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chatrealm 1-24-2015

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Jan 25th, 2015
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  1. Sunbun reluctantly submits Cause for Pause
  2. <Gatowag> I can't count how many times I had to listen to that song.
  3. <mek> well then you should have paid more attention in math class
  4. <Sunbun> rekt
  5. <Gatowag> I get it.
  6. <mek> what?
  7. <Gatowag> The joke is that most people would have been able to, but I wasn't.
  8. <Gatowag> It's funny because it's at my expense!
  9. <Gatowag> Hahaha
  10. <mek> sounds like that would cost a lot
  11. <Gatowag> If you had paid attention in economics class you would have known that it couldn't be cheaper. Hey-oh!
  12. <Sunbun> mek has possession of the ball
  13. <mek> i have a crippling neurological problem : |
  14. <Sunbun> shit
  15. <mek> thanks for rubing salt in the wound gatowag
  16. <Gatowag> Sounds like you should have gone to hospital class, amiright?
  17. <mek> no they cant help
  18. <mek> but i did learn about it in bio 101
  19. <mek> burn ward
  20. <Gatowag> Maybe you should have gone to clippy class, I heard that guy is full of help!
  21. <mek> that one button website has a great clippy thing
  22. <Gatowag> Was this played on a preshow once before? I feel like I remember this.
  23. <mek> click the button and clippy appears
  24. <mek> it was preshow
  25. <Sunbun> this was preshow'd?
  26. <Gatowag> I believe so, don't think Brian made it all the way through though.
  27. <mek> wow thats a suprise
  28. <Sunbun> dat choreography tho
  29. <Gatowag> well then you should have paid more attention in always being aware and prepared for any possible situation class
  30. <mek> i did
  31. <mek> it was right after how to burn gatowags in irc class
  32. <Gatowag> well we don't all excel at all fields I suppose, I was never particularly great at history
  33. <mek> or math erxo the start of this convo
  34. <Gatowag> I was actually pretty proficient in maths.
  35. <mek> o english are we
  36. <mek> ladeee daaa
  37. <mek> chip chip honey nut cherrios
  38. <Gatowag> your neurologies are showing
  39. <mek> your epidermis is showing
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