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  1. <Caller> Hey banana head.
  2. <Carnevil> Hey what
  3. <Caller> There's an aimbot hack out if you did not know.
  4. <Caller> Thought it would be fixed when I got back, but no.
  5. <Carnevil> So that's how you get all of your frags
  6. <Caller> Came back hoping it would be gone...
  7. <Carnevil> Why are you telling me
  8. <Carnevil> Tell Torr or Spleen or someone
  9. <Caller> Ah, fuck it then.
  10. <Caller> Forget I said anything.
  11. <Caller> Thought you were an admin.
  12. <Caller> Useless.
  13. <Carnevil> I don't do any development anymore
  14. <Caller> What are you?
  15. <Carnevil> The equivalent of the board of directors
  16. <Caller> Other than a decent ctf player, you're useless then.
  17. <Caller> nvm, thanks.
  18. <Carnevil> No I'm useless in CTF matches too
  19. <Carnevil> But if you want it fixed
  20. <Carnevil> Honestly
  21. <Carnevil> Talk to Torr or Spleen
  22. <Caller> Ehhhhh
  23. <Carnevil> Spleen is here on IRC
  24. <Caller> Be back in 6 months
  25. <Caller> Anth-Sama/drnoob/redshirt
  26. <Caller> There you have it
  27. <Caller> possibly kalfoxis as well
  28. <Caller> Goodbye
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