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  1. Fig Newton: ok
  2. LegendTrainer12: what?
  3. Fig Newton: lmao temp
  4. LegendTrainer12: been my fave english artist for a while
  5. LegendTrainer12: devilin comes close though
  6. Fig Newton: 5th next post in reply
  7. LegendTrainer12: ?
  8. Fig Newton: ヽ╭❂⍛❂╮ノ EMBRACE THE CHAOS, EMBRACE YOUR DONGERS ヽ╭❂⍛❂╮ノ
  9. LegendTrainer12: oookkkk.....
  10. Fig Newton: ily
  11. LegendTrainer12: aww
  12. Fig Newton: will u marry me
  13. LegendTrainer12: cant do that
  14. Fig Newton: a/s/l
  15. LegendTrainer12: ?
  16. Fig Newton: I wanna suck ur mum's cock until it cums all over my dad's tits because I'm a homophobic cock lover
  17. LegendTrainer12: ok
  18. Fig Newton: reply
  19. LegendTrainer12: what bab?
  20. Fig Newton: remember when this room was decent
  21. LegendTrainer12: soz yea
  22. LegendTrainer12: btw u seem really nice
  23. Fig Newton: next post etc
  24. LegendTrainer12: so bab can i ask you name?
  25. Fig Newton: molly
  26. LegendTrainer12: wow pretty name
  27. Fig Newton: tfw cant join staff
  28. LegendTrainer12: you seem gorgeuss
  29. Fig Newton: ok
  30. LegendTrainer12: is that true what u said?
  31. Fig Newton: what
  32. LegendTrainer12: Fig Newton: I wanna suck ur mum's cock until it cums all over my dad's tits because I'm a homophobic cock lover
  33. Fig Newton: yes
  34. LegendTrainer12: well if ya like
  35. LegendTrainer12: you played with a dildo be4?
  36. Fig Newton: Trust me, I am so much of a virgin that my ingrown penis has a hymen
  37. LegendTrainer12: aww *kiss*
  38. LegendTrainer12: you find some one day
  39. Fig Newton: !data Alakazam Mega
  40. LegendTrainer12: dodnt work in this box love
  41. Fig Newton: oh shit, im sorry
  42. LegendTrainer12: there i did it love
  43. Fig Newton: sorry for what
  44. LegendTrainer12: dont worry
  45. LegendTrainer12: oh babe?
  46. Fig Newton: what
  47. LegendTrainer12: can i hug you?
  48. Fig Newton: our daddy taught us not to be ashamed of our dicks
  49. LegendTrainer12: id love a tatse
  50. LegendTrainer12: *taste
  51. Fig Newton: especially since its such a good zie and all
  52. Fig Newton: size*
  53. LegendTrainer12: let me see it
  54. Fig Newton: yeah i see that. daddy gave you good advice
  55. LegendTrainer12: oh babe?
  56. LegendTrainer12: can i play with it?
  57. Fig Newton: yes
  58. LegendTrainer12: plz?
  59. Fig Newton: it gets bigger when i pull on it
  60. LegendTrainer12: babe can you Please please let me suck on it
  62. LegendTrainer12: plz?
  63. Fig Newton: beg for it
  64. LegendTrainer12: please babe let me have your nice big cock!
  65. Fig Newton: ok
  66. LegendTrainer12: *gets on my knees*
  67. Fig Newton: are u a girl
  68. LegendTrainer12: yea
  69. Fig Newton: gross
  70. Fig Newton: im gay
  71. Fig Newton: fuck off slut
  72. LegendTrainer12: i can get my brother
  73. LegendTrainer12: if you like
  74. Fig Newton: yes
  75. LegendTrainer12: ok 1 min
  76. LegendTrainer12: hello?
  77. Fig Newton: hi
  78. LegendTrainer12: my sister said i should see you?
  79. Fig Newton: youre lying
  80. LegendTrainer12: i promise my names jordan
  81. LegendTrainer12: jordan joel roberts
  82. Fig Newton: michael?
  83. LegendTrainer12: nah i wish
  84. Fig Newton: we cyber so hard right now
  85. LegendTrainer12: oh?
  86. LegendTrainer12: nice
  87. LegendTrainer12: o what did u want?
  88. LegendTrainer12: *so
  89. Fig Newton: smc bitch
  90. LegendTrainer12: oh ok
  91. Fig Newton: can i suck your cock im so horny right now
  92. LegendTrainer12: sure bab
  93. LegendTrainer12: *gets out my cock*
  94. Fig Newton: its so small..
  95. LegendTrainer12: make it bigger
  96. LegendTrainer12: when hes hard it gets huge
  97. Fig Newton: let me pull on it
  98. LegendTrainer12: ok go ahead
  99. • Fig Newton pulls
  100. LegendTrainer12: ohh thats feels nice
  101. LegendTrainer12: more bab
  102. • Fig Newton pulls more
  103. LegendTrainer12: ohh yea
  104. LegendTrainer12: can u suck it>#
  105. • Fig Newton sucks it
  106. LegendTrainer12: ohhh harder babe!!
  107. • Fig Newton sucks harder
  108. LegendTrainer12: ohhh babe!
  109. LegendTrainer12: can i cum?
  110. Fig Newton: yes
  111. • LegendTrainer12 starts cumming
  112. • Fig Newton swallows
  113. LegendTrainer12: u like?
  114. Fig Newton: yes
  115. LegendTrainer12: kiss me
  116. • Fig Newton kisses
  117. • LegendTrainer12 kisses back hard with tounge
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