Fucking Religion

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  1. The empty and endless blackness was cold.
  2. Then light came to be.
  3. And everything else came to be.
  4. The world, then life, then society.
  5. Year unknown, not needed to be known.
  6. The world is beautiful.
  7. And above it is the sky.
  8. Above the clouds are the two goddesses.
  9. Celestia and Luna.
  10. Two of soul, two of love.
  11. The love they share is eternal, every kind of unconditional love.
  12. Eternal bond.
  13. The sun rises at dawn, and Celestia slumbers on her cloud.
  14. Her body is tired, wrapped in a thin cloak going over only one shoulder.
  15. Luna is also tired, her body also wrapped in an identical cloak.
  16. Light starts to fill the sky with color as Luna approaches Celestia.
  17. Luna kneels then lies down next to Celestia and puts her hand on her smooth shoulder from behind.
  18. She caresses her and makes her eyes open.
  19. Celestia smiles and backs herself into Luna atop the cloud they share.
  20. The thinly clothes surfaces of their bodies collide with an eventual embrace.
  23. Luna locks her arms around Celestia, sighing and cupping her breasts in her hands.
  24. Celestia welcomingly pushes her bottom up against Luna's pelvis.
  25. A soft breeze passes by, and the distant sounds of deep kissing are carried through the skies by that breeze.
  26. Celestia has turned herself over to her other side to face Luna.
  27. Her mouth lets out a sound as her lips press against the other goddess's lips.
  28. The taste and the feeling sends shivers all throughout their bodies.
  29. It clamps onto their hearts, clamps onto their minds.
  30. Makes them pull eachother closer as the half-lit sky paints them vibrant, enriched colors.
  31. So much beauty that neither of them can resist.
  32. The appearance of their curvaceous womanly bodies drawing their eyes down when the kisses part, inciting thirst.
  33. And the feeling of their bodies when they embrace one another strengthens the thirst.
  34. Their breasts mashing together through the cloaks.
  37. So supple with a smooth surface of skin that gives way under a finger's touch to the soft flesh.
  38. Skin that lets the cloth of the cloak slip around over it with ease when all is dry.
  39. Celestia and Luna lust over this magnificent sensation.
  40. They lust over eachother.
  41. Such glorious, beautiful bodies of the goddesses... an ethereal beauty that transcends the world below.
  42. So pleasantly wrapped up in thin, clingy cloaks.
  43. Cloaks over swaying, bucking hips, over round bottoms and bouncing breasts.
  44. Struggling to stay in place, struggling to conceal the erotic beauty beneath that the goddesses see and feel, and taste and touch.
  45. And hear as their hands make a hissing sound running along the smooth skin of their arms and shoulders, and then their legs, and then where the hands slightly explore underneath the cloaks with curiosity.
  46. Dry sounds of hands caressing silky skin, and wet sounds of mouths locking together with quiet sighs and moans.
  49. The little details underneath the thin cloaks makes their bodies even better to enjoy.
  50. Erect nipples protruding through the cloth, the crevices of moistening vulvas catching the cloth between them.
  51. The erotic beauty of the bodies bravely shines through the lazy concealment of the cloaks.
  52. They love their bodies so much.
  53. Everything from the sight to the feeling and beyond.
  54. Celestia makes Luna's body heat up.
  55. Luna makes Celestia's body heat up.
  56. Touching, kissing, smiling against eachother's lips, holding the backs of eachother's heads before touching once more.
  57. Oh how they excite eachother so, bringing happiness and arousal as the break of dawn hoists them upon cloud nine.
  58. The kissing always becomes deeper.
  59. Luna feels Celestia begin to wake up... and tongues commence a wet dance between bumping lips.
  60. Curiosity has overtaken both goddesses, their love ringing stronger than it ever has.
  61. Their appetites driving hands to excitedly caress the womanly bodies through the cloaks.
  64. The cloaks start to become undone, falling away.
  65. The knots loosen from the shoulders, cloths dropping away from bosoms, bare nipples unveiled to the cool morning breeze.
  66. Fingertips brushing against the nipples, running circles on the areolae.
  67. Celestia pulls Luna's cloak further down, uncovering her hourglass abdomen, and Luna reciprocates with Celestia's cloak.
  68. Their smooth skin glows in the sky's light, soft breasts kneaded under gently squeezing hands.
  69. The goddesses rise to their knees with their cloaks falling to their waists, slipping away from their swaying hips.
  70. And they help eachother let their cloaks scrunch down their thighs, slowly exposing one another's buttocks and nethers.
  71. Cloaks soon tossed aside, Celestia and Luna hug eachother with both their arms and their legs.
  72. Kissing deeply by the wet lips on both their mouths and their nethers.
  73. Strands of saliva bridge between tongues, strands of nectar bridge between vulvas.
  76. The beating of the goddess's hearts begins to thunder, but their voices fall silent and strained with excitement.
  77. Wanton grasping and bucking explodes between the two as thought an atom has been split.
  78. Hands going wild against hot, naked bodies... bodies up against hot, naked bodies.
  79. That feeling of skin against skin keeps the goddesses hungrily pouncing and mounting eachother.
  80. A tangle of arms and legs, tongues and lips, hearts and souls, body and body, physical love at its most powerful.
  81. Celestia and Luna shudder all over eachother.
  82. Trying to contain the other and themselves as ejaculation boils up within them.
  83. They breathe heavily when not straining, wincing in joy as body stimulates body.
  84. It cannot be put back inside, lust is everything there is for now.
  85. Muscles tense, tears well up in eyes and sloppily smooching lips.
  86. Nothing is still, everything is moving and touching and slipping and shaking.
  87. Grabbing and squeezing, pumping and swaying.
  90. A wave of ejaculation in Celestia erupts, and it spills into Luna and causes another wave to erupt from her and spill back.
  91. Legs are locked tightly with nectar squirting out in the center.
  92. The world twists around, turns upside down and fades away with silent cries of aroused bliss.
  93. Celestia and Luna SHUDDER into one another.
  94. Wild bursts of their absolute sex losing restraint, crashing and combusting.
  95. It takes their emotions, all of them, and collides them together and sets them on fire with this lewd thrill only the fucking can feel.
  96. Only the fucking.
  97. Only the cumming.
  98. Ejaculating with outcries of anything but self-control.
  99. Sending the holiest sounds, the unholiest noises, into the morning breeze.
  100. The sky itself warms up from the undying passionate love and lust that is Celestia and Luna.
  101. Sending eachother into a deep orgasm that even the supernatural backs away from and bows down to.
  104. All of their emotions ring out in a fiery burst, piercing and snapping out into the sky like lightning and thunder taking command of the clouds.
  105. Celestia and Luna ram their curves, their supple flesh, their crying nethers into eachother's excitement, trapped in a cumming trance that binds them together, bonds them forever.
  106. The bond just a little bit stronger after they fall back and take deep sighing breaths on cloud nine.
  107. The afterglow of dawn smiling upon them, and they smile back.
  108. Letting their love take their souls and bodies with a softer embrace and more humble kissing.
  109. Now Celestia can finish waking up, and Luna strung out the last of her energy for the night.
  110. Celestia stands and stretches her arms and legs, sighing happily as her day begins... and Luna rests her head on the cloud, closing her eyes and happily drifts off to sleep.
  113. ~
  114. The clouds are always warmed by the love that Celestia and Luna share.
  115. The day and night are brought forth spinning, taking turns being on top.
  116. From these clouds is where new beings form, and some interact with the Earth below.
  117. Sharp as an arrow, the piercing wind condenses many of the clouds together.
  118. Just as the space dust had done to create Celestia.
  119. Just as the wandering leftover matter had to create Luna.
  120. The clouds in the sky come together and form a curved form with hips as wide as those of the goddesses of the Sun and the Moon.
  121. The edge of day and night turn her nude body pink during her creation.
  122. It is not long before the third goddess, Cadance, comes into being.
  123. Curves on her body, curves on the bow she is given by her surroundings.
  124. Sharpness on the tips of the arrows she makes appear, yet the tips never hurt on impact.
  127. It is soft, like her body, the surface of her skin as her flesh gently presses against her hands when she caresses herself.
  128. Soft like her aroused smile, like her humbly thirsty eyes.
  129. The feeling of love has radiated between Celestia and Luna, and Cadance was caught in the middle of it, feeling it wrap around her body as she took up her ethereal bow and endless arrows.
  130. The love makes Cadance's breasts rise and fall with each heated, heaving breath.
  131. Celestia's cloak and Luna's cloak are designed to cover their bodies despite easy to remove.
  132. Cadance has her cloak clumsily, lazily hanging on her body by one shoulder, doing nothing to conceal her nipples or her vulva or almost anywhere else on her often prone, resting body.
  133. This constant exposure arouses her so, makes her power grow.
  136. She gently cries out in glee, stroking her nether as she watches the people on the world below live their lives.
  137. Knows they have genitals under their clothing, and sexual desires under their skulls.
  138. Cadance's genitals are always in the breeze of the heavens, and her desires as exterior as her flowing hair on her head.
  139. What a joy to be had, such bliss to let one's wanton side run free.
  140. Cadance watches Celestia and Luna express their physical love for one another over and over again.
  141. Feels the love as it is in the middle of being sent, as it bursts out of the hot ball of tangled arms and legs.
  142. Such a beautiful sight to behold, such a beautiful feeling Cadance is left out of.
  143. Something she must compensate for as she gazes down at the people of the Earth.
  144. Love shall reign from the sky on this day, and Cadance fastens arrow after arrow to the string of her bow.
  147. They go flying, elegantly hissing through the wind, unnoticed by those they hit.
  148. Only the effect is noticed, the rush of sensual needs.
  149. The sensation substitutes for whatever the mind was previously thinking about.
  150. Takes all of the previous thoughts and packs them away until its weight is no longer there to hold them inside their confinement.
  151. And so, it brings people together to make love, and to make peace.
  152. Cadance feels them throwing themselves at eachother, feels them pressing naked bodies together.
  153. It drives her hand back to her nethers, and Cadance makes herself moan with the widest smile on her face.
  154. The feeling overtakes her, and her appetite only grows as the number of people she strikes with her arrows grows as well.
  155. The arrow always finds its way to its target, and whoever it hits... will fall deep into lust.
  158. Falling into submission to their nature, something ingrained into them both physically and mentally.
  159. And it attracts them together like intense gravity.
  160. Cadance gets dizzy from self-stimulation, and she ships the feeling into the hearts of people to feel for a significant other... she puts it into every arrow.
  161. There is no one whom Cadance wouldn't do this to, her appetite to make the humans of the Earth feel so intimate never ceases.
  162. She never lets the need die.
  163. It gets her through every moment of her time in the heavens, and it makes her happier than she can possibly describe.
  164. She can only express it through persisting in what she does; to spread love upon the world.
  165. Cadance dives deep into the love of others, feeling it just as much as they do.
  166. She makes them feel more so she can feel more.
  167. It brings her such a great happiness.
  168. ~
  171. Once people on the Earth below the heavens become old enough, they become lovestruck.
  172. They all graze in their fields, in their towns, targets living their lives.
  173. Unsuspecting that they could be next.
  174. Love used to be rare, but it can spring from lust quickly.
  175. Cadance descends from the heavens into the material world, unseen by those who are sleeping.
  176. She is armed with the only weapon she knows, her bow and arrow.
  177. Finds a young man with the most hardened heart she can find, and fixes to smite him.
  178. Every single time.
  179. Some of them are lonely, some of them are simply warlike.
  180. Prone to causing trouble in the world and divide the mortal population.
  181. Cadance will see to it that their heart flutters with new joy, becomes soft and slippery and loses grip of its hatred forever.
  182. No one ever sees her coming.
  183. She makes the world sing around them, makes everything point to the one they now love.
  186. All through the poison of the tip of her arrow.
  187. When they least expect, Cadance sneaks up from behind and fired one careful shot into their back, reaching the heart from there.
  188. A very, very, very careful shot, fired from the semi-ethereal plane where it will only be felt and take direct effect on a nonphysical level.
  189. Careful as it is effective.
  190. The serum starts in the heart, spreads through all of the man's blood through his veins and vessels.
  191. Every bit of his warmth becomes part of it, and it slowly but surely starts to influence him little by little.
  192. The name that Cadance carved into the arrowhead, will slowly become engrained into the man's brain throughout the process.
  193. Into his thoughts, his feelings, his spirit.
  194. She who owns the name will find easier and easier ways to reach the surface of the man's brain, and Cadance loves to watch this happen.
  197. She can feel him being taken over by love just a little bit more each day.
  198. He has to sleep sometime, and she knows that the affect of her arrows will put the one he loves into his dreams.
  199. And Cadance can tell when he's thinking about her, despite not being able to directly see, she can sense when the love is provoked to radiate more strongly from his heart when he sleeps.
  200. She knows what will get him going.
  201. He's going to imagine the ruler of his heart when this happens.
  202. Cadance sneaks into where he sleeps, infiltrating his lair.
  203. She had stolen some abilities from the other goddesses while they were not looking, using them only for special moments like these which she love so very much.
  204. She is very careful not to wake him up while she delivers a venomous kiss with Luna's magic to put him into a sleep deep enough to keep him from awakening no matter what he feels.
  207. The poison from her arrow and the venom from her kiss work together wonderfully; he is paralyzed in a state of unshakeable bliss, sensual paralysis.
  208. Cadance is sure to gently undress him, feeling lustful shudders of her own rushing through her body as she feels his.
  209. She pushes herself up against him, taking his hands and pressing them against her breasts and her nethers.
  210. The feeling makes his manhood stand up, with all of that love tainted blood rushing in.
  211. Now he longs for the touch of his love, a physical encounter with her body to hold close.
  212. He feels it in Cadance's supple body, twisting and groaning as she works herself into a position where his tip is poking her between the thighs.
  213. Cadance kisses him again and again, throwing him deeper into the trance where his love for someone is law.
  216. She feels his body heat against hers, and keeps her naked self on top of him as the head of his cock slips its way inside of her.
  217. Awakening the very basic instincts that drove him to erection in the first place. To their fullest extent.
  218. And the man wakes up with semen on his bedsheets after his love dream concludes, woken up by a now distant Cadance using Celestia's powers to bring him back into reality that has slightly changed with him being more deeply in love with someone.
  219. ...
  220. Cadance does this with every man with a hardened heart she can find.
  221. No matter how well he distances himself from others, no matter how tough he has become, Cadance always finds her way to him, and her arrow finds its way into him.
  222. And she finds her way into his bedroom, onto his body, into his mind and his heart, and his soul.
  223. Turns him soft, no matter who it is.
  226. Cadance's appetite expands to all men and women, and she begins to touch the souls of anyone who breathes upon the earth.
  227. Her appetite loses control of itself, and she becomes a pawn to the rush she gets, craving more each time she makes someone cum.
  228. The art of making people have feelings for eachother, such a beautiful thing.
  229. Such powerful feelings, they will never begin to understand it.
  230. Cadance has their nature, their love and lust, all to herself.
  231. Celestia and Luna have eachother, now Cadance has the mortals to make her world absolute sex, and unconditional love.
  232. The people control Cadance more than she controls them, it sometimes seems.
  233. She can't keep herself away from them, and they can't keep themselves away from the less appropriate side of their nature because of Cadance.
  236. She's giving them dirty little secrets to keep, poignant little dreams and emotions that chop away at even the sturdiest restraint.
  237. And Cadance gets off to it.
  238. The feeling of all of them falling victim to lust, arousal, all of that... them slowly realizing that there's nothing they can do to stop it from growing inside of them in their hearts and minds makes Cadance cross her legs and shudder in enjoyment.
  239. She loves putting the arrows into their hearts, and watching the transformations take control of them.
  240. Makes them do things they never imagined they would do, things they previously wouldn't have dared to do.
  241. But it compels them, makes their bodies heat up, makes their faces blush.
  242. Makes them touch themselves, changes what they want, gently weaving its way around their willpower with a thread attached to tangle them up in their feelings.
  245. The more they shift around, the more tangled they become; it makes Cadance bite her lip and curl her toes.
  246. It brings her to a triumphant orgasm every time, and she does it along side the climax of someone else she's affecting.
  247. She is their goddess, love and lust rules their world.
  248. They find the important purpose to find a significant other and mate with them.
  249. The compulsion grows far too strong for them to back away, and it inevitably happens.
  250. It spreads from person to person in a pandemic that cannot be stopped.
  251. Love rules the world, more of it always being made somewhere.
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