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Susie's Corrupted Helper

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Aug 22nd, 2018
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  1. "Okay Oscar let's just start from the beginning." Betsy said, leafing through her notebook.
  3. There was something uncomfortable about being in Betsy's cabin at that time of the day. I'd never been alone with her. She'd brought me here to talk. That had been what she'd told me when we had left my cabin. It was late in the day. The sun was on the horizon. Something didn't seem right about being called out right now. With the sun starting to set, Betsy had a few lights on in her home. That didn't actually make anything better though. All the curtains, shutters and blinds were closed. The skylight to her cabin wasn't covered though. It revealed the dark blue sky above, with the moon slowly rising to cast his silver light down on the island. I shifted in my seat to try and get more comfortable. A lamp on a nearby stand cast a golden light over the scene. Another sat over by Betsy's bed. I could at least assume it was her bed. It was really just a bunch of blankets and pillows on the floor. Looking over there, it was possible to see one of Hedgehog's quills. Why had Hedgehog been there?
  5. Betsy clearing her throat brought me back to focus on her. It was hard though. I didn't want to talk. Especially about the topic I believed she had in store. The backpack I had taken to carrying around felt like it was weighted with an anvil. Inside was Susie's shirt. The same one I'd been using every night for the last week to coax me to sleep. How had Betsy figured it out? Was she actually spying on me?
  7. "Oscar, it's come to me attention that you are starting to behave strangely. It's actually starting to worry your friends a bit. So as your camp counsellor I wanted to talk to you. See what's wrong. I'm not here to pester you or tell you what's wrong or right. I just want to know what's going on with you. So... I'm going to ask you a series of questions, and I'd like it if you could answer as honestly as possible. Okay?"
  9. I felt myself starting to break out into a sweat. This was awful. I could feel her already starting to pry at my insecurities. I couldn't let this happen. It felt like I had just made peace with myself for being lulled to sleep at night by my camp counsellor's smelly night-shirt. Just thinking that to myself was enough to make me embarrassed. Sure I could do it without even a bit of shame when I was alone. But admitting it to someone else was totally different.
  11. "I'll take that silence as a sign to start." She said, tapping her pen on her notebook. "Last week you went to Susie's cabin to be her 'House Helper' because you lost a bet with her. What exactly did you do there?"
  13. My grip tightened on the chair beneath me. I couldn't do this. I'd get in trouble right? Telling on Susie? If I did would that mean she'd never let me back in her cabin again? Even worse, could it mean that she would feel like I betrayed her?
  15. "I cleaned her bathroom, a-and her living room." I lied.
  17. That had felt awful. Betsy was the nicest witch my a long shot. She was also great friends with Hedgehog. But she couldn't know. There was no way I could ever tell her the truth about what I did. A small chime was heard. A totally clear note that rang out through the air. Betsy tapped her wand on the table in front of us. I felt a shiver run from my ears to me toes. This was bad. I'd forgotten that even though she was the nicest witch, she still meant business.
  19. "That was a lie. Oscar I'm going to ask you only once to be honest with me okay? This is really for your own good. Since we're going to all be completely honest with ourselves here, I'll tell you what I know. Susie took you to her house last week for one day to be her so-called 'House-Helper'. You left there with one of Susie's shirts. You've been sleeping with that shirt since you got it. Hedgehog came to me worried about it. She talked with your pajamas and they're worried too, and they filled her in on when all this started happening. That's what I'm going on." Betsy leaned forwards, resting her elbows on the table. "So... just tell me what happened."
  21. I thought about it a second. There was no way to tell her a lie. I could maybe not give her the whole truth, but that could only get me so far. She'd make me answer if she sensed I wasn't giving her enough. Betsy was really smart too. Too smart for me to just mislead. She was almost as good as Hedgehog when it came to investigative work. At least from what I heard. That meant I didn't have much of a chance. I could either tell her the truth with a few details left out, or I could sit there all night. Possibly with her using magic to discover exactly what had happened from anything I did give her. With a deep breath I accepted my fate.
  23. "Okay! It went like this..."
  25. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  27. There's at least 3 doors to my cabin. You can prettymuch expect someone to come from the first two at any time. The third was a door that led to a dimensional portal. So the same odds roughly applied. There was one thing that really bugged me though. Was when nobody bothers to use them. Alice was the worst purpetrator when it came to this. Betsy had only done it once before she got the picture. So it was actually sort of a suprise whenever she did it again. The second time in a really long time. There I was sitting there watching Gander High and all the sudden she comes in, points her wand at the tele and turns it off like she owns the place. At first I'm totally dumbfounded. Shocked at first, but then I told her off.
  29. "Oi! What's the big idea I was getting to the good part!" I shouted at her.
  31. Betsy stamped her foot on the floor loudly and crossed her arms. She did that whenever she got angry. It was the equine in her coming out. At first she was silent. Then, like a tsunami crashing to shore after the water had receded, she shouted.
  33. "Who exactly do you think you are Susie?! You can't go around doing whatever you want to the campers! Especially not Oscar. He's too young for you to be tricking him into your cabin and doing such innapropriate things!"
  35. I had just been reaching for my popcorn when she spoke. I dropped my hand and stood up, pointing right at her nose as I approached. Nobody was going to tell me what I could and couldn't do in my house. Especially not some shy girl who belonged in a preschool creative writing class.
  37. "I think I'm the head camp counsellor. Besides that, don't go spouting the rules at me whenever you don't follow them yourself Betsy!" With all the force I could muster I mashed my finger right into her nose, forcing her to flinch. "You and Hedgehog get together once a week and do who know's what inside of your cabin all day and night. I even saw you holding hands once walking around camp. So don't you go turning the rules around when you don't even follow them!"
  39. Predictably, she stepped away. Her expression shifted from shaken to indignant as she thought of something to say. A moment later she replied.
  41. "Me and Hedgehog are different. She's a werewolf now and spending time with her is important for her development. And I'm her friend! We were holding hands as friends! You lured Oscar to your house and scared him half to death, then you took a shower right in front of him! That's messed up Susie! You can't do those things to a camper. He's young and really impressionable. You gave him a weird fascination with how you smell too. He thinks it's what calms him down when he's stressed and he needs it to fall asleep. He has weird dreams about you. Susie, you really screwed up! Take responsibility! You can't mess around with someone's head like that!"
  43. My thoughts hit a sharp right turn. Then they flew off a cliff. Nosediving right into a sea of satisfaction. A couldn't help but grin whenever I heard Betsy reveal the truth. Had I really done that much to Oscar? I knew he was a pretty dumb elephant. This seemed like such a stretch though. Plus I'd given him some weird fascination with how I smelled too? I was going to grind his nose into the dirt with that. I'd love every minute of it.
  45. "Really? Tell me more about what he's feeling." I implored her to go on.
  47. "Well he sniffs the shirt you gave him to sleep at night, and he has dreams about when he was your house-" Betsy cut of as she realized what I was doing. "Hey! I said you can't do that anymore Susie! I'm not going to let you! If I hear about you going near Oscar again I swear I'll... I'll tell Alice!"
  49. I shoved my hands out in front of me, shaking my head. That was the worst possible thing that could be done. It would benefit neither of us. It was like burning an entire forest down to get rid of a single tree. Alice couldn't keep a secret to save her life. Handing over our secrets to her would be like entrusting Pepper with one of our magic wands.
  51. "Woah there Betsy! You and I both know that is a terrible idea!" I tried reasoning with her. "Why can't we just agree to have our fun seperate from each other?"
  53. She crossed her arms, fuming. "Because you're turning one of the campers into a dysfunctional mess because it suits you, Susie! Hedgehog is still the same as she was, just with me being her friend. Oscar literally can't sleep well at night without having your shirt over his face."
  55. That sentiment probably didn't have the effect Betsy wanted. The idea of Oscar pushing his nose into my clothes for comfort was actually something that brought me no end of happiness. I had to actively force myself not to smile. I never actually fancied myself someone that would like a younger boy sniffing her body, but if it meant I had Oscar by his proverbial trunk I'd hold it over his head forever. Just the thought of him pathetically approaching me with a request to smell me... it made me bite my bottom lip. I latched onto that idea. Him being that pitiful. Submissive and begging for me to satiate his dependence on me.
  57. "Okay look I'll see what I can do about it."
  59. With that I sat down again and turned the television back on. I needed to cool down. Keep my head in the right space to keep being able to hold this together. I had Oscar where I wanted him but I couldn't let Betsy interfere too much. If she did I would be knee deep in problems. The least of which would be her telling Alice. The worst might be her telling the whole camp I abused that stupid little elephant. It wasn't abuse if he liked it. They needed to get that into their heads. Not like he was going to be doing much else besides messing around with Hedgehog and his other friends all summer. Not being useful to anyone. Being so punchable. The urge to grip his dumb ears and squeeze until I left bruises on them overwhelmed me. As Betsy vanished from the room I threw my remote at the television, causing it to explode. I didn't even wince as the glass was flung all over the floor. These urges made me hate Betsy more. I wanted to punish that cursed elephant for making me feel like this.
  61. I wasn't supposed to feel for him. I didn't want to find him endearing. Worse, I found his friend Hedgehog to my liking too. Worst part about the situation was that I didn't even understand why. It didn't even make any sense. I was almost two hundred years old. Why on earth would I find either of the two to be even slightly nice? I viewed the rest of the camp as a herd of sniveling children. Especially that panda. I wanted to take that panda and throw it off a cliff sometimes. If only I could without getting in huge trouble for murdering an endangered species. The rest were passable at least. Those two stood head and shoulders above the rest. I was almost jealous of Betsy for getting Hedgehog to herself. Without even having to do anything to manipulate her.
  63. With a groan of exasperation I got up off the couch. I couldn't take this. If I couldn't be around Oscar to make him feel like dirt normally, I would do it in his dreams. Betsy had mentioned that he was having strange night visions about me already. So it'd basically be impossible for them to tell if I messed around with those. Given I was the subject of them, it would be cake to slip into them. My visage alone was distinct enough to inject myself into his mind in the middle of the night. While he slept. Helpless. Even this had me thinking about Oscar. Laying there waiting for me to come in and grip his stupid ears until my fingers were sore.
  65. Turning heel, I went to my room. This needed my crystal ball. With a flick of my wand my window shut, shutters slammed and curtains drew. The desk at the back would do nicely. I retrieved the artifact quickly from my closet and set everything up. This was going to be cake. With a whispered word I began searching the ethereal realm for Oscar's dreams. They'd have me in them so they would stand out a lot. Some people were dreaming about drowning in the lake. I recognized Hedgehog's dream of her and Betsy laying in a field under the full moon. Dumb mutt. Eventually I arrived at one that had me in it. It wasn't the one that I had expected though. In the dream I was terrorizing a certain panda. I left that dream be. I was already doing my job there. I needed to find that elephant's.
  67. At long last I located him. In a dream that was just getting started, he was standing there in the bathroom with me in a towel and my long night-shirt. Immediately I slipped into my proper place there. Oscar looked like he was happy to see me. I recognised that this was where I gave him the shirt. The same one that he used every night to lull himself to sleep. I was going to shake that up. By the look on this silly ding-dong's face he expected me to poof that shirt into my hand and give it to him. Just like I'd done in reality. My feet felt cool on the tile floor. The realism of a dream based off of reality was nice. I was hijacking it though. I was going to pull him where he didn't want to go. Where he had never gone before. I spoke up.
  69. "I was thinking about giving you a shirt of mine... as a sort of souvenir for tonight. But I have a better idea Oscar. I think we both know what you really want."
  71. The look on his face changed slowly. Morphing from what it had once been into an unsure expression. I let a grin take over my face. This was what I wanted. Him on the backfoot. Not sure of what he wanted or if he could come out with it. To see the comfort evaporate from him was sweeter than sugar.
  73. "U-uh, I. Um. You see." He stumbled over his sentences. "I was thinking that. Recently I've found that you sort of..."
  75. He trailed off. I stepped towards him, slamming the door shut behind him with a flick of my finger. My eyes narrowed. Lowering my voice to make sure I threw him off, I spoke again.
  77. "Oh? Found me what Oscar? You can tell me anything. Just us here. All alone. Me and you."
  79. His cheeks turned red as I pushed myself close to him. He was backed against the door with nowhere to go. I pushed my finger to his trunk, leaning in close to his face. This was so much sweeter than I'd imagined. I was honestly starting to get a bit excited. My heart was beating loudly. Pulse racing in my ears. Everything I'd wanted this summer was right there for me to take. This silly elephant had no idea. That to me was the cherry on the top of the sundae. He simply didn't know what I was doing to him. I knew he could smell me when I was this close. His face grew even more flushed whenever I put my hand close to his trunk. That curious little sniffing organ he had.
  81. "Susie... I think that you... u-um, smell good." He confessed, his trunk nudging my hand.
  83. I could feel him inhaling. I narrowed my eyes. My smile grew even wider. This was the delicous confession I'd wanted. My other hand slammed against his chest. Pinned against the door, he was helpless as I pushed my body in closer to his. His trunk got pushed right against my chest. I let my real contempt leak out.
  85. "Y'know that's pretty strange Oscar. Sniffing your camp counsellor. Doesn't seem like something friends would do either. Honestly it seems a little pathetic. Especially with you blushing like that. Makes me feel weirded out."
  87. I saw his hope go out like a lit match being shoved into a cup of water. He reached out, trying to tug at the door handle. At his current level of stress most would wake up. I wouldn't let him though. He had to suffer. I needed him to experience the discomfort I craved. I needed to see his face reflect the sheer pressure I was putting on him. Realizing there was no escape, he turned back to me.
  89. "I'm sorry Susie I won't bring it up again I swear!"
  91. I let the smile fall from my face. I reached up with a hand, brushing it underneath his trunk. My soft fingers rubbed over it. I was content with letting it graze my upper chest. I got it to stay near my shoulders as I whispered to him. I made sure my voice reflected the contempt I had for him. At the same time my words were picked very carefully. They'd stab his pride with a serrated fish-hook and yank until something snapped inside him. While also letting him know he had the option.
  93. "Oscar I'm not mad at all. Why would you think that? I just think it's sort of pathetic. If it's what makes you happy though, sure. Come in here close. Sniff away. Smell me like the naughty elephant you are. Since this is how you treat new friends and all. Go ahead."
  95. I saw tears starting to spring into his eyes. I'd hit deep. Putting down his ability to treat friends normally. Belittling the one thing he found solace in. Acting like I was disgusted with him had been the real icing on the cake. I could see his stress levels boiling over. He couldn't take much more. I began to push against him. I was actually starting to feel the heat building in my face. Those waterworks were doing something to me. I didn't understand it completely, but I knew I loved it. Seeing him in misery just satisfied something deep inside. Made my breath start to come in just a bit heavier. Especiallly when he was torn between what he wanted most desperately and any sense of pride he had. I felt him breathe deeply through his trunk near my shoulder. The telltale shiver that went through him told me everything I needed to know.
  97. "Susie... please let me smell you! I can't tell you why, I just need it!" He confessed. "I'll do anything! Just please Susie. I can't... my stomach hurts I'm so stressed right now..."
  99. I wanted to cement this. I could feel myself starting to lose it. My grip on the situation was sliding away. Now that he was starting to cry things changed. Tears began to streak down his face. With my sweetest victory in hand I could relish in what I'd created. A miserable little bundle of anxiety that could only resolve itself with me. My presence was the only thing that soothed him. I was the thing he woke up to in the morning to crave. Just like that, I felt a fluttering in my chest. This was what I desired so very badly. Him wrapped around my finger. All my strings around him to make him dance like a puppet. I was everything he desired. The smell of me alone soothed his frayed nerves. He'd do anything for me. Unable to resist the urge, I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him in close to me.
  101. I couldn't imagine what this would feel like until it was happening. That amazing feeling of Oscar pressed against me. I always knew I was the most important person in the camper's eyes, but to him I was a goddess. He buried his trunk against my neck and inhaled deeply. I felt a shiver run from his ears to his toes, fingers shaking as he gripped my shoulders. To him I was everything. He was bawling right in front of me. It almost made me feel guilt for bringing him to this. It was the only real solace he could seek. Even then I could tell he was crying because of the shame. It was a fact that only turned me on more.
  103. My heartbeat got even more frantic. I needed more. I craved more. I'd come so very far but nothing was standing out to me as a place where I could stop. Could I take this all the way? I wanted to try. The overwhelming urge was there. It lit my chest on fire and intensfied as I felt Oscar stepping in to push his whole body against mine. I couldn't take it. I could vaguely feel a certain spot on him pushed against me. There couldn't be any holding back. This was all just a dream anyways. With my left hand I dropped my towel. He didn't notice until he went to hug me back. His face lit up red. I didn't care for his bashfulness. I was impatient. He gasped and opened his mouth to stutter something out. I didn't care to listen. I reached out and gripped the back of his head, pulling him in right against my neck. I brushed my fingers over his smooth, soft ears. I gave him an impatient, demanding whisper.
  105. "Reach your hand beneath my shirt Oscar." I commanded.
  107. I heard the very beginning syllable of confusion. Even in his current state, so deep into the smell of me, I could tell he had doubts. That couldn't stand. With a snap of my fingers I robbed him of his voice. He'd obey or else. With shaking hands my little elephant reached up beneath my shirt. The very first touch sent a lightning strike of stimulation. He had no idea what he was doing of course, but he'd found that special spot. All the way at the front. By then I was soaking wet, something that made his eyes go wide. He probably only had the vaguest idea of what was going on. Not that I cared. I shot him a look to keep going, while I pulled him in closer in our embrace. He shut his eyes, breathing in my scent while he began fumbling between my legs.
  109. I couldn't help but start to moan. This was exactly what I'd needed. Oscar was hardly experienced. The elephant was practically drunk off of the aroma I gave off as well. It led to what felt like pathetic fumblings and ignorant pushing of his fingers to try and find his way inside. I wouldn't have it any other way though. Soon I stepped back and fell down, summoning a small mattress beneath us with a snap of my fingers. I gave him a glare that told him to keep going. He was mine now. If he ever wanted to smell me again he'd obey. I had to actively bite my bottom lip to prevent myself from moaning. I needed to not give him any hints as to what felt good. He was just a stupid kid trying to figure out what he was doing. That was half of the fun for me. Knowing he was ignorant of what was going on. Just knowing he was pleasing the object of his worship.
  111. This carried on for ages. He kept working me up all the way to the point of no return, then would wander away from the really stimulating parts to slide his fingers around the outside edges. Slick sounds echoed lightly around the bathroom. Eventually he got the general idea that he was supposed to push his fingers deeper. Everything went so quickly after that. Soon I felt his forefinger push all the way towards the top, then slide downwards. It slowly worked its way into me, making me gasp for air. What really sent me over was his thumb finding a place right on the button. I couldn't help but cry out that time. Despite my best efforts I couldn't keep things like that a secret for long. That was the same manuever I'd done with my own hand for ages when I was feeling pent up. Now he was there doing it to me. I was too close to the edge. He just had to keep going and I'd be sent headlong over the limit.
  113. Things started happening without me thinking about them. First I grabbed Oscar and pushed my lips to his. Both of us were shivering uncontrollably. I was to the point where I was ready to give this little elephant my very first orgasm since camp had started. He was gonna be my special little guy. Mine alone. I was going to be the only thing that he'd care about by the end of the summer. The smell of my fur and the feeling of my body in his hands would be the only thing on his mind. From the moment he got up to the second he fell asleep. Even in his dreams I'd haunt him. With one last light slide of his thumb between my legs I cried out, letting go of him.
  115. I woke up violently in my chair. I couldn't waste any time! I'd let go of the spell like a complete idiot. I snapped my fingers, clothes dropping to the floor as I threw myself onto the bed. I began to desperately work myself as much as I could. Treating my delicate button as roughly as I could while my fingers treated my insides to as vicious an experience as I could without hurting myself. I thrusted my hips into my hands. Over and over I pushed my head into my pillows and moaned that elephant's name. Oscar. I'd break him to be mine. Next dream we had together I'd assault him and show him what the thing between his legs was meant for. Who it belonged to. That stupid little boy would pay for making me feel things. For the time being I needed release. Badly.
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