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  1. First of all, his full real Japanese name is Hikaru Takenouchi, my friend even made a parody account using his name:
  3. And a picture of him when he was a child model(yes, he was a child model)
  4. Old profile of his:
  6. Yes, I am an ex-girlfriend of Einshine, I dated him for a total of 8 months, and he even lived with me for 5 of those months. I had known him for about 2 years before the relationship began.
  8. Where do I even start.
  10. I remember when he was just 15 years old, and he was just a goofy kid that didn't know how to talk to girls,
  11. And this is when he first began his Minecraft channel, owning a minecraft server with his friend CobbleMoss, it's unlikely anyone would know that guy.
  13. Moving on, he was innocent, no dirty jokes, no swearing, nothing, he was living in Alaska with his grandmother and near his cousins,
  15. I was just talking to him, his nickname being Shine as you all know, and we would just casually play minecraft, have fun, it was all very PG, until one day, he cut off contact with me for 6 months after a year of talking to him.
  16. Once he got back in contact with me, he was at 300,000 subscribers, and was wanting to drift away from Minecraft.
  17. I noticed he had grown up a little bit, and was even rather more polite, we had quickly grown close again, and we began dating. And instantly decided to come to my country.
  19. He was in the capital, so I went there and we stayed together for a few nights, again, he was a nice polite guy.
  20. So later he came to stay with me and my family for christmas and new years, he's here and everything is still, absolutely fine.
  21. I'm helping him run his minecraft server at this point, as well as drawing the thumbnails for his videos(which are no longer up, but they were thumbnails for the game Catherine(+I know they weren't very good, it was over 2 years ago ok >>;;)).
  23. In January 2014, when he was planning to come stay with me again he put a twitter status saying 'Single : )' I was confused and asked him about it, he said it was just to get more attention from fan girls. It hurt, but I didn't question it after.
  25. Anyways, after that he went back to London for awhile, and came back to live with me early February so he could stay for his birthday (Feb 9th).
  27. He was even asking me to be in his videos and such, but I kindly remained as background production and hopefully tried to keep him motivated, simply because I didn't want to suddenly disappear from his life and have that bash lash his channel.
  30. In February, Shine mentioned that he wanted to meet up with two 13 year old fan girls from where I lived, they were messaging his twitter, he resisted in showing the messages, and said that I could not come with him. (He was always very resistant when it came to messages, I tried to respect his privacy, but it made me paranoid when he would always make sure his screen was facing away from my own.)
  32. I was concerned with him not knowing the area and meeting two absolute strangers, my area was known to be rough, adding to the concern, afterwards when he prepared to see them, I told him to be careful and he lashed out at me, telling me that he can do what he wants. I just nodded/said alright, and he eventually ended up canceling on them.
  35. Then, it was all dandy and such.
  36. Until March and April.
  37. I remember those months so well.
  38. He began to change, something was stirring in that guy, like he was hiding something from me.
  39. And he was.
  40. And that was lovely, little, NyanStrike.
  41. Well, her and something worse.
  42. 10 - 13 year old fans, on his skype account, messaging him.
  43. I had never been so shocked, I basically woke up one morning, he was asleep beside me, his laptop was open in the living room, and I know I shouldn't of been lurking through his private skype messages.
  44. However.
  45. He was asking, young girls, "What kind of things have you done with guys before? ;)"
  46. and... strange things.
  47. So obviously I stormed into my bedroom shouting, "whats this and that on your pc".
  48. He had no excuse, but I don't know if that stopped him, but I knew it stopped me from looking again. I tried to block it out of my mind.
  50. He began to grow more distant, repeating the words. "If we broke up, would you still work for me?(thumbnails and etc)"
  51. It hurt more and more every time. And I didn't know what quite to do, I was losing him, but I don't know if I was okay with it.
  53. And this is when he mentioned Kat, also known as Kayurita/NyanStrike/Nyansai, he kept mentioning, 'this really cool artist'.
  54. Who kept drawing him, and drawing him and... It was good art, very good in comparison to me at the time.
  55. But one day, while talking about her, he said.
  56. "Oh I saw what Kat looked like yesterday?"
  57. I simply listened.
  58. His words: "Her face is really fucked up, her nose the most."
  59. I, didn't know what to say.
  60. But that is a quote from his mouth, and if you believe me or not is up to you.
  62. And then he left, the last day of April.
  63. And back online speaking we were, and it was fine... for about a week. I mentioned about helping him with his videos again.
  65. And Shine flipped...
  67. Saying, how dare I try to get involved, or apparently attempt to steal his followers.
  68. And dropped it like a bomb, and dumped me.
  69. Blocked me from everything, and hasn't spoken to me since.
  71. Now, there is more. During that time, he was working with a particular Youtuber, [Name].
  72. Now, a few months later, I get a message from [Name].
  74. "You were right."
  75. And what was I right about?
  76. "Einshine is a pedo."
  77. How?
  78. "When I was with him in Japan. He was saying that he'd do things to kids, now I don't know what to say to him."
  80. Now bare in mind, this was 2 years ago, but we can only hope, he's no longer a danger, but I certainly don't believe that.
  82. Cut to now. [Name] (the Youtuber) blocked me and [Name] is once again friends with Shine. I don't ask anything about, but I'm concerned since Shine is now trying to spread rumors about me ("knife chasing") and [Name] decided to befriend him again after accusing him of being a pedophile.
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