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Z1 Changelog

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  1. The Anniversary update (functionally Z2) has its own pastebin: https://pastebin.com/24SXFL2H
  3. Z Monster Flow:
  4. 1st Week: Zenith Daimyo Hermitaur, Khezu, Espinas and Hypnoc
  5. 3rd Week: Zenaserisu
  6. 7th Week: Gore Magala
  7. 10th Week: Zenith Blangonga
  8. 11th Week: Zenith Rathalos
  10. 13th Week: 1st Content Update
  11. 14th Week: Keoaruboru
  12. 16th Week: Zenith Akura
  13. 18th Week: Blinking Narga Musou (Slay)
  14. 19th Week: Blinking Narga Musou (Repel)
  15. 20th Week: Zenith Tigrex
  17. 24th Week: Second Content Update, Shagaru Magala
  18. 25th Week: Zenith Hyujikiki
  19. 30th Week: Zenith Giaorugu
  21. 35th Week: 10th Anniversary Thing (5th July, functionally Z2)
  24. Z Monsters:
  25. Zenith Daimyo Hermitaur
  26. Zenith Khezu
  27. Zenith Espinas
  28. Zenith Hypnoc
  29. Zenaserisu
  30. Gore Magala
  31. Zenith Blangonga
  32. Zenith Rathalos
  33. Zenith Tigrex
  34. Zenith Akura Vashimu
  35. Keoaruboru
  37. Z Changes:
  38. Quick Party function to find a party based on entered parameters
  39. Menus show extra skills such as those on armour or weapons
  40. Menus show N Points
  41. No more exotic quest deteroriation
  42. Zenith monster quests added ranging from GR200 to GR800
  44. Z Partners, Rastas, Partnyaas:
  45. New Legendary added for Swaxe (Chloe)
  46. Partners can use Swaxe from PR120
  47. Zenith equipment can be equipped on partners (Weapons only give Parts are easier to break effect)
  49. Z Status Effects:
  50. High Poison, Strong Sleep, Extreme Waterblight, Extreme Thunderblight
  52. Z Skills:
  53. Evasion Boost: Evasion+2 and Evade Distance Up
  54. Zenith Modifiers: Zenith armours have modifiers to existing skills on them, buffing them. E.g. an extra level of earplugs from equipping hearing protection up
  56. Z Skill Rebalance:
  57. Evade Distance: 10 points for activation down from 20
  58. Caring: +2 and +3 are 15 and 25 points down from 25 and 45
  59. Vamprism: Buffs your attack up to a max of +80 while you leech health.
  60. Shiragari: Less time in quest for higher attack buffs.
  61. Vigorous: A higher attack multiplier at 100+ HP (1.15x)
  62. Reflect: Can no longer knockdown party members
  63. Incitement: Buffs your attack while the monster is focused on you (+40)
  64. Fencing+2: Extra hit's 'stickyness' adjusted
  65. Drawing Arts: 15 points for +2 down from 20 and also grants Weapon Handling
  66. Absolute Defense: A 0.8x attack debuff replaces the defense debuff while you recharge after you take a hit
  68. Z Pugi Changes:
  69. Pugis can get Zenith Cuffs that have skill modifiers like Zenith Armours or Weapons
  71. Z Weapon Balance
  72. SnS: motion values buffed
  73. SnS: guard damage down
  74. SnS: larger motion evade timing window
  75. SnS: Storm style has less hit delay with fencing+2
  76. DS: increased sharpness recovery on quick sharpen
  77. DS: evade timing on motions up
  78. GS: evade during charges
  79. GS: super armour on R2 instead of R1+R2
  80. GS: guard damage down
  81. GS: larger motion evade timing window
  82. LS: motion values buffed
  83. LS: iframes on attacks with them increased
  84. LS: fencing+2 has less hit stop
  85. LS: evade timing on motions up
  86. Hammer: Charges have knockback negation
  87. Hammer: Evade timing on motions up
  88. HH: New songs (Status Up, Stun Up, Sharp Sword) and new song combinations (Attack Lg on most note combos)
  89. HH: fencing+2 has less hit stopLance: motion values buffed
  90. Lance: guard damage down
  91. Lance: guard recovery to attacking is faster
  92. Lance: evade timing on motions up
  93. Gunlance: Wyvern fire uses less sharpness
  94. Gunlance: guard damage down
  95. Gunlance: guard stamina use down
  96. Gunlance: guard recovery to attacking is faster
  97. Gunlance: evade timing on motions up
  98. Swaxe: Charges have knockback negation
  99. Swaxe: guard damage down
  100. Tonfa: Jump evasion iframes lowered, aerial stun and motion values lowered (0.7x on average)
  101. Tonfa: Short mode damage output lowered (flat 0.8x final multiplier)
  102. Tonfa: Two aerial evades
  103. Tonfa: Longer flight time
  104. Tonfa: Consumption Slayer uses less sharpness
  105. Tonfa: Obscurity attack buff increased
  106. Tonfa: Stylish Assault window increased with Earth Style
  107. Tonfa: Ice Age level increase rate heightened
  108. Tonfa: Thunder Clad increases faster with attacks and evasions
  109. Tonfa: Status Pursuit additional damage increased
  110. LBG: Just Shot gauge widened
  111. LBG: Evade timing on motions up
  112. HBG: Pierce Lv1 through Lv3 shot values buffed
  113. HBG: Evade timing on motions up
  114. Bow: Narrow arc shot has more projectiles, Explosive arc shot does more stun
  115. Bow: Can carry additional combination items
  116. Bow: Evade timing on motions up
  118. =====================
  119. First Content Update:
  120. =====================
  121. Monsters:
  122. Keoaruboru
  123. Zenith Akura Vashimu
  124. Zenith Tigrex
  126. New Skill:
  127. Rush: Successful attacks and guard actions gradually increases attack. When you reach the cap stamina usage will decrease and running with weapons unsheathed will not consume any stamina. The effect is dispelled when you use any items or sheathe your weapon. Buff is two step, +50 Attack for step one and +130 for step two.
  129. Box:
  130. +1 Equipment page and +1 Box Page at GR500.
  132. Weapon Changes:
  133. All: Length Up Sigils no longer reduce true raw by 6-8% but instead make you lose a flat 25 true raw. Standard weapons used late game all have at least 500 True Raw making this a practically global buff.
  134. LS: Can cancel thurst attacks
  135. HH: Weakness Value Up songs have longer duration
  136. Lance: Attack Up buff from repeated guarding lasts longer (1 minute > 3 minutes)
  137. Swaxe: Extreme Style starts with 50% gauge at beginning of quests instead of 0%
  139. Zenith Skills:
  140. Bullet Saver Up, Guard Up, Adaptation Up, Encourage Up
  142. =====================
  143. Second Content Update
  144. =====================
  145. Monsters:
  146. Shagaru Magala
  147. Zenith Hyujikiki
  148. Zenith Giaorugu
  150. Zenith Skills:
  151. Stylish Up, Reflect Up
  153. Hunter Guide:
  154. Added a bunch of extra GR level things to make progression less jarring.
  156. Refine:
  157. HR5 has storm style unlocked by default
  158. GR1 for unlocking Extreme Styles
  159. GR100 for unlocking G Rank Exotics
  160. Able to instantly buy materials which are GCP, NP or Zeny buyable while looking at materials on upgrades
  161. Able to mass remove and insert decorations from pieces
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