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  1. Voyeurism:
  3. >it's a Cartman breaks into Kyle's room and masturbates on him while he's asleep episode
  4. >it's a Cartman jerking off to footage he recorded of Kyle showering episode
  5. >Cartman using it to blackmail Kyle into doing degrading things
  7. >it's a Cartman finds out where Kyle is now living/his phone number and constantly calls him just to breathe heavily and jerk off to Kyle's frustrated obliviousness over the whole situation episode
  10. General Rape:
  12. >it's a Cartman somehow gets Kyle abducted into human trafficking, goes to the auction where he's being sold (Kyle being parraded around on stage wearing nothing but a dog collar attached to a leash and blindfold), wins the auction for him, and then fucks him for hours in every hole while revelling in those sweet tears falling from under the blindfold before ripping it off as he's cumming inside the cute Jew to let him see who's been debauching him the whole night episode
  14. >it's a Cartman steals an anesthetic that paralyzes Kyle's body but keeps him conscious so he can see every second of Cartman utterly ravaging and defiling his defenseless body episode
  16. >it's a Cartman reenacts the movie "Boxing Helena" on Kyle episode
  18. >Cartman blackmails Kyle into being his slave and ejaculates on him in public
  21. School Dance:
  23. >it’s a Cartman blackmails Kyle into dressing like a girl and parades him around the school dance while he feels intense humiliation
  25. >it's a Cartman later forces crossdressing Kyle to sit on his lap while he's casually chatting up some of his classmates sitting across from the table, surreptitiously sneaking his hand up Kyle's exposed thigh, squeezing and pinching it teasingly, causing Kyle to jump but begrudgingly let Cartman do what he wants, Kyle trying hard not to blush as red as his hair as he feels Cartman's hand slide up from his thigh to his panties, lightly stroking the front before diving his hand right in, cruelly stroking and squeezing the poor Jew's cock to the point where Kyle is practically gasping and panting from the duel sensations, before reaching even further to penetrate his hole with his meaty fingers, mercilessly finger fucking Kyle while still maintaining a straight face, the redhead unable to fight his continuous ministrations and coming right in his panties, blushing bright red as he feels his own semen dripping past his dress episode
  29. Brainwashing:
  31. >it’s a Cartman brainwashes Kyle into believing he actually is a girl episode
  33. >it's a Cartman brainwashes Kyle into believing he actually is a girl before drugging and raping him one night, laughing about how Kyle is going to get knocked up after this, revelling in the look of pure devastation and horror in Kyle's eyes as the Jew sobs over the thought of having to carry Cartman's baby episode
  35. >it's a Cartman manages to gaslight brainwashed Kyle into thinking he's actually pregnant with his baby, putting hormones in his food to make him more soft and curvy while also feeding him more so his belly gets chubby, Cartman constantly cooing over the baby bump and how beautiful their half Jewish/half Aryan master race baby is going to be, before one day repeatedly beating and kicking him in the stomach and throwing him down the stairs, laughing hysterically as Kyle lays limp on the floor, clinging to his sore abdomen and having his mindbreak over the reality that he's going to miscarry episode
  37. >it's a Cartman brainwashes Kyle into being a slutty bimbo who's always desperate and begging for his cock, Kyle happily dressing up in provocative dresses and lingerie and shamelessly trying to get Cartman's attention, Cartman telling him he'll only give him his cock if Kyle fucks himself with a toy and moans about what a good girl he is while he films him with his phone episode
  38. >it's a Kyle happily does as Cartman demands, his mind so far gone that all he wants is Cartman's cum inside him, the Jew shamelessly fucking himself and moaning over how much of a good girl he is and that he exists only for his beloved Cartman to fill him up, Cartman making sure to film the whole thing, getting upclose shots of Kyle's hole being stuffed with the toy over and over, before rewarding Kyle by letting him suck him off, making sure to film this as well for later humiliation and fap material episode
  39. >it's a Cartman eventually uploads all this footage online and then later removes Kyle's brainwashing so he can bask in Kyle's horror as all these humiliating videos spread like wildfire on the internet episode
  41. Stripper:
  44. >Cartman begins to act strangely and Kyle takes notice
  45. >he always leaves school really quick and gets overly defensive when asked about it
  46. >being the good moral-loving boy that he is, Kyle decides to look into it...“What if he’s up to something?”
  47. >Kyle discreetly follows Cartman after school
  48. >ends up following him to a strip club
  49. >Kyle sees a stripper who looks similar to Cartman
  50. >Kyle decides to finally get one over Cartman after years of embarrassment at his hand, and plans to record him stripping
  51. >the owner of the club spots and confronts Kyle- turns out to be a close friend of his father’s
  52. >Kyle begs him not to tell his parents, and the owner agrees- in exchange for Kyle being a stripper
  53. >Kyle becomes a stripper
  54. >turns out he’s extremely awkward and terrible at it, can’t even walk properly in heels
  55. >the clothes he has to wear are cowgirl themed and extremely ill fitting
  56. >Kyle, fed up with this new found embarrassment, finally confronts the stripper who looks like Cartman in hopes of at least bringing down Cartman with him
  57. >turns out she isn’t him at all, but is really just a chick who looks similar to Cartman
  58. >turns out Cartman and the owner were in cahoots the entire time, and Cartman has recorded...everything
  60. >Cartman tells Kyle what he’s done while on a loudspeaker in the club, watching him slowly tear up with the realization that he’s lost once again
  61. >Kyle attempts to run out of the club in embarrassment, only to slip because of how terrible his balance is with heels on
  62. >cue even more laughter from Cartman
  64. Experiment:
  66. >go back to the beginning of the Funnybot episode where Cartman is attempting to offer up Kyle to the Germans in exchange for letting the rest of them go
  67. >except this time it works
  68. >Kyle gets picked up by two German officers as he screams and kicks in desperation, cursing Cartman as he’s carried away
  69. >Cartman has a sociopathic smile on as he watches it unfold
  70. >Germans decide to have Kyle be their science experiment guinea pig
  72. >Cartman somehow manages to become apart of this as a scientist (or was he apart of it all along?)
  73. >Kyle wakes up in a white padded cell to the sounds of a loudspeaker being turned on
  74. >Cartman begins speaking
  75. >says something along the lines of: “Well, you’re screwed” and begins to snicker as guards come in and drag Kyle out of the room and into a long hallway
  76. >hallway leads to a room with a cold metal table in the center and tools on a smaller table besides it
  77. >Kyle is strapped down on the metal table
  80. Storybook:
  82. >Kyle wakes up in Cartman’s weird little red riding story
  83. >Kyle trying to navigate Catman’s hellish fairytale book and avoid getting mauled by the woodland critters
  84. >hard to navigate the forest in a frilly dress that gets caught on everything
  85. >tried taking it off because being naked would be better but a new one is always under it due to gay ass magic
  86. >sees a huntsman in the distance and thinks that he will help him according to how the story goes
  87. >next thing he knows he’s bent over a stump with the Huntsman pumping bread he took from his basket in and out of his boypussy
  90. Webcam:
  92. >go back to the episode REHASH where Cartman manages to break all sense of reality by having his YouTube channel (Cartmanbrah) go any place he wants
  93. >Cartman being Cartman, decides to annoy the living hell out of Kyle
  94. >Kyle begins to lose it, as you would in that scenario
  95. >at first he yells and threatens Cartman to stop
  96. >it doesn’t stop and Cartman amps it up by mocking Kyle at every moment- when he tries to sleep, when he wakes up, when he goes to the bathroom, etc
  97. >Cartman makes sure to do this especially during bathroom moments because it’s the most embarrassing
  98. >Kyle goes from yelling at Cartman to begging and pleading for him to stop
  99. >Cartman pretends to “take pity” on Kyle and settles for a deal
  100. >Cartman will stop...if Kyle masturbates while he watches
  101. >keep in mind that Cartman’s hundreds of subscribers will be watching too (Cartmanbrah YouTube channel)
  102. >Kyle is stuck between having the rest of his life be absolute non-stop torture, or going through with a humiliating act he will never be able to live down
  103. >Kyle agrees, begrudgingly
  104. >Kyle goes to his room and to his bed
  105. >he closes his eyes in shame, and slowly pushes his hand down his pants
  106. >Cartman begins taunting him- “Don’t act like you haven’t masturbated before”, “I bet your penis is small”, etc etc
  108. >Kyle thinks it’s a one time thing but Cartman keeps goading him into doing more stuff with the threat of filming his mom and Ike
  109. >makes him get naked and wear a tail plug, ears, and leash to eat off the floor like a dog
  110. >makes him recreate the whole “hit or miss video” and other embarrassing videos while dressed as a cute girl
  111. >makes him do awful challenges like cinnamon and tide pod
  113. Christmas:
  115. >Cartman loves Christmas
  116. >but that fucking Jew is there again at the bus stop, yelling at him for saying something racist and offensive
  117. >Cartman wants some revenge. After all, it’s the holiday spirit
  118. >Cartman acts unusually sweet to Kyle the rest of the school day to throw him off
  119. >by now, Kyle is extremely confused
  120. >between periods, Cartman grabs Kyle by the forearm and leads him, struggling angrily, into the janitor’s closet
  121. >Kyle yells at him (of course)
  122. >Cartman begins to tear up, to Kyle’s shock
  123. >”I can’t spend Christmas with my dad...because I don’t have one”
  124. >”You’d understand more than anyone how it feels to miss out...being a Jew during Christmas and all”
  125. >Kyle lets that slide due to his dumb moral-boy sympathy
  126. >Cartman asks Kyle to split a candy cane with him, so he can feel “less alone”
  127. >it’s a rouse...there’s something in the candy cane and Cartman never took a bite
  128. >Kyle realizes this after taking a bite (too late) and barely manages to curse him out before passing out on the floor
  129. >Kyle wakes up paralyzed and unable to move in Cartman’s living room
  130. >he realizes he’s dressed up as a fairy (very ill fitting dress with ugly stockings)
  131. >Cartman has set up a festive-looking Christmas tree
  132. >”All we need is an ornament on top”
  133. >Cartman moves the tree so that it’s now on the floor and no longer up
  134. >takes Kyle and rams the top of the Christmas tree up his ass
  135. >Kyle, although paralyzed, is able to use his mouth and shrieks
  136. >Cartman laughs hysterically, mocking him as soon as he manages to stop snickering
  137. >Kyle is both humiliated, angry, and in pain
  138. >Cartman adjusts the Christmas tree so that it is perfectly upright with a whimpering Kyle at the very top
  139. >Cartman tells him mockingly to “smile for the camera” before taking a picture of Kyle in his ugly fairy outfit with a prickly tree tip up his anus
  140. >Guess what Cartman’s Christmas cards this year will be
  142. Bondage:
  144. >Cartman manages to drug Kyle while he’s at school so he knocks out after
  145. >Cartman drags him to the trunk of his car and brings him home
  146. >while unconscious blindfolds him and puts a ball gag in his mouth
  147. >sticks a vibrator in his ass but doesn’t turn him on
  148. >expertly ties up his arms behind his back then his feet together
  149. >as well as his arms to his body and legs together to hold him in place
  150. >leaves him on the floor
  151. >goes to get a snack and sits down next to him to play video games
  152. >Kyle wakes up and starts angrily yelling but it comes out as muffled shouts
  153. >Cartman turns vibrator on
  154. >ignores Kyle’s squirming and muffled yells the rest of the night while he plays video games and watches movies
  156. Tickling:
  158. >Kyle wakes up in some kind of bag with his hands tied above him and his feet tied below him outside of the bag
  159. >Cartman is sitting by him to hold him in place
  160. >he begins to dig in Kyle’s ribs and underarms
  161. >continues and doesn’t stop even when he can hear him crying inside the bag and screaming that he can’t breathe
  162. >methodically tickles him until he nearly asphyxiates and goes unconscious
  163. >waits for him to wake up
  164. >does it again
  166. Parents:
  168. >Cartman decides to rape Kyle while Sheila is in the house, knowing Kyle is a screamer and revelling in the Jew struggling to not make any noise as his prostate is mercilessly pounded
  169. >Cartman later tying Sheila to a chair and forcing her to watch as her precious son is violated over and over, Cartman making sure that Kyle is facing her and spread open, Kyle being so light that Cartman can easily bounce him on his dick while holding his thighs open
  171. >Gerald is tied up and forced to watch too
  172. >gets an eyeful of his son's cock leaking precum and his sweet boypussy getting stuffed with Cartman's fat cock
  173. >has to watch as Cartman periodically stops bouncing Kyle and instead just has him sit on his dick while Cartman ravages his already kiss swollen lips, occasionally breaking off to lick and bite at Kyle's neck, his nipples, his armpits, anywhere he gets his mouth on
  174. >Gerald starts feeling jealous of Cartman while being unable to stop himself from getting hard at the sight of his beautiful son being so utterly defiled
  175. >Cartman notices and finds it hilarious, loudly goading Kyle that his own father is getting off on his son being ruthlessly fucked, solidifying that he only exists to be a cumbucket
  176. >Kyle starts sobbing uncontrollably
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