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Messenger news since 53.0

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  1. (SEE HIDDEN FACEBOOK FOR iOS FEATURES LIST HERE: https://twitter.com/iOSAppChanges/status/725285990403813377)
  2. New hidden features since Messenger for iOS 53.0 version:
  4. 01) Added the possibility to create an event using Messenger helping you to organize your days and much more.
  5. 02) You will be able to add your credit card number that allows you to send or receive money from friends. Your information is encrypted and you can set a PIN code (and/or Touch ID) to further protect your card.
  6. 03) Added support for public groups. If you give permission, everyone can access into your public group.
  7. 04) Messenger can generate a link for public groups: everyone has that link can access into your public group.
  8. 05) Messenger supports bots.
  9. 06) Messenger can connect to PayPal.
  10. 07) In contact info section, you will be able to access to the contact's secret chat.
  11. 08) In Secret chat Contact Info section, you will be able to access to the contact's normal chat.
  12. 09) Messenger supports group calls.
  13. 10) You will be able to protect using Touch ID (or a PIN) conversations that you want.
  14. 11) Added support for transportation services tracking.
  15. 12) You will be able to accept secret chats requests of people that aren't your Facebook friends.
  16. 13) You will be able to send to your friends a drawing.
  17. 14) You can create a Messenger username. An username becomes part of your personal link to allow people to quickly reach you. Attention: you will be able to change your username once.
  18. 15) Added support for temporary messages.
  20. And in 67.0:
  21. 01) Added Touch ID support. It will be used to confirm your order and protect some sensitive functions.
  22. 02) Improvements about public groups.
  23. 03) You can also approve new participants that ask you to enter in your public group.
  24. 04) Added reminders support.
  25. 05) You will be able to manage discounts for your purchases.
  26. 06) You will be able to see if there are some promotions for some products.
  27. 07) Messenger will support secret chats.
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  30. NOTE:
  31. Some features of @iOSAppChanges changelog could be disabled.
  32. Wait next versions to see them enabled or wait that Facebook will roll-out them.
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