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  1. ꒰꒰ SECTION ONE ˎˊ˗
  2. baby it’s 3am, had you on my mind.
  4. ❏ USERNAME ; jinhyvks
  6. ❏ PASSWORD ; read the rules !
  8. ❏ SLOT ; to reach you
  10. ❏ FACE CLAIM ; __snow0__
  12. ❏ FACE CLAIM BACK UP ; (??)
  15. heyo mich ! you can call me sona and i'm also in the need of friends sO let's be friends yeet !¡! ,, this af is literally AMAZING and i personally dont mind if i dont get accepted,, i'll still support this anyways !! please don't stress yourself out bc your health is always first priority !! let's slide in on our pms sometime SKSKKS 💓
  18. ꒰꒰ SECTION TWO ˎˊ˗
  19. wanting you more and more
  21. ❏ FULL NAME ; yoon shieun
  22. ( 윤시은 )
  24. ❏ NICKNAME/S ;
  27. :: because of having her birthday during this certain date, which is also when they celebrate valentines day, her friends gave her the nickname and would sometimes tease her about it saying; "it's valentines day, your birthday and you still don't have a date"
  29. EUN YOON ¡
  30. :: honestly speaking, even sieun herself seems to be a bitㅡconfused with her own name, it is said to be that this name is pretty rare. so she was a bit confused why her parents gave her older sister a way much more 'common' name. her grandparents gave her this nickname
  34. ❏ BIRTHDATE ; february 14th, 2002
  36. ❏ AGE ; 17 int | 18 kor
  38. ❏ NATIONALITY ; korean
  40. ❏ ETHNICITY ; south korean
  42. ❏ SEXUALITY ; straight
  44. ❏ HEIGHT ; 167 cm
  46. ❏ WEIGHT ; 50 kg
  48. ❏ HOME TOWN ; daejeon, south korea
  50. ❏ BIRTH TOWN ; busan, south korea
  52. ❏ LANGUAGE/S ;
  53. korean ; 100
  54. english ; 85
  56. ꒰꒰ SECTION THREE  ˎˊ˗
  57. i can’t help but think of what we could be
  59. ❏ BACKGROUND ;
  60. yoon shieun was born on february 14th, 2002 along with her two parents and her twin sister. they came from a wealthy family, and it was really obvious that they did. but even when they were very little, there was already an obvious favoritism from their parents and other relatives towards her older sister, jukyung. it only started because they had to pay more attention to jukying because she was born with a heart disease, but as they grew older slowly grew from 'special care' to 'unfair treatment'. hearing the question "why can't you be like your sister?" became extremely common for shieun from her parents. even on their birthdays, yeeun would receive anything she'd ask for, but shieun could never get what she wanted because they were "too expensive".
  62. it hurt a lot when their cousins would always flock around yeeun to play, but rarely even talked to shieun. this treatment continued even when they started their schooling. they've transferred schools before, but no matter where they go the way the two sisters are treated is still the same. i mean, yeah. yeeun is the human manifestation of the korean beauty standard, she's always number one in their classes, and she's undoubtably talented, always one of the choices for school plays, what guy or even girl wouldn't fall for her? while her sister is known as their school's princess, shieun would always be watching on the sidelines. some people can't even believe they're siblings, and she'd be lying if she said she was never envious.
  64. shieun’s grades were actually good, they were all above the class’s standards. despite being all goofy and sometimes daydreaming, she’d always review the subject when they get home. shieun’s childhood is a bit different from other girls her age. she'd play sports that is usually played by boys and she'd refuse dolls as gifts because she finds them creepy and not enjoyable to play. shieun was good at sports, but she was indeed the best at ice hockey and volleyball, she and her team had one several competitions of it and she has to say so herself, she is indeed very proud. sadly, no body actually fully supported her, they were all too focused on the yoon yeeun, the one who they call ‘your highness’
  66. shieun’s childhood ended and transitioned into teenhood when she reached middle school. the beginning of becoming a teen was hell, that's what shieun saw in her eyes, really. shieun hated school. not only was she a loser for not having friends and the sad thing was, she had no one to talk toㅡ to tell about what was happening with her and her school life with no friends, yeah she has her father but he is sadly busy with his work and her mother was busy working dusk till dawn, and most importantly, too busy with their ‘perfect’ daughter, yeeun. it was just herself, the very alone yoon shieun in her last two years in middle school. she wasn't sure how to step back up to the child she was back then, bright, friendly, and kind.
  68. as she went into highschool, she felt satisfaction knowing people saw her differently. she was able to make a few friends, those actually able to deal with her and whom she can love and cherish. but of course there are the bullies and her enemies that she's known for so long, those who just ruined her middle school life, her as a person. to her, she needed to show intimidation to get them to back off. she usually doesn't smile, making her resting bitch face plastered there. during the middle of sophomore year, shieun started to be more active in school. she tried out for many sports, joined clubs, took a part in school activities. this made her the word "popular". yeah shieun is smart and all but when it comes to socializing ? frick it, she was such an awkward bean in conversations, literally the opposite of her so-perfect younger twin sister.
  70. shieun strongly hates her sister, really, she does. at school, she’d act like she’s all caring and loving but all of does are just lies. behind that “mask” of hers, she is just a sly, bossy and arrogant person. yeeun absolutely hated her sister so much that she’d make shieun her own personal maid, sadly for shieun as the youngest in the family, she couldn’t do anything or even get angry at her sister. shieun grew up without even knowing what the word “love” meant. more specifically, being loved by your family meant as she was never loved by her own parents. hence, she grew way much more closer with her uncle’s family and her grandparents, as her parents would often drop her there and they’d take yeeun to their business trips
  72. but when shieun went to their (uncle’s) house, yet againㅡshe was greeted with something heartbreaking, she saw her aunt literally crying her eyes out and her uncle trying to calm his wife down. she immediately went up to them and hugged them, shieun being the curious girl she was, she asked her on what happened. it turns out that her cousin stole a huge amount of money and an antique from the museum, along with his friends ! this news made shieun really,, no,, extremely shocked, and she couldn't even believe her own cousin stole a huge amount of money and something from the museum. unlike her uncle's brother, who is shieun’s dad, her uncle wasn't very rich and didn't have a stable job. after that, shieun had the hardest trials she’s ever faced.
  74. were her parents happy upon hearing these news ? no, they weren’t. and in fact that the two were so angry that they ended upㅡhitting her, punishing her. it was hard for her, really. but she was never angry at them and she has never, ever complained about a single bit to her two parents. she’s always treat them with a pack of respect and would do anything for them. they were indeed really mean and bossy towards her, but when her mother was looking around her room, trying to find a comb, she noticed shieun’s diary right in the table. being curious, she opened the diary and read everything in it which made her broke down into tears, all shieun wanted was for her family to live a happy and safe life, that’s what she wanted. after that, her parents started to treat their two children both fairly. which of course, made shieun shocked and taken aback, but then she started to accept it.
  76. was shieun ever jealous of her bitchy twin sister ? no, never.
  78. ❏ FAMILY ;
  80. ( !! ) yoon donghyun | 47 | father
  81. ( !! ) hong (yoon) jihae | 45 | mother
  82. ( !! ) yoon yeeun | 19 | older sister
  84. ❏ ANSWERS ;
  85. # NUMBER ONE ㅡ !
  88. # NUMBER TWO ㅡ !
  91. # NUMBER THREE ㅡ !
  95. FRIENDLY ,, ❝ oh my god, hi ! i'm shieun ! ❞
  96. shieun is that one person who would rarely get into awkward conversations. she would also be the first person to come up to you and say hi or make a small conversation. she isn’t really outgoing but she tries to be nice to everyone
  98. TRUSTWORTHY,,❝ you can trust me  ❞
  99. if anyone in the group can keep a secret, it’s shieun. apart from the girls going to her for advice, they also go to her when they need to get a secret out because they know shieun would never tell. miyeon also would never try to embarrass her friends or put them down because of their secrets.
  101. CAREFREE,, ❝ i'm fine with it, honestly speaking ❞
  102. she isn’t the type to get stress from work or anything really, she is basically a total carefree girl Instead of looking at the negative sides of life, she would rather look at the positive sides along with a bright smile on her face everyday.
  104. KIND HEARTED,, ❝ are you okay ? here, let me help you out ! ❞
  105. shieun loves to help people out and of course, she does them with her full heart and not wanting them to pay back. she's always one to volunteer for teachers, help elderly across the street or bringing their groceries and other stuffs like that.
  107. OVERPROTECTIVE,, ❝ he's with me ! i meanㅡ he's standing here with me ❞
  108. she is also a bit possessive and overprotective, shieun may be loud and all, like she doesn't really show that she is actually overprotective but
  109. she'll be pretty possessive when he feels that someone is going to take or steal what is supposed to be hers
  111. SECRETIVE,, ❝ nothing.. ❞
  112. she can be rather secretive as she’s scared of judgment. she hides most of her ‘stories’ as she finds them odd or inconvenient. mostly, she never talks about her worries to anybody except herself, so nobody knows what her problem is most of the time
  114. SARCASTIC,, ❝ your handwriting is so good, i can’t even read it ! ❞
  115. to others not familiar to shieun, she can be sarcastic to those who may spit out stupid remarks or when it's the right time to make someone annoyed. sometimes she can be sarcastic without even knowing it herself.
  117. COMPETITIVE,, ❝ bring it on ! ❞
  118. shieun is very competitive. when it comes to sports, class ranking, etc. she'll do her best to be first or the top. she likes the feeling of satisfaction when she does so. although, if it risks her friendship or something dear to her, she'll probably back off.
  120. HUMBLE,, ❝ oh. no, no ! i’m not ❞
  121. shieun is probably the most humble person you'll ever meet. she’s constantly getting complimented, but always denies it. it’s not that miyeon hates the compliments, but mainly just that she doesn’t seem to agree. she thinks there’s other people that or more beautiful than her and deserve the compliments more. shieun basically only ever thanks people for the compliments but denies them.
  124. ❏ LIKES ;
  125. movies / shieun is such a sucker for movies. watching movies is what she likes to do to take up the free time she has and she loves it.
  127. cafes / shieun is a big caffeine and dessert lover, she also loves how comfortable and at home she feels in cafes.
  129. reading / despite being all sporty, her favorite thing to do in her spare time is to read books, it keeps her mind fresh and it makes her feel more calm
  131. the outdoors / she was always inclosed in her room so any chance that she had to go out and live free for a little, she loved.
  133. cliché romance stories / no matter if it's a book or movie, she loves but hates how cheesy some stories can be.
  135. butterflies / shieun is a big butterfly lover, she doesn't care about what they look like at all, as long as they don't do harm (which of course they won’t), she loves them.
  137. winter / she's a sucker for the cold weather as she gets to dress in her desired fashion style without being judged by her parents and keeping quite warm and snuggled up at the same time.
  139. teasing the other girls / shieun absolutely adores the faces and reactions the other girls give her whenever she teases them about their pairs. even though it might frustrate them a little, everyone does give out a small laugh.
  141. the rain / the soothing noise that the rain makes as it falls completely calms shieun. she loves how the water pitter-patters whenever someone steps across a few puddles.
  143. ballad music ( listening to music ) / shieun is a big fan music, and mostly ballads as it gives her that calm, collective and soft vibe.
  145. ❏ DISLIKES ;
  146. favoritism / this obviously started from at home. she also really hates when teachers value some students above others, finds it unfair
  148. summer / well she’s thankful for summer break, but not for the scorching heat
  150. clowns / clowns have been her biggest fear since she was little ever since one of her cousins pranked her and woke her up with a creepy clown doll.
  152. cockroaches / she finds them so gross + has never had the guts to kill a cockroach in her entire life
  154. tomatoes / no matter how many times people let her try to eat tomatoes she will never like them-
  156. mess / being the clean freak she is, she absolutely hates messes
  158. dust / she’s allergic to it and it makes her sneeze uncontrollably + it’s also a sign that something hasnt been cleaned
  160. bees / at one of their family reunions when she was little, she was just sitting down under a tree when a beehive suddenly fell on her, causing so many bees to sting her. (she loves honey tho !)
  162. roller coasters / not that she’s scared, she has motion sickness so riding roller coasters makes her feel like vomiting
  164. complaining a lot / she absolutely hates it when someone just complains a heck lot, it makes her feel really irritated
  167. ❏ TRIVIA ; same ^^
  169. ❏ HABITS ;
  170. + whenever shieun has to sit down for an extended period of time, she usually creates a beat with her hands or her feet, she can’t help but fiddle around, because she just feels really uncomfortable staying in one position for some reason. it annoys some people, but if someone speaks up about it, she’ll just plaster on her usual ‘get away’ face
  171. + honestly, it started from when shieun grew out her bangs in elementary school. she always used to push them out of her face and often pushed it off of her forehead by running her hands through her hair. then, it became a habit until now even though she doesn’t have bangs
  174. + is a part of the science coaching team ! which makes her a ‘genius’ in science (that’s what most of the students said)
  175. + some of the “quotes” and “motivations” in the school’s canteen and notice boards are written by her ! she’s such a sucker for calligraphy
  176. + she is pretty great at sports ! but her biggest interest is in ice hockey
  177. + she usually draws for school posters and banners !
  181. + shieun has won quite a few of the ice hockey competitions ! they’ve gotten into the nationals with her team for the ice hockey once !
  182. + she supports the school and the other students by making time in her schedule to go to almost all of the events happening around ! she also represents the school whenever there are donations for charity !
  185. + she was once caught cheating on a math quiz
  186. + once, she got into a huge fight with her ‘all time rival’ which what shieun said made the girl so irritated that she punched her in the face which caused shieun to diss her big time
  189. ꒰꒰ SECTION FOUR ˎˊ˗
  190. baby if i could you, i could tell you
  198. ❏ TIK TOK USERNAME  ; this is optional ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  200. ❏ FASHION ; so what do they often wear ? how is their closet like ? describe and send me pictures !
  202. ꒰꒰ SECTION FIVE ˎˊ˗
  203. how much i care, im in despair
  205. ❏  LOVE INTEREST ; aka the fun part. also stick to the slot please lmao
  207. ❏ NICKNAMES ; this is optional
  209. ❏ HOW THEY MET ; min. 5 sentences and make this based on the slot please ! i don’t want your li to be seungwoo and you meet in the taekwondo club like ???
  216. min. 4. max. 6
  218. ❏ REQUESTED SCENES WITH OTHER SLOTS ; min. 3. max. 5
  222. ❏ ENDING ? ; am i allowed to give you a sad ending if i choose to ?
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