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  1. #Operation Irongeek
  3. #opirongeek
  5. Facts:
  6. On Thursday June 5 it was learned that Google has suspended the YouTube account of Adrian Crenshaw´╗┐, also known as Irongeek, who travels to conferences across the country to video presentations at hacker conferences for educational purposes. He does this at his own expense as a service of the community. It appears that Google suspended this account for TOS reasons that are based on the subject of his videos.
  8. Censorship:
  9. This is direct censorship of hacking content by Google. This cannot stand. It is an affront to free speech.
  11. Call to Action:
  12. We ask that all members of the information security community join us in urging Google to restore Irongeek account.
  14. The hastag for this op is #opirongeek. Please use the hashtag when Tweeting about this issue. We ask that you use social media to spread the word about this attack on free speech.
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