What Happened To My Site | Pls Help Me

Jul 1st, 2020
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  1. What Happened To My Site | Pls Help Me
  2. Hello.I have a turkish movie site.It is new but i was getting 1.8k per day.It was 2.6k in weekends.Suddenly my posts fell in google.I dont know what happened but now a days i can get just 200 hits.Please help me.What happened to my site?
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  14. Formerly i can go to the first page in google easily.But now a days its i cant.
  15. Can someone analyze my website?
  16. Sorry for my bad english.
  17. My website:www filmkaynagim com
  19. Probably DMCA hit
  20. Did you do SEO work, etc? Or was it all manual?
  22. https://transparencyreport.google.com/copyright/domains/filmkaynagim.com?hl=en
  23. It looks like your site has been deindexed due to DMCA complaints. And since you're hosting with an OVH reseller, you will likely have your site taken down too.
  24. I'd never seen that before, how long has Google had that service? Pretty cool.
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  27. So what am I supposed to do?
  29. I'd never seen that before, how long has Google had that service? Pretty cool.
  30. This particular tool started in 2020, but they have been submitting the full DMCA details to the Lumen database (formerly ChillingEffects.org) since the earliest days of DMCA removals.
  32. So what am I supposed to do?
  33. This is just one of the risks of the niche, there's normally no way to reverse a deindexing.
  34. I removed the post.I want to rescue my website.Please give me some suggestions
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  55. #1 Generic anchor texts
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  58. Anchor text: ‘refer to this page’
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  61. #2 Branded anchor texts
  63. Target keyword: ‘content marketing’
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  67. #3 Naked anchor texts
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