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  1. /give shiliEeilliB magma_cream 1 &8&l[&0&l舌禍根絶の印&8&l]_&0&lZekka_&0&lKonzetsu_&0&lno_&0&lIn
  2. /give shiliEeilliB blaze_rod 1 &8&l[&f&l風遁&8&l]_&f&lFuton:_&8&l[&f&l真空大玉&8&l]_&f&lShinku_Taigyoku
  3. /give shiliEeilliB blaze_rod 1 &8&l[&f&l風遁&8&l]_&f&lFuton:_&8&l[&f&l真空玉&8&l]_&f&lShinkūgyoku
  4. /give shiliEeilliB ghast_tear 1 &8&l[&f&l風遁&8&l]_&f&lFuton:_&8&l[&f&l真空刃&8&l]_&f&lShinkujin
  5. /give shiliEeilliB emerald 1 &8&l[&2&l再生能力&8&l]_&2&lSaisei_Noryoku
  6. /give shiliEeilliB stick 1 &0&lStuff
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