Grimdark Fluttershy x Chrysalis

Apr 26th, 2020
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  1. >Fluttershy crawled across the tangled floor of the Everfree forest, dragging her ruined body over roots, vines, leaves, and dirt
  2. >Pain had dulled her mind, and she found it was growing hard to keep herself above the dark swell of unconsciousness
  3. >That dire wolf hadn’t meant to attack her, she was sure…
  4. >She had just scared it, and it had reacted in the only way that was natural to it: it attacked her
  5. >Fluttershy’s side burned where the claws had raked her tender flesh
  6. >She had bandaged it as best she could, but it wouldn’t be enough
  7. >A young druid, she would die in her beloved woods, killed by its creatures
  8. >Perhaps that wasn’t so bad…
  9. >”My, my…”
  10. >A low, female voice reached Fluttershy’s ears
  11. >She used what little strength she had to lift her head
  12. >Up ahead, in a dark cleft in the trees stood a tall, robed figure
  13. >Despite the wild environment, her robes were of fine black silk embroidered with vivid green
  14. >”The forest has taken its toll on you, hasn’t it, you pretty little creature?”
  15. “P-please…” Fluttershy pleaded. “Help me…”
  16. >”Help?”
  17. >Fluttershy nodded
  18. >She could feel tears burning in her eyes now
  19. >As much as she loved the forest, she didn’t want to die here
  20. >Oh gods no, she didn’t want to die!
  21. >”I suppose it would be within my power…”
  22. >The robed figure stepped forward
  23. >As she did so, the light filtering through the branches overhead faded to near black, until all Fluttershy could see was the figure’s silhouette, along with two glowing green eyes
  24. >”But what do you have for me?”
  25. “I’m sorry… n-nothing…”
  26. >”Hmm. As I figured.”
  27. “P-please…”
  28. >Fluttershy rolled onto her back
  29. >Her chest heaved as she fought to keep air in it
  30. >The robed woman stepped forward until she towered over Fluttershy’s prone form
  31. >Beneath her cowl, Fluttershy saw a sharp-toothed grin stretch across the woman’s face
  32. >”There is something you can give me. Not gold, but something far more… *delicious*.”
  33. “You’ll… e-eat me?”
  34. >”Hah! In a manner of speaking. Do you want to live, little one?”
  35. >Fluttershy choked down a sob
  36. “Y-yes,” she said, nodding
  37. >”Good.”
  38. >The woman unclasped her robes and opened them
  39. >Beneath the garments she was completely naked, and though the forest had grown dark, Fluttershy could see her nude form perfectly
  40. >Her skin was a deep, ashen gray, but every inch of her was covered in a thin film of luminous green slime
  41. >Fluttershy shuddered
  42. >”What? You reject the form of your queen?”
  43. “N-no…”
  44. >The woman chuckled
  45. >”As I expected.”
  46. >She ran her hands along her body until they reached her breasts, which she squeezed
  47. >They were full and swollen with health, and her dark nipples dripped with a glowing green liquid
  48. >”If you wish to live, drink. And then, you’ll repay me.”
  49. “O-okay…”
  50. >Pain lanced through Fluttershy’s body, making her spasm in the dirt
  51. “A-ah!”
  52. >She cried out in pain, and the woman dropped to her knees by Fluttershy’s head
  53. >”Don’t resist me.”
  54. >The words froze Fluttershy
  55. >And then a soft, warm breast was pressed against her face
  56. >She couldn’t resist; as soon as the pointed nipple touched her mouth, Fluttershy’s lips formed around it and she suckled like an infant
  57. >Sour, acrid fluid flowed into her mouth
  58. >Fluttershy squirmed in discomfort as the liquid poured into her
  59. >Her throat spasmed and gagged, but she drank deeply despite her body’s resistance
  60. >And then the pain began to abate
  61. >Flesh knitted together, and Fluttershy went limp as ecstasy flowed through her
  62. “G-guh…”
  63. >”My, so greedy. You must have been hurt terribly.”
  64. >Fluttershy finally found the strength to open her mouth
  65. >The queen’s nipple popped out, still connected to Fluttershy’s lips by a thin string of saliva
  66. “It… it all feels better now. T-thank you.”
  67. >The queen let out a low, sultry laugh
  68. >”You’ll thank me with more than words, soon. Now, *sleep*.”
  69. >Upon hearing the command, Fluttershy immediately fell unconscious
  70. >The queen’s juices flowed through her veins now, and she would not disobey
  72. >She awoke deep beneath the earth, in one of the hive’s many empty cells
  73. >Fluttershy sat up, finding she was lying on the bare earth
  74. >Though there were no shackles around her ankles, she knew she was trapped
  75. “H-hello?”
  76. >She called out, but her voice reverberated throughout the empty tunnels
  77. “Hello!?” she called a bit louder
  78. >”Silence, little one.”
  79. >Fluttershy let out a terrified yelp, pressing herself up against the wall
  80. >The queen seemed to meld out of the shadows, a predatory grin stretching across her fine, fey features
  81. >Green light filled the small cave as she entered, and Fluttershy found she was looking at something only vaguely human
  82. >The queen was completely nude, and a set of insectoid wings fanned out from behind her
  83. >Lank green hair fell over the queen’s shoulders, spilling over her chest and down her back
  84. >Her bare fit slipped over the earth with only the faintest whisper, and her hips swayed in a way that made Fluttershy’s knees weak
  85. “Where, um… w-where am I?”
  86. >”You are home, little one.”
  87. “N-no! Whatever you want, I promise, I’ll give it to you. But… I have to…”
  88. >”To what?”
  89. >Fluttershy found her tongue couldn’t complete the sentence
  90. >”You took my deal, my little pet. Now, you are mine. Kneel before your queen, Chrysalis of the Changelings.”
  91. >Fluttershy sank to her knees
  92. >Chrysalis’s emerald eyes burned into her, and Fluttershy found that her own chest burned in response
  93. >Despite the frigid fear rolling through her, her core blazed in its yearning for her queen
  94. >”You want me. Say it.”
  95. “I…”
  96. >Fluttershy clamped her mouth shut
  97. >But she did want her
  98. >Her eyes swept over her queen’s body: delicious breasts, slender legs, mesmerizing hips, hairless, wet skin…
  99. >The queen smiled, baring a mouth full of razor-sharp teeth
  100. >”Now that you’ve tasted me, you can’t help but want me. Now say it.”
  101. “I… I want you. M-my… um, my queen…”
  102. >”Ah, yes. You’ll do fine. Now, follow me, my pet. I wish to feed.”
  103. >The queen stepped forward, letting Fluttershy watch her ass sway
  104. >Fluttershy staggered forward, unable to restrain herself
  105. >Chrysalis paused
  106. >”No. Follow me on your hands and knees. Like those wolves you love~”
  107. >Fluttershy did as she was told
  108. >The rough ground hurt her knees, but she didn’t care
  109. >The longer she stared at the queen, the more she needed her
  110. >She wanted a taste of anything the queen would give her, and no matter what Chrysalis asked of her, Fluttershy knew she would do it
  112. >At last, they came to a subterranean throne room
  113. >The place looked like the inside of something’s terrible throat, but carved from dark, glistening stone
  114. >The queen led Fluttershy to a dias, atop which stood a fountain of green sludge
  115. >A throne of some sorts, perverse and foul
  116. >Fluttershy’s arms and legs burned with exhaustion, but she stayed in place until her queen called her
  117. >Chysalis sprawled across the rim of the fountain and beckoned Fluttershy forward
  118. >”Come, pet. Kiss me.”
  119. >Fluttershy dragged herself up the stone steps, salivating at the idea of getting to taste her mistress again
  120. >”Wait.”
  121. >Chrysalis extended one leg
  122. >”Start with my feet.”
  123. >Fluttershy did as she was told
  124. >She took Chrysalis’s foot in her hands; it was totally clean, and Fluttershy pressed her lips up against it, feeling smooth, slightly cold skin against her lips
  125. >She kipped up to her queen’s toes, then made her way up Chrysalis’s leg, then to her stomach…
  126. >And then Chrysalis grabbed ahold of Fluttershy’s face, tilting it upwards
  127. >Fluttershy let out a choked gasp as her queen’s mouth pressed against hers
  128. >The queen’s lips were cold and surprisingly lifeless
  129. >But they forced Fluttershy’s mouth open, and the tongue that slid between Fluttershy’s teeth was wet, hot, and *long*
  130. >Fluttershy’s own tongue tried to wrestle against Chrysalis’s, but the slippery appendage forced its way to the back of her throat, then down Fluttershy’s gullet as the queen kissed her viciously
  131. >At first, she spasmed and fought against the kiss
  132. >But the ecstasy of being embraced took her, and Fluttershy surrendered to the agony
  133. >Chrysalis withdrew her tongue when she was satisfied, and Fluttershy sank to the ground, sputtering
  134. >The queen wiped her mouth, then placed her hands on Fluttershy’s shoulders
  135. >”Let’s remove these filthy rags. I wish to see my prize.”
  136. >The queen’s fingernails elongated to fiendish claws, and she raked them along Fluttershy’s body, shredding the furs she wore
  137. “Aaah!”
  138. >Fluttershy cried out in pain as the claws bit into her flesh as well
  139. >She dropped to the ground, naked and bleeding slightly
  140. >The queen only laughed
  141. >”Are you hurt, my pet?”
  142. “N-no, my queen. Um… I w-wouldn’t mind… more…”
  143. >”I know.”
  144. >Fluttershy felt claws dig into her hips
  145. >”Ah, such a petite little thing. Fate was kind to bring you to me. I shall drink *well* tonight…”
  146. >The queen cupped Fluttershy’s ass, and Fluttershy squealed
  147. >Her queen was going to *take* her
  148. >Fluttershy’s heart sang
  149. >The juices in her veins were nearly broiling now
  150. >Every part of her body trembled in delight at the queen’s touch
  151. >She wanted to be used!
  152. >She wanted to be a meal for her queen!
  153. >She wanted to serve, to pleasure, to be everything that Chrysalis wanted her to be
  154. >Fluttershy raised her ass up into the air, pressed her bare breasts against the frigid floor in the process
  155. “Please, my queen… e-enjoy me!”
  156. >”I shall.”
  157. >The queen bent over Fluttershy, pressing her slick, warm crotch against Fluttershy’s buttocks
  158. >Fluttershy squirmed beneath her mistress, pressing back against the queen’s flowing sex
  159. “Take me…” Fluttershy muttered. “Take me, take me, take me. Make me… your b-*bitch*…”
  160. >”Oh, my dear,” Chrysalis drawled as she squeezed Fluttershy’s tender butt. “If you insist~”
  161. >Fluttershy heard a gentle splash as the queen dipped her fingers into the font of slime
  162. >And then, the queen’s fingers slipped between Fluttershy’s cheeks, pressing against that filthy secret between them
  163. >The tiny part of Fluttershy’s mind that still remained untouched by Chrysalis’s taint screamed at her to stop, to run
  164. >But it was too little a part: the rest of Fluttershy’s mind was too deeply infected, and the knowledge that her body’s disgusting core would please her queen…
  165. >It *exhilarated* her
  166. “G-guh… my queen… *o-oh~*”
  167. >A finger slid into Fluttershy’s hole, making her tremble
  168. >It hurt, almost as much as the direwolf’s claws had
  169. >But this hurt was inside her, and it was a dirty, impure hurt
  170. >She felt filth flowing up inside her as she let herself be violated
  171. >But it was her *queen*
  172. >And so the pain just exalted her further
  173. >She pressed her ass against Chrysalis, letting the queen force a second finger in
  174. “A-ah!”
  175. >”It hurts, does it not?”
  176. “It… it d-does…”
  177. >”Mmmm… delicious.”
  178. >Fluttershy could feel something flowing out of her
  179. >A part of her, a part far deeper than the queen’s probing fingers could ever reach, was being drained
  180. >But knowing that it satisfied Chysalis was good
  181. >She surrendered, letting Chrysalis ruin her
  182. >And then, suddenly, the queen’s fingers slipped out of Fluttershy
  183. >She kept her butt raised, though, ready for whatever might come next
  184. >Until her queen was satisfied, she would stay like this
  185. >And then she felt Chrysalis’s hot breath against her nether regions
  186. >”Ah, yes. What a meal I can make of you…”
  187. >The queen gribbed Fluttershy’s thighs, and Fluttershy felt Chrysalis’s red-hot tongue slipping along her thigh
  188. >She couldn’t even cry out now
  189. >To be tasted by her own queen…
  190. >Fluttershy squeezed her eyes shut
  191. >There was nothing but white-hot, obliderating bliss
  192. >Whatever was left of Fluttershy’s free will burned away as Chrysalis’s tongue probed her tender, dripping slit
  193. >And then it slipped inside
  194. >Fluttershy cried out once, and then delight consumed her
  195. >She was an animal, now, flailing in pleasure as her queen drank in everything
  196. >And she relished the golden, glowing light that filled her as her senses left her
  198. >Fluttershy awoke at the foot of the queen’s thrown
  199. >She was clad only in a thin silk gown, and was totally naked underneath
  200. >A heavy metal collar had been fitted around her throat, and a chain connected her to the base of the fountain
  201. >She curled up against the stone steps, a tiny, hollow smile on her lips
  202. >Her queen was nearby, and soon she would come to feed again
  203. >Fluttershy’s smile widened, and she leaned her head back, imagining the feeling of her queen’s touch
  204. >It was so, so good…
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