[TLH/SinKid] Breakfast In Bed

Feb 19th, 2019
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  1. Liena hesitated for a moment, carefully balancing the tray of food in one hand. She could hear quiet sobbing through her mother's bedroom door. Then, she knocked on the door, in her own pattern - her brother and adopted sister could knock normally and answer Leni when she asked who it was, but not being able to speak kind of made that a little awkward, and Leni often freaked out if she couldn't tell who it was. So, the two of them had worked out a system so the two of them could talk behind closed doors. It was rudimentary at best, but it usually worked. Usually.
  3. The sounds of crying died down slowly "L-Liena?"
  5. Liena knocked once.
  7. A pause. "You can come if you'd like."
  9. Liena gingerly opened the door. Her mother was sitting upright on her bed, wiping under her eyes with the sleeves of her pyjamas.
  11. Those same eyes brightened upon seeing Liena, and the plate of food she was carrying. "Aww, is that for me?"
  13. Liena nodded, placing the tray carefully on Leni's lap. In the centre of the tray was a nearly-flawless omelette, with cheese, ham and mixed veggies, and garnished with a sprinkling of chives. On one side, a pink-coloured smoothie, Leni's favourite blend. On the other, more for balance than anything, was a small vase with a trio of flowers - one picked out by herself, one by Lyle, and one by Bed.
  15. Leni smiled, and pet Liena's shoulder. "Thank you, honey, it's lovely."
  17. Liena could tell, by the way Leni's eyebrows were slightly furrowed and her voice sounded a little more sombre than usual, she was not feeling great. Tapping her shoulder to get her focus, she pointed at her, then tapped her open palm with the underside of her other hand twice with a look of concern - the sign for [YOU OKAY?]
  19. It took a few seconds for Leni to process it - she wasn't the best with sign language, and usually Lyle or Bed was on hand to help translate. "I'm... I'm fine, honey."
  21. Liena raised an eyebrow, putting her finger to her lip and moving it a few inches away from her face. [REALLY?]
  23. Leni hesitated for a moment, then bowed her head and sighed. "I'm just a bit overwhelmed right now. I've got a project due in a few weeks I'm a little behind on, and another one just about to start." She smiled wearily. "You know how it is."
  25. Liena gave her a sympathetic look, but then frowned slightly. She was holding back on her. [THAT'S NOT ALL]
  27. Another few moments to process. "I..." She began to tear up again. "I don't know... I'm just worried about you, Lyle and Bed. I don't know if I've been a good mom to you three, and... like, you know about you and Lyle's dad."
  29. She nodded.
  31. "I read that kids who's mom and dad are... related, they're not healthy or something. Like, I know you can't speak, but what if something else happens to you two?" She sighed with a shaky breath. "Gosh, I probably sound mean or paranoid..."
  33. Liena paused, then smiled softly. [I AM OKAY]
  35. "I know, honey, but..."
  37. [DON'T WORRY. OKAY?]
  39. Leni wiped her eye again. "I... I'll try..."
  41. Liena pointed to herself, crossed her arms over her chest, pointed at her, and tapped her chin with her thumb while spreading her fingers out flat. [I LOVE YOU MOM]
  43. This was one of the few ASL phrases Leni knew off-by-heart. She beamed, tears now freely flowing. "I love you too, Liena."
  45. Liena leaned forwards and wrapped her in a big hug, making sure to not send her breakfast flying. She held on for a few moments, then pulled back, patting Leni's shoulder. [I AM GOING. ENJOY]
  47. Leni nodded. "Thank you again for the breakfast, honey. I think this is totally what I need right now."
  49. Liena smiled, waved, and shut the door behind her.
  51. "So, did you give her the flowers?" She heard a voice ask. She turned to Lyle, standing cross-armed, with Bed next to him rocking on her feet.
  53. [YES, AND CARD]
  55. "Did she read it?" Bed asked, excitedly.
  57. [NOT YET]
  59. "Aw." Bed dipped her head, momentarily disappointed.
  61. "Hey, speaking of, where's our breakfast?" Lyle asked.
  63. Liena frowned. [MAKE IT YOURSELF]
  65. "Dang it."
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