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  1. PST Lionheart
  2. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. @Jirozame Shinkai @Tsuruchi Yashiro
  5. ( Interrogation scene with Jomei. Anyone else is free to crash )
  6. PST Lionheart
  7. In a dark quiet room of Kyuden Ashinagabachi sits the ronin Jomei.  His arms bind behind his back tying him to a large wooden stake in the ground. The large muscular man was stripped away of his heavy armor plating and weapons. Instead provided a ragged kimono fitting to his status as a prisoner of the resistance. His olive skin nearly completely concealed underneath the bandages wrapped around his body and face. Appearing almost mummified, the small bits of skin displays appear burnt bright red and raw. Only a single blue eye peers out past the bandages around his face and a black charred rough beard covering his jaw.  Biding the wasting away in his cell he clicks the metal chains of his binds together and whistles a tune cheerfully.
  9. The ashigaru guard protecting the cellblock provides what information he can. The makers mark on his katana is tracked back to the Yasuki family. When the healers inspected his wounds he would overstep his bounds and be crass with the ladies hitting on them any chance he could. Eta's preliminary questioning proved fruitless as he would violently trash about and refuse to submit no matter how much pain was inflicted. The eta interrogated were sure to not press to hard without direct order.... No need to break the man yet.
  10. As is your right to do so, the samurai are free to enter his cell and conduct their own questioning.
  11. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  12. Yashiro enters the cell.
  13. Shinjo Kurosawa
  14. ((may I observe IC))
  15. PST Lionheart
  16. (Sure)
  17. Horiuchi Temujin
  18. ((I'd like Temujin to be present too))
  19. PST Lionheart
  20. (Join in its free scene)
  21. (We get more than 12 and I'm saying the cell is maxed out on its space like a packed elevator)
  22. Shinjo Kurosawa
  23. The Unicorn is nearby, but outside of the cell, observing from just out of harms way. His fingers idly brush against his katana, wondering what the prisoner had in store for them today.
  24. Jirozame Shinkai
  25. Into the cell strides Jirozame Shinkai. He's not dressed in his armor, but a simple kimono bearing the mon of the Shark Clan, his one 'nice' outfit that he still possesses. What he does have, however, is an array of knives of various sorts. Some look like they're meant for combat, some look like they're meant for hunting, and some you would need to be creative to understand the use for. He maintains an absolutely neutral expression, arms hanging loosely at his sides. "Hello. I trust you are enjoying our hospitality?"
  26. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  27. Yashiro leans again the wall behind the man. Silently.
  28. Horiuchi Temujin
  29. Next to the entrance sits Temujin, drinking a small cup of tea from a ceramic cup. Steam rises from it, wafting up into the room.
  30. PST Lionheart
  31. Jomei releases an amused huff at the sight of Yashiro (and others). "Oi we got the fancy folks now don't we? Afraid the zoo is closed. If your not here to release me could ya at least bring in some sake?" Jomei smirks with forced charm.
  33. Then came in shinkai with a package of what could be assumed "tools". He gives Shinkai a hard stare. "Oh you brought toys?! Careful now this zoo animal bites back."
  34. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  35. "Perhaps for now. That can be fixed should it present itself to be a problem. But I would rather it not come to that."
  36. PST Lionheart
  37. Jomei shrugs and leans back against his binds casually. "What'cha want minna?"
  38. Horiuchi Temujin
  39. Temujin simply sips his tea.
  40. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  41. "Some friendly conversation. Perhaps information for us. Some small freedoms for you as a guest here."
  42. Shinjo Kurosawa
  43. Kurosawa wishes he had something to sip, something to keep his hands busy. So he just leaned against the bars and continued to observe.
  44. Jirozame Shinkai
  45. Shinkai stood there, looking at the chained man. "I've heard you were a wild beast. I'm an expert at hunting wild beasts and disabling them. As I'm sure you can remember from our meeting in the woods."
  46. PST Lionheart
  47. "Normally this is were I give the 50 koku and my freedom I'll spill whatever I know but you punks killed my crew. Kids had potential until they ran into you so called saviors. Yall can fuck right off." Simply leans back and closes his eyes.
  49. To shinkai's remark. "So you were the coward in the back? Have to admit it was a good shot. You one of those Kaito? Don't look like a religious type." A disgusted glance at all his bandages. "Better of not ruined my good looks else I'll have to sock you one till we match."
  50. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  51. "shame that. I don't suppose you would like freedom to move around this cell, a desk, some paper and a writing inturment for some information. Not big on reformation? Just want to die here, painfully? You can't help those men. They're dead."
  52. Jirozame Shinkai
  53. "More to life than money," Shinkai remarks offhandedly, looking at the bound man neutrally still. "Their mistake was following you around. They got a few good shots into some of us before they died. Unfortunate you didn't instruct them in the art of the tactical retreat."
  54. PST Lionheart
  55. Jomei spits at Shinkai's feet. "May their spirits and ancestors curse your name samurai! They deserved better." A hateful glare towards him before dismissing him for Yashiro. "Bah a desk and reformation? I live for battle and sake. Simple pleasures aye? If you have nether to offer than your wasting my time."
  56. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  57. "I might be able to get you sake. You could fight against evil. But not for coin. For the reason that it's evil. It killed those men as much as you or I."
  58. Jirozame Shinkai
  59. "They received the death they deserved for following a beast such as yourself into folly. If your leadership skills were half as strong as your sake drinking skills, they may have lived."
  60. Horiuchi Temujin
  61. Suddenly a tea cup soars across the room and explodes against the wooden post tying the man to the ground, showering his head with hot tea and ceramic shards. Striding across the room, Temujin reaches out and grabs the man by the front of his tunic, lifting him forward, and up from his seated position. He snarls in the mans face and speaks to his comrades without drawing his gaze from the captive man infront of him. "We should stake this man out for the Boar. We still have time." (28 Intimidate)
  62. PST Lionheart
  63. (Resist 24. Fail)
  65. Jomei growls furiously back at Temujin but loses steam. Temujin's shear will digs deep and the sincerity of this threat too real. Jomei has hurt of the beast and those disgusting insects. The fate of those left in its wake. The fear was too real to ignore.
  67. "I-I-I I CHALLENGE!" Jomei roars out with hesitation. "Defeat me in honorable combat and I will reveal what I know!" An act of desperation to out play the samurai. Honor demands his challenge met if he is to be respected as a samurai.
  68. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  69. Yashiro chuckles.
  70. Shinjo Kurosawa
  71. Oh. Things got interesting. He straightened up from the cell and peered at the man. His clansman was fearsome, but thankfully it was not aimed at him. His lips pulled into a thin frown. Surely things did not need to get drastic like this, but the man already staked a challenge out. Would he volunteer? Maybe if the others did not.
  72. Jirozame Shinkai
  73. "No. The right of challenge is for those who have conducted themselves with honor and the dignity befitting samurai." Shinkai looks at the Unicorn with a nod before turning back to the bound Jomei. "You are going to tell us what you know or I will have the worms brought here. We have a few samples. I will break the jar and let them burrow into your flesh and slowly eat away at your mind. You won't die, either. I will bring you food and water myself. You will live forever, your spirit trapped in a prison of flesh. Some nameless, faceless thing. People will come laugh at you, the samurai who was once Jomei. They will see what it means to follow your path."
  74. Horiuchi Temujin
  75. Drawing himself up to full height, Temujin puts his hand out and slaps Jomei. He releases Jomei, who tumbles to the floor.
  76. "What would a bandit and a murderer know of honorable combat? Know your place, fool."
  77. Shinjo Kurosawa
  78. The Unicorn decides against taking up the challenge. He was here to observe, not interfere. And if he got killed or accidentally killed the prisoner it would be more harmful to their mission.
  79. PST Lionheart
  80. (intimidation 10 from Shinkai failed against Jomei's 20 to resist)
  81. Jomei collapses onto the floor. Emotionally shaken. His ploy failed. "Disillusioned fools. You cross one province and your an honorable hero and then into another and your a bandit. To jigoku with all of you." Jomei closes his eyes and submits to his fate. Knowing he's probably going to die. He tries to find peace in his silence. Ignoring those within the cell.
  82. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  83. Yashiro sighs. "You don't even want to be honorable."
  84. "Given the choice between that and death you choose death."
  85. Shinjo Kurosawa
  86. Fuck. This was a bad idea but he wasn't going to spill, and turning into a mind worm wasn't going to get any of the info they needed. "I will do it." For the resistance. He muttered this quietly, yet clearly unless someone made some loud noise. "While you may be an enemy, if you were a samurai I cannot stand by and refuse a challenge from another." He is a samurai and not an ashigaru talking shit, right?
  87. Jirozame Shinkai
  88. "She said that you'd end up like this, too stupid for your own good." Shinkai shakes his head, pulling a long, thin bladed knife from his obi with a rasp. "Pity, really. She gets to keep her life and you-" The Shark pauses as the Shinjo speaks up, turning to look at him. "He's going to die anyway and if you should lose, it would be another wasted life."
  89. PST Lionheart
  90. Jomei slowly his head and opens his eyes. "Name your terms samurai." His single blue eye locked onto Kurosawa intensely.
  91. Horiuchi Temujin
  92. Temujin whirls around, locking eyes with Kurosawa before speaking deathly calm and in a low voice.
  93. "Shinjo-san..."
  94. Shinjo Kurosawa
  95. "If he was not valuable, he would not be brought here." Despite his bold words, a bit of him was doubtful. Maybe he should've just let the bad cops not get their info. "The mind is a terrible thing to waste." He would enter the cell, arms folded across his chest while staring at the prisoner. "I will make our challenge simple, and the terms favorable for you. A sparring match." He nodded his head, trying to keep his confidence. "Submission. If you win, you keep your life. You will become a guest of the Unicorn, and be free within these walls. You cannot return to your home, for you know too much of us." Big talk for a pretty ponyboy. "But if you lose, you will submit to the resistance. You will cooperate, your life forfeit to us." Post fixed..!
  96. Shinjo Kurosawa
  97. {incoming post fix}
  98. [did my edit go through]
  99. PST Lionhear
  100. (it did)
  101. Shinjo Kurosawa
  102. [editting causes crashes on desktop browser discord ree]
  103. PST Lionheart
  104. "I accept." Jomei replies in a controlled voice. He brings himself into a meditative sitting posture and calms himself. Ignoring everyone within the cell and focusing on the task at hand. Ready for when they take him away to the dojo grounds.
  105. Horiuchi Temujin
  106. Temujin quickly makes his way to the exit of the cell, but not before stopping beside Kurosawa for a moment on his way out.
  107. "You better win, cousin."
  108. Shinjo Kurosawa
  109. His head bowed, and eyes closed. "I shall." It was time to be serious.
  110. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  111. (I've lost control of this situation)
  112. Jirozame Shinkai
  113. Shinkai narrows his eyes slightly but leaves the cell for parts unknown, obi tinkling slightly with the sound of knives.
  114. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  115. (take a prisoner, they said, it'll be grand they said)
  116. Shinjo Kurosawa
  117. [ya'll better appreciate when i get this info]
  118. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  119. (if you don't Yashiro will have more words)
  120. Horiuchi Temujin
  121. (so will Temujin.)
  123. PST Lionheart
  124. ------
  125. PST Lionheart
  126. The dojo is set. Samurai across the castle are called to attention to witness heaven's favor be decided. The steady beat of drums ring through the hot summer air. The blaring heat of the sun feels like it pulses in sequence to the war drums. Each beat striking the sweat on your faces with equal intensity. A harsh calm rests over floor at such distasteful of an event. The laws of old twisted as a last attempt of a prisoner to go free. If the code of bushido was to be thoroughly honored this challenge must be met.
  128. An elderly sensei steps onto the grounds. He bows to all in attendence with an especially deep bow to Gunso Tsuruchi Akeno as the highest ranking samurai in the audience. "Today the heavens shall judge the worthiness of two souls. To see which cause is more just so decrees the divines. A spar to submission declared against Shinjo Kurosawa and the ronin Jomei." Etiquette expects both combatants to step onto the stage.
  129. Horiuchi Sasayaki
  130. He had heard of this event, and would not miss this. He sat atop his mount, keeping watch over the place, ensuring no interference from outside the ring. His polearm rested against him, the words "Subete no kibō o hōki suru” etched along it visible to those who looked closely. The steed stood fast, towering over what would be called 'rokugani horses'. He tilted his helm down slightly to keep the sun out of his eyes as he watched.
  131. Fu
  132. the drums draw fu out of peace of seeking enlightenment to the violence that all samurai seem to generate, this time it leads him to the dojo
  133. Kuzen
  134. Kuzen certainly heard the drum beats and had to come see just what was going on to cause all of this commotion.   He just shakes his head as he hears the announcement of just what set this all up.
  135. Ikoma Chiaki
  136. If there's a duel to be had then there's going to be a Ikoma to watch it. Chiaki joins the crowds to watch what unfolds.
  137. Shinjo Kurosawa
  138. The sun shone brilliantly in the sky; Lady Sun, if she was still there, was feeling strong today. The bushi had written some letters in some private preparation before the fight; as confident in his ability he was, only the heavens knew what lay in store for them. And while he was inept at many aspects of samurai life, this was not to be one of them. They would be found in his room, if the heavens did not grant him favor. His eyes closed, letting the sun beat on his face like the drummers beat on their drums, and stepped forth onto the stage with little ceremony. Just a samurai, a long way from home, concealing his fear to the best of his abilities.
  139. PST Lionheart
  140. Jomei, free from his shackles, steps onto the stage clad in heavy armor. Bandages completely wrap his hands and face giving him a ghastly inhuman look to the large man. Only a charred beard and a single blue eye visible past the wrappings. His armored blackened by burns with only one fresh piece of cloth displays across his breastplate. The rag of his prisoner clothing with the mon of the unicorn drawn ontop hanged off his armor like a mocking badge of honor. A mimic to the trophies he took from his previous victims. For such a bastard of a samurai he appears calm and doesn't break On. Upholding the ritual of such an event. He steps into position and lowers the head of his massive warhammer to the ground beside him. Sensei bows to each of the combatants. Jomei bows back in turn. Finally the two combatants are to bow. Jomei bows to Kurosawa deeply.
  141. Asahina Kairi
  142. And Kairi was there, to treat the wounds of the competitors.  A duel to submission meant there would be wounds.  She was also not happy to see her cousin in yet another fight.
  143. Horiuchi Temujin
  144. Standing in the growing crowd is Temujin, wearing a scowl, arms crossed against his chest. This turn of events was displeasing to him, but he could not take his cousin's words back for him. He would simply have to hope that Kurosawa's blade would land true against this Ronin.
  145. Kuzen
  146. Kuzen frowns, studying both of the combatants with a careful eye.
  147. Shinjo Kurosawa
  148. The samurai opened his eyes to take in what was before him. His opponent was fearsome looking, battle scarred and burnt. The Shinjo, in contrast, was clean. His purple kimono had been washed, and the ashigaru armor worn atop of it was polished and clean, practically shining. His expression remains neutral at the sight of the tattered Unicorn mon, but inside he was revulsed. So, this wasn't Jomei's first rodeo against his kind. He bowed equally deeply to his opponent, attempting to maintain eye contact if he could. Trying to show that he would not show fear, despite the fear being very real, and within.
  149. Horiuchi Temujin
  150. "Collect his head, cousin!" Shouts Temujin from the crowd.
  151. PST Lionheart
  152. Jomei readies his stance and lifts his Dai Tsuchi into position. After a long hard look at each of them, the sensei waves his hand forward and steps back. The duel begins!
  153. Horiuchi Sasayaki
  154. silently watches on, but makes sure to place himself within Kuro's line of sight, so he would see a unicorn there in support.
  155. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  156. Yashiro is here. He looks unusually grumpy.
  157. Shinjo Kurosawa
  158. No more words, no more tears. Time to be regretful was over. The Shinjo took off like lightning right at Jomei, and with his sword, slice through Jomei's thick armor, to convince him that the Unicorn clan was not to be fucked with, and that he should've just responded to the bad cops. ((30 to hit, with 35 damage))
  159. PST Lionheart
  160. Jomei takes the cut down his forearm and swings his warhammer at Kuro. The larger height of the man throwing him off allowing Kuro to easily duck under the swing. (After void + reduction takes 20 damage. Swings and misses Kuro)
  161. Shinjo Kurosawa
  162. "Submit." No time for fancy words. He let his statement hang in the air coldly as he struck the mountain of a man once again (41, hit) and drew blood once more (17 damage, but reduced).
  163. PST Lionheart
  164. "Hold still damn you!" Jomei smashes his hammer into the ground below, cracking the earth apart in its might, but Kuro manages to sidestep away in time. (Reduced to 2 damage. Both parties out of void points)
  165. Shinjo Kurosawa
  166. The samurai's breathing kept it's pace, despite his urge to give in and just go faster and faster like the speed machine he was. But he was too focused on keeping calm in this life or death situation; a downwards slash towards the ronin(?) only struck air. And, the fear from before began to bubble up within the Unicorn like a frothy, vile concoction. "Submit." His voice was not nearly as confident this time, but still even.
  167. ((Miss))
  168. PST Lionheart
  169. Jomei attempts to smash shoulder check Kuro before striking him. The mountain of muscle charges forward but only strikes air. (miss)
  170. Shinjo Kurosawa
  171. His breathing quickened, and the sweat shone on the Unicorn's face. "Submit." With that, his voice arced up into a mighty yell, charging forth with reckless abandon. His arms knew where to go, what to do, and swung deep and true into Jomei, the bounty hunter. (Hit, 46) And in his target true, the blade would find itself in his opponent's flesh. (Hit, 30 damage).
  172. PST Lionheart
  173. Kurosawa stops with his blade piercing fully through Jomei's carapace. "GRAHGnnnn...." He lets out a bloodcurdling roar and falls still. Stepping back Kurosawa removed a katana soaked in blood. Jomei drops to his knees and hutches over. Hammer dropping to his side with a loud thump. The ronin nudges forward attempting to summon the strength to get up but to no avail. "I submit...." He grumbles and lowers his head in surrender. The sensei walls the duel in the victory of Kurosawa. Jomei bows to the victor from his seated position.
  174. Horiuchi Temujin
  175. A cheer of approval comes out of the crowd from Temujin as he raises a fist in the air.
  176. Kuzen
  177. Kuzen frowns, then shakes his head, "The heavens were kind..."
  178. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  179. Yashiro eyes the stage warily. Now to see if any of this was even worth it. He hopped down and approaches. "Well you're a better swordsman than him. He may have more sense. Magistrate is still out on that one."
  180. Shinjo Kurosawa
  181. The Shinjo whips the blade away from his opponent, to clear his blade of blood, before resheathing it and bowing to his downed opponent. "You were a most worthy opponent." A most holy terrifying opponent. But that would be improper to say. He closed his eyes and lets all the adrenaline, the noise, the overwhelming everything of it all catch up to him now that he can breathe safely. Next time someone else can play good cop.
  182. Horiuchi Temujin
  183. Temujin makes his way through the crowd and joins Yashiro, Jomei, and Kurosawa.
  184. PST Lionheart
  185. "Hai. As were you Shinjo-sama." He replies to Kuro. The medics lifts Jomei to his feet and support him in place. "I will honor the conditions of victory. Next we week I will cooperate to the best of my ability." he speaks in a pained voice. As if the burns weren't bad enough he got impaled through the gut. He's barely holding together. Not a good week.
  187. The medics carry him off for recovery.
  188. (I gotta get to bed. Next scene with him will be all questions answered)
  189. (Be free to RP the aftermath)
  192. Horiuchi Temujin
  193. Temujin turns to Kurosawa with a small smile on his face.
  194. "You did admirably cousin. Excellent work."
  195. He leans in a bit closer.
  196. "I hope to never see you do that again, neh?"
  197. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  198. "Not like this anyway. I hear there is a tourney coming up. Maybe you could enter."
  199. Shinjo Kurosawa
  200. The Unicorn exhales long and slow, trying to clear the stress of the day away. "Arigato, Tsuruchi-sama, Horiuichi-sama." It's a good thing he wasn't a dog, or else they'd see some tail wagging. Nearly dying was worth all this praise. He only smiled a small smile at Temujin's whispered words. "Only if needed." Why did he feel like it was gonna be needed in the future?
  201. Ikoma Chiaki
  202. Chiaki nods at the result of the fight. Waiting quietly as the Unicorn congratulate the winner
  203. Kuzen
  204. Kuzen steps up alongside Chiaki, watching the group surrounding the ronin.  "That looks like it could have gone far worse.  Any idea what that was all about?"
  205. Shinjo Kurosawa
  206. The Unicorn tries to not beam like a signal at everyone. This was a serious matter, with serious consequences. But man did the thrill not die down. He would try to make his way off the stage unless someone intercepted him, and go get some dinner. A night of crime fighting could build some serious hunger in a man.
  207. Ikoma Chiaki
  208. "Nothing and too much." Chiaki replies with a bow to Kunzen
  209. Kuzen
  210. He bows in reply to her.  "So generous with details and explanations.  Hopefully not some foolish dispute over a petty insult."
  211. Shinjo Kurosawa
  212. ((may I cut in?))
  213. Ikoma Chiaki
  214. "Nothing petty." Chiaki anawers
  215. ((Sure!))
  216. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  217. Yashiro wanders off to find shinkai and have a chat.
  218. Shinjo Kurosawa
  219. The Unicorn would catch wind of this conversation, if allowed, and alter course for the duo. "A simple interrogation, samurai-sama. Nothing more." It almost hurt trying to keep his On like this, but he succeeded. "He was, a bounty hunter that refused to answer questions. But now we will have answers." He nodded. "Hopefully."
  220. Fu
  221. fu watches the samurai mingle
  222. Kuzen
  223. He arches an eyebrow, "Not an interrogation technique I've ever seen used before.  You risked much to try this method.  The world will only be so kind."
  224. Fu
  225. fu seeks the innr enlightenment of the void, exhails and lets the energy between the elements flow through and out his lungs (1 free vp for kuro)
  226. Shinjo Kurosawa
  227. "The regular methods seemed to fail." Even the hulking, threatening Horuichi had not quite gotten answers. "I joined to assist the resistance at all cost. Even if it was... Risky." Next prisoner can have the Shinkai brain worm special. However, he felt a familiar, pleasant prickling sensation creeping up spine and he couldn't help but drop a small smile as he gained a void point.
  228. Kuzen
  229. "It all worked out this time, so not so bad.  That was your first time facing someone in a real one on one duel wasn't it?"  He studies Kurosawa, the question perhaps not so rhetorical.
  230. Shinjo Kurosawa
  231. His smile quickly sank at that. "It was not, unfortunately. But it was only my second." His mood deflated pretty fast at that. "My luck will run out someday, but I will try to reap it's rewards while I can." He bowed to the ronin. "Shinjo Kurosawa, of the Unicorn. Apologies for my rudeness, samurai-sama."
  232. Ikoma Chiaki
  233. "Apologies for mine. This is Kunzen-san." Chiaki states with a bow
  234. Kuzen
  235. "Ah, you're already familiar with each other."  He bows, "There was a freshness to your blade and swordplay that I have not seen in quite some time."
  236. Ikoma Chiaki
  237. "It seems Shinjo-san learnt some things from the other day too." Chiaki nods
  238. Jirozame Shinkai
  239. From a nearby section of wall comes Jirozame Shinkai, yumi slung over his back and arms in the sleeves of his good kimono. His expression is that of mild annoyance, but he will still approach the Shinjo and nod. "Let us hope he provides the answers we seek." A bow is given to him, as well as the Ikoma and the other face that he is mostly unfamiliar with.
  240. Tsuruchi Yashiro
  241. (Yashiro wandered off to find shinkai as an excuse for me to sleep so it's funny you're here now. He must have missed you.)
  242. Shinjo Kurosawa
  243. "An honor and a pleasure to have met you, Kuzen-san." He didn't seem as vibrant as before, but he was still in good cheers. Maybe his past didn't haunt him nearly as badly as it once did. "I did learn from my mission outside the wall. I learnt I do not enjoy being hit." A wry smile. His attention perked up at the Shark, the one that hadn't tried to beat his ass. "Greetings to you as well, Jirozame-sama. If he does not, send him to me again and maybe he will remember his word."
  244. Kuzen
  245. "When a man has nothing else left to lose, he still at least has his pride sometimes.  That man seemed like he was holding onto something."  Kuzen shrugs.  "Generally better not to take injuries in a fight, but sometimes you have to accept them."
  246. Jirozame Shinkai
  247. "If he chooses to not remember his word, I'll follow through on the threat I made to him." The Shark gives a slight nod. "It was a risky choice doing this, but it worked out so I cannot be particularly disappointed."
  248. Shinjo Kurosawa
  249. "He was a prisoner, cornered. This was his only out, but he did not escape." LORD, he would've been in some deep doodoo if the bounty hunter had won, especially among his clansmen. Those thoughts got pushed out of his head, and fast. He looked at the ronin and nodded. "Wise words, Kuzen-sama. I pray I do not take any more, but my cousin works at the infirmary, and can bring me back to fighting strength quick enough." Right, sell on the cousin to any potentials. To Shinkai: "Next time, you may bring out your pet worms, they will have their turn." His laugh was low and gentle, but he really did not want to stick around if the worms came out.
  250. Kuzen
  251. "Find what drives a person, and you can get them to spill their secrets freely.  Not my area of expertise, but everyone has their weaknesses they let slip if you pay close enough attention.  Sometimes that is all you need."
  252. Asahina Kairi
  253. Kairi glared at her cousin. Sure she was happy he won, but here he was, having just been involved in another fight. She moved to him and bowed of course. "Just can't stay out of trouble I see."
  254. Jirozame Shinkai
  255. "Hardly pets. Also, I doubt the Kuni would have stood for it..." He pauses, thinking. "Then again, they may have wished to study the effects. Hard to tell with them." He gives a chuckle before shaking his head. "Some men aren't interested in anything logical, though."
  256. Shinjo Kurosawa
  257. "I will advise as such to the next round of interrogators, Kuzen-sama." The answer was probably sake. But he had only been there to observe. Quite a wild ride, going from being bored to fighting for your life. "I leave the study to those who specialize in it. Bugs and their effect on a man is not my strength, but I would be interested to observe that, if it happens." Please don't let it happen. It sounded vile, but people watched car crash videos all day. He froze stiffly at the sight of his Crane cousin. "I did not get hurt this time," he protested, holding his arms up on display to show his not wounds. "This does not count as trouble, Kairi."
  258. Kuzen
  259. His eyes narrow, "Wait, you weren't planning on using those things on him?  That would have been reckless and cruel in the extreme.  "Hmm, another acquaintance of yours?"  Kuzen looks over Kairi.
  260. Jirozame Shinkai
  261. "A threat, designed to elicit his cooperation."
  262. Shinjo Kurosawa
  263. He rubbed the back of his white hair a bit sheepish. "My cousin, she is a healer at the infirmary I... frequent." Punch card and everything. "Next time we will show the worms, then they'll take it more seriously, I think." Although Kuro had not seen them for himself, he'd heard of their foul nature.
  264. Kuzen
  265. Kuzen's expression hardens and his knuckles grow white on the pommel of his katana.  "Never make a threat you aren't prepared to follow through on.  And using those things on a person is not what we should be, aside from the foolishness of ruining the mind of a person you're trying to interrogate."
  266. Asahina Kairi
  267. "I can see that you aren't hurt, but that doesn't mean you couldn't have been been seriously injured." She turned to Kuzen and bowed. "Asahina Kairi. This Unicorn is my cousin, trouble seems to follow him. Or he purposely finds it. Either way I have to patch him back up afterwards."
  268. Kuzen
  269. He takes a slow breath then bows to the Crane, keeping Kurosawa and Shinkai in his field of vision.  "Kuzen.  It is good to be introduced to you Asahina-sama."
  270. Shinjo Kurosawa
  271. The Unicorn shrugged. "It was not my threat, but it would have contributed to our understanding of them, at worst. That is not my way, so I took the alternate path." Shinkai and those bugs, man. However, the ronin did have a point: make promises you can cash only. A good lesson to keep in mind for the future. "Kairi please," he's just trying to look cool, "I did not intend for this to happen. It was a last resort."
  272. Jirozame Shinkai
  273. This ronin was real judge-y. Shinkai casts his gaze sidelong at the ronin, eyebrow raised slightly. "I prefer to remain a realist. We do what we must to ensure our survival. The ronin was without honor and would have died the same. You are welcome to disagree." As the introductions are made, the Shark pauses a moment. "Jirozame Shinkai." He'll offer a bow to Kuzen.
  274. Kuzen
  275. "We've met once before, chasing down those thieves who were stealing tools.  I believe you tried making an offer to the Lion to take them into the Shark clan as workers.  It was received poorly."  He reaches a hand up and adjusts his jingasa, "I survived fourteen years more or less on my own, I'm well aware of what practical limits are.  But I also recall that the enemy we fight seeks to pervert and defile everything the empire once stood for.  Giving up on what morals we have is just handing him a victory."
  276. Shinjo Kurosawa
  277. The Unicorn bows his head. "I believe we can find balance between the two methods." Between brain worms and bashing there surely had to be a middle ground. "For example; my clansmen in the North continue to use hit and run tactics. Not necessarily the most honorable, but effective without being dishonorable. We should strive to find that kind of balance here." What that was was up to everyone else though, Kuro did his bit.
  278. Jirozame Shinkai
  279. "I had forgotten, my apologies. And yes, I did." As Kuzen mentions the desire to remain moral, the Shark gives a shrug. "When we have the luxury of worrying about honor, I'll be more agreeable to you point of view. I take solace in the fact that my actions help others survive and perhaps thrive one day."
  280. Kuzen
  281. "Luxuries have to be seized, no one is going to give you anything for free.  We must balance practicality with the methods of our ancestors.  But, you both have cause to be proud of your successes.  I should not try to take that away from you."
  282. Shinjo Kurosawa
  283. "We will survive this war yet it seems." He puts on a small smile. Maybe they were not in total agreement, but they could live with their differences in opinion. Worthy of celebration. "Please, allow me to invite you both to dinner. It has been a long day," his stomachs small growl confirmed this, "and talk is better on a full stomach. You may pick wherever, I am sure my lord will pick up the tab."
  284. Jirozame Shinkai
  285. "I'm afraid I have another engagement that I must attend to Shinjo-san, my apologies. Duty calls." The Shark gives another small bow. "Success is it's own reward. I do not mind disagreement, Kuzen-san. We are each entitled to an opinion."
  286. Kuzen
  287. "Entitlements eh?  Wasn't aware I was allowed to have anything like that.  But I appreciate the sentiment."  His mouth twitches.
  288. Ikoma Chiaki
  289. ((Sorry for dropping out. Was shopping))
  290. Shinjo Kurosawa
  291. He bowed to the Shark. "Next time." Maybe there would be a next time, unlike real life where people flaked. "Be fortunate in your duties." With that, he still had the offer available to Kuzen, if he so desired.
  292. Kuzen
  293. "Another time Shinjo-sama, no offense.  But I have some things I need to take care of.  The drums just made it hard to ignore."  (Getting late here, I need to head off)
  294. Shinjo Kurosawa
  295. ((No worries.))
  296. Jirozame Shinkai
  297. "I believe that opinions are much like chamber pots. Most everyone has one, and they frequently smell poorly. Farewell." The Shark gives a bow and moves to take his leave.
  298. Asahina Kairi
  299. Kairi had stayed quiet after being cross with Kuro, she was kind of feeling bad about it to be honest.  But if she softened now he might not learn his lesson.  So instead she bowed to the departing samurai. "Be safe."
  300. Kuzen
  301. Kuzen bows and excuses himself, disappearing quickly into the city.
  302. Shinjo Kurosawa
  303. He nodded to the ronin as well. A date for sure. His author would remember this. "Best wishes." He bowed at each of them respectively as they made their stage exits. Although he couldn't help but smirk at the chamber pot remark, but quickly fixed his On after doing so.
  304. ((scene or are there any survivors?))
  305. Asahina Kairi
  306. (Kairi didn't get invited to dinner :stuck_out_tongue:)
  307. Jirozame Shinkai
  308. ((#rekt))
  309. Shinjo Kurosawa
  310. ((I can fix that actually. I'm still conscious and don't have anything planned tomorrow.))
  311. Asahina Kairi
  312. (It's fine, I should head to bed soon.  Just giving you a hard time for the snub :laughing: )
  313. Shinjo Kurosawa
  314. ((3 dinner dates. With that I'll close this scene for whoever else needs this room. Thanks for keeping Kuro company after the fight, guys n gals <3))
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