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TWWHD Any% New Route FAQ

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  1. Any% Short FAQ:
  3. We will now be incorprating manual superswims into the any% speedrun of Wind Waker HD. This saves a large amount of time over playing the opening part of the game normally as it skips a lot of long cutscenes and useless items at the expense of our sanity and 5-6 minutes of pause buffering.
  5. New Route by azer (expect this to probably change a bit in the upcoming days): https://pastebin.com/xshCeCg5
  7. How long should this run take given the new route?
  8. Honestly I have no idea, my guesstimate is that at most an optimal time will likely be about 10 minutes faster. (So an ideal time would be ~1:07:00.)
  10. What does this new route skip?
  11. - Hero's Clothes
  12. - Spoils Bag
  13. - Telescope
  14. - A lot of long cutscenes
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