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  1. 100
  2. Again!
  3. It started again!
  4. They suddenly appear
  5. even if I don't want to hear them.
  6. Stay away! Stay away! Stay away! Stay away!
  7. I can hear them!
  8. Stop! Stop! Stop!
  10. You're in the way.
  11. Can you do it or not?
  12. You're just fooling around.
  13. Shut up!
  14. How does a child like that make me look?
  15. I don't know.
  16. It's true.
  18. 101
  19. I don't want to hear them!
  20. I don't want to hear them!
  22. 学校来るんじゃね Don't come to school
  23. 嫌われるわよ They'll hate me.
  24. かなえちゃんこんあ子だったんだね Oh, so you're that kind of girl, Kanae-chan
  25. 死ねよ Die
  26. 父親そっくり Just like her father
  27. みっともない Shameful
  28. 勉強しろ Go and study
  29. 恥ずかしい So embarrassing
  30. 何回言ったらわかるんだよ How many times do I have to tell you that?
  31. 空気読もうよ Read the mood, yeah?
  32. 学校行け Go to school
  33. あんたの事は諦めてたわ I gave up on you
  34. あんたバカ? Are you retarded?
  35. あんた頭おかしいわ You've a screw loose
  36. もういいわ That's enough
  37. お姉ちゃんなんだから You are the big sister
  38. あんたはいいわよ You don't have to
  40. Stop!
  41. Make them stop!
  42. Someone!
  43. Help!
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