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Jun 25th, 2019
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  1. Hi Colten,
  3. I am writing to you in regard to the decision made by Niik Patel on the 24th of Juns 2019 and would like to express my concerns.
  5. If you recall on the 24th of June I came to speak to you in regard to the cessation of memes and whatnot which has ultimately contributed to the long standing deteriorating relationship between the Department of Justice and United States Coast Guard. I want to point out that I will keep my word and cease making memes, however I would like to highlight, that despite my promise to cease making memes, drama will not stop and it is not my fault. I will briefly explain the situation and as to why the drama will not stop.
  7. Prior to our conversation, there was in-character beef between Ethan Gonzalez and members of the United States Coast Guard as he had grossly disrespected us. On the 24th I decided to remind him of his place and execute him. Unfortunately, despite having done 20 minutes of roleplay as a CFI, pretending as if though I could and knew how to fly, when the time came to finish the deed, I was forced to stop because of a glitch. When I took him hostage, I could not kill him, hence, he made a run for it down the rocks, fell through one and escaped. I want to point out that I have evidence and that he had metagamed my name as you will clearly see that throughout my entire GoPro Recording (approx. 50mins to 2 hours long).
  9. In the video, you will see me:
  10. 1. changing my appearance from my initial encounter with Ethan Gonzalez at the Jimmy Booker trial; and
  11. 2. wearing a mask; and
  12. 3. not providing identification to Ethan Gonzalez or any other individual, nor mentioning my name (Edward Hastings); and
  13. 4. signing off as USCG to FAA so as to avoid myself not being counted at the bottom right corner of the screen.
  15. I will upload the video if you would like to see it, but I will have to edit it heavily as I alt tabbed out which includes some personal conversations I had in my personal life.
  17. The entire situation (execution of Ethan Gonzalez) lasted approximately 50 minutes and there was not much I can do due to the glitch. I was then forced to continue the roleplay and deal with it and perhaps, as a last resort, attempt it to get federally overturned. I was ambushed by the FISD who came from behind, shooting me dead. They instructed me to drop my gun, I did. However was shot dead because the Mk. 18 swung out. They revived me and told me to drop the Mk. 18, I did, and they decided to tase me. I then fell down the rocks and died from my injuries.
  19. With the background situation and context in mind, here is my issue. As I died, why am I suddenly brought back to life and the whole situation has been regarded as if though I had escaprd the situation? How can further in character action such as investigations, interviews and warrants lf this event even occur?
  21. I died fair and square. I did not break any rules. I did not metagame. It was just unfortunate for SD to be trigger happy and shoot me dead, followed by a allowing a civilian to tag along the situation and tase me.
  23. Why is it appropriate or even fair that I am deemed to have escaped despite dying fair and square, but Ethan Gonzalez can survive the assassination, despite the only reason he was able to survive due to a glitch in which I couldnt execute him and then metagame my name?
  25. I thought you guys (the Chiefs) wanted the drama between USCG and DOJ to stop? If Niik had not gotten involved and suddenly said "Oh Edward Hastings survived and escaped" the situation would have ended there as I died and am protected by NLR. However, Niik had the bright idea of deciding to go "Nah, censored that Edward Hastings survived and escaped". Despite me dying fair and square.
  27. If I was deemed dead, that would be that. No drama.
  29. Now the DAO is angering everyone, throwing accusations at our command, our members are resigning because they are being pressured by the DAO and their personal allegiences to their friends, followed by confused guardsmen being executed and shot at by various parties siding with DAO and me. Only more drama will stir and I have no control over it now.
  31. So here are my questions:
  32. 1. Why am I deemed to be alive and have escaped despite dying fair and square due to SDs recklessness and negligence?
  34. 2. If I can prove that I couldn't execute Ethan Gonzalez due to a bug, will all incidents pursuant to that instance, or situation be void?
  35. 2.1. Will Ethan be deemed dead?
  37. 3. If I can prove that my name was metagamed by Ethan Gonzalez what happens then? (Because he called over DOJ Radio that Edward Hastings is chasing him and said it in twitter).
  39. 4. What do the Chiefs want from me? If you want me out of USCG because I did one corrupt thing and failed because of a glitch, I will happily resign on my own will. Just dont drag innocent people, members of the USCG and my friends into this mess.
  41. I guess it just seems that Niik wants drama to stir. Thats how I see it. Hence, I would like to contest his decision to void my legitimate death and state that I "survived and escaped".
  43. Kind regards,
  44. Edward Hastings
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