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  1. How to Adopt English Bulldog Puppies
  4. What is a Bulldog?
  5. A dog of a sturdy smooth-haired breed with a large head and powerful protruding lower jaw, a flat wrinkled face, and a broad chest.
  6. It is also known as the English or British Bulldog. Bulldogs were the fourth most popular purebred in the United States in 2016 according to American Kennel Club.
  8. Adopting a Bulldog - Way 1
  9. You can go to a dog show and make friends with the "bully" breeders. Breeders sometimes adopt a puppy under "breeders terms," which means you agree to raise the puppy and pay all the expenses as well as allow the dog to have a litter of puppies. The breeder gets pick of that litter. After that, the dog is all yours. Sometimes they may charge you a small fee or a refundable fee you reclaim after the pick of the litter has been chosen, some other times they may not charge you a fee at all.
  11. Way 2
  12. Volunteer to be a friend for bulldogs. Virtually all breeds have rescue heroes who set up a network of foster homes. These organizations are constantly looking for foster parents. Sometimes pregnant bulldogs, new moms with litters of puppies, or just litters of puppies will be handed over to a shelter that will call bully rescue so they don't have the added expense of caring for this high-maintenance breed. If you are already in the foster network you will be the admired volunteer who is on the top of the puppy adoption list.
  14. Way 3
  15. Check pet adoption outlets and websites, such as Petfinder.org and the ASPCA national adoption database and leave your contact info at every shelter, veterinary clinic, groomer, dog sitter, pet-supply store and breed rescue network in case someone in the industry hears of a homeless or about-to-be-homeless bulldog puppy. Keep calling them so can come first to their mind when they hear of a bully puppy.
  16. Don't worry if the puppy isn't near you; transport volunteers don’t mind spending their time to drive homeless animals to their new homes.
  18. Way 4
  19. Also, use Facebook, Instagram and other social media sites to let your friends and friends of friends know you are seeking a bulldog.
  26. Tip
  27. • Sometimes pet stores that sell puppies may have a puppy that hasn't been sold by the time he is three or four months old. Some managers would rather sell the puppy at a reduced rate than send him back to the breeder and/or puppy mill.
  29. Warning
  30. • Beware of Internet breeders selling puppies. You can expect to pay $250 or less for an adopted bulldog since that about covers the vaccination, sterilization and microchip for a dog in rescue. Any more than that and you are most likely dealing with a bulldog breeder or puppy mill.
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