Riders of Icarus Silver Laiku Mount Key Giveaway

Oct 31st, 2021
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  1. Riders of Icarus Silver Laiku Mount Key Giveaway
  2. Dive into the Rise of the Trickster Update, where Riders will be able to create the new Trickster class to rise to greater heights with the new level 60 cap increase! Take your new Trickster class to the lands of Akrat Plains, a once barren land, now rich with wildlife and flowing streams. Where rumors stirs of a revolt against the Hakanas Kingdom.
  4. Begin an amazing journey in Riders of Icarus and become a Legendary Rider as your capture and collect more than 100 different mythical beasts to ride into epic battles. Experience the new Ranger’s Fury update which increases the level cap to 50 and introduces the new Ranger class! Claim your key and join today to receive the Silver Laiku mount for your adventures!
  6. Steam Key: JW0DB-R9P5F-CXCKI
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