Strip Poker Special

Nov 12th, 2020
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  1. >Wallflower was still sitting in her car, trying to psyche herself to open the door and step out
  2. >According to the message she’d found taped to her locker advertising a “SOCIAL ADJUSTMENT BOARD-GAME NIGHT,” the event should have started five minutes ago
  3. >There were other cars outside: she recognized Applejack’s beat-up pickup truck parked right next to a Maserati that probably cost more than the entire shabby duplex Wallflower lived in
  4. >So she wouldn’t be alone at least
  5. >But still, why was vice principal Luna holding this at her *house*
  6. >Walking into a teacher’s house just felt so… *weird* to her
  7. >But this was the only social engagement she’d ever been invited to in her entire life, so…
  8. >Wallflower closed her eyes, counted to fifteen to try and psyche herself up, and then threw the car door open before she could get too freaked out
  9. >She ran across the street, her sneakers rasping against the concrete as she jumped onto the short walkway that led up to the vice principal’s house
  10. >Just as she was almost at the door, though, Wallflower heard a voice behind her
  11. >”Hey! Wait!”
  12. >Wallflower turned
  13. >A vaguely familiar girl was flying down the street on a wobbly bicycle, her blue hair tied back in a ponytail and fanning out behind her
  14. >Her feet were furiously backpedaling, but the bike was careening directly toward Luna’s lawn
  15. >”This stupid thing won’t stop! Help, help!”
  16. “Uh…”
  17. >Wallflower looked around
  18. >”Help me! Help, help, help!”
  19. >For some reason, the girl steered directly at Wallflower
  20. “Wait, not at me!”
  21. >”Help me, random girl! I don’t wanna die!”
  22. >Wallflower had a brief urge to be the hero and save this random idiot
  23. >But survival instinct was a lot stronger, and she dove out of the way as the girl crashed into Luna’s flowerbed in a spray of dirt
  24. >Wallflower hit the ground hard enough to knock the wind out of her
  25. >The random girl landed in a heap next to her
  26. “Ow…”
  27. >Wallflower massaged her left shoulder
  28. >”Hey! Why didn’t you help me? I coulda died!”
  29. “W-what? You could have killed *me*!”
  30. >”Nuh uh. I was the one on the bike. Idiot.”
  31. >The girl rolled her eyes, then offered Wallflower her hand
  32. >”Well, it’s okay. We’ll call it even if you gimme a ride home! Man, Dagi’s gonna be pissed about what happened to her bike.”
  33. >The bike was mostly fine, but dirt and bits of petunia were now embedded in its delicate chains and gears
  34. >”Ah, whatever! I’ll tell her Aria crashed it joyriding. Soooooo…”
  35. >This crazy girl helped Wallflower to her feet
  36. >”What’s your name? I’m Sonata.”
  37. “Oh. Right.”
  38. >Wallflower had a brief flashback to her and her sisters’ attempt to bewitch the school; none of it had really affected her
  39. “Wallflower Blush. Not that you’ll remember.”
  40. >”Well duh, I won’t remember. I’m terrible with names! I don’t even remember why I’m here.”
  41. “Did Luna make you come?”
  42. >”Ew, no? That’s a *really* personal question. Wallflower, more like *Weird*flower, heheheheheh...”
  43. “N-not like that! Wait, you remembered my name?”
  44. >”Huh?”
  45. “Wait, you… never mind. You’re here for the board game night, or whatever we’re doing?”
  46. >”Oooooh yeah! That. Yeah! Man, guess we should go in, huh? I hope we’re not late.”
  47. “We are…”
  49. >Wallflower knocked on Luna’s door, with Sonata rocking back and forth on her heels behind her
  50. >She half-hoped that this whole thing would end up to be a weird practical joke, and she could go home
  51. >But nope, Vice-Principal Luna, in all her weirdly-tall and eerie glory opened the door
  52. >Something about seeing your teachers in plainclothes is just *wrong*
  53. >Luna was dressed in a weirdly mundane pair of lilac sweatpants complimented by a midnight-blue hoodie, and her waves of glistening hair were tied back in a simple, messy bun
  54. >”Ah, you two are finally here! Now the festivities can properly begin!”
  55. >Well, at least Wallflower now knew that she’s constantly shouting even outside of school
  56. >”Come in! I have procured plenty of snacks, and your friends are waiting for you!”
  57. “What friends…” Wallflower mumbled
  58. >”Wait, there were snacks?”
  59. >Before Wallflower could sulk anymore she was swept up by Sonata and Luna, led through the vice principal’s bizarrely normal house
  60. >Pictures of Luna and Celestia together covered the house, alongside a truly horrific amount of manga, all of it dog-eared and with broken spines
  61. >Wallflower chose not to think about that
  62. >She was led to a flight of carpeted stairs and taken down into the basement
  63. >That ended up being nowhere near as creepy as it sounds, though, because she found herself standing on soft white carpet, with walls of eggshell stucco on all sides, all of it well lit and with a truly stunning number of pop-culture posters on the walls, ranging from Big Lebowski to Akira, to old Godzilla movies with their titles still in the untranslated Japanese
  64. >The center of the basement was dominated by a comfy-looking couch with an adjacent armchair, and in the middle of the furniture was a coffee table, atop which was set a deck of cards and a few plastic cups
  65. >Around the table, Wallflower saw two of her classmates
  66. >She recognized Applejack, who was sprawled out on the floor, looking oddly relaxed
  67. >Across the table from her was a girl Wallflower had never seen
  68. >Pale, with silver hair tied back in twintails falling over the shoulders of a preppy uniform, and cold eyes staring out from behind a pair of horn-rimmed glasses
  69. >She didn’t even look at Wallflower, but Applejack did
  70. >”Oh, heya. Y’all here for this weird board-game detention, or whatever?”
  71. “Wait, it’s a detention?”
  72. >”I reckon so. Don’t know what I did though. Maybe it was that stupid fight club me and Rainbow started…”
  73. >”This is not a detention!” Luna announced, strutting down into her own basement. “It’s a social engagement! For students who need some social assistance!”
  74. >The pale girl on the floor rolled her eyes
  75. >Applejack looked insulted
  76. >”Social assistance? Since when do I need assistance! I’ve got five good friends! And I’m dating Rar-- nobody in particular.”
  77. >”Yeah!” Sonata agreed. “And I spend every waking moment doing whatever my sisters tell me! I’m socially normal too!”
  78. >Luna shook her head
  79. >”All of you have had serious problems lately at Canterlot High! You, Applejack. Your aggression intimidates the rest of our student body! Sugarcoat,” she said pointing to the pale girl, “you still refuse to interact with any of your fellow students! And you, Sonata, you are just… um, slightly mentally inhibited.”
  80. >”What?” Sonata said
  81. >The pale girl, Sugarcoat, just rolled her eyes
  82. “What about me?”
  83. >”Oh! Right, you! Um, you…”
  84. “Did you forget?”
  85. >”No!”
  86. >...
  87. >”Perhaps.”
  88. “Wallflower Blush. I’m in the yearbook club. And I’m the only member of the botany club.”
  89. >Wallflower had that blurb memorized
  90. >”Ah, yes! Your record shows difficulty making friends with others! So, now you have the opportunity to make four new friends!”
  91. “Yay.”
  92. >Luna steered Wallflower and Sonata over to the table
  93. >Everyone else was sitting on the floor, so Wallflower did as well
  94. >She was right next to Sugarcoat, who didn’t even look at her
  95. >In fact, she scooted away a few inches
  96. >Wallflower found that strangely refreshing
  97. >Sugarcoat’s douchey disdain was at least better than awkward, feigned kindness
  98. >Sonata sat cross-legged next to Applejack, rocking back and forth with excitement
  99. >”So, what’re we playing?” she asked Luna
  100. >”Aha! I am glad you asked, Sonata! I asked our star student, Twilight Sparkle, to recommend a game! And she recommended we play poker! It is a game that trains you to read a group, and it should help you all with your social issues.”
  101. >”So you’re teaching us to gamble,” Sugarcoat said with another roll of her eyes. “You realize that, if I report this to the Canterlot City School Board, I could have you fired from your job.”
  102. >”Aha! Not quite! I read up on variants of the game, and found one that won’t require us to bet any money.”
  103. “Oh, no…”
  104. >Wallflower got a truly gut-twisting feeling about where this was all going
  105. >”Instead of losing money, we will simply remove clothing! Twilight agreed that this was a splendid idea. And since we are all women here, this should be a perfectly safe and comfortable environment for all of you.”
  106. “I’m starting to feel like it’s neither…”
  107. >”What was that, Wombat Block?”
  108. “Nothing…”
  109. >”So you’re forcing us to play a game where we end up naked. You realize I can decline, right?”
  110. >”Of course! If you don’t want to play, you can fulfill your social adjustment credits by doing six weeks of remedial community engagement classes.”
  111. >Applejack shrugged
  112. >”Look, I don’t really care if any of y’all see my boobs. Sounds better than after-school classes.”
  113. >”I’m down! Gettin’ nakey and playing cards are like, my favorite things,” Sonata cheered
  114. >”This is genuinely disturbing. But it’s reaching a level of surreal where I can’t resist. So I’m going to play, but don’t expect me to feel anything but disdain,” Sugarcoat said
  115. “Agh. Uh, guys, I…”
  116. >Wallflower thought that she should probably just leave
  117. >But the idea of extracting herself from this bizarre situation is actually *more* embarrassing than the idea of taking off your pants
  118. >”Perfect! Then let us begin!”
  119. >Luna sat down in the armchair, while the other four girls scooted towards the table
  120. >Cards flicked out from Luna’s hands, landing in front of each of them…
  121. >Wallflower picked hers up
  122. >2 of Spades, Jack of Hearts, Ace of Clubs, Four of Diamonds, 2 of Hearts…
  123. >Wait, two two’s!
  124. >That was okay, wasn’t it?
  125. >”Now, everyone exchange!” Luna said
  126. >Wallflower exchanged, ended up with the same quality of hand: just a pair
  127. >Was that good?
  128. >Bad?
  129. >How did hands in this kind of game even work?
  130. >”Now, show us all what you have got!” Luna said, with a loud giggle
  131. >Wallflower laid her cards down, glancing at what everyone else had
  132. >Applejack had a pair of nines
  133. >Sugarcoat three 7’s
  134. >Sonata had four kings!?
  135. >And Luna herself only had a single ace
  136. >”Oh! It would seem I’m up first!”
  137. >”I’d call that poetic justice,” Sugarcoat drawled. “But you hardly seem perturbed by the prospect of stripping in front of your own students.”
  138. >”Of course not! I’m happy to play along with our social activity! Now, what should I take off?”
  139. >Luna glanced down at herself
  140. >She was wearing her sweatpants, hoodie, and a pair of fuzzy socks
  141. >”Ah! These, of course! The choice was quite obvious!”
  142. >She peeled off her socks, threw them aside, and then wiggled her pale toes
  143. >”The fun has only increased!”
  144. >As Luna dealt more cards, Wallflower took a moment to examine what everyone else was wearing
  145. >Applejack had on her usual: a skirt, boots, and a button-up shirt
  146. >Sonata was wearing her skirt and a zip-up hoodie; she’d taken off her shoes and only had socks on her feet
  147. >Wallflower wore her jeans, raggedy sweater, and still had her sneakers on; those counted, right?
  148. >Sugarcoat was wearing her preppy uniform: jacket, button-up, tie, skirt, thigh-high socks, fancy shoes, and her glasses
  149. >If those all counted as clothes, she’d be hard to take out
  150. >Wallflower realized she might end up naked before long
  151. >She swallowed a lump in her throat
  152. >It wasn’t *that* big a deal, right?
  153. >At least she was out, playing a game with people…
  154. >And it was warm in the basement
  155. >She’d get used to showing a little skin, right?
  156. >Wallflower snapped out of her monologue when she realized that a fresh hand of cards was in front of her
  157. >She quickly picked it up
  158. >Trash; not even a single pair
  159. >And when she exchanged, she was left with as much trash as before
  160. >With shaking hands, she laid her cards down
  161. >Vice-principal Luna gave her a wide smile
  162. >”And now it’s your turn! Don’t be shy! Pick anything you like!”
  163. >Wallflower slipped her shoes off
  164. >”Great work!”
  165. >And the game continued
  166. >That… wasn’t so bad?
  167. >Wallflower crossed her legs under her, starting to feel a little relaxed
  168. >The next hand, Applejack lost
  169. >”Aw, shucks. Well, the boots count, right?”
  170. >”Naturally!” Luna said
  171. >”Well, there ya go.”
  172. >She took them off and tossed them aside
  173. >”Aww,” Sonata said, frowning at her cards. “When is it gonna be *my* turn to strip?”
  174. >”Uh, Sugarcube? You realize you *don’t* wanna strip, right?”
  175. >”Oh. Oh! Heheheh, you are all *fucked*.”
  176. >”Sonata!” Luna shouted. “Language! For that, you have a penalty strip.”
  177. >”Aww, yeah! Off go muh socks!”
  178. >She peeled them off and threw them at Sugarcoat, who ducked, then shot Sonata a venomous glare
  179. >”If you do that again, I will consider paying someone to drown you in the Everfree River.”
  180. >”Heheh, oops~”
  181. >”I am glad everyone seems to be getting into the spirit of things! Should I make things more interesting?”
  182. “Us getting naked isn’t interesting?”
  183. >Luna either ignored Wallflower or didn’t hear her
  184. >”Perhaps I should promise the winner an A in any class they want!”
  185. >Sonata, Applejack, Sugarcoat, and you all sit up
  186. “Even Ms. Harshwhinny’s calculus class?”
  187. >”Even that!”
  188. >All four girls met each other’s eyes
  189. >”Well, girls, I think this just got serious,” Applejack says. “Get ready to see what a lifetime of Apple clan poker nights ‘ve taught me!”
  190. >”Hah! I’ve played with Aria. When we were little she used to make me think she’d cut my fingers off if I lost. I ain’t scared of anything.”
  191. >”This is a game of absolute random chance. Literally nothing any of you say matters,” Sugarcoat drawled
  192. “Can we just go to the next hand already…”
  193. >”Ah! Someone is eager! Gladly!”
  194. >Luna threw cards to everyone
  195. >She was bouncing as much as Sonata now, the two of them clearly having a great Friday night
  196. >Applejack was still sprawled out, resting against the couch, almost painfully cool
  197. >Sugarcoat looked bored
  198. >And Wallflower, well, she didn’t quite know what to feel
  199. >Losing her shoes wasn’t bad
  200. >Surely the rest couldn’t hurt much, could it?
  201. >Especially once everyone else was showing skin, it might be kind of fun!
  202. >Mostly, it was just nice to get involved in something
  203. >She curled her hand around her cards, trying to remember how this game actually worked
  204. >Keep a high card, trade to try and improve…
  205. >She slapped her cards down, waited to see what everyone else had
  206. >Applejack lost another hand
  207. >”Ah, drat. Socks now, I guess.”
  208. >She slipped them off, though didn’t chuck them at anyone, unlike Sonata
  209. >”You should try actually keeping your good cards,” Sugarcoat said
  210. >”You should try removin’ the tree stump from your ass.”
  211. >Sugarcoat’s brow burrowed
  212. >Another hand passed, and Applejack lost again
  213. >”Ah, seriously? This has to just be bad luck.”
  214. >”Or incompetence…
  215. >”Shut up, four-eyes. Alright, well…
  216. >She looked down at herself
  217. >”Shucks. Gotta make it interesting now, I guess. Top or bottom, y’all?”
  218. >”Bottom! Show me that booty!” Sonata said
  219. >Applejack laughed
  220. >”Well, alright. Enjoy, I guess.”
  221. >She unbuttoned her skirt and slid it down, revealing plain white panties covering her tanned, muscular legs
  222. >”Tah-dah. Now let’s keep going! I can still spank y’all.”
  223. >”I appreciate your attitude, Applejack! You’re really understanding the spirit of the game!”
  224. >Luna passed out more cards
  225. >Wallflower turned over her cards, and she felt good about them, until she ended up getting destroyed in the coming hand
  226. “Oh. I thought a pair of sevens would be enough…
  227. >”Sometimes you get the rough end of the deal, sugarcube. It’s okay! You don’t gotta show nothin’ interesting yet.
  228. “Yeah…”
  229. >Wallflower slipped her socks off too
  230. >The carpet felt soft and reassuring against her toes
  231. >This wasn’t weird at all!
  232. >In fact, she was starting to feel a little jittery
  233. >When her next hand of cards came, she flipped them over, starting to really think about what would be good to exchange, how could she win this…
  234. >She lost the hand
  235. >”Hah! Oh man, Weirdflower, you sure do *suck* at this game, if you know what I mean.”
  236. >Wallflower had no idea what Sonata meant
  237. >But more clothes were coming off
  238. >She pulled her sweater up and over her head, setting it on the couch behind her
  239. >Beneath it, she wore a plain, kinda grody t-shirt
  240. >Applejack chuckled
  241. >”Nice.”
  242. >”I’m surprised that thing hasn’t given us all a new plague…” Sugarcoat mumbled
  243. “Heh. I’m still in this, though. Yay…”
  244. >Another hand, and this time Sonata lost
  245. >”Finally! You know what, fuck it! Panties, here we go!”
  246. >She stands up, reached under her skirt, and slid down a pair of frilly purple underwear, throwing them at Sugarcoat
  247. >Sugarcoat snatched them out of the air like a kung-fu master
  248. >”I’m paying a whole Syrian hit-squad to come after you, Dusk.”
  249. >”Oh, wait! I said a swear, didn’t I, vice-principal?”
  250. >Luna was rolling around giggling, but she tried to look serious
  251. >”Ah, yes. Sonata, that’s a penalty strip!”
  252. >”Oh nooooooo…”
  253. >She practically ripped off her hoodie, showing the tank-top she wore underneath, as well as full, impressive cleavage
  254. >”Wanna see more? Gotta beat me first~”
  255. >Wallflower glanced away
  256. >She had never seen another girl’s body, but having Sonata just show everything was making her feel… well, *something*
  257. >More cards
  258. >Applejack lost again
  259. >”Agh! Look, I’m normally a lot better than this. Just havin’ an off night, y’know.”
  260. >”Shut up and take it off,” Sugarcoat snipped
  261. >”Y’all sure are eager.”
  262. >”I’m just tired of your excuses.”
  263. >”Aww. Want me to do it slow, cutie?”
  264. >”Your psychological warfare has zero effect on me. Notice how I haven’t lost a hand.”
  265. >”You… are right. Ah, whatever. Check out my bra, y’all. Ya earned it.”
  266. >Applejack unbuttoned her shirt and slipped it off
  267. >Beneath it, she wore a bra, plain, with absolutely massive cloves of tanned flesh held in its cups
  268. >The whole table, Luna included, turned to stare
  269. >”What? Y’all a bunch of girls and you’ve never seen titties before?”
  270. >”I have, but those are fuckin’ *big*,” Sonata said
  271. >”Sonata! Language! That’s another…”
  272. >”Penalty, I know, I know.”
  273. >Sonata pulled off her tanktop, grinning
  274. >”One more, and you’re gonna get a real show!”
  275. >”I’ll try my absolute best not to puke…” Sugarcoat said
  276. >Another round of cards came, and Wallflower glanced at them
  277. >She had a great hand, with three Jacks before trading
  278. >She definitely wouldn’t lose this one
  279. >But… who would?
  280. >She glanced up
  281. >Sonata was showing off plenty of her soft body, not even trying to hide the way her chest was practically spilling out of the faded bra she wore
  282. >Applejack was letting her massive, impressive, jealously-inducing, truly fucking just *agh* chest hang out, with her arms crossed behind her head
  283. >Vice-principal Luna was still mostly clothed, just barefoot, looking over her cards and smiling to herself
  284. >Sugarcoat looked bored, like she had decided she’d already won
  285. >Wallflower slapped her cards down
  286. “No exchange!”
  287. >Everyone else played
  288. >And when all was revealed, Sugarcoat finally lost
  289. >She rolled her eyes
  290. >”Cool. My shoes. Great work. After about eight more rounds I might start to be a little naked.”
  291. >She slipped off her shoes, setting them daintily aside
  292. >”Now. More cards. So I can finish this weird circus act and go home.”
  293. >Luna dealt again
  294. >And this time she herself lost
  295. >”Ah! Exciting! What should I remove? I guess I don’t have many options! I will take off my sweatshirt!”
  296. >She pulled it off with a bit of difficulty, revealing she was wearing a stretched Scissor Sisters shirt underneath
  297. >Her cheeks turned a little pink
  298. >”I’m older than you all! They were cool, back when I was a kid.”
  299. >”I don’t think they’ve ever been technically considered ‘cool,’” Sugarcoat said
  300. >”Whatever! It is fine! We continue!”
  301. >Luna dealt, but Wallflower was having a hard time focusing on the cards
  302. >The vice-principal was very clearly not wearing a bra
  303. >Soft, jiggling breasts showed their contour every time Luna moved; she shirt could hardly contain them
  304. >Wallflower realized that, soon, she might be seeing multiple girls’ chests
  305. >The thought made her so light-headed that she slapped down her cards without thinking
  306. >A high-card jack
  307. >She lost
  308. >”Haha! Go on, Wally Wabbit! Show us something good!” Sonata said, slapping Wallflower’s back
  309. “Um, yeah…”
  310. >She had only her shirt and jeans, so no matter what, she was showing underwear
  311. >Which was less embarrassing, bottom of front?
  312. >Given that three of the other girls were showing off their chests, all of which were way more impressive than Wallflower’s, she decided she’d avoid feeling insecure by taking off her pants
  313. >She wriggled out of her jeans and awkwardly placed them behind her
  314. >”Ooh! Cuties panties!”
  315. >Wallflower, looked down, realizing she was wearing the pair with little daisies on them
  316. >She hid her face in her hands
  317. >”Those look like someone a middle-schooler would wear. I feel dirty for having seen them. So, thank you for that,” Sugarcoat drawled
  318. >”Good on you, Wumpa Fruit! There is no need to feel embarrassed!”
  319. “Yeah, but I still do…”
  320. >More cards were thrown out
  321. >And in a close round, Applejack lost
  322. >Given that she was in her underwear, a sudden hush came over the basement
  323. >”Ah, shucks.”
  324. >”Heheh. Something wrong, AJ?” Sonata chirped
  325. >”Nah, I know what this means. Just… ah, whatever. Enjoy. I would if I were you.”
  326. >She unbuckled her bra, let it fall, and her massive breasts hung against her chest
  327. >Applejack didn’t close her eyes or look away
  328. >Instead, she looked directly at Wallflower
  329. >”Likin’ what ya see?”
  330. “N-no! Just, um… they are a bit impressive.”
  331. >”Hah! Ya can be honest with me, sugarcube. Trust me, I know how to appreciate some nice titties. Though, you know know, I’m a taken girl.”
  332. “Yeah, I didn’t think you would actually want to… not with me.”
  333. >”Aww, don’t play yourself like that. I’m lookin’ forward to seein’ what you’ve got.”
  334. “Y-you are?’
  335. >”Course I am! Now let’s keep this going until one of us is butt-ass naked!”
  336. >”I do concur! But one more swear and I’ll give you a penalty strip.”
  337. >Luna threw out more cards
  338. >Wallflower went for a long-shot straight, but got nothing at all
  339. >She lost, and everyone’s eyes turned towards her
  340. “Oh, uh. Guess I have to make thing interesting now.”
  341. >She looked down: she was still wearing her gross t-shirt
  342. >But her legs were bare, except for her panties
  343. >Maybe…
  344. >She looked up
  345. >*Everyone* was looking at her now, waiting to see what she would take off
  346. >Sugarcoat looked bored, Sonata and Luna were shaking with excitement, and Applejack gave her a calm “go for it, girl” nod
  347. >It felt so good, everyone paying attention to her!
  348. “Okay, um, you know what? I’ll go for it.”
  349. >She hooked her thumbs into her panties
  350. >”Aww, hell yeah!”
  351. >Sonata cheered Wallflower on as she slid off her panties
  352. >The bushy mess of her pussy was fully on display, and everyone took a loоk
  353. >More than a look, they were staring
  354. >Wallflower smiled, her face flaming with embarrassment, and forced herself to resist the urge to cross her legs
  355. >She let them admire her
  356. “Yeah, uh… I kinda don’t shave. Sorry…”
  357. >”Nah, the natural look is the best! Rarity doesn’t agree, but eh, what does she know.”
  358. >”Heheh, it’s cute.”
  359. >”You are very brave to display yourself like this, Wallflower.”
  360. >”It’s a pussy. You’re all staring at the exact same genitals you already have. Literally nothing impressive is being shown. Now let’s finish this game.”
  361. >Wallflower wasn’t even paying attention to Sugarcoat’s attitude
  362. >She felt great!
  363. >Even now, Wallflower could feel Sonata stealing glances at her lower half, or at her face
  364. >Was she into her?
  365. >Was Wallflower seducing her!?
  366. >Sonata leaned in on the next hand
  367. >”Hey!” she whispered into her ear. “Just so you know, you’re totally seducing me.”
  368. “Oh.”
  369. >”If you wanna maybe…”
  370. >Sonata flicked her tongue out
  371. >”Just, like, lemme know. We can do it in your car.”
  372. “Ah, eheh, um…”
  373. >Wallflower didn’t know how to process this was actually happening
  374. >Someone was into her!
  375. >Sure it was as girl
  376. >But she didn’t have the right to be picky
  377. >And sure, this girl was borderline retarded
  378. >But, well, ibid
  379. >She decided, you know what, fuck it
  380. >And she totally threw the next hand, exchanging away her pair and letting herself lose
  381. >She lost her shirt
  382. >Only her ratty old bra which she had inherited from her mom was left, hiding her skinny, freckled chest
  383. >One more hand…
  384. >She was dripping sweat now
  385. >She wanted to be naked!
  386. >Everyone would stare at her, judge her body, feel *things* about her, positive or naked, they would *see* so much of her
  387. >And Sonata wanted to fuck her!
  388. >Wallflower already knew she would literally do whatever Sonata wanted, as long as it made the other girl happy
  389. >”Hey,” Sugarcoat said, poking Wallflower’s bare stomach. “Stop thinking perverted thoughts. It’s your turn.”
  390. “Oh, uh…”
  391. >Wallflower just randomly threw away cards
  392. >She was so ready to lose, to bare herself fully for Sonata, and for everyone else too…
  393. >”Wait a minute. How did I lose? I had two aces, this is statistically…”
  394. >Wallflower looked down at her cards
  395. >She had three-of-a-kind, and everyone else had better, except for Sugarcoat
  396. >”Statistics don’t save ya from losing, sugarcube. Sugarcoat, I mean,” Applejack said, grinning
  397. >”Fine. You get my tie, now. You genuinely have no chance of getting me anywhere close to naked, I hope you realize that.”
  398. >Another hand was dealt, and Sugarcoat lost again
  399. >”Inaccuracies occur in statistics all the time,” she said, not able to meet anyone’s eye. “So fine. You can see my feet.”
  400. >Sugarcoat slipped off her socks
  401. >And, in a rare moment of emotion, she gritted her teeth and threw them at Sonata
  402. >Sonata just giggled
  403. >”Keep on losin’, Sugy! I wanna see that cute nerd-bitch pussy!”
  404. >”You are factually already dead, Dusk. I will poison every taco you ever eat.”
  405. >”Well, you’re gonna have to poison Weirdflower’s, then. Because she’s on the menu.”
  406. >She did that tongue-between-the-fingers thing, the universal sign for eating pussy
  407. >Wallflower was pouring sweat now
  408. >She wanted to be naked so badly…
  409. >But Sugarcoat lost again
  410. >She took off her blazer
  411. >She lost again
  412. >She took off her glasses
  413. >”I can see reasonably well without them.”
  414. >She lost again
  415. >”No! This is genuinely not possible! Vice-principal, you’re cheating!”
  416. >”I couldn’t be cheating!” Luna screams back. “You have seen me deal each hand!”
  417. >”No. Genuinely this can’t be possible. I’ve lost four in a row. This is one-in-a-thousand odds. Literally.”
  418. >”Sugarcube, just take something off. We’re all showing goods. Just relax,” Applejack said
  419. >Sugarcoat’s eye twitched
  420. >”Fine. Just understand you should be paying for this. Or averting your eyes. Ugh.”
  421. >She unbuttoned her shirt and slipped it off, revealing a chest even skinnier than Wallflower’s
  422. >”You can applaud now…” she drolled
  423. >”Wow! I could shoot pool offa those titties!”
  424. >”I’m slender. Now a blobby clow like you all.”
  425. >”Girls! Please! All sizes are good! All of you look very nice!” Luna said. “Insults will also incur a penalty round! Now…”
  426. >She dealt a fresh hand
  427. >Wallflower took up her cards, now trembling in the ironic hope that she would lose
  428. >But now, as it turned out, she couldn’t seem to properly throw a hand!
  429. >Sonata lost this one
  430. >”Heheh, you know what? Two for one!”
  431. >She threw off her shirt, and then practically tore off her bra as well
  432. >Full, perky breasts hung against her chest, dark nipples pointing tantalizingly at Wallflower, who couldn’t look away
  433. >”Oho, someone’s a fan~”
  434. >Sonata shook her chest, jiggling them for Wallflower’s amusement
  435. >”One more hand, and you’ll see it all.”
  436. >Sonata pulled up her skirt a bit, showing a bit of her lower buttocks and reminding everyone she was going commando
  437. >”Gross. Please stop forcing me to look at your body,” Sugarcoat said
  438. >”Sugarcoat! You have been extremely antisocial all game! I worry you’re not appreciating the purpose of this activity.”
  439. >”I understand it completely, vice-principal. I just don’t feel particularly excited about seeing my classmates ugly cow chests.”
  440. >”More insults! I think you need a penalty round.”
  441. >Sugarcoat turns slightly paler
  442. >”I will ask the rest of the table!” Luna says. “What should Sugarcoat do?”
  443. >”Make her do thirty pushups,” Applejack cut in before anyone else could answer
  444. >”Excellent suggestion! Sugarcoat, do your pushups!”
  445. >”Thirty? But… that is a totally unreasonable number.”
  446. >”I can do fifty before I even start feeling tired, sugarcube.”
  447. >”Fifty is an unreasonable number. For the average adolescent girl, the physical structure of the upper body is…”
  448. >”Sugarcoat! Your penalty for insulting players is thirty pushups,” Luna demands. “Now, begin!”
  449. >Sugarcoat groaned
  450. >She turns over onto her stomach and does three decent pushups before her arms start to tremble
  451. >”Four… five… s-six…”
  452. >Her dry, monotone voice cracked
  453. >”Seven… e-eight… n-n-nine… a-ah~”
  454. >Sweat poured down her pristine skin
  455. >Her slender body shook
  456. >”T-Ten… I c-c-c-can’t…”
  457. >Wallflower, Applejack, and Sonata looked at each other
  458. >All three of them had slightly pink cheeks
  459. >”It’s… this is t-t-t-too much… eleven… I can’t t-take anymore…”
  460. >All three girls’ faces were bright red now
  461. >Sugarcoat collapsed, trembling
  462. >”Please… n-no more…”
  463. >Luna swallowed
  464. >”Yes! You have, um, learned your lesson! Now, let us play another hand!”
  465. >A blushing, humiliated Sugarcoat sat up, trying not to look at anyone else
  466. >More cards were placed down, and then Wallflower finally had what she wanted
  467. >She lost
  468. >”Ah! Our first to reach the end of the game! Congratulations Warrenflower Buffet!”
  469. >Wallflower didn’t even hear Luna’s stupid misnomer
  470. >She unclasped her bra and let it fall
  471. >She was totally naked now, the basement’s warm air flowing over her along with the rest of the group’s gaze
  472. >”Oh, I am *getting” my tongue on those,” Sonata said. “Hey VP Luna! It’s okay if Wallflower sits in my lap, right? Now that she’s out?”
  473. >Luna looked surprised
  474. >”I… suppose so?”
  475. >”Cool! C’mere, Weirdflower.”
  476. >She knew Wallflower’s name
  477. >Wallflower practically jumped into Sonata’s lap
  478. >Sonata’s arm found its way around Sonata’s waist, and Sonata pressed her bare butt up against Sonata’s crotch, as if to say “I am totally yours”
  479. >Not only did Sonata remember her, but she clearly *wanted* Wallflower, in this casual, horny way that made Wallflower feel sexy, desired, and just so…
  480. >Her head was swimming now
  481. >Anything Sonata asked, she was going to do it, in front of anyone if necessary
  482. >Another round was dealt, but Wallflower was no longer paying attention
  483. >Luna lost
  484. >”Oh! I suppose it’s time to surrender my pants!”
  485. >She lost them with no hesitation, showing off white panties with a sun crest
  486. >It looked weirdly familiar to Wallflower, but she couldn’t palace it
  487. >Another round, and Applejack lost
  488. >”Guess that’s it for me,” she said with a shrug and slid off her panties
  489. >Her pussy, like Wallflower’s, was unshaved, covered in pretty blonde hair
  490. >”Here’s me, y’all. You can enjoy.”
  491. >”Your gf is a lucky lady.”
  492. >Applejack sat up, blushing
  493. >”Whoa, whoa! Who said I have a gf? Rarity and I are friends! I just don’t give a shit about girls showing off, that’s all it. I’m not into it...”
  494. >She ended up being ignored
  495. >”You are all doing a great job!” Luna said. “We might have a winner soon!”
  496. >”It’s mathematically guaranteed to be me,” Sugarcoat said. “You two have barely any clothes left, and I actually know how to play this game.”
  497. >”Hmmm. Hey, VP Luna?”
  498. >”Yes?”
  499. >”Wanna team up to beat her?”
  500. >”I will play fairly! But maybe we should make a rule: even the winner has to get naked! Just so nobody feels left out.”
  501. >Sonata giggled
  502. >Wallflower could feel the joy quivering through the girl’s body
  503. >”Sounds good to me~!”
  504. >”Wait! But the whole point of winning is that I don’t have to strip!”
  505. >”We’re here as friends, Sugarcoat,” Luna said. “You should join us all! Now, let’s play!”
  506. >Sugarcoat kept complaining, even when the cards were place in front of her
  507. >Luna lost, and she stripped off her shirt, showing off the truly massive titties she had only hinted at earlier
  508. >Wallflower felt Sonata shiver underneath her
  509. >She clung a bit tighter against Sonata
  510. >Sonata should be thinking only about her
  511. >Another round, and Sonata lost
  512. >Her skirt came off, and now Wallflower’s butt was directly against the slick, warm mound of Sonata’s pussy
  513. >Sonata sucked in her breath
  514. >And as Sugarcoat and Luna set in to duel for the title of “winner,” Wallflower started to grind her buttocks against Sonata’s delicate folds
  515. >She could feel Sonata’s breath coming heavier and heavier
  516. >”Oooh, Wally~. Wanna start already?”
  517. >Wallflower couldn’t even describe how bad she wanted Sonata to just push her into the dark corners of the basement and start doing wet, horrible things to her
  518. >Across the table, Sugarcoat daintily placed her cards down
  519. >”Full house. I’ve won. Now get naked and let me go home.”
  520. >Luna gaped at the cards
  521. >”That’s… you… you’ve played an impressive game, Sugarcoat! And I promised I’d abide by the rules, so…”
  522. >Luna stood up and slid off her panties
  523. >And the whole room, Sugarcoat included, couldn’t look away
  524. >Her body was just so *full*, in a way that the rest of the highschool girls could never be
  525. >Fat, tan globes of breasts hung from her chest, above a slight bit of pudgy tummy and wide hips, surrounding a narrow, tantilizing sex
  526. >Sugarcoat’s eyes went wide, and she looked away
  527. >”Yes, well. I have won.”
  528. >”You have! I congratulate you! Now, won’t you get naked with us?”
  529. >”I absolutely will not. But I deserve a prize! As the winner.”
  530. >”Of course! What do you want?”
  531. >”I want…”
  532. >Sugarcoat turned away, her twintails whipping around her shoulders
  533. >”I want a picture of you.”
  534. >”No!”
  535. >”I can promise not to share it. Please.”
  536. >”Nope!”
  537. >”Then please, just… let me touch you, I suppose. For whatever interval of time you are comfortable with.”
  538. >”I’m perfectly comfortable if you want to touch me.”
  539. >Applejack, meanwhile, reclined on the floor, beyond casual about her nudity, and crossed her legs
  540. >”Man,” Applejack said, “now this is some Friday night entertainment.”
  541. >Sugarcoat bit her lip
  542. >”Understood. Where can I touch you?”
  543. >”Wherever you wish! Within reason, of course.”
  544. >Luna stood up
  545. >”Yes, of course. Within reason. I am being quite reasonable about this. I only wish to ascertain whether or not you… yes, whether you… ah…”
  546. >Sugarcoat kept her eyes averted from Luna’s figure, but ran her hands over the plush curves of the vice principal’s body
  547. >”H-hah… ah, yes. You certainly… g-guh…”
  548. >She cupped Luna’s butt, then her daring palms traveled over her breast
  549. >”I hope you understand, this is in place of your automatic A!”
  550. >”That is… perfectly okay… I suppose…” Sugarcoat mumbled, feeling up the principal with both hands now
  551. >Applejack chuckled
  552. >”You know, with the kinda friends I have, this isn’t even that weird.”
  553. >”It’s not that weird with my kinda sisters, either!” Sonata says
  554. >”You’re so fuckin’ gay, Sonata.”
  555. >”Hey, I like me a shy cutie.”
  556. >”Seems like ya got yourself on there.”
  557. >”Oh, I’m gonna gonna *destroy* her.”
  558. >The casual, excited way she says that just turned Wallflower into jelly
  559. >She smushed her butt up against Sonata’s crotch, then turned to look into her eyes
  560. “Please,” she said with her eyes
  561. >”Look, I’m no expert in girl lovin’. Because I’m just friends with Rarity. But, uh, it looks like you gotta satisfy her now.”
  562. >”Oh, I’ll try~”
  563. >Sonata managed to guide her shaky, dripping mess into the corner of the basement, just like she hoped for
  564. >The two of them ended up in bathroom, the door closed, and Wallflower felt Sonata’s hand on the back of her head
  565. >”Heheh, sorry~. Lowkey just really wanted my pussy licked.”
  566. “You don’t need to apologize. I really want to. To do this.”
  567. >”Cool! Do it. Now, please~”
  568. “I… don’t really know how.”
  569. >”You’ll learn quick. Once I start screaming, you’re doing a good job.”
  570. “Yeah. Okay. Right. Wait.”
  571. >”Hmm?”
  572. “Do you know my name?”
  573. >”Uh, yeah? Wallflower? Don’t be a weirdo and start eatin’ me out.”
  574. “Yeah. Yeah, okay. Oh my god, okay.”
  575. >She took Sonata’s hand and guided it to the back of her head
  576. >When Sonata’s fingers curled into her tangles mass of hair, Wallflower shuddered
  577. >She let Sonata push her lower, opening her mouth, waiting for her tongue to meet that sweet place that she couldn’t see in the dark room, but desire so much
  578. “Don’t… don’t let me up until I give you what you want…
  579. >”Ooh! Fine by me!”
  580. >Sonata was good to her word
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