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  1. Top tier - low effort and high confidence:
  2. 1. Practice basic hygiene.
  3. 2. Sleep enough and at consistent times.
  4. 3. Eat enough and at consistent times.
  5. 4. Exercise. Any beats none by a large margin.
  6. 5. When criticizing someone, include at least as much praise as criticism, and ideally twice as much.
  7. 6. Assume close relationships are at least twice as valuable as they seem, and protect them at great cost.
  9. High tier - either moderate effort or moderate confidence:
  10. 1. Make a special effort to remember people's names.
  11. 2. When attending a social gathering with new people, bring a small communal gift.
  12. 3. Focus on gratitude on a regular, ideally ritual basis.
  13. 4. Set short term goals and celebrate meeting them.
  14. 5. Consider complaining expensive - if you have the willpower to avoid it, you probably should, and if you do it with a low social balance, try to make some effort to pay off the resulting social debt.
  15. 6. Try not to talk more than twice as much as whoever is talking the least in a group setting, unless you are in some sort of privileged position that requires it.
  16. 7. Eat whatever foods are considered healthy this decade.
  17. 8. Try not to feel very guilty or anxious about unendorsed thoughts.
  19. Mid tier/conditional - either highly uncertain, really difficult, or only subject to certain conditions:
  20. 1. If you are low on energy, consider using caffeine.
  21. 2. If you have a hard time sleeping, consider using melatonin to set your schedule.
  22. 3. If you are unsure about your mental health, err on the side of seeking professional help, especially if you've never tried before or met with success when you've tried before.
  23. 4. Pay attention to when you want to talk about money, romantic success, or other status indices, and do so with care.
  24. 5. If you're ruminating a lot, try cognitive behavioral therapy techniques, journaling, or both.
  25. 6. If you're having an argument in public, consider the possibility that it might be better to have it in private. If it isn't better to have it in private, consider stopping immediately.
  26. 7. If you're at a life stage where you think new romantic partners may be permanent, especially if you hope to be monogamous, talk about finances and children early.
  27. 8. Use humor and candor to admit your limitations and mistakes.
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