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Dec 9th, 2019
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  2. You focus your powers of observation on the strap of Warden Aeoureva's old quiver:
  3. Item 'the strap of Warden Aeoureva's old quiver' is type esoteric relic, alignment 350, made of reinforced-cloth (in (new) condition),
  4. has keywords 'canvas strap embroidered lovely curlicue pattern warden aeoureva old quiver'.
  5. This item weighs 0 stones and 15 pebbles, and is valued at 102,260 gold. {Cat. 1}
  6. This level 75 item has the attributes: nodecay no-dispel no-repair no-tweak
  7. This item has a default lifespan of 365 days and will expire on Tue Dec 8 00:41:04 2020, and cannot be renewed afterwards.
  8. This relic occupies 1 binding slot.
  9. When wielding a weapon that utilizes marksmanship, increases damage by 7%.
  10. When casting fluid serpents, has a 70.00% chance to have a [its caster's poison-spell-prcnt]% chance to increase the number of serpents by 5.
  11. When casting bathe, grants an additional 9 hp healed per tick.
  12. *Your race must be equal to half-elf to use this item.
  13. *Your archon-level must be greater than or equal to 75 to use this item.
  14. *Your Mark of Assault must be equal to True to use this item.
  15. *A maximum of [1] instances of this item can be equipped simultaneously.
  16. The warden has not been an active combatant in the mageknight order for a
  17. long time, given his age, but his old equipment still retains the aura of
  18. his skills, training and discipline. A dedicated follower of Graph since
  19. birth, he found his way into the Maitresse's sights and used the quiver that
  20. this strap was attached to for decades of active service.
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