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Aug 25th, 2019
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  3. Conversation started on : Sunday, August 25, 2019, at 19:15 (GMT+0)
  5. [20:06] mongous: heyhey, its that guy who was complaining about the black ash last month again. just wondering if you had any word from your boss before I place an order?
  6. [20:06] CBM has joined the conversation
  7. [20:07] CBM: sorry we get dozens of live chats a day - and a hand full of different operators - you would have to start wirh your name or order numbwr
  8. [20:07] CBM: and explain what happened
  9. [20:07] mongous: np, simon dignam, order on the 28th july, half oz of grand master death bubba
  10. [20:08] mongous: burnt with black ash and was generally no a pleasant smoke
  11. [20:08] mongous: not*
  12. [20:08] mongous: was asking about the current cheap half ozs, whether or not they burn with black ash. the guy iwas talking to said the goriall glue is good, and he was gonna mention this to the manager when they came in
  13. [20:09] CBM: lol thats a coincidence because we just got a new batch of gorilla glue small buds posted last night and they also burn very well - and its very clean
  14. [20:09] mongous: yea thats what im talking about :) i was on heer earlier asking about that
  15. [20:09] mongous: here*
  16. [20:09] mongous: anyways the guy said hed say it to the boss, so i thought id hold off and see if he was gonna offer me anything ya know?
  17. [20:10] CBM: sorry im confused, did u want me to verify with my manager that the new batch of gorilla glue smalls burns clean?
  18. [20:11] CBM: i just smoke it so i know its clean
  19. [20:11] mongous: no i wanted to see if u guys were prepared to do anything about the last order. i did leave feedback in the form a review, which i do not beleive was posted.
  20. [20:13] CBM: that was a half ounce of scraps from a pack of super gassy quads
  21. it may have burnt a little black but it was amazing for the cost.
  22. you only paid $60 for a half ounce of kill and your order was only $71 and u used points for $3.40.
  23. after we pay a driver the $25 to see u we got about $12 profit
  24. [20:14] mongous: and i lost 60 dollars
  25. [20:14] mongous: ok, i see how it is. ill go elsewhere. thanks.\
  26. [20:14] CBM: okay yiu never lost anything and your an ass
  27. [20:14] mongous: whoah
  28. [20:14] mongous: im saving this cobversation
  29. [20:14] CBM: u could have returned it but u chose to smike it and. then complaukn
  30. [20:15] mongous: who am i speaking to?
  31. [20:15] CBM: we sold endless ammojnts of that and we still get people asking us for r it.
  32. [20:15] mongous: ok, i just imagined the black ash.
  33. [20:15] CBM: we dont want. business from unreasonable people
  34. [20:15] mongous: the foul tatse'
  35. [20:15] mongous: who am i talking to?
  36. [20:15] mongous: this is ridiculous
  37. [20:16] CBM: spend $200 if you want kill - you got the best bang foe your buck you could ever expect to get -
  38. [20:16] CBM: please stop hareasing us
  39. [20:16] mongous: uve gotten plenty of 50 dollars halfs
  40. [20:16] mongous: what on earth are you talking baout
  41. [20:16] mongous: harassing
  42. [20:16] mongous: who am i talkign to here?
  43. [20:16] mongous: Ive*
  44. [20:17] CBM: what do u want - i said we yave a return policy and u said u didntt want to return it because yoir not an asshole.
  45. what so u think its better to smoke it and then whine about it and want something free - no that is an asshole move
  46. [20:18] mongous: excuse me?\
  47. [20:18] mongous: i didnt contact you about it.
  48. [20:18] CBM: grow up - we are not a charity and we have way better prices than any other sites in town
  49. [20:18] mongous: i left a review
  50. [20:18] mongous: I did not contact u about this
  51. [20:18] mongous: you are insulting me
  52. [20:18] mongous: and telling me to grow up?
  53. [20:18] mongous: who am italking to here?\
  54. [20:19] CBM: what are you talking about - you already said u were not going to buy from us anymore so how is this not harrasment.
  55. i am here to help customers - u are no longer a customer s
  56. [20:19] mongous: u started insulting me
  57. [20:19] mongous: what do u expect
  58. [20:19] mongous: youre teling blatant lies
  59. [20:19] mongous: i never contactued about it
  60. [20:19] mongous: i left a review\
  61. [20:19] mongous: u didnt post it
  62. [20:20] mongous: id like to know who im talking to
  63. [20:20] mongous: who is insulting me
  64. [20:20] CBM: this is jen
  65. [20:20] mongous: do u normally treat custiomers liek this?
  66. [20:20] CBM: i was cpmpletely reasonable until u reacted the way you dis and said you didn't want to do business with us anymore
  67. [20:21] mongous: ucalled me names before that.
  68. [20:21] mongous: are u for real
  69. [20:21] mongous: maybe dont smoke before work?
  70. [20:21] CBM: File :
  71. [20:22] CBM: this is what you said 5 minutes ago
  72. [20:22] mongous: i was reasonable, u were not.
  73. [20:22] mongous: and u then proceeded to call me names.
  74. [20:22] mongous: u could have just said bye, but u very unprofessionally had to argue
  75. [20:22] CBM: okay i have to help other people - i appolagise you are unhappy with me
  76. [20:22] mongous: noticed ive still not called u any names.
  77. [20:22] mongous: yeah good luck.
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