Toastman Builds (tomato)

Oct 29th, 2015
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  1. ==
  2. ==> Plus d'informations sur : http://blogmotion.fr/internet/debrick-wnr3500l-firmware-13866
  3. ==
  5. What version to use?
  7. Downloads: http://www.4shared.com/dir/v1BuINP3/Toastman_Builds.html
  9. When you get to 4shared:
  11. First - decide what branch you want. This depends on your router.
  13. If it's for the older MIPSR1 routers like WRT54 series, choose "ND"
  15. If it's for newer MIPSR2 routers like RT-N16, WNR3500L, Linksys "E" series, then choose "RT"
  17. If it's for a very recent dual-band MIPSR2 router (E4200 etc) you may need "RT-N" to get support for the 5GHz radio. You can still use the RT version if you don't need the 5GHz radio to work and it may be a better choice for some.
  19. Once inside the correct folder, you will have another choice to make:
  21. If your needs are simple, and you don't intend to set up a VLAN, then select "RT"
  23. If you need the easy setup VLAN GUI, then choose the folder marked "VLAN-RT"
  25. Now you'll see a list of builds:
  26. Mini - no USB, no CIFS, no Zebra
  27. MiniIPV6 - no USB, no CIFS, no Zebra + IPv6
  28. Std - normal build
  29. Ext - normal + Extra utilities + NTFS
  30. VPN - normal + Extras + NTFS + VPN
  31. VPN-NOCAT - normal + Extras + NTFS + VPN + NOCAT portal
  33. If your router needs USB support, chose a version with "USB" in the title.
  35. There are "tailed" versions for named routers that have special needs.
  37. There's also a "generic" version for routers with 60K nvram.
  41. a ND-USB-Std A build (standard)
  42. b ND-USB-NoSSH B build (standard minus SSH)
  43. c ND-USB-NoCIFS C build (standard minus CIFS)
  44. d ND-USB-Lite D build (standard minus Samba server)
  45. m ND-USB-Ext M build (standard plus extra utilities and NTFS support)
  46. e ND-USB-VPN E build (standard plus VPN and NTFS support)
  47. s ND-Std S build (no USB support)
  48. f ND-Mini F build (no USB support minus JFFS and CIFS)
  49. v ND-VPN V build (VPN with no USB support)
  50. vs SMALL-VPN VS build (Small VPN with no USB support)
  51. nc Ext+NOCAT+VPN NC build (standard plus VPN, extra utilities, NTFS support and NOCAT)"
  52. ncm Mini-NOCAT NCS build (no USB support, NOCAT)"
  53. ncs Standard-NOCAT NCS build (std + NOCAT)"
  55. There are 60K versions for some routers such as the Linksys E series and a general 60K version for Linksys routers that have 60K but aren't otherwise supported, this is for experimentation purposes. You CANNOT run 60K builds on other routers such as the RT-N16 as they do NOT have 60K NVRAM. The display will show 60K but the router will brick if you use more than 32K. The CFE would need to be changed to allow 60K - and nobody has done that yet.
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