Oran Mini - Petting Zoo Valley

Dec 18th, 2011
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  1. [18:58:46] <@Joanna> Joanna is busy checking out the new petting zoo, making sure the face is ready and other junk that doesn't need to be said. She wipes her forehead and sighs in relief. "Looks like this fence is totally fine! I think I'll start corraling them tomorrow!
  2. [19:02:23] * Nephene has deicded to spend her lunch break outside, for once.
  3. [19:03:47] <Nephene> It limited what she could eat to whatever was easily portable, but getting some fresh air was worth it. Still, she's brought along a pencil and notebook, crunching the numbers on the Slaking's financial situation, and what they could afford to do to expand.
  4. [19:03:57] <Nephene> Eventually, she passes by the daycare.
  5. [19:04:58] <Raven> It's been a slow day around town, so Raven has been using the mid day lull as a chance to haul some items from the DINKY SHACK to her new room at the Lazing Slaking. She's walking along with a box of assorted belongings in it. She pauses, however, when she sees Nephene. "Oh, hi Neph!"
  6. [19:05:14] * @Joanna was about to head back inside when she spotted Nephene! "Oh, Neph! You're just in time! I was about to put up flyers for my sale!"
  7. [19:06:05] <Nephene> "Sale?"
  8. [19:06:11] <@Joanna> "Well, frankly, it starts a while ago, but I forgot to advertise it." Joanna puckers her lips as she chastises herself for forgetting to advertise it.
  9. [19:06:23] <Nephene> "And hello, Raven. Haven't you been working all day?"
  10. [19:07:07] <@Joanna> "Yep! Uh... which Pokemon were they? Finneons, Onixs, and Koffings for 150 each! Of course, they don't get the special treatment, but, we..." Joanna thinks of an excuse... "have too many!"
  11. [19:07:52] <Raven> "Uh..." it's sort of pointless to try and pretend the box isn't there. "Sort of? Not a very eventful morning. Wait-a petting zoo. With an Onix. And koffing."
  12. [19:08:38] <@Joanna> "Yep! And a whole bunch of others as well! I have many more, but those three are the ones on sale."
  13. [19:09:05] <Nephene> "I have no idea where you got the Onix and Koffing..."
  14. [19:09:50] * Balthazar is taking a walk from the lab. He lately started working on a strange device called the "Camerustle", but as there is a lack of reels and machine parts, it appears it won't be operational for a few days!
  15. [19:10:23] <@Joanna> "Uh... I got the Onix from Submission. And the Koffing from a friend."
  16. [19:10:43] <Raven> "Well I know where the Onix came from, but...I should probably keep an eye on how you're storing those two, at least."
  17. [19:11:13] <Nephene> "Yeah, it seems difficult. They may not even play nice."
  18. [19:11:21] <Nephene> "Aen't Amon's kids here, too?"
  19. [19:11:49] <@Joanna> "Uh..." You can see the Onix raise up from his sleep, behind the daycare. "Yep! I got the Riolus here as well!"
  20. [19:14:29] <Nephene> "Oh? And they're not for sale?"
  21. [19:15:30] <Balthazar> "Hmmm, oh hi Sis!" He waves at Raven while passing through the widdershin ranch. "'ow are you doing?"
  22. [19:15:39] <@Joanna> "No... if you want, I can make them on sale, though..." Joanna fidgets and thinks. "Yeah, those three are on sale now, since there's a whole bunch of them!"
  23. [19:16:12] <Nephene> "I think Amon's scared to visit his kids. He's honestly been a little shaken up ever since that incident."
  24. [19:17:03] <@Joanna> "Oh, I see. I'm really sorry about that." Joanna bows a little, and then turns back to the building. "Oh, yeah! And I'm paying for eggs I don't have now!"
  25. [19:17:32] <Raven> "Hm...well not really doin' much today anyway here. Alright, I'll take a look around, sure."
  26. [19:18:44] <@Joanna> "Grandma Baker said I should di-ver-si-fy my stock, so I gotta get more eggs! I don't want her to get mad..."
  27. [19:19:23] <@Joanna> "Oh, Raven, I'm going to need your help putting up the posters. Is that okay?"
  28. [19:20:36] <Raven> "Alright, sure," she says with a nod. "I'll post some around when I make my next set of rounds."
  29. [19:20:49] <Nephene> "Hm. What -do- you have, Joanna?"
  30. [19:21:58] <@Joanna> "Alright! Here, come in, come in! All I have is in the bulletin board inside." Joanna opens the door and holds it for the others to come in.
  31. [19:23:12] <Balthazar> "...Huh. Maybe she didn't listened to me." The boy shrugs while looking at the petting zoo fence. "Oooh, interesting!"
  32. [19:25:10] * @Joanna has finally noticed Balthazar... ", Raven, Nephene, who's that?"
  33. [19:25:18] <@Joanna> "I think he's looking for one of you."
  34. [19:25:59] <Nephene> ""
  35. [19:26:13] <Raven> (oh sorry missed you saying that :<)
  36. [19:26:13] <Nephene> "That's Balthazar."
  37. [19:26:22] <Raven> "Oh! Terry. Hey, what's up?"
  38. [19:26:23] * Nephene walks inside, checking out the bulletin.
  39. [19:27:03] * Balthazar waves at her. "Vell 'ello!"
  40. [19:28:04] <@Joanna> "Oh! Balthazar! ...I haven't heard of her." The bulletin has pictures of the following: Squirtle, Shinx, Riolu, Minccino, Finneon, Shellder, Koffing, Torchic, and Onix.
  41. [19:28:27] <Raven> She runs gives him a pat on the back with her free hand. "He's sorta like my little brother. Our families are close," he says to Joanna. "We were gonna check out the Pokemon Joanna has for sale, Terry. Wanna join us?"
  42. [19:29:59] <Nephene> "....Torchic?"
  43. [19:30:33] <@Joanna> "Oh! I didn''t know you had a little brother!" Joanna exclaims, not even listening to the rest. "Well, come inside, come inside. I'm going to open a petting zoo soon! That's the fence for it!" The fence is your standard iron fence, hollow on the inside to conserve on costs. There's a gate very close to the building, but the zoo is empty.
  44. [19:30:57] <Balthazar> "Oh, is zhere a sale?" He looks back at Raven with a smile. "Zhat vould be good you know! But... Is zhat Nephy inside?"
  45. [19:31:01] <@Joanna> "Yep! Torchic! You want one?" Joanna says from the doorway.
  46. [19:31:32] <Raven> "Yup!" She hurries on in as well.
  47. [19:31:48] <Nephene> "....maybe. They're adorable and huggable."
  48. [19:32:30] * Balthazar follows, still trying to look at the little guys inside the petting zoo!
  49. [19:32:39] <@Joanna> "Indeed! But they aren't on sale, so it'll cost you five hundred gold for one of them, a thousand for a special one.
  50. [19:33:14] <Raven> "...Ya know, I've been meaning to ask, Neph. Are Torchics your favorite Pokemon or somethin'?"
  51. [19:33:36] <Balthazar> "Oh, speaking of that! Hey ma'am, you are an Egg specialist, eh? I 'ave something i need to ask you aboot!"
  52. [19:33:51] * Balthazar is asking Joanna that of course.
  53. [19:34:15] * @Joanna closes the door and walks behind the counter. "So, is there anything I can interest you all in? Oh, that reminds me." Joanna grabs a bunch of rolled up posters and puts them on the counter. "Here's the posters, Raven! Oh, yeah, Balt?"
  54. [19:34:26] <Nephene> "Huh? Why do you ask?"
  55. [19:35:13] <Raven> "The plushy. Just curious."
  56. [19:35:56] <Balthazar> "Vell, i found an egg recently. Vith ze suspicious pink-'aired girl, eh?"
  57. [19:36:12] <Nephene> "Blazie is adorable. Nothing wrong with that."
  58. [19:36:26] <@Joanna> "Ha! You want me to take care of it for you?"
  59. [19:36:32] <Balthazar> "I vant to know if it can be identified." He nodnods while saying that. "It's a pretty unusual one!"
  60. [19:36:37] <Balthazar> "Oh, zhat could vork too!"
  61. [19:36:47] <@Joanna> "Uh... hm..."
  62. [19:37:24] <Raven> "'s more the doll than the birds themselves?"
  63. [19:39:33] <Nephene> "Well, no. I just like cute Pokemon, really."
  64. [19:40:22] <@Joanna> "...I haven't seen anything like it. Sorry, Balt."
  65. [19:40:39] <@Joanna> "If you want, I can take care of it, and you can come back when it's ready to hatch!"
  66. [19:41:29] * Balthazar sighes, visibly disappointed. "Oh... Vell, okay."
  67. [19:41:31] <Raven> "Hm. I see. Where are they kept, anyhow?"
  68. [19:41:45] <Raven> "Joanna mentioned a petting zoo so I imagine it's more open or somethin'."
  69. [19:42:36] <@Joanna> "Yep! It's behind the building." Joanna points at the double doors to the back. "Wanna go see them?"
  70. [19:43:26] <Balthazar> "Vell, i could buy one of zose Pokémon for sale. At least zhat i mean!"
  71. [19:45:54] <Raven> She puts the box of stuff down for now. "Sure, let's see this little zoo."
  72. [19:47:51] <Nephene> "Sounds good."
  73. [19:47:56] <@Joanna> "Alright." Joanna walks over to the doors and opens them... to see only one Onix is awake, and the rest are sleeping. About five, ten Koffing have their own little corner, and in the little pool a bunch of Remoraid are swimming with the Squirtles and Wartortle. It's a sight to see them all.
  74. [19:50:45] * Balthazar looks at the petting zoo in awe. Although there are not many different species, that is the largest number Pokémon he has ever seen on the same place.
  75. [19:51:14] <Raven> "How..many Onix do you have?"
  76. [19:52:26] <@Joanna> "Uh... eight. Seven hatched a while ago... two from the last batch... and Submission's, so. Ten!"
  77. [19:54:26] <@Joanna> "There SHOULD be some more tomorrow, though! Submission's Onix is... a bit feisty..."
  78. [19:55:12] <Balthazar> "Oooh, zhere are a lot of Koffings... I alvays vanted to study one of those, eh?"
  79. [19:56:57] <Raven> "Uh huh...well they are young, but they are gonna get huge eventually...Luckily you got a lot of room for them to roam out here, it seems."
  80. [19:56:59] <Nephene> "And the Torchics?"
  81. [19:58:54] <@Joanna> "Yep! I do!" The Torchics are running around the area, with Joyce, Joanna's mom, running along after them. It's pretty silly.
  82. [20:01:51] <Raven> "They look deli-adorable!"
  83. [20:02:26] * Nephene nudges Raven with her elbow, and gives her a strange look.
  84. [20:03:04] * Balthazar looks at Raven, raising an eyebrow.
  85. [20:04:15] <Raven> "Ow! Hey quit that!"
  86. [20:04:31] <@Joanna> "Huh?" And Joanna is completely oblivious to the food reference.
  87. [20:05:27] <Balthazar> "She said nothing!"
  88. [20:05:47] <Nephene> "I....I dunno. I usually feel terrible about just...well, buying them."
  89. [20:05:59] <Nephene> "Separating them from their parents and siblings."
  90. [20:06:40] <Raven> "Not any different than catching one normally, really."
  91. [20:06:40] <@Joanna> "But they need a home! And I have to pay the food and stuff."
  92. [20:07:10] <@Joanna> "When it's just one, it doesn't really cost much, but with all of those..."
  93. [20:09:43] * Raven kneels down and tries to call one of the little chickletts over. A few tounge clicks. "Come over here little guys!'
  94. [20:10:18] * Nephene kneels down with Raven, looking over the Torchics.
  95. [20:10:27] <Balthazar> "Yeah, vell, vhen you think about it... Pink-hair stole zhat egg from a mother vhen she gave it to me?" He thinks a bit before squatting on the grass, trying to wave at the Torchics.
  96. [20:10:57] <@Joanna> All of them (now that I count, five) swarm over to Raven, jumping in front of her. "Tor! Chic! Tor-torchic!"
  97. [20:12:47] <Nephene> "Hi, there!"
  98. [20:13:01] <Raven> "Oof-" she gets plowed over by swarm of birds, but laughs as the jump around. She picks one up and holds it out to Nephene. "Come on, you knoooow you wanna hug this one!"
  99. [20:13:14] <Nephene> "I want to hug all of them!" :(
  100. [20:13:57] <@Joanna> "You can if you want to." All the Torchics chant as if they agree with Joanna. "Torchictorchic!"
  101. [20:14:27] * Balthazar pats a Torchic. "Aww, zhey are really cheery."
  102. [20:15:36] * Nephene picks one of the Torchics up, still unsure of how to properly handle the Chick Pokemon. They all seem so happy, though.
  103. [20:15:53] * Nephene smiles.
  104. [20:15:55] <@Joanna> "Indeed! I think it's the sun here. I'd never move to any other place..."
  105. [20:16:16] <@Joanna> "Tor!" The bird is heated just enough for it to feel warm in your hands.
  106. [20:17:00] * Nephene sighs. "A thousand for one, yes? I can't really decide, though...."
  107. [20:17:32] <Balthazar> "I am more interested on..." Balth points at the Koffings at one corner. "Zose ones. Ze purple ones!"
  108. [20:17:40] <@Joanna> "For megaboosted one, yeah! You can pick any of them!"
  109. [20:18:01] <Nephene> "Raven, how should I pick one?"
  110. [20:18:13] <Nephene> "Maybe the one that likes me best?"
  111. [20:18:33] <@Joanna> "Oh, uh... mom! Can you show Balt to the Koffings, please!" "Of course, dear. Balt, if you'll follow me." Joyce begins walking over to the Koffings.
  112. [20:18:35] * Nephene gives the Torchic in her hands a slight hug, and sets it down.
  113. [20:19:04] <Raven> "Hm..." She looks over the birds thoughtfully.
  114. [20:20:12] <@Joanna> "Oh! Um..." Joanna looks at them herself. " be honest, I have no idea what you're looking for. Do you want a boy or a girl, though?
  115. [20:20:13] <Raven> "Well you could see what one reminds you of Blazie the most, but they all look fluffy, so..."
  116. [20:21:03] <Nephene> "I don't mind either way."
  117. [20:21:36] <Balthazar> "Eh?" He walks in direction of the Koffings, waving at the girls on the way. "Be back soon!"
  118. [20:22:55] <Raven> "Well, what about seeing what one likes that special curry of yours best?"
  119. [20:23:08] <Raven> "Maybe that one would trust you the most." :3c
  120. [20:23:09] <@Joanna> "Uh... um... you can pick, then." The Torchics turn to Balt and jump up, waving their small wing, and then turn back to Nephene, dancing around pretty much. Balt goes over to the Koffings, where they're pretty much chill, smoking a little and talking to themselves. "Koff, fing. Koooffffff."
  121. [20:25:04] <@Joanna> "There you -cough- go, Balt.' Joyce quickly runs off to leave Balt to himself.
  122. [20:25:12] <Nephene> "I don't have any of it on me. I don't think Torchics can even -eat- curry."
  123. [20:25:18] <Nephene> "Well, let's see..."
  124. [20:25:34] <Balthazar> "Ooooh, zey 'ave an internal emission of gas... Zhat could be interesting, methane is quite an explosive..." He looks up and down at the Koffings, measuring them.
  125. [20:25:39] <Nephene> She turns back to the Torchics, addressing them. "I guess....which of you wants to come home with me?"
  126. [20:27:29] <@Joanna> At this point, the Torchics get impatient and start jumping on Nephene, smothering her with their cuddly and cute and FEATHERS! Balt measures to find the all are the same size, but one of them has a yellow ribbon attached to it. Now that you think of it, one of each of the Pokemon except for some like the Torchics, have a yellow ribbon on them.
  127. [20:28:27] <Nephene> "aaaaaaaaaa"
  128. [20:28:39] * Nephene falls over under the swarm of downy fire birds.
  129. [20:28:49] <@Joanna> "They must really like you, Nephene!"
  130. [20:28:50] <Raven> "I guess that means all of them. Hm."
  131. [20:29:02] <Nephene> "This doesn't make it easy!"
  132. [20:29:09] <Nephene> "I can't take them all home!"
  133. [20:29:14] <Raven> "Well what do you want one for? Just as a pet?"
  134. [20:29:39] <@Joanna> "Hm... I'll tell you what. I'll give you all five of them for three thousand."
  135. [20:29:47] <Nephene> "....."
  136. [20:29:50] <Nephene> "Oh, dear."
  137. [20:29:59] <Nephene> "Now I have to worry about how to take care of them."
  138. [20:31:00] <Balthazar> "Oooh, vhat is ze ribbon for?"
  139. [20:31:06] * @Joanna smiles and laughs. "If you want, I'll even throw in a bag of seed for them to eat."
  140. [20:31:09] <Balthazar> "Gender differenciation?"
  141. [20:31:14] <Raven> She picks up one of the birds. "Hm..."
  142. [20:31:36] <@Joanna> Joyce turns around. "That's Joanna's Pokemon. She gives her Pokemon a yellow ribbon to signify they aren't for sale."
  143. [20:31:57] <Nephene> "No, I mean.....oh, this is difficult."
  144. [20:32:01] <Balthazar> "Ah, it figures zhen. Zhey are ze... Fathers?"
  145. [20:32:02] <Raven> "Ya know, how much space do you even have outside the rooms in the Slaking? I haven't seen much of the upstairs outside from your room and my room."
  146. [20:32:26] <Nephene> "Lots of it is more rooms. That's not what I'm worried about, though."
  147. [20:32:34] <@Joanna> "Sometimes mothers." Joyce tells Balt.
  148. [20:32:36] <Nephene> "I'm just afraid I won't have the time to give all of them the care they need."
  149. [20:33:07] <@Joanna> "Oh, uh... hm... if you want, I can keep them here so you can come and visit at any time!"
  150. [20:33:33] <Nephene> "I feels like abandoning them if I do that, though."
  151. [20:33:38] <Nephene> "I really need to think about this."
  152. [20:33:57] <@Joanna> "Hm... alright then."
  153. [20:34:02] <Raven> "True. That and...taking the whole litter is a lot."
  154. [20:34:14] <@Joanna> "Raven, are you going to take care of one or two for Neph?"
  155. [20:34:15] <Balthazar> "Hmm... I see. Vell, i guess zhere is space for another guy on ze Vorkshop, especially one zhat can provide useful toxic materials. Yes, ze Gas Grenades could be be possible vhen i think about it eh?" He starts mumbling to himself, lost in thought.
  156. [20:34:37] <Balthazar> "Oooh yeah, zhere is another thing! Ve could buy one for Clarity, eh?"
  157. [20:34:56] <@Joanna> "Oh, of course, Balt. You can buy two, if you want."
  158. [20:34:58] <Nephene> "I can ask my brother if he's okay with taking care of one of them."
  159. [20:35:12] <@Joanna> "Yep, yep!"
  160. [20:35:21] <Balthazar> "Hey Neph, vho vould you think zhat Clarity vould like?"
  161. [20:35:43] <Raven> "Well, I got my own little pack as well but...oh, I got an idea," she takes out an apricorn ball. "What if we see what one Maki likes the best? He's a fire type too, so his opinion might be worth something. Hm."
  162. [20:36:07] <Nephene> "Tell you what, then, Joanna."
  163. [20:36:12] <@Joanna> "Sure! Go on ahead!"
  164. [20:36:17] <@Joanna> "Yeah?"
  165. [20:36:31] <Nephene> "I'll buy all of them if I can make sure they can all find a good home at the Slaking."
  166. [20:36:42] <@Joanna> "Alright, then!"
  167. [20:36:42] <Nephene> "Two with me, and the other three with Raven and my brother."
  168. [20:37:12] <@Joanna> "I'll wait here, then! And they'll wait too! Right?" The Torchics jump up and down, excited to see new places.
  169. [20:37:47] <Raven> " sure about that, Neph?"
  170. [20:38:16] <Nephene> "Um."
  171. [20:38:18] <Nephene> "I don't know."
  172. [20:38:26] <Nephene> "Clarity's -really- unpredictable."
  173. [20:38:34] <Nephene> "She finds something to like in the strangest things."
  174. [20:39:47] <Balthazar> "Hmmm, zhen... Maybe another Koffing, eh?"
  175. [20:40:23] <@Joanna> "Of course. Sale price, or super price?"
  176. [20:40:23] <Balthazar> "Yes, i vill buy two. Ze best und ze fourth best you 'ave, eh?"
  177. [20:40:31] <Balthazar> "Both!"
  178. [20:40:56] <Raven> " no idea what she'd like, either," she says, while holding one of the little chicklets. Smiling at it awkwardly. "Well I guess we could let them roam around freely enough, plenty of bigger guys to keep them in line. Hehe.."
  179. [20:41:19] <@Joanna> "Got it." Joyce pokes two of the Koffings, and they follow her into the daycare. "You pay inside, Balt."
  180. [20:41:56] * Balthazar was expecting to grab the two large purple balls, but i guess it's for another time.
  181. [20:43:12] <@Joanna> "That'll be elven hundred fifty, sir." Joyce says, writing the transaction down on Joanna's journal.
  182. [20:44:10] <Balthazar> "...Elf Hundred Fifty?" He looks back at Joyce with befuddlement.
  183. [20:45:10] <Raven> "Well maybe your Krabby can teach them to dance or something and they could entertain patrons, hm."
  184. [20:45:21] <@Joanna> "Yes. One super price and one sale price." The koffing talk to each other, and you could think they were laughing at Balt's amazement.
  185. [20:46:20] <@Joanna> "That'd be cute. I'd like to see that." Joanna says, patting one of the TOrchic. "Did you hear that? You're going to be a dancer!" The Torchic jumps up and climbs on board Nephene's head.
  186. [20:47:18] <Nephene> "....well, if they want to be, um...."
  187. [20:47:27] <Nephene> "It takes some time to figure out what they like doing."
  188. [20:47:42] <@Joanna> "It looks like they wanna try, though. You gonna let them?"
  189. [20:47:56] <Nephene> "Wouldn't mind."
  190. [20:48:42] <@Joanna> "Alright! Let's see you teach them to dance!" They all ljump off of Neph and stare at her.
  191. [20:48:55] <Raven> "Neph?"
  192. [20:49:47] <Nephene> "....oh, dear. Maybe I should let Karkata do that."
  193. [20:50:11] <@Joanna> "Hm? Let's see then."
  194. [20:50:18] * Balthazar picks up his pocket money and hands it to Joyce. "Uh... Vell, 'ere ve go, eh?"
  195. [20:50:38] <@Joanna> "Yep! Thank you very much!"
  196. [20:50:51] <Nephene> "I would, but he's back at the inn, and my break's almost over..."
  197. [20:51:02] <@Joanna> "They're yours now." The Koffing, as if on cue, huddle around Balt.
  198. [20:51:06] <Raven> "Do you...really think it's a good idea to buy all 5 of them?"
  199. [20:51:19] * Nephene sighs. "I don't know. I feel really bad."
  200. [20:51:41] <@Joanna> "Oh, alright. Come back soon, then?" Joanna frowns, and the Torchics sense that, almost begging her to take them with her.
  201. [20:51:49] <Raven> "I mean with the hiring people, and the tournament Claud wants to host..."
  202. [20:52:04] <Raven> "There's a lot going on to buy the whole flock."
  203. [20:53:09] <@Joanna> "Hm... okay, how about I cut it, just for you. Two thousand."
  204. [20:54:11] <Balthazar> "Oooh, all right zhen. Now i guess i can vork on interesting stuff right now... Yes... Methane propulsion could 'elp on ze rocket, even if it's not as strong as nitroglycerin..." He mumbles again while returning to Neph and Raven's side.
  205. [20:54:34] <Nephene> "I'll think about it. -Reaaaaaaally- think about it."
  206. [20:54:52] <@Joanna> "Oh. Alright, then."
  207. [20:56:44] <Raven> "Nnnn," she holds a hand to her chin and thinks.
  208. [20:57:10] <Balthazar> "Hey girls, you bought anyzhink?"
  209. [20:57:33] <@Joanna> "They're thinking on buying the whole pack. You'll take care of one for her, right?"
  210. [21:00:33] <Balthazar> "Yeaaah... After Penthesilea almost kicked my 'ead off vhen i vas younger i am a bit vary of ze Torchic line..."
  211. [21:00:48] <Nephene> "Who?"
  212. [21:02:00] <Balthazar> "Oh, great uncle's Blaziken. She used to eat 'uman meat, eh?"
  213. [21:02:22] <Nephene> "....."
  214. [21:02:39] * @Joanna has totally ignored that statement.
  215. [21:02:52] <Raven> "Yeeeeeaaaah that's a story for another day, but..."...She tugs on her braid thoughtfully. "Neph, if you can't pick one out, how about I pick one out for you?"
  216. [21:03:55] <Nephene> "And the rest?"
  217. [21:04:35] <Nephene> It's increasingly clear that Neph is a giant pushover.
  218. [21:05:05] <@Joanna> "Hm... I'm sure you'll find a home for the others!"
  219. [21:05:20] <Raven> She looks up to Joanna. "What if we buy one now, and think about the rest later? Would your deal still hold?"
  220. [21:05:41] <Nephene> "Not for forever, I'd imagine."
  221. [21:05:52] <Nephene> "She does need to find homes for them."
  222. [21:05:55] <@Joanna> "Hm... until the sale's over, okay?
  223. [21:07:47] <Raven> "How long is the sale lasting, anyway?"
  224. [21:08:17] <@Joanna> "Until the 40th."
  225. [21:08:45] * Balthazar shrugs. Better not to talk more about the antropophagic pokémon~
  226. [21:09:14] <Raven> She nods. "Okay, that'll do."
  227. [21:09:29] <Raven> "As for what one of you..." She looks down to the birds.
  228. [21:11:58] <Raven> She pats Neph on the shoulders. "Neph here is a brave and strong young lady. And her buddies should be just as brave! So let's see which of you is the bravest!"
  229. [21:12:31] <@Joanna> The Torchics puff out their chests... or something. I have no idea how Torchics prove they're brave.
  230. [21:12:53] <Raven> She releases Maki the Growlithe.
  231. [21:13:39] <@Joanna> And soon, there is a bird pile on the Growlithe. "Tor, torchic!"
  232. [21:15:00] <Raven> Maki ROARS.
  233. [21:15:44] <Raven> "Chase em around, Maki! See which one has the most guts to em!"
  234. [21:16:28] <@Joanna> All but two of the Torchics run around, clinging on to Nephene. But the other two are still on the Growlithe, yelling "Tor, tor!"
  235. [21:18:02] <Raven> "Hm. That was quick. One of you two, eh..."
  236. [21:18:57] <Raven> "Are these two girls, boys?"
  237. [21:19:30] <@Joanna> "One girl and one boy, it seems. Ah, good job, both of you."
  238. [21:20:39] <Raven> "Well then that's easy enough," She picks up the brave little girl and offers it to Neph. "Take this one!"
  239. [21:21:12] <Nephene> "I, uh...."
  240. [21:21:21] * Nephene sighs. "Alright."
  241. [21:21:52] <@Joanna> "Alright, then. That'll be a thousand gold for that one and the reservation of the other four."
  242. [21:22:00] <@Joanna> "Anything else?"
  243. [21:24:49] <Nephene> "That's all, it seems."
  244. [21:25:49] <Raven> "Right then," she takes out a little notepad and a pen and jots something down real quick. "Consider this a written agreement we'll get you an answer on the other four soon," she hands it Joanna.
  245. [21:25:55] <@Joanna> "Alright, then! They'll be waiting!" The Torchics wave at Nephene with their small wings.
  246. [21:26:36] <Balthazar> "You are talking all of zese, sis?" He asks Raven, still busy with his couple of Koffings. "Vell, 'ope zhat Clari likes ze both of you."
  247. [21:26:43] <@Joanna> "Oh, okay, thanks." Joanna takes the paper and runs over to her journal, sandwiching the paper there. "Oh, also, Nephene, before you go."
  248. [21:29:13] <Raven> "Me? No, I'm not adopting anything today," she eyes the little chicklets one last time thoughtfully. "Anyway, I gotta drop that box off at the Slaking, but I'll also be sure to pick up those posters of yours, Mrs. Baker."
  249. [21:30:37] <@Joanna> "Oh, of course. Take care, Raven!" Joanna turns to Neph. "So, I heard you'll be expending the Lazing SLaking, is that correct?"
  250. [21:32:20] * Raven nods and heads off back to the daycare building.
  251. [21:32:50] <@Joanna> "Grandma Baker said I should in-vest in some businesses. So, I was thinking of in-vest-ing in yours."
  252. [21:34:17] <Nephene> "Oh?"
  253. [21:34:27] <Nephene> "Well, right now, we're in dire need of new employees...."
  254. [21:34:42] <@Joanna> "Ah, so you don't need money? Huh."
  255. [21:34:45] <Nephene> "Though actually sponsoring a big event to draw people in from out of town is also possible."
  256. [21:35:01] <Nephene> "Money always helps! We stay afloat, but...that's really all we do."
  257. [21:35:03] <Balthazar> "Hmm, i vill leave zhen! Gotta vork more on my new project, und later give zis lil' guy as a gift." He waves at Raven, Joanna and Neph as he leaves the daycare, whistling on the way as his new companions smoke around. :D O=X
  258. [21:35:20] <@Joanna> "Well, if you need money, let me know, okay? Alright, Balt! Take care!"
  259. [21:35:23] <Nephene> "We can't just -stay afloat- if we want the Valley to succeed."
  260. [21:35:40] <@Joanna> "Indeed. So how about this?"
  261. [21:36:12] <@Joanna> "I give you ten thousand gold. In return, you give me a quarter of what you earn... for, let's say... three years?"
  262. [21:36:39] <Nephene> "Tempting. VERY tempting. But I think I'm going to pass."
  263. [21:36:46] <@Joanna> "At any time, of course, you can buy back your right to keep all your profits to yourself, but this way, it benefits all of us."
  264. [21:36:48] <@Joanna> "
  265. [21:37:05] <Nephene> "That might be better spent on the events themselves. We need new blood here badly."
  266. [21:37:37] <@Joanna> "Ah. Alright. We'll just pool up and see if we can't find anyone else who didn't answer last time."
  267. [21:38:09] <@Joanna> "I have...twenty thousand gold to spend. What about the Slaking?"
  268. [21:38:52] <Nephene> "Right now I have five thousand available out of my own pocket."
  269. [21:39:25] <Nephene> "I need to take this a little slowly to make sure the Slaking expands properly."
  270. [21:39:39] <@Joanna> "Hm... let's see what we can do, okay? But all right, then."
  271. [21:39:59] <@Joanna> "...I wonder how much the major paid for the last advertisements..."
  272. [21:40:33] <Nephene> "I'm curious about that, too."
  273. [21:40:45] * Nephene reaches into her satchel, digging out ten large coins.
  274. [21:41:32] <@Joanna> "We'll ask him when the next festival happens, okay?"
  275. [21:42:20] <@Joanna> "Until then... ah! It's feeding time for the Pokemon! I'll see you later, Nephene!" Joanna hurriedly takes the coins and puts them in her apron, bowing slightly before leaving for the back.
  276. [21:43:12] * Nephene picks up the Torchic, a little confused. "What to do with the brave one, here...."
  277. [21:43:31] <@Joanna> And an </mini>
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