and possibly illegal. As the rift between Belltower and Twisted Wing continued to deepen, the Nightmare decided to send Belltower to the Requisitions Committee's chief Lunar Council Grandmaster, Oranti, one of the few remaining Tallus Harpies, in order to provide her a measure of stability and security. Less than a month later, the investigation stalled completely as the Watch Guard's rapid expansion and new usage of mercenaries created a nearly impervious environment. Forced to rescind General Twisted's orders, the Lunar Council acknowledge her chagrin, promising full support should the opportunity present itself in the future. Despite her failure of leadership, Twisted immediately revised the Starborn's induction plans, allowing recruitment to lapse for a time while focusing on improving and expanding the talents of the Guards and Starborn.
  497. During the height of her Generalship, a reawakening of the Tyrant occurred at the same time as the Inter-Equestrian Conflict, in which the few remaining Lunar faction nobles in Canterlot were quickly disgraced through foul play and false evidence. The Lunar Council, without knowledge of the Tyrant's plans, ordered the Starborn to collaborate with the Day, Royal, and Honor Guards against what was thought to be a Changeling incursion into Canterlot, though Nightblades Hodch and Fankil, then following leads in Stalliongrad and the Empire respectively, were absent. Upon arrival at Canterlot, Twisted Wing's assessment of the situation was opposite that of the Tyrant's, and refused the order to pull her team out of Canterlot as she saw no evidence that the Changelings were attacking citizens or had ill intent. Shortly afterwards a Starborn team ordered to remain in Canterlot and observe the Changeling forces searching the city was annihilated, supposedly by the Changelings themselves, though evidence resulting from Fankil's investigation before his death would later point towards sections of the Royal Guard.
  499. For months afterwards, Twisted Wing fell into a depression, barely capable of functioning at best, and utterly shell-shocked at worst. After some time she was discovered by Princess Luna, having a relationship with a Captain of the Royal Guard, a female pegasus by the name of Day Break, although Twisted Wing has refused to answer why. In a fit of rage, the Nightmare issued a threat: she would personally, and permanently, shatter both of Twisted's wings if she did not leave her sight and Equestria, forcing the General to flee from the Garden of the Stars. While fleeing, her left wing joint was crippled by a Night Guard Captain, one of her former rivals, and was further disgraced after Day Break had lied about what took place. While her left wing is marginally bent at a strange angle when unfolded, Twisted Wing was still capable of performing her spectrum-breaching burst of speed.
  501. Taking little more than the trophies from her office at the Lunar Guard Armory, Twisted chose to wander Equestria and Tallus for a little under 20 years, hoping that, eventually, Luna would forgive her indiscretions. Visiting the various Ferron tribes often, she came upon Tree Singer once more, the two becoming friends but forced to keep their distance from each other. Throughout this time, she paid Tree Singer for an additional nine Enchains to further enlarge her body beyond it's natural limits, harden her skeleton, strengthen her musculature, and grant her far greater longevity, vitality and resistance to harm than any pony could achieve normally. Becoming known as the legendary Burning Pegasus, due to her mane and tail constantly set ablaze, an effect granted by a necklace from the Plane of Fire gifted to her from a Malurian friend, Twisted's supreme leadership skills, near minotaur strength, and her constant travels ensured that very few on Tallus have not heard of her exploits. Despite being Serra's half-sister, Twisted adamantly refused all offers to become one of Ferron's matriarchs whenever she returned to the Everfree, mostly due to being unsure about would occur in the future should she meet Luna again.
  503. When an old friend from Canterlot, a dapper yellow unicorn by the name of Denra, made a stop in Las Pegasus, Twisted was notified of him idly waiting at Lucky's Bar (while not named for the current Lucky, the name hasn't changed in several centuries). Surprising the diplomat with her appearance, the two settled into reminiscing about old times, Denra's amicable statement that the Nightmare had no intention of following her putting the disgraced General's mind at ease. With little else to do, Twisted decided to accompany Denra on his diplomatic journey around Equestria, intending to start from Las Pegasus, though requested Denra change her eye color temporarily so as not to spook the rest of his envoy.
  505. En route through the Old Canterlot forest towards the Hive, they encountered a strange, singing Otherworldly being calling itself a Hyfalgryph, a mixture of gryphon, hippo, dragon, and various feline species. Since neither Denra nor Twisted had any aptitude in singing, the pair turned to violence, assured that their combined mastery of close and long ranged combat would drive the being off, yet failed miserably in at least ten attempts. Forced to return the diplomatic train to Canterlot for repairs after it's near destruction, Denra received a notice from Princess Celestia about a group of Otherworldly forces she had hired, the note reading that they should be able to protect him long enough to leave the Old Canterlot Forest. Reluctantly agreeing to give them a chance, he bade Twisted Wing to come with him quietly, just in case Celestia's new mercenaries became dangerous to him or anypony else.
  507. After Denra's assurance that the hu`um were simply strange and seemed to be no threat, Twisted decided to meet them herself in order to gauge their intents. Putting on a friendly demeanor and replacing the server, she attempted to take any orders of food or drinks from the human mercenaries, but had little idea that her mention of 'trout' would set off a particularly amusing chain of events. Startled at Filth's surprise jihading and his odd explanation of where he came from (apparently his mother's womb wasn't a satisfactory enough answer), Twisted quickly lost patience with the strange mannerisms and potentially violent movemarents from the various humans aboard. Dumbfounded by Clemency's incredible insult of "you're no R. Lee Ermey", punched in the face by Filth, annoyed by the others in the car, insulted by Thrill, and Filth then sticking it in her ass, Twisted was sent into a blinding rage. Driving an entire wingful of blades into Filth, the exiled General went on a rampage, terrifying every human, pony, and even the train itself with her voice. Lassoing Twisted, Lont, aided by Ironclad, Jeff, and Hollow, manage to prevent her from moving for some time, although Zoo's attempt at calming her down with 'Why Can't We Be Friends' startled her once more, sending her into another frenzy. After Hollow threw a can of pressurized ozone into the car, making Twisted unable to use her wings effectively, the Burning Pegasus chose to make her escape, but not before Clemency took the opportunity to leap onto her back.
  509. Managing to ride out most of Twisted's fury, she responded with an aerial dive down at the train, breaking through the sonic barrier and vaporizing a large section of the the dining cab, Clemency still holding on. Letting him off, lightly, with an offer to fly later on, Twisted left to the Ferron to see her family. Shortly after, an incident involving one of the Ferron's smaller clans raiding Razorback's train while stopped at a depot brought her into conflict on Clemency's request. Arriving only a few minutes later, her confusion as to why her sisters were acting like bandits became apparent, and began stunning as many as possible, unwilling to allow them to act like Lishanki. Although severely fatigued by the previous encounter with the Hyfalgryph and the violent physical stress of knocking out her kin, Twisted was forced to retreat for several minutes to cool down, reappearing when the Ferron's current commander had been immobilized. Explaining her relationship with the clan, but irritated at their actions, she proposed an agreement that Razorback would furnish food and medical attention to the pegasi thieves and rogues, and in return ensured that they would never cause the Operators trouble again. Returning some time later with Serra, the two decided to join with Razorback, both intent on making sure they caused no trouble towards pegasi or batponies. Eventually becoming the bandit's mentor, her relationship was constantly at odds with Serra's carefree manners, yet the two never held any animosity towards each other regardless of the strange situations and circumstances that occurred.
  511. Taking the risk to visit Luna in her Village with Clemency supporting her, Twisted has come to accept her new life without reservations, revealing the reasons as to why she had herself Enchained, as well as the circumstances behind her problems with the Nightmare. Taking Clemency's advice to remain as both herself and the Executioner at the same time, she managed to set most of her troubled past to rest. While her ties to Luna are still strained, she has decided not to exclude the Nightmare from her life, though is reluctant to press the issue. Has discovered, with no small amount of help, that her disgust against nobles and royals is only sight based, and once suitably unable to see them has no further problems.
  513. To an observer, Twisted Wing's physical appearance is nowhere as physically imposing , mostly due to the fact that the average pegasus barely qualifies as a nuisance to an earth pony in hoof-to-hoof combat, a fact that she takes great pride in.
  515. *****
  516. FETISH: domination...
  518. *****
  520. -BURNOUT: due to the immense strength granted by six of her Enchains, Twisted Wing's body, genetically still a baseline Ferron pegasus used to sub-tropic ocean conditions, is incapable of dissipating the immense amount of heat which rapidly builds up through her musculature, rendering her incapable of combat for more than short periods of time. Unless able to cool down after her 5th turn of combat, whether through flight or exiting combat to rest, she will suffer a -10% MaxHP loss per turn.
  522. -Burnt Feathers, Moderate: any living being within a 5M radius can smell burnt or burning feathers, though this does not normally cause any problems except for those with sensitive noses, whom will sneeze often.
  524. -Candy Coated, Major: Twisted always sees her own bodily parts as some form of candy, depending on the situation. This rarely affects her mental state, unless under the influence of drugs or alcohol, which will exacerbate the condition greatly.
  526. -Disgust, Extreme: Nobles/Royals: Twisted Wing is unable to envision Nobles and Royals as anything other than monsters, which is somehow able to provoke a flight response upon seeing one, though for obvious reasons she does not fear them. seeing nobility and royalty as monsters trying to eat her, usually proclaiming that they're trying to take her sugary self for themselves or away from Clemency. She's able to deal with Roust semi-normally since she rarely, if ever, spends much time around her, and has learned to keep her eyes closed when in a situation where nobility or royalty are nearby. Effects are as follows:
  528. -Dominator, Major: due to the effects of three Enchains, Twisted Wing's mentality has shifted greatly, making her considerably dominant in all aspects, manifesting as heightened vocalization or via actions taken. Unfortunately, this is one aspect of her modified self that she does not like, though it is nearly impossible for her to contain or control.
  530. -ENCHAINED: like most Enchained, Twisted Wing's eyes glow with a subtle menacing cast, though the sheer number of Enchains she has had performed has given her a primal, pseudo-predatory appearance, accented by a quality that many take to be her eyes piercing into their very souls, causing her to always suffer from a +2 Threat penalty. Excepted from this negative effect are mercenary or military members, younger ponies, those with the Scarred, Veteran, ELITE, or LEGENDARY Quirks, or those that have spent at least a year in proximity to her, making them typically less ill at ease near her company.
  532. -Trophy Hunter, Moderate: Twisted has an irrational drive to keep proof of her victories against opponents, and will attempt to collect the heads or another identifiable item of those she has executed. She will NOT, however, allow her natural instincts to protect others be overridden, and will pass an opportunity for another trophy with ease, though will grumble about it before and after.
  534. *****
  535. (ALSO KNOWN AS General: Carpet Conqueror, Clitoris Crusher, Coochie Crusader, Cunt Cracker, Dirty Deflowerer, Filly Flanker, Juicebox Jazzer, Labia Liquidizer, Mare Mauler, Muff Muncher, Mare Mangler, Pussy Pulverizer, Rug Raider, Shrub Scout, Urethral Undertaker, Vaginal Violator, and sometimes Well Done. Take your pick, really.)
  537. *****
  538. CUTIE MARK: a pair of light royal blue wings crossing each other, the feathers replaced with serrated purple blades. There is a thin self-inflicted scar running top to bottom on each that has not healed by the natural effects of Enchaining.
  540. *****
  541. STATUS: current General of the Night & Lunar Guards and the Starborn as she was never removed from her position, nor was the title invalidated. Former commander of the head Ferron clan's raiders, but still a friend of their Matriarch. Family member of the Sea's Bounty clan, and is Matron Ragged Ear's eldest sister. Remains with Razorback.
  543. *****
  545. -Clemency: desires his company.
  546. -Malyne: considers the batfoal her closest, and best, niece.
  547. -Mercy: considers the Spirit Walker as her her younger sister, though debates whether or not her idol worship is a good thing.
  549. *****
  551. Expert Ambush+4
  553. *****
  555. Master Block+3
  556. Master Evasion+6
  557. Master Reaction Speed+6
  558. Master Sprint+6
  559. Master Flight+6
  561. Expert Stealth+4
  563. *****
  565. Expert Bartering+3
  566. Expert Negotiation+3
  567. Basic Perception+3
  568. Basic Scouting+3
  569. Expert Thievery+2
  570. Expert Leadership+4
  572. *****
  574. -BOSS-class Fearless: Twisted Wing cannot be Intimidated or Demoralized normally.
  576. -Inspired Battlemare: due to the overwhelming strength provided by six of her Enchains, Twisted Wing's physical strength is equivalent to most earth ponies, though the possibility of physically overheating due to exertion and her body's inability to cool itself is a severe danger, making her extremely cautious not to overextend her limits. Grants 4x [1d6+17] rolls that may function as Assault, Parry, or Riposte; if Inspired through the use of Expert Aviator, Twisted may gain an additional two rolls.
  578. -Heart's Touch: an ability granted by Enchaining the Nightmare's hoofmade Heart Sigil to her ka, given to her when Twisted Wing and the Nightmare were lovers, the Heart's Touch allows Twisted to send a short message to any living beings within the same realm using a [1d6+4] roll, the result indicating the number of words capable of being sent flawlessly. This ability also allows Twisted to absorb Clemency's wounds via contact, transferring harm directly to herself with a [1d6+4] roll, but may only be used ONCE per Operation.
  580. -Lunar Intimidation: the Canterlot Voice, predominantly used to issue commands at distances over a mile, terrify armies, or simply render opponents in single combat useless, was achieved after leadership training with Luna and voice training with several Starborn Crystal pony Runesingers for over a year and a half, making Twisted Wing the third pony, and the first pegasus, to learn it properly. Choosing to have the Guardian's Mark of Luna permanently Enchained to her by the Nightmare, Twisted is capable of using the Lunar version as a [1d6+7] roll, specifically meant for Intimidating opponents that would otherwise be immune to normal methods, up to ten times during an Operation.
  582. -Non-Combat AutoRegen: regenerates +15HP per turn out of combat. This regeneration does not function merely whenever harmed, instead activating mainly when severely stressed, drunk, overheated, or gravely injured.
  584. -STRAWBERRY OVERDOSE!!!: not so much an ability, more of a (somewhat) positive side effect from one of her later Enchains, also not an addiction, just a Compulsion. Whenever Twisted consumes 20 or fewer strawberries, she will pass out for a period from [1d6] hours, longer if there are ponies sleeping nearby. However, after consuming 21 or more strawberries, she will pass out for [1d2] hours, and immediately upon waking a [1d6] is rolled, where the result is the number of turns that she must add +1 to all rolls, and will hallucinate virtually everything, except for Nobles and Royals, to be made of (or from) strawberries. For less than obvious reasons known only to herself, she can tell the differences between living beings, edibles, non-edibles, and etc.
  586. *****
  587. SHARED ABILITY: Expert Airstream. Twisted Wing has become much closer to Clemency upon giving him the opportunity to prove his aviator status and aiding her in sorting through her past, allowing him to see and utilize the Airstreams of Tallus. Due to her intensive physical training and extensive instruction in the art of melee combat, Clemency is granted a [1d6+3] <Airstream Strike ability that functions as an additional Assault, Parry, or Riposte roll, and 2x [1d6+2] <Airstream rolls that function as Block, Evasion, or Sprint. Due to Clemency's excellent air-to-air combat training, teachings, and experience in aerial maneuverability, Twisted is granted a [1d6+X] <Airstream Flow roll that functions as an additional Evasion roll, where X is the number of trophies Clemency and Twisted have combined. Current Trophies: 6.
  589. *****
  591. -Basic Imperial Sky Cracker. The Nightmare's personalized flight training given to Twisted Wing upon reaching the rank of General, combined with the effect of her fifth Enchain, the Tempest King's Siglet, and research into several subjects that she refuses to divulge, has resulted in the ability to effortlessly move or fly with no loss of inertia, velocity, or change in direction, leaving a solid afterimage that lasts up to half a mile at maximum, often confusing slower opponents as to where she is currently. Once every other Operation, upon reaching a cumulative Speed of 20 or more Twisted Wing may orient herself on a single large target, or several smaller targets in close proximity to each other, and roll 2x [1d6+24] to create a null pressure vacuum in her wake or around her entire body, effectively shattering the physical spectrum to cause massive inertial feedback in a 5 meter radius around her, or create a tunnel up to 100M in length. This ability does not allow her to pass through composite materials such as silverine or sapphirine, nor extremely thick materials or living beings. Causes additional damage to Fragile beings or Undead, but oddly does not cause much harm to otherwise normal living beings.
  593. -GRANDMASTER EXECUTIONER. The Seal of Execution given by Luna grants Twisted Wing the ability to execute an opponent utilizing her custom wingblades, or any other specialized weapon she may possess. Allows use of Grandmaster Executioner ONCE per Operation, but must exit combat for 2 turns afterwards to recover. If used immediately after being summoned, Twisted will leave after intimidating an enemy, then return if possible once recovered. Roll 4x [1d6+20] to initiate, the higher the result the more likely the target will be Executed, while an enemy under 20% HP will usually be Executed instantly. If, however, she is Inspired through the use of Expert Aviator, Twisted Wing may add +5 to all Grandmaster Executioner rolls for each critical, up to a cumulative of +15, though performing an Execution at this stage will cause her body to instantly overheat.
  595. *****
  597. -Custom Fit Radio+Headset: finished and miniaturized, as well as made invisible, by Spiral's Shadow form.
  599. *****
  601. -Champion Belregard's Shield: a 5' tall triangular shield that resembles a flattened out fang, the facing a brilliant blue. Much too heavy to be used or carried, even by earth ponies. After realizing the danger posed by it's possession, Twisted decided to keep hold of the Ethereal golem's shield, placing it in her Tower for safe keeping.
  603. *****
  605. -Wingblades of the Perfect Moon (Custom-Fit, Eldritch-Forged, Lunar-Forged, Unique Legendary Enchained Eldritch Artifact): sixty massively enchanted and seemingly invulnerable thin black blades, over 3' in length with a hook to anchor around the base of her primary feathers. This set is meant for use in direct combat and as a shield to protect her when grounded or otherwise unable to fly. Purportedly unable to be used by any other living being as they are Enchained to Twisted Wing with a natural Sticky enchantment, why they aren't permanently attached to her feathers is unknown. Naturally imbued with a powerful slowfall-float, it counteracts enough weight of her improved body allowing normal flight while wearing the full set. Combined with her immense strength they have little trouble piercing most armors, though there's far more to them than Twisted lets on as they respond to her will with extreme ease, changing color depending on her mood: the blades remain black normally, turn aquamarine in flight, and become a bright red when angered or in combat. Luna stated to Clemency that she retrieved the material from an Eldritch being on her own, granting them as a gift. Due to their sticky enchantment, it takes Twisted roughly two hours to remove and clean them all each week.
  606. -Melee Weapon Class: Light.
  607. -Enchantment Slots: 1/4 remaining.
  608. -Base Modifier: adds +3 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls.
  609. -Defensive Enhancement #1: adds +3 to all Block rolls.
  610. -Utility Enchantment #1: Eldritch Slowfall-Float.
  611. -Utility Enchantment #2: Eldritch Hold, cannot be removed.
  613. *****
  614. -TROPHIES: Cloth Fragments, Vitriole Drake skull, Stalliongrad Watch Guard Skull, Alpha Dredger's Head
  616. *****
  617. ENCHAINS:
  618. -Blackspine Devourer Core: adds +1DR & +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls, increased her physical size.
  620. -Circle of the Unbroken Mind: an Imperial circle engraved on a crystalline coin that resonates a nearly impenetrable background hum and distortion, preventing mental intrusion from psions, Eldritch, Otherworldly, Planar, or Spectral beings, as well as other methods of mental contact.. or at least against those that she cares to tune out.
  622. -Dusk Strider's Seal: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls & gains +5HP/turn out of combat.
  624. -Grand Cragwurm's Core: adds +1DR & gains +10 MaxHP, increased her physical size.
  626. -Luna's Heart Sigil: adds +2DR & gains +50 MaxHP, and grants the Heart's Touch skill.
  628. -Luna's Executioner: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls & grants the Grandmaster Executioner skill.
  630. -Luna's Guardian: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte rolls, adds +50 MaxHP, and grants the Lunar Intimidation skill.
  632. -Maze Delver's Eye: allows Twisted Wing's body to regenerate from death, the length of time solely depending on the severity of injuries and the remainder of her physical body, increased her physical size.
  634. -Riftseeker's Core: adds +1 to all Perception rolls and grants the 1d6+4 <Rift Eye skill, though for obvious reasons is untrained.
  636. -Seal of the First Lunar Guardians: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Ripsote rolls & adds +20 MaxHP.
  638. -Softspine Lord Core: adds 1DR & gains +5HP/turn out of combat, increased her physical size.
  640. -Starborn General: adds +1 to all Leadership rolls, adds +20 MaxHP, and gains permanent Fearless.
  642. -Tempest King's Siglet: adds +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte & Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint/Flight rolls, and grants the [1d6+10] <Tempest Strike skill, though for obvious reasons is untrained.
  644. -Void-Warped Circle: adds +1 to all non-combat Stealth rolls and gains +5HP/turn out of combat.
  646. -Wingblades of the Perfect Moon: cannot be removed or properly used by any being, except for Clemency or those she allows.
  649. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  653.                             SERVANT COMPANIONS:
  655. *****
  656. Drifting Breeze: 110HP, 1DR. Age: 21. Month of birth: February.
  658. *****
  659. (Affectionate, Calm, Curious, Gentle, Hard-Working, Hostess, Kind, Level-Headed, Listener, Lustful, Natural Charmer, OCD: Preening, Quiet, Respectful, Thoughtful)
  661. *****
  662. APPEARANCE: a slim, warmly colored indigo coated pegasus with a darker mane, and flat purple eyes, standing 3'7" tall at the top of her head. Physically in decent shape, Drifting carries a number of small, erratic bruises covering most of her body, with the exception of her head and neck, though she states they don't cause her any pain, only a bit of annoyance. Her hooves are well filed and smooth, while her wings are in excellent condition, despite being 'enslaved' for over 17 years. On her front legs above the knees are a series of three rope burns, and above each of the hocks on her hind legs are recently made, wide, flat, and rough patches of skin where hard metal shackles had rubbed off most of her coat, forcing her to walk with smaller steps than usual.
  664. *****
  665. BIOGRAPHY: orphaned at the age of four in Southern Neighvada during a short conflict with a large force of bandits, Drifting Breeze was picked up by a member of the Servant's Guild, and brought to Stalliongrad by a pair of herd-bonded mares, both former Support Strikers, in the hopes of legal adoption. When the Servant's Guild owner stated that adoption would be both unlikely and potentially illegal if the Councilierge had a hoof in the matter, Drifting was instead settled with Lilac Springs in the Guild Hall with the promise that, when she came of herd-age, she would be automatically accepted by her guardians.
  667. Growing up with much the same (if nowhere near as lazy) treatment that Lilac did, Drifting was often asked to deliver satchels or supplies between Servant Guild locations in Stalliongrad, unwittingly learning much about the slavers during her contractual terms as a young hostess, then a beginning chef. Becoming a trusted informant for the Servant Guild's owner, she kept her ears focused at all times, relaying gathered information whenever behind psion-shielded doors and walls.
  669. During one of Stalliongrad's infamous winter storms, Drifting was ordered to deliver a critical package of information to the Servant's Guild from a Tower Guard spy, despite her wings being tangled by a lost kite shortly after takeoff, becoming covered in patches of ice in transit, and nearly losing her life to a warehouse's peak ambushing her in the middle of the blizzard. Shortly after delivery, she received her Mark when the Guild's owner commented that they had enough evidence to create an overherd sanctioned distrust against the Slaver's Guild. When asked if she would become a spy for the Servant's Guild (and to keep an eye out for Lilac), Drifting accepted without reservation, the promise of becoming herd-bonded to her saviors driving her onwards.
  671. Although her exploits are nowhere near as famous as Lilac's are, Drifting was often hired for both her speed of deliveries and excellent 'customer service', gained after teaching (and personal experience) from some of the more lewd servants of the Guild, leading many of Stalliongrad's mares, and even a few fillies, to line up orders through the many Import and Export businesses throughout operating hours, hoping to have a few minutes, or a taste, of the exotic pegasus.
  673. During the Servant's Guild expansion, they fully broke away from the Councilierge after the partially failed Siege of Equestria, and as a side effect Drifting was targeted by disgruntled Import and Export associates, each of which had either been ruined, forced into debt, or worse due to the owner's inexplicable knowledge. Although she was rescued by the Guild's owner after each increasingly hostile encounter, Drifting began carrying small defensive manabombs to deter troublemakers, and finally disposable anti-psion weaponry after the first few didn't get the hint. Tower Guard records state that one of the Slaver Guild's most notorious Stronghooves, a mare of high standing in the Councilierge, had been the one to capture and inflict the various injuries still present on Drifting Breeze. Said Stronghoof was found the next morning, executed by what were suspected to be poisoned blades, the mansion curiously stripped of all belongings, including numerous slaves, several relics, and a few curios that had never been seen in Equestria before.
  675. In return for safe travel to anywhere on Tallus and nearing fulfilment of the promised bonding with her desired herdmates, Drifting, along with Lilac Springs, chose to act as a spy on the inside of the Inner Councilierge's ranks, and was 'sold' to Pear Blossom in preparation for the role. Though Tower Guard involvement is still as of yet unknown, it can be surmised that neither they, nor she, expected their plan to be thrown entirely off course by being taken into Razorback under what is probably considered protective custody. So long as Lilac is happy, healthy, and needs a guiding hoof for when, not if, she eventually screws up, Drifting Breeze will stick around her. As far as Dancing Eyes is concerned, until the pair leave every pony living in the Fortress is going to simply have to learn to check everywhere thoroughly or risk being mare marauded. Humans possibly included, too.
  677. *****
  678. FETISH: intermediate bondage and wingjobs. Drifting professes a certain enjoyment for being bound, spanked, and thoroughly rutted, but dislikes actual pain as she recovers much slower than most pegasi. She also enjoys bringing ponies, particularly mares, to orgasm using her wings, of which hers are highly erogenous, thus she rarely if ever allows anypony other than herself to preen them.
  680. *****
  682. -Avoidance, Moderate: due to her experiences with earth ponies, Drifting Breeze would prefer to avoid them if at all possible, and will ignore direct commands if capable of flight. If incapable of flying, she will simply act as if they do not exist, but has few reservations biting an earth pony's ears off or throat out if she is threatened.
  684. -Dignified Cook, Moderate: due to her considerable training with food preparation and cooking, Drifting Breeze is very particular about what she will or will not eat, what she cooks, how, and most importantly why, thus making her somewhat difficult to deal with if not presented with a clean kitchen and fresh ingredients. She's also a stickler for the proper use of spices.
  686. -Ordered Flight, Minor: unless otherwise needed, whether as part of her duties, for fun, or making deliveries, Drifting Breeze will not fly, yet will do so when she simply does not feel like walking.
  688. *****
  689. CUTIE MARK: a lazily drifting, dim white cloud covered in numerous small blue spots, with a green diamond-shaped kite stuck in the center.
  691. *****
  693. Expert Assault+3
  694. Expert Parry+4
  695. Expert Riposte+2
  697. *****
  699. Expert Block+2
  700. Master Evasion+5
  701. Expert Reaction Speed+4
  702. Expert Sprint+4
  703. Master Flight+5
  705. *****
  707. Expert Appraisal+3
  708. Expert Bartering+3
  709. Basic Charm+2
  710. Expert Negotiation+3
  713. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  714. Elusine Ametrina, Vyoseline: 210HP, 2DR. Age: 37. Month of birth: unknown.
  716. *****
  717. (Anti-Authority, Brazen, Challenger, Cold-Blooded, Cynical, Determined, Direct, Dishonorable, Distrust: everything except Crystal ponies, Logical, Passive-Aggressive, Rough-Edged, Scarred, Steadfast, Stern, Temperamental, Vindictive)
  719. *****
  720. APPEARANCE: a well figured Crystal pony mare in decent condition, although she is quite underweight for a mare of her species and age should be. Stands 4'2" at the top of her head. Her coat is a fluorescent aquamarine, well taken care of, and her mane considerably lighter in tone. Has constantly suspicious, furious neon lime eyes. A number of rough, barely healed patches on her sides, neck, and flanks, avoiding her Cutie Mark entirely, indicate that she has been subject to burn-play, mostly likely by a pyromaniac, although the rest of her body is untouched. Her hooves have been exceptionally well taken care of, but has few qualms kicking anypony, or anything, coming close to her.
  722. *****
  723. BIOGRAPHY: unknown. While Elusine was present (and most passive) at Pear Blossom's auction, her attitude upon reaching Razorback Fortress suggests recent captivity by the Slaver's Guild, though her foreboding, cynical, and outright cold demeanors will likely compound any efforts to speak or reason with her.
  725. *****
  726. FETISHES: hoofplay and oral. Elusine takes great enjoyment using her soft underpads to give orgasms to other ponies, and will gladly accept anypony, or anyone, playing with them to their heart's content, while giving her the same treatment elicits an intense but temporary emotional connection, one that she does not seem to mind relinquishing. She will also also dedicate hours of time to pleasing ponies with exceptionally sensual oral skills, both stallions and mares alike, but prefers her partner (or partners) to either control themselves and allow her to work, or be tied and bound to prevent them from roughly taking control.
  728. *****
  730. -Hostility, Major: upon sighting an earth pony, regardless of age, sex, or faction alignment, Elusine will wait until they are vulnerable, then deafen, stun, and humiliate them, whether in public or not, for her own enjoyment. She will, however, only cripple or kill ponies that are Watch Guard or Councilierge affiliated.
  732. -Language Barrier, Extreme: Elusine's complete refusal to speak in any language other than Kingdom Crystal pony is typically met with disdain, and will ignore all requests or attempted conversation afterwards.
  734. -Personal Space, Major: unlike most, Elusine prefers to keep a minimum of five paces from other living beings, except for foals or younger ponies. If approached however, she will become increasingly hostile and eventually turn violent if pressed.
  736. *****
  737. CUTIE MARK: a large pear-cut gem, the upper half a cloudy purple, the lower half yellow and partly covered by fog.
  739. *****
  741. Expert Assault+6
  742. Expert Parry+3
  743. Expert Riposte+2
  745. *****
  747. Expert Block+4
  748. Expert Evasion+2
  749. Expert Reaction Speed+3
  750. Expert Sprint+2
  752. *****
  754. Expert Alchemy+3
  755. Expert Appraisal+3
  756. Expert Bartering+3
  757. Expert Chef+4
  758. Expert Negotiation+4
  759. Expert Perception+5
  761. *****
  762. Master Crystal Runes+5
  764. >Learned Runes:
  765. *Cover: creates an innate crystalline shield that may be used to defend herself or allies with, and is also capable of attacking and stunning opponents.
  767. *Power: adds +1 to all Crystal Rune rolls for each max critical, capping at a maximum of +3, and can be used with Crafting.
  769. *Pull: allows use of minor Psychokinesis, limited to a maximum of 500 pounds.
  771. *****
  772. SPECIAL ABILITY: Basic Extended Barrier. An unusual improvement of the innate Crystal Rune ability typically known as Cover, Extended Barrier allows Elusine to create two shields, one for herself and a second for an Ally, at the same time with 2x [1d6+3] rolls, although if one shield is shattered or otherwise destroyed Elusine cannot split her focus again.
  775. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  776. Lilac Springs: 100HP, 1DR. Age: 22. Month of birth: March.
  778. *****
  779. (Amiable, Bold, Chatty, Cheerful, (Partially) Clueless, Efficient, Forgetful, Hard-Working, Lustful, Single-Tracked, Smooth Talker, Quick)
  781. *****
  782. APPEARANCE: a bright yellow pegasus mare with an even brighter sunglow mane and light teal eyes, standing 3'6" tall at the top of her head. Physically in good condition, most of her coat is pockmarked with long, thin welts from whips and similar implements, stating that she enjoys being hoofled roughly, the more aggressive and domineering the better, but will stop short upon sight or scent of blood. All four of her legs bear numerous, long since faded rope burn and shackle marks, several of the former having caused dim yellow discolorations, though she can run freely without pain. Her wings have been untouched except for two thin, old scars close to her body, that she does not talk about.
  784. *****
  785. BIOGRAPHY: foalnapped at the age of 2 during the First Las Pegasus-Stalliongrad Conflict, Lilac Springs was brought up in the Servant's Guild, owned by an as-of-yet unidentified Ruling Council member, along with Drifting Breeze as her teacher. Discreetly kept from the Slaver's Guild, Lilac was treated as a member of numerous servants in 'training', taught how to serve, clean, cook (although she's airheaded enough that sometimes she doesn't make what she THINKS she's making), and the other minutiae that comprises servanthood. Her unusual quirk for having much less personal space was exacerbated without end in the Servant's Guild, which many earth ponies though of as either curious or creepy, depending on the pony in question.
  787. At the age of 7, Lilac was contracted out to Inner Councilierge members during six or twelve month terms, receiving her Mark at 11 while in the service of one of Stalliongrad's few prominent nobles by painting a lilac figure on an artificial spring, much to the joy and wonderment of her current household. Contracted from family to family afterwards with extremely high praise, she began picking up cues on sex from the more engaged mares, particularly those few that had a stallion of their own. Reaching marehood at 12, Lilac was often allowed to watch her employers if she had completed her day's tasks, and upon joining in with one particular noble, became something of a legendary nymphomaniac once her libido was discovered to be much higher than the average earth mare. As her fame grew and the Servant's Guild fully broke away from the Slaver's Guild, her contract terms were reduced to three months in order to, as she quotes, 'spread the joy around'. Drifting, however, states that Lilac merely enjoyed having her overly long estrus cycles taken care of by somepony else.
  789. Her continually undaunted and cheerful nature found to brighten even the dreariest of Stalliongrad days, Lilac was introduced to the practice of bondage by an earth pony psion much younger than her, whom simply wanted to see if her knot-making skills were improving. Thoroughly aroused by the sensations of being bound and unable to move on her own, although she was forced to calm the filly before she had a heart attack, Lilac began requesting her employers afterwards to do much the same, to which many were most obliging. At some point her taste for mares was lost, much to Drifting Breeze's annoyance, but gained an appreciation for being forced to submit to her playtime 'masters', putting the archaic skills of mareish sensual commands to great use, particularly when it came to being allowed to sleep in warm, expensive, (and most importantly) fluffy beds.
  791. With most of her contracts occurring at different frequencies, and due to her famous exploits with many fillies, colts, mares, and stallions of Stalliongrad, it was inevitable that Lilac would end up in the hooves of a bad egg or two. Although she refuses to talk about them, Servant's Guild records show that at least three of her employers had severely abused her at different times, with the most recent one occurring at roughly the same time most of Razorback's arrival on Tallus. Unknown to most, the Servant Guild's owner had been training their own hoof-picked assassins, usually earth ponies stolen from the Slaver's Guild, and with Lilac's highly visible public duties in jeopardy, the owner decided to order executions be dealt to the offenders, both as as punishment for treating their prized daughter in such dishonorable means, and to assert their rising power in Stalliongrad. The Tower Guard have, quietly, corroborated this claim with the Servant's Guild as they have provided both training and planted spies when it suited their needs, though it's unknown if they are fully working together.
  793. Due to the Servant's Guild eliminating a number of Slaver's Guild spies in their ranks after the Siege against Equestria, Lilac was, without her knowledge, 'sold' to Pear Blossom for her auction along with Drifting Breeze, the pair intended to act as extra sets of eyes, ears, and wings for the Servant's Guild owner, whom had come under increased demands from the High-Generals of the Tower Guard to aid them in their honorable mission of either cleansing the overherd's criminal activities, or wiping out Stalliongrad in a worst case scenarion. Though this plan failed, Lilac does not seem remarkably off put by her new, strange situation of being in protective custody to Razorback.
  795. In Dancing Eyes' estimations, Lilac's remarkably upbeat demeanor at meeting humans for the first time compounds her complete lack of knowledge outside city life, while her constant needs of attention and combined difficulty with spatial boundaries, airheadeness, and excessive libido will make her an extremely large pain in the flank for the vastly more conservative ponies living in the Fortress.
  797. *****
  798. FETISHES: intermediate bondage and submission. Lilac greatly enjoys being blindfolded, gagged, having her wings and legs bound snugly, and then lightly beaten and/or whipped until fully submitting to whomever her master (or mistress) is at the moment. She freely admits that she doesn't like the taste of mares much, and would prefer to be used by as many stallions as are available, as long as possible.
  800. *****
  802. -Hemophobia, Major: regardless of situation or context, the sight or scent of blood will drive Lilac to great lengths in order to avoid coming into contact with it, or a being that is wounded.
  804. -No Personal Space, Extreme: Lilac literally does not understand the concept of personal space, and no amount of stating otherwise is going to matter to her if she wants to be near somepony, or some being.
  806. -Ordered Flight, Major: unless otherwise ordered to do so or her life is in danger, Lilac will not fly, instead preferring to run under her own ponypower as a sense of pride, though she will commit herself to flight if no other options are available.
  808. *****
  809. CUTIE MARK: a bight yellow lilac in the center of an upward surging spring of water.
  811. *****
  813. Expert Assault+4
  814. Expert Parry+4
  815. Expert Riposte+5
  817. *****
  819. Expert Block+1
  820. Expert Evasion+4
  821. Expert Reaction Speed+4
  822. Expert Sprint+4
  823. Expert Flight+3
  825. *****
  827. Basic Bartering+2
  828. Expert Charm+3
  829. Expert Cook+3
  830. Basic Negotiation+2
  831. Expert Painter+4
  834. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  835. Sand Cutter, (Former) Lady Knight: 280HP, 2DR. Age: 39. Month of birth: July.
  837. *****
  838. (Anti-Authority, Aware, Cautious, Cool-Natured, Determined, Distrust: Earth Ponies, Dutiful, Motherly, Natural Leader, Noble, Purposeful, Quiet, Reserved, Respectful, Scarred, Slow, Steadfast, Vengeful)
  840. *****
  841. APPEARANCE: a dark chocolate coated earth pony mare with a nearly black mane and deeply set, haunted cold grey eyes, standing 4'10" at the top of her head. While in otherwise decent condition, she is underweight to a degree that it is quite noticeable. Having suffered from a great deal of torture in the hooves of the Slaver's Guild, Sand bears a large number of scars across most of her body, most of which been healed over at this time, yet are not fully restored, leaving her with a number of burnt coat patches. Sand Cutter walks somewhat slowly given her circumstances, and has moderate difficulty maneuvering around obstacles, climbing up stairs or onto furniture, though will flatly deny any and all aid. Speaks with a strained, toneless regal voice, although will not do so for long as it is fairly painful.
  843. *****
  844. BIOGRAPHY: born to noble parents, Sand Cutter, like virtually all fillies before her, was quickly indoctrinated with the superiority of earth ponies and their native Stalliongrad, taught to distrust all other races regardless of their individual worth. Inducted into a training Watch Guard cadre as a Novice at the age of 10, she showed excellent leadership qualities and keen reactions in combat, even at her young age, particularly due to wanting to imitate Rua Longstresses' exceptional record. Awarded her family's ancient halberd, one that had seen use since the Late Dynasty era, she forbade herself from taking part in sexual interactions by taking the Oath of Earthwalk, perceiving her worth as that of a leader first and an individual second, not a toy.
  846. Completing her training at the age of 14, Sand Cutter was allowed to fully join the Watch Guard as a Journeyer, graduating through the ranks of Scout and Expert, ending at the rank of Moderatis at the age of 18. At this time, she underwent specialized training with uncommon weaponry, including hoofclaws and biteblades, as well as the prerequisite armor regimens, in preparation to become a Master. Before her next promotion, the First Las Pegasus-Stalliongrad Conflict occurred, and during the short lived war between both cities, Sand Cutter was nearly killed by a Rogue Elite, garnering her a great deal of both respect and animosity from her kin: respect from surviving the ordeal, disdain from those whom thought being critically wounded by a pegasi was a dishonor.
  848. Accepting the promotion to Master after recovering, Sand Cutter continued her forays into exotic weaponry, becoming a target of mockery from the Light and Heavy Lancer castes, even though she utilized her family's halberd for nearly all combat operations. Unable to meet the requirements to become a Shieldmare, her strength and mental willpower being considerable nonetheless, she decided to enroll in the difficult to complete Captain's field training program, joining a cadre of nine others in training, then graduating with high marks and considerable favor from her teachers.
  850. At this time, Sand was scouted by Tower Guard spies hoping to sway her over to the Empress's Faction, and though she acknowledged the Empress's rules of conduct, she could not accept due to her concerns of Stalliongrad losing significance and economic power. Choosing to remain as a Captain, she hoped that war would break out soon with Saddle Arabia or Equestria as a whole, but with her lack of combat experience she could not advance further, unless she joined the Councilierge, a move that she did not ponifically think was acceptable.
  852. As the years passed and her hopes dimmed greatly, she was approached by a well known Associate of the Councilierge, offering both availability as a some-time combatant and stable, consistent pay, unlike the Watch Guard in which corruption and skimming were as commonplace as solo mares in Canterlot, Sand forced herself to accept the position. Under her new employer's contract, she began entering arena fights to prove her worth, despite her self-disgust for joining the Councilierge even as a contract mercenary. Finding herself engaging other hired hooves, captured beasts from across Tallus, and even Councilierge whom had been marked for execution, Sand Cutter gave up on keeping her record honorable, taking on increasingly dangerous, and volatile, jobs for her employer, becoming close friends after several years.
  854. During the Siege of Equestria, Sand Cutter and her now-Ringleader employer joined one of the eight Councilierge Excursion Regiments, deployments of approximately ten thousand earth ponies each, intended to facilitate rapid expansion, domination, and conquest of Equestria's major cities, in the hopes of receiving significant promotions, granted stock by the the Councilierge's exotic goods traders, and permanent access to the private auction halls in Stalliongrad. During their assault on one of the many Starborn Villages in the southern regions of Equestria, Sand Cutter's employer and many of her escorts were eviscerated by a summoned Planar creature, one capable of hypnotizing it's targets from beyond the senses of psions. Nearly sacrificing her heirloom weapon to destroy it's material body, she was overcome with shock at the loss of her comrades and her longtime friend's mortal injuries. Accepting the Ringleader's final wish to dedicate her as an Associate, Sand carefully memorized her will for the overherd's eventual perusal, and pressed the attack along with the exhausted Excursion Regiment. Eventually falling into a long ranged standoff, the mostly remaining Starborn biding their time in wait for allies from Gozka, the minotaurs being long allies of the Starborn and Luna, the Regiment was forced to abandon their assault at lines of Rangers translocating into the village. Unwilling to leave the Ringleader's mortal remains to her enemies, Sand Cutter pulled the earth mare's ruined body nearly thirty miles through the snow before reaching the Councilierge's own placed translocation matrice, returning to Stalliongrad with firm resignation in her heart.
  856. After the Siege ended, Sand Cutter, along with hundreds of Watch Guard and Councilierge members, confronted the Ruling Council, demanding explanations as to why reinforcements from Gozka, Las Pegasus, and the Moors had arrived, despite the Councilierge's planned assaults to tie those forces down in protracted engagements. Unable to cover their flanks for the three Excursion Regiments having been nearly destroyed, the Ruling Council's members stated that Equestrian allies had been allowed to enter their engagement zones in the hopes of Stalliongrad forces annihilating them outright, though they had made 'minor flaws' in their plans. Wholly displeased at this knowledge, nearly all those that had challenged the Councilierge were documented, then assigned for later capture, and either enslavement or execution depending on their loyalty to the overherd.
  858. Later brought before a tribunal of Upper Councilierge, Sand Cutter presented her right to become an Associate as per her employer's last wishes, along with possession of her manor and all belongings. After the deliberations and acceptance of her new position, several Councilierge Masters trailed her to the manor, then ambushed her before she could take ownership. Roughly woken in a dim cell lit only by a hearth fire, Sand demanded to know where she had been taken and why she had been shackled. An earth stallion known as 'Vulture', a psion of some note, declared Sand Cutter a traitor to the Watch Guard, Councilierge, and Stalliongrad as a whole. Stripping her of her noble title, all of her rights, possessions, and the rank of Associate, Vulture then went on to list a number of falsely edited crimes, then decreed her as property of the Councilierge. Unable to break free from her shackles, Sand was immediately given over to Stream Lark, owner of the Slaver's Guild, and escorted under guard to a location that she had never seen before.
  860. Records, borrowed by Anon from the Tower Guard, state that Sand Cutter was then permanently confined under torture in one of the Slaver Guild's hardened warehouses, a particularly cruel slavemistress specifically assigned to to break her spirit. Managing to keep most of her self-prescience despite the physical and emotional trauma, Sand broke from the overherd's bond, and instead of losing herself in depression or shock, she chose to focus the newfound hatred towards her own species for being betrayed, swearing the Empress's ancient oath of genocide, learned from one of the Tower Guard's spies, towards earth ponies, demanding of herself to kill as many as possible should she escape.
  862. Suffering through nearly a year of torture, thoroughly unable to fulfill her new oath, Sand Cutter began demonstrating carefully orchestrated compliance, knowing that it would be nearly impossible to break free on her own due to loss of musculature and health. As her conditions improved, so did her compliance, and when the highly reclusive Pear Blossom announced that she would hold an auction of her own, she was given over to the Enchained unicorn as a premier slave to be sold. Expressing concern at Sand Cutter's complete loss of the overherd's control mechanisms, Pear Blossom decided she was nothing special to be concerned about, and accepted her immediately.
  864. Despite her temporary relief at being transferred to Steel Oak's ownership, a well known stallion whom Sand Cutter knew she could manipulate, she was less than enthused at seeing a number of earth ponies in what she thought was his private warehouse, and utterly dumbfounded upon arriving at Razorback. Swiftly recognizing the Operators for what they were, she realized that there was a very peculiar disconnect between her former city of birth's ideologies and the true freedom of the individual. Although disgruntled at her new state of affairs, Sand Cutter felt that Jeff and Clemency's assurances that she was no longer a slave rang true, but also knows that she would likely not survive at the hooves of most ponies in Equestria at this time.
  866. *****
  867. FETISH: none. Does not particularly like any sexual activities, though she will enjoy wrestling with her master, or mistress, for domination, whether for fun or simply whomever gets to sleep on top. She will, however, fly into a rage at the sight of torture implements, but can otherwise be placated by scents of arousal.
  869. *****
  871. -Crowd Avoidance, Major: will often avoid groups of more than eight, and if pressed will become stern, obstinate, and will immediately leave. If not allowed to exit the situation, however, she will become openly violent.
  873. -Disgust, Extreme: regardless of age, the sight of other earth ponies cause a great deal of revulsion, even if they have submitted to her or are friendly. If given an order or request by an earth pony, Sand Cutter will either immediately leave, stonewall, or violently engage the offender, and will not retreat until knocked unconscious or killed at this point.
  875. *****
  876. CUTIE MARK: a large 'wave' of camel colored sand bisected at a steep angle by a long, dark red halberd's head.
  878. *****
  880. Master Assault+4, weakened
  881. Master Parry+4, weakened
  882. Master Riposte+4, weakened
  884. Expert Earth Shatter+4, weakened
  886. Lunge+5, weakened
  888. *****
  890. Expert Block+2, weakened
  891. Expert Parry+2, weakened
  892. Expert Reaction Speed+2, weakened
  893. Expert Sprint+2, weakened
  895. Resist Damage+6, weakened
  897. Expert Fearless+5
  900. *****
  902. Expert Scouting+3, weakened
  903. Expert Wilderness Survival+3, weakened
  904. Expert Leadership+4
  905. Expert Negotiation+4
  907. *****
  908. SPECIAL ABILITY: Your Armor Is All! Learning the many tactics of Shieldmares on how to distribute their weight properly, Sand Cutter has gained a great deal of insight as to how to function in combat with her own armors, and has exceptional proficiency in adjusting to whichever she takes in advance. Depending on the armor that Sand Cutter is wearing at the time, she gains either additional rolls or modifiers to various abilities. Light Armor grants an additional roll to and adds +2 to all Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls; Medium armor grants +1 to all Assault/Parry/Riposte and Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint rolls; while Heavy armor grants +1 to all Block/Evasion/Reaction Speed/Sprint and +2 to all Assault rolls. NOTE: armor that provides more than 5DR, or is otherwise listed as having a reduction, will only add +2 to all Assault rolls.
  911. ***************************************************************************************************************************************
  912.                             COMBAT ONLY COMPANIONS:
  914. *****
  915. Prototype Guard Golem: 350 Armor, 6DR. Age: irrelevant.
  917. *****
  918. (Ancient, Armored, Barely-Functional Sentience, Crystal-Forged, Golem, Heavy, Relic, Slow, Temporal Suppressor, Unique)
  920. *****
  921. APPEARANCE: a heavily experimental and (still) unfinished 7' tall stone bipedal golem with two thick arms ending in three fingers used for gripping or punching, a pair of heavy legs its only means of locomotion, due to its abnormal weight it is rather slow. Much like it's sibling that resided in the basement of Harlon's mansion, this once was created from heavily enchanted stone of an unrecognizable form. Covered with gryphon glyphs and Crystal pony runes, it is animated by a large power crystal embedded in its chest, and displays a large number of flowing crystalline 'veins' running throughout the body, gifting it with a great deal of strength and utility at the expense of functioning longer than a few minutes. A host of external power crystals and enchanted gems jut from various locations across its body which grant it the use of several basic Elemental Lance attacks; due to Denra's paranoia he has covered each one with an ablative diamond casing. The head is a basic oval shaped stone with an unknown enchanted gem of some form embedded within that functions as a basic command processing and elemental control center, though Denra has noted that it retains a large amount of information that he has been so far unable to access. Weighing approximately 1,100 pounds, the Golem has been significantly modified by Denra, relocating the central power crystal in its chest deeper within the body frame, reinforced the exterior shell with an ablative coating of white diamondine, and has (barely) managed to improve the semi-liquid crystalline matrix by copying the same modern techniques used by Naliyna to a degree that decreases the overall energy consumption.
  923. *****
  924. HISTORY: recovered from a temporally displaced mansion in the New Everfree, this Golem was designed, and built, to be a versatile blend of both guard and soldier by Harlon and his herd. Mostly due to its size and unique construction, it is a potent opponent at both medium and close range combat, having been carefully improved Denra over the past few months, mostly to minimize its weaknesses. At it's current stage of completion and undergoing many bouts of late night fine tuning, the temporal power crystals have been enabled to utilize a low energy movemarent-only protocol for the Golem while also granting it a moderate amount of arcane siphoning, repleshing its energy reserves when not in combat. While the Golem is unable to communicate with speech and only has a limited sentience, it instead uses glyphs and runes, much like those produced by Vindicator, to confirm commands, identify known beings, warn nearby Razorback members of intruders, whether suspected or spotted, and acknowledge performance details when tasked with minor duties.
  926. *****
  927. STATUS: still undergoing extensive enhancement by Denra at the Fortress.
  929. *****
  931. Expert Assault+10
  932. Expert Parry+6
  933. Expert Riposte+4
  935. Expert Elemental Lance+10
  937. Basic Intimidate+3
  939. *****
  941. Basic Resist Damage+6
  943. *****
  945. -Anima Reserve Matrix: capable of functioning for a maximum of 5 turns in combat before entering Defensive Protocol Alpha.
  947. -Defensive Protocol Alpha: once the Golem's energy reserves are mostly depleted, it will automatically enter a defensive state by kneeling and placing both arms around its chest, serving to protect the temporal power crystal within. After 3 turns the Golem will be returned to full combat capability once more, although in areas of lower arcane energies it will take longer. While this Protocal is active it grants an additional Resist Damage roll.
  949. -Inherent Immunities: due to their nature, Golems cannot be affected by Poison, Venom, mental control, psionic suggestions, and most forms of Eldritch, Otherworldly, and Spectral diseases or tampering since their 'mind' is essentially an arcane program.
  951. -Temporal Suppression: a peculiar addition, this Golem actively suppresses temporal distortions within a 220M radius due to the majority of it's power crystals coming from the same stock used to create the Time Manipulator.
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