How to play social graph games.

May 12th, 2020
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  1. What is a social graph game?When betting starts, the graph goes up,If I stop first before the graph stops
  2. It is a simple game where you can earn money.Random game every 5 seconds It has become very popular these days.
  3. Social graph games have a high dividend in terms of arithmetic If you don't be greedy, you can always win
  4. Structure. It turns people into social graph games Is the biggest factor If so, the social graph is definitely
  5. Is it a game that can win money? What we need to remember here Is that it is not determined only by absolute probability
  6. Many people have no control over their psychology.
  7. No matter how certain the path is, there is a way to cultivate the greed for a bigger 'Korean medicine' naturally,
  8. and the standard of 'safe low dividend' will continue to rise. How to be good at social graph games?
  9. If you are good at strategy, it is a graph game. You can make enough money. Only 3 things to consider
  10. 1. Bet with the trader's mind! Shopkeepers never do business that they lose. The higher the dividend, the more you get,
  11. Don't do that as you may lose more.
  12. 2. Do not lean on social graph games! For social graph games, luck is very important, but I hope you don't lean too much on that.
  13. If you can try and conquer, you are right.
  14. 3. Watch the time and bet! Everyone will take a long time before the bet There will be a lot of people betting without watching.
  15. Even if you look ahead and fail If you do n’t rush and look at the section over time, Your chances of success will increase.
  16. Social Graph Game Make Money Infinitely We do not guarantee 100% profit There is no 100% in social graph games.
  17. But how far is the probability raised? You can use the betting method to pull it up. Site vs member or member vs member betting method
  18. Because it is not, you can control it in your own way I wish you success.
  19. If you want to check the graph site, you can come here.
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