Software or service that provides Youtube comment blasting on videos?

Oct 3rd, 2020
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  1. Software or service that provides Youtube comment blasting on videos?
  2. Just wondering if there is a software or service that you guys would recommend for blasting youtube with comments. I can't seem to find any that are still active for some reason.
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  14. My goal here is to go to videos related to a seed keyword, and then either reply to comments already made, or post a comments on the video.
  15. Cheers
  16. YT has upped the game in comment spamming.So I don't think there's any good ones
  17. With canvas drag and drop certificate maker, you can create certificate for every award.
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  19. 2. Pablo from Buffer
  21. pablo
  23. Pablo is another photo editing tool that’s extremely helpful for bloggers and designers or all kinds. It’s a free tool designed by the Buffer team. Pablo allows you to create stunningly beautiful images very easily to make your posts pop. It has many readymade templates to make any announcement type images, promotion images, quote posters and outreach.
  25. Features:
  27. You can create design for any kind of posts from its readymade design collection of more than 600k designs.
  28. You can upload your own design too and customize how you want.
  29. With Pablo, you can make your own project branding and ads.
  30. As Pablo is buffer integrated, you can schedule when to share Pablo-created image to any social network.
  31. With Pablo extension, you can select any image within the article. You need not spend time in searching for a picture, downloading and uploading to Pablo. The picture will be automatically pulled into Pablo.
  32. All your custom logos will be automatically saved and you can turn off the texts within Pablo while you create social images.
  33. 3. Pixlr Software or service that provides Youtube comment blasting on videos?
  35. You can create an image or upload or grab one directly from a URL location. It supports various image formats.It has a range of functionalities and the app is programmed with Flash.
  37. Features:
  39. If you are familiar with Photoshop, you will find pixlr more easy as the layout looks similar.
  40. It has pixlr express tool which is very helpful for beginner editors.
  41. It offers HP photo editing features and much more.
  42. Just with one-click, you can manipulate size, inversion, rotation and can add instant photo effects.
  43. Pixlr user interface is very simple to use but you need a very basic knowledge of photo imaging software.
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