My Mindworld Kain't Be This DARRRRRRRRRRRK

Apr 29th, 2013
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  1. [19:14:59] <Kain> Eiko meets up with you at her secret hideout, which is an abandoned theater that's all boarded up except for the second story window. Holy fuck it"s hard to get into if you"re not an agile thief, but you manage, entering the VIP lounge that Eiko and her friends set up as their own little place.
  2. [19:16:03] * Amaryllis takes a moment to catch her breath after climbing up some half-broken scaffolding or something else ridiculous and rogue-y. She is nowhere near as agile as Nat.
  3. [19:16:32] <Amaryllis> "Thank you for meeting me, Summoner Eiko."
  4. [19:16:57] <Kain> Eiko is lounging on a couch, reading some fashion magazine. She's in some nondescript street clothes today, and no illusionary disguise. She waves up as you enter.
  5. [19:17:37] <Kain> Eiko: "You don"t have to be formal, you know! It gets kind of old after a while... "Lady Summoner Eiko Carol Fabool", geez.. I mean I got lucky being born who I was, and then Father adopting me, but..."
  6. [19:17:45] <Kain> She remains cheerful though.
  7. [19:18:15] <Kain> Eiko: "What's up? You're the one Ruby wanted me to speak with more, right?"
  8. [19:18:51] <Amaryllis> "Titles are important, for an author and for a reader. Ruby? Oh, Nat." She sort of subconsciously taps her forehead at the realization. "Yes."
  9. [19:19:17] <Amaryllis> "May I?" Ammy shuffles over to another chair or couch and gestures.
  10. [19:19:29] <Kain> "Sure!"
  11. [19:19:43] <Kain> She scoots to a sitting-up position and tosses the magazine over her shoulder.
  12. [19:21:21] <Amaryllis> "Did Nat perchance mention...what I am?" Ammy slowly sits down and folds her hands, setting her chin on them.
  13. [19:21:36] <Kain> (I forget, actually)
  14. [19:21:48] <Amaryllis> (ping Tree real quick and ask I guess)
  15. [19:21:51] <Kain> (But let"s skip that)
  16. [19:22:08] <Kain> Eiko: "Mm, I can tell just from you being near... you"re an Eidolon. ...Kiiinda."
  17. [19:22:22] <Kain> Eiko: "It"s like you"re stuck halfway between man and myth." she squints.
  18. [19:23:39] <Kain> Eiko: "That"s weird... I don"t think I"ve ever felt a presence like that before..."
  19. [19:23:43] * Amaryllis nods. "An egg of tales, not quite yet born. I imagine there is still room to take pen to my tale before hatching. I am...Tonberry, in any case. But feel free to call me Amaryllis. Or Ammy if you take Nat's habits."
  20. [19:24:09] * Amaryllis has not failed to take notice of the similarities in Nat's and Eiko's mannerisms and personality.
  21. [19:24:22] <Kain> Eiko: "Tonberry? I didn"t think they had faded away into legend just quite yet... then again, neither did Chocobos..." she considers. "Mmm..."
  22. [19:24:59] <Kain> Eiko concentrates, and for a moment you feel as if something tried to call your name from very far away, underwater. ...Or something.
  23. [19:25:04] <Kain> Eiko: " Can"t hear that?"
  24. [19:25:22] * Amaryllis lifts her head in surprise. "A distant voice."
  25. [19:25:35] <Amaryllis> "Muddled, as if spoken through water."
  26. [19:26:14] <Kain> Eiko: "I tried to communicate with you through my horn... Guess it"s because you"re still not a full eidolon yet..." she seems a little disappointed. "An egg, huh... That"s one way to put it I guess. I"d ask how this happened, exactly, but I think you wanted to talk to me about other things first..."
  27. [19:28:03] <Kain> Eiko: "Nice to meet you though, Lissy!"
  28. [19:28:35] <Amaryllis> "Forgive such a presumptuous proclamation, but my goal..." Ammy reaches into her bag and retrieves a small hourglass, filled with sand. "is the revival of the summoning traditi- on" Her voice hops a bit at being addressed by yet another odd nickname.
  29. [19:29:01] <Amaryllis> "Well met to you too."
  30. [19:29:35] <Kain> Eiko squints at the hourglass. "Hmm, it"s weak, but the heartbeat is still there..."
  31. [19:30:12] <Amaryllis> "Once my allies and compatriots were stronger, an organization spread throughout the world that engineered the birth of the summoner tribe. But now, our time, as with your kind, is quickly fading." She sets the hourglass down and lets it run. "...You can feel the pulse of Madain Sari even from this little?"
  32. [19:31:23] <Kain> Eiko: "I DID live there for almost half my life!" she proclaims. "I wonder how many people can hear it now... I really want to visit my old moogle friends sometimes, but I don"t think Father"s going to let me."
  33. [19:31:29] <Kain> She continues listening though.
  34. [19:33:01] <Amaryllis> "When the tribe set itself apart from the three kingdoms many centuries ago, much of civilization lost its knowledge of the old tales - of Eidolons and their guardianship of the land. And when Madain Sari fell...Well, in any case, there are those of us who would see it rise again, to a new generation of summoners who would honor the old gods and legends and bring them back to Gaia."
  35. [19:34:20] <Kain> Eiko: "That"s nice... but I dunno, really. Summoning... has its problems. Not everybody"s as nice as me or Dagger! If the summoning tradition does come back, I want to see it only in the hands of people who"d use it for good! ...and I don"t know how that"d work."
  36. [19:35:10] : Amaryllis nods. "But as it is, the only ones who go out seeking the power of Eidolons wish to do harm. Queen Brahne, Kuja..."
  37. [19:35:57] <Amaryllis> "If it were a power held by the people, then such abuse would have a natural check. And perhaps everyone would learn enough of the old tales to know better than to use Eidolons in such a manner."
  38. [19:36:59] <Kain> Eiko: "Or it might spiral into an arms race to get control of the strongest eidolons, ending in the end of civilization as we know it." :<
  39. [19:38:41] <Amaryllis> "Do I trust too much in the wisdom of mankind and Eidolons? You must be able to tell, I am young, and I have not lived to see how summoner and Eidolon lived side by side through the centuries as your charges perhaps have."
  40. [19:43:24] <Kain> Eiko: "Both man and eidolon are fallible beings, Lissy... We can get along, but there will always be those evil ones on either side that take advantage of others to gain power... I don"t think there"ll always be a group of plucky, cute young heroes like me and the others to stop them, either. It just... it worries me to think about a world where everyone can have that kind of power.
  41. [19:43:24] <Kain> Sure, the average person might be dissuaded not to use it for the wrong purposes, but there"ll always be that guy who doesn"t care, and even one incident can end the lives of countless people..."
  42. [19:45:43] <Kain> Eiko: "Our people were a close-knit community that migrated away from others and adopted a religious life to keep us away from the temptation of misusing that power, or the chance that others would try and take it..."
  43. [19:46:48] <Amaryllis> "I met Kujata the other day. One of my companions, someone who had expressed staunch distate of Eidolons due to what Odin had done to her home, summoned him. We were told we all had the summoning potential, the character to call forth Eidolons. I would like to think that were the tradition to spread once more, it would begin with such individuals, who could set an example for others."
  44. [19:47:15] <Kain> She seems a bit confused. "Eidolons can summon eidolons? ...I"ve never heard of that kind of thing before."
  45. [19:47:24] <Amaryllis> "...By the way, I must ask, how does that...Nat and I are Eidolons. Could Kujata not tell or...exactly!"
  46. [19:47:54] <Kain> "I guess it"s not impossible!"
  47. [19:47:58] * Amaryllis scratches her head, and you can practically see chunks of her overly formal persona falling off of her.
  48. [19:48:20] <Kain> "It just raises some odd questions..."
  49. [19:48:36] <Kain> She looks thoughtful, fiddling with her horn.
  50. [19:48:51] <Kain> Her horn, by the way, has grown into a foot long since her childhood.
  51. [19:49:43] * Amaryllis stares at the horn, then quickly shifts her gaze so as not to be rude.
  52. [19:50:34] <Kain> "Hm? What"s the matter?" she leans over, tilting her head.
  53. [19:53:18] * Amaryllis shakes her head. "It is nothing. The first summoners, if I understand correctly, must have been like my companions. Simply individuals with the will and character to call on the old tales of the world. Or individuals who felt resonance with the heartbeat of the planet. But bringing them together into a community, over time they came to develop..." Ammy taps her forehead.
  54. [19:53:32] <Amaryllis> "I...wondered how that could be so. Sorry for staring."
  55. [19:53:47] <Kain> Eiko: "No, it"s okay! Look all you like! I"m proud of my horn!"
  56. [19:54:13] <Kain> Eiko: "I think our ancestors were normal humans, once."
  57. [19:54:16] <Amaryllis> "As you should be."
  58. [19:56:12] <Kain> Eiko: "Our horns developed as we grew closer to the eidolons and the planet... the Crystal caused... what"s the word? Ev-o-lu-tion? as time went by to help us communicate and control Eidolons easier."
  59. [19:57:25] <Kain> Eiko: "Dagger"s lucky she"s as close as she is to her eidolons without a horn... I don"t know how you could understand one"s heart without one..."
  60. [19:58:12] <Kain> Eiko: "Though, our tribe never knew anything about the Crystal, Zidane and the rest of us learned about it when we visited the core of memories, Memoria."
  61. [19:58:31] <Amaryllis> "The Crystal wanted for there to be those among us who could commune with the legends of yore. And now so few of you remain. If...if you could not agree with my goal of bringing the summoning tradition back en masse for all, would you agree to at least help see the restoration of the Summoner Tribe?"
  62. [19:58:55] <Kain> Eiko: "That might be hard to do, too... I mean..."
  63. [19:59:08] <Amaryllis> "Memoria. I wonder how one may visit such a place now, if it is possible at all." Ammy taps her chin.
  64. [19:59:33] <Kain> Eiko: "What do you consider to be the Summoner Tribe? My and Garnet"s descendents? People who abide by the traditions we set out? I don"t even know if the Eidolon Wall is still standing..."
  65. [20:00:19] <Kain> Eiko: "I feel like what WAS the summoner tribe died with grandpa and the rest of my family... I know more about our ways than Garnet, but even I don"t know that much..."
  66. [20:00:22] <Amaryllis> "The wall could be restored, the traditions re-taught, your descendents..." Ammy's face gains the hints of a wry smile. "Well, do you have a boyfriend?"
  67. [20:00:36] <Kain> Eiko: "W-well... There IS a guy I like, but he"s so clueless! Argh!"
  68. [20:01:08] <Amaryllis> "Oh?"
  69. [20:01:35] <Amaryllis> Please don't be Cinna, Ammy thinks to herself.
  70. [20:01:43] <Kain> Eiko: "Yeah, Bunce"s head is about as thick as an Adamantoise"s shell. Bluh."
  71. [20:02:05] <Kain> Eiko: "He"s even been dressing like Zidane, who I totally had a crush on when I was six, but he doesn"t get that I like him? I mean, what?"
  72. [20:02:34] <Kain> Eiko flails around a bit. "And I can"t just tell him!"
  73. [20:02:46] <Amaryllis> "Ah, he must not read much. Anyone who has read a love story or two..."
  74. [20:02:53] <Amaryllis> "You cannot?"
  75. [20:04:04] <Kain> Eiko: "Oh, he reads plenty. ACTION stories." she wiggles her fingers into quotes. "And no! Duh, it"s the guy who asks the girl out, right? And if he doesn"t feel the same about me it"ll like totally ruin our friendship!"
  76. [20:05:31] <Kain> Eiko: "What"s worse is the only other girl our age he even knows is his sister! Maybe I just have to wait another year or two for his balls to drop." she sighs with a bit of a miserable harrumph.
  77. [20:05:51] <Amaryllis> "Well, no, it is the knight who asks the princess's hand in marriage. But must the boy always play the knight and the girl the princess? You eschew your titles and trappings, and you have..." Ammy coughs "adventures of sort. Could you not play the knight then?"
  78. [20:06:00] * Amaryllis is really not sure how she got into this conversation oh god what is even
  79. [20:06:26] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps you could at least. Um. Nudge him on his way." Ammy shrugs, looking close to flailing herself.
  80. [20:06:49] <Kain> Eiko: "No, no, no. I mean, I wouldn"t mind wearing the pants, but he idolizes Zidane so that"s not going to work..."
  81. [20:08:12] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps Zidane could open his eyes? Oh, unless this means he desires a girl who acts like Princess Garnet, to take a wife of the sort his hero has. Or perhaps he merely wants to prove himself a hero before confessins his affections for you."
  82. [20:08:41] <Kain> Eiko: "Well I"ve totally been wearing Dagger"s handmedowns but it hasn"t been working..."
  83. [20:08:50] <Kain> Eiko: "You saw before, right?"
  84. [20:08:55] * Amaryllis nods.
  85. [20:10:27] <Amaryllis> "Take him on a daring and dangerous adventure. Surely, Tantalus must provide plenty of opportunity for that."
  86. [20:11:55] <Kain> "I guess... I mean, we kinda formed our own little group on the side. The Tantalizing Triple Terrors, the Tenacious Thieves of Tartarus! ...I think that"s how it went, I swear it changes every time once of us says it..."
  87. [20:12:23] <Kain> "But all we really end up doing is coming here to badmouth Baku and drink where no one can scold us." she sighs.
  88. [20:12:48] <Kain> Eiko: "An adventure does sound nice... I don"t really have the time for one anymore. If I"m gone from the castle for too long, they notice."
  89. [20:12:50] <Amaryllis> "...Oh so that's what Nat meant." Ammy mumbles quietly.
  90. [20:15:26] <Alaine> Eiko: "But what Bunce and Lucella consider an adventure right now is just kind of... boring to me, after everything I"ve been through, you know?
  91. [20:16:47] <Amaryllis> "It need not be a grandiose journey. It would be an appropriate opportunity, nonetheless, for Bunce to declare - or discover - his affections for you, would it not?"
  92. [20:16:51] <Alaine> Eiko throws up her hands. "Ooh, a flan in the old warehouse! So scary! Nothing against those two but they were probably playing with blocks when I was fighting the Water Guardian of Terra..."
  93. [20:17:01] <Alaine> Eiko: "Hm... true..."
  94. [20:18:30] * Amaryllis reaches into her bag and uncorks a potion bottle. She sips at the whiskey inside and wonders how she ended up sitting here giving dating advice to one of the last two remaining summoners. More importantly: Who the hell let Ammy give dating advice?
  95. [20:19:09] <Alaine> Eiko: "As far as visiting Memoria goes..."
  96. [20:19:21] <Alaine> Eiko: "Well, it"s kind of hard! It"s... everywhere and nowhere."
  97. [20:19:34] <Alaine> Eiko: "Ten years ago, it manifested in the branches of the Iifa Tree..."
  98. [20:20:06] <Alaine> Eiko: "I think because of the Mist overload Kuja had it produce..."
  99. [20:20:39] <Alaine> Eiko: "I"ve been back to it once, but I think it was because I have something that came from there..."
  100. [20:21:09] <Alaine> The summoner carefully pulls out a long, red flute that ends in a pink cherub"s wing.
  101. [20:21:20] <Amaryllis> "You do? I think I have an idea of what you are describing, visiting a place that has no location on Gaia and yet can be accessible anywhere with the right conditions."
  102. [20:21:32] * Amaryllis leans in and gets a good look.
  103. [20:21:49] <Alaine> Eiko: "This is a Legendary Weapon, the Angel Flute. The myth, so it goes, is that anyone who hears its tune is enchanted."
  104. [20:21:57] <Alaine> Eiko: "I dunno about that, but it was pretty handy back then."
  105. [20:22:45] <Amaryllis> "And it is from Memoria? Is it made of memories?"
  106. [20:22:59] <Alaine> She lets you have a good look at it. The weapon almost seems to radiate power, being a Tier 8 Arcane implement.
  107. [20:23:07] <Alaine> Eiko: "I think so!"
  108. [20:23:18] <Alaine> Eiko: "We found it in a memory of Alexandria"s destruction..."
  109. [20:25:25] <Amaryllis> "Huh, I wonder..." Ammy stares at it. "Have you ever visited the Aether Realm of an Eidolon? What you describe, if it holds memories as physical locations, sounds much similar, though as a Realm for a planet and not a single being."
  110. [20:25:49] <Alaine> She puts it to her lips, piping a tune.
  111. [20:27:09] <Amaryllis> "A soothing tone. Nostalgic and melancholy at once, yet hopeful."
  112. [20:27:22] <Alaine> She takes the flute from her lips after a bit, frowning. "You mean an eidolon"s personal domain? Ummm... Not directly, no! But Zidane visited Chocobo"s once, from things he told me."
  113. [20:28:27] <Amaryllis> "Would you like to?"
  114. [20:28:55] <Alaine> Eiko: "He didn"t know what was going on, but basically the eidolon Chocobo, now Fat Chocobo, king of the chocobos of Chocobo"s Paradise, was guiding our Chocobo Choco to... hm? I guess I could try..."
  115. [20:30:26] <Alaine> Eiko: "By the way, if you ever get the chance to go treasure hunting across the world on a chocobo, I really recommend it. You wouldn"t believe what people bury!"
  116. [20:32:25] <Amaryllis> "I shall keep that in mind. Sadly, I have no old forgotten treasure map found in the recesses of the family basement or similar, so I am not sure the muses would smile upon the tale of my treasure hunting as much as I would like."
  117. [20:33:36] <Amaryllis> "In any case..." Ammy hesitates. "Perhaps it would be better if I were to show you entrance to Nat's realm. Mine is...unpleasant. Though I had meant to ask you for advice, and a view of my realm would be relevant to..." She trails off into a mumble at the end and seems conflicted.
  118. [20:34:54] <Alaine> Eiko frowns. "Without her permission? I"d look at yours if you wanted..."
  119. [20:35:27] <Amaryllis> "I would ask her, of course!" Ammy looks hurt that Eiko would suggest she'd just barge on into Nat's.
  120. [20:36:31] <Amaryllis> "But...alright." Ammy sets down her lantern and waves a hand over it, the flame growing in strength.
  121. [20:36:42] <Amaryllis> She unpacks a bottle of mist from her bag.
  122. [20:38:10] <Alaine> Eiko: ! "Hey, that"s... careful with that Mist..."
  123. [20:38:12] * Amaryllis whispers an explanation as she does this. "I am bound by the stories men tell of Tonberries. Tales of spiteful murder, of wanton killings. My realm reflects these tales, and I am often bound physically to act upon them."
  124. [20:38:38] <Alaine> Eiko frowns after a moment. "That"s... awful."
  125. [20:38:54] * Amaryllis looks up. "It is how I have always done this. Is there another way I should know of?"
  126. [20:39:17] <Alaine> Eiko: "Well... I don"t know how you"re doing it to begin with, so let"s see what happens."
  127. [20:42:58] * Amaryllis reaches up to her neck and yanks her necklace out so it dangles over her shirt. She rubs a gil coin for luck, and then pops open the bottle of mist, pouring it liberally over her lantern. Her eyes begin to glow, and she announces with a flourish of her hand that brings her knife into it,"I shall show you the world within me then. I, Inquisitor Tonberry, open this Gate of the Immortal Legend!"
  128. [20:45:00] <Kain> There"s a flash of light, and suddenly the two of you are surrounded by darkness. Shifting shapes surround the two of you, and you appear to be in some dark corridor. You"ve taken on the robes from the time you were in Natalie"s aether realm, while Eiko appears... much different. Her hair is long and blonde, and she"s wearing a white dress, with two huge angelic wings folded behind
  129. [20:45:00] <Kain> her. She appears to be glowing slightly.
  130. [20:45:56] <Kain> Whispers surround the two of you, and the smell of blood and decay is rank in the air.
  131. [20:46:24] * Amaryllis looks over Eiko's new appearance with some surprise. She was wondering what form the girl would take in here. It's quickly replaced by consternation and a sense of familiar fear. She shivers and withdraws into herself, hugging her robes close.
  132. [20:46:58] <Kain> Eiko seems to be just as surprised as she looks over herself. "Trance? Here? ...Huh..."
  133. [20:47:19] <Amaryllis> " Trance?"
  134. [20:48:02] <Kain> Eiko nods. "That"s right! All of us were capable of Trance... this is how mine looks." she spreads her wings a bit, stretching them.
  135. [20:48:15] <Kain> Eiko: "But this place... You weren"t kidding."
  136. [20:48:52] * Amaryllis nods. "There is a story I know."
  137. [20:50:32] <Amaryllis> "It's about a lost traveler and a glowing orb of light he or she follows. The story echoes many times throughout my head, each time with small differences. Sometimes simply a change in pace, or setting, or the voice I hear it told in."
  138. [20:50:38] <Kain> Eiko listens as she walks down the corridor.
  139. [20:51:08] <Kain> She pauses to overstep a pool of liquid that shines dark red in the light of your lantern.
  140. [20:51:29] <Amaryllis> "But in all the versions of this story, the light never brings comfort, and the traveler never makes it home." She finishes quietly.
  141. [20:52:17] <Kain> Eiko raises her hand, a gentle orb of light appearing above her hand... for the briefest of moments, before a cage of iron shuts tight around the ball, and the newly made lantern whisks away, vanishing into the darkness.
  142. [20:53:02] <Kain> Eiko: "...yeah, this place doesn"t seem to like me..."
  143. [20:53:19] <Kain> Eiko: "But you said something about changing your story, right?"
  144. [20:54:33] * Amaryllis nods. "In one telling, the light leads a man through a wicked jungle, seeming to deftly guide him away from dangerous malboros and behemoths, only to leave him stranded at the edge of a cliff, lost more than ever and without direction home. It disappears with a cackle into the night."
  145. [20:55:10] <Amaryllis> "In another, a traveler is lead through catacombs much like these, only to meet a swift end at a dead end, cut down by the knife brought to him by the glowing light he followed."
  146. [20:55:56] <Kain> Eiko: "Jungle..." she says, the word a bit unfamiliar on her tongue. Come to think of it, there really aren"t that many places on Gaia that could be called jungles. Maybe long ago, though.
  147. [20:56:22] * Amaryllis pauses for a second, taking a deep breath. "In this telling..." She pauses again. "In this telling, I pen the tale of a young woman brought through the dark maze of an unwilling murderer's mind, guided by that glowing light, and guarded by the knife she wields."
  148. [20:57:27] <Amaryllis> With shaking hands, Ammy raises her lantern on one side and takes her knife up in the other. "Not to be too presumptuous, you are one of the heroes of Kuja's war..." She mumbles, seeming embarassed. "Erm...Shall we proceed?"
  149. [20:57:35] <Kain> As you say this, Eiko stops abruptly in front of a wall ahead of you. As you approach, the light of your lantern seems to illuminate that which is beneath her skin. You see the red lifeblood flowing through her veins, you see the pulse of her heart beating... you see where her kidneys and liver are. The knife has found its way into your hand, and you can almost make sense of the whispers
  150. [20:57:35] <Kain> telling you softly to kill her.
  151. [20:58:45] <Kain> Eiko: "I think we hit a dead end..."
  152. [20:58:46] * Amaryllis takes a step back. "N-no." Then another. She shuts her eyes tightly, holding them closed as she counts to five in her mind, and then reopens them.
  153. [20:59:19] <Kain> You"ve taken two steps forward involuntarily for the one you took back... but you remain in control now.
  154. [20:59:46] <Kain> Eiko: "Hm?" she turns to look at you, the vision gone.
  155. [21:00:26] <Kain> She smiles though.
  156. [21:00:31] * Amaryllis shakes her head and turns around, slowly heading down another corridor.
  157. [21:00:36] <Kain> Eiko: "Okay! You"ll be my guide and my guard. I trust you, Lissy!"
  158. [21:00:37] <Amaryllis> "Let's just..."
  159. [21:01:03] <Amaryllis> "Thank you." Ammy says in an incredibly unsure tone now.
  160. [21:01:38] <Kain> She follows you along now as you explore the maze. The whispers grow louder, but unintelligible is their anger.
  161. [21:02:03] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps this too, is why I wish to see A summoning tradition reborn, if not THE tradition you were once part of. Summoner and Eidolon belong side by side, and the former may help the latter mold their stories to their liking, rather than being bound by them."
  162. [21:02:23] <Kain> Eiko: "Hey, that"s a good idea..."
  163. [21:02:37] <Amaryllis> "It is a beautiful virtuous circle, and one that is so rare now." Ammy shivers again and tries her best to shut out the whispers.
  164. [21:03:21] <Kain> Eiko: "Hey, you know what Tonberries remind me of?"
  165. [21:03:38] <Amaryllis> "What do they remind you of?"
  166. [21:03:50] <Kain> Eiko: "The cute, chubby monks that used to tend abbeys! Don"t you think? The robes they wear, how they shaved their heads..."
  167. [21:04:20] <Kain> The darkness almost seems to shrink away at Eiko"s cheerfulness.
  168. [21:04:50] <Amaryllis> "I...I think I want a different story for myself. It is a jolly one, but..." Ammy pinches at herself to make sure she didn't suddenly turn chubby. D:
  169. [21:05:10] <Kain> You"re still you, no worries.
  170. [21:05:24] <Kain> Eiko: "I just think they look adorable more than murderous."
  171. [21:05:59] <Kain> Eiko: "Sorry if that offends you! Even when we visited Ipsen"s Castle I wasn"t intimidated by them!"
  172. [21:06:20] <Amaryllis> "I am glad to hear that." Walk walk step step.
  173. [21:06:53] <Kain> You twist and turn... and eventually, you step... into a large, open room. This is almost a red flag to you because the corridors have almost always been a constant.
  174. [21:07:12] <Amaryllis> "Did you know, when I visited Ipsen's once more, not a single Tonberry greeted me, nor threatened my companions. Out of deference to me, I was told, but that has meant meeting their kind has been diffi- ..." Ammy pauses, confused.
  175. [21:07:57] <Kain> This room seems not as dark as the rest, but contains an altar of some kind, engraved with reliefs of tonberries. In a spot where one might usually place an offering is the lantern earlier, still holding Eiko"s light in it.
  176. [21:08:23] <Kain> *lantern from earlier
  177. [21:08:50] <Amaryllis> "I have never seen a room quite like this before in my realm." Ammy says in a near-whisper.
  178. [21:09:12] <Kain> The holy light in the other lantern casts a gentle, white shimmer across the rest of the room in contrast to your usual little flame, and the shadows seem to retreat from it.
  179. [21:09:18] <Kain> Eiko: "Really? Maybe we got lucky..."
  180. [21:10:05] <Kain> As you get closer, you notice something else next to the lantern. A quill, next to a small vial of ink.
  181. [21:10:27] * Amaryllis silently shuffles to the center of the room, or wherever the altar is, setting down her lantern and kneeling to glance at the arranged items.
  182. [21:10:45] <Kain> It seems like the writing implements are slightly used, but the well is still almost full.
  183. [21:11:10] * Amaryllis looks for a place to write, or a place where there are things already written.
  184. [21:11:23] <Kain> There doesn"t seem to be such a place.
  185. [21:12:51] <Kain> It just seems like they"ve been used with no apparent place of usage.
  186. [21:13:04] <Kain> The lantern is a shiny steel cage surrounding the white light.
  187. [21:13:44] * Amaryllis takes the quill and ink and sits next to the lantern on the altar. She carefully writes in a circle around the lantern, not caring if the ink simply doesn't stick or if it runs off or otherwise doesn't work. "The knife is a guard. The lantern is a guide. This is one answer. This is one story among many."
  188. [21:14:02] <Amaryllis> As in on the altar around where the lantern's been placed.
  189. [21:15:00] <Kain> Once you finish writing, the bottom of each letter begins to run, forming a strange runic pattern starting from the letters, and flowing across the surface and down the sides of the altars. The carvings of the tonberries are filled in, turning a dark green, and their eyes glow yellow.
  190. [21:15:36] * Amaryllis looks up and then slowly stands as she sees the effect of her actions.
  191. [21:15:42] <Kain> The lantern seems to rise up off of the altar, and hang itself from the ceiling, casting a brighter light across the room. Though the corridors are still dark, this room is now brightly lit and... comfortable.
  192. [21:15:59] <Kain> The whispers are completely gone here.
  193. [21:16:06] <Kain> Eiko: "Huh? What"d you do?"
  194. [21:16:58] <Amaryllis> "...I thought I would have been punished by this place for my impudence." Ammy pats herself over to make sure she hasn't somehow been phantom-stabbed in this process. "I believe, I just reclaimed a small part of my story for myself."
  195. [21:17:12] <Kain> The light in the lantern seems to poof into a regular flame matching your own, now, but still keeps the room cheerily lit.
  196. [21:17:40] <Kain> Eiko: "This is pretty weird..."
  197. [21:17:48] <Kain> Eiko: "But I"m glad!"
  198. [21:18:00] <Amaryllis> "I wrote a new interpretation of the tales into the ground here. I hope it is one the Tonberries find satisfactory. Did you know, there is actually nothing that they detest more than murder?"
  199. [21:18:13] <Kain> Eiko: "Reaaally?" :O
  200. [21:19:45] <Amaryllis> "So I am told. When one met me, he rejected who I was, renounced the tales that make up my being. It weakened me to hear that; it was even painful for a moment. But as you know, the truth of a tale does not guarantee its dominance over lies."
  201. [21:20:40] <Kain> Eiko: "Ooh, that"s terrible! Yeah, I"m not sure who spread the tales that Shiva was a scantily clad woman instead of a little snow fairy, I bet it was perverts! Hmph."
  202. [21:20:48] <Kain> Eiko: "But those kind of things happen."
  203. [21:22:08] <Amaryllis> "Even if those tales had been true to start, however, I think I still would have endeavored to change them. I cannot think to live a life by tales I could not tolerate."
  204. [21:25:07] <Kain> Eiko: "So... how"d you get stuck with this to begin with?" she has a seat next to the altar.
  205. [21:26:33] * Amaryllis has been staring at the carved tonberries reliefs and the glowing lantern. the question jerks her back to reality, and she answers quickly without thought. "I died, and my soul was used as a catalyst to birth a new Eidolon."
  206. [21:26:45] * Amaryllis immediately thinks she could have taken the time to word that more eloquently.
  207. [21:28:16] <Kain> Eiko just looks at you weird. "That... doesn"t sound natural. Who in the world has that kind of power?"
  208. [21:29:38] <Amaryllis> "My old master. Those I work with now." If Ammy still has access to her physical possessions, she reaches into her bag and pulls out the Tonberry book, flipping it open to the blood-stained page.
  209. [21:30:09] <Kain> Eiko looks over the page with some mixture of horror and amazement.
  210. [21:30:17] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps unnatural, but it has given me second life and I am thankful for it."
  211. [21:30:29] <Kain> Eiko: "Someone knew a lot about eidolons..."
  212. [21:31:50] <Amaryllis> "We have to, if our goal is to bring forth a renaissance of the old legends. Of course, I was merely an understudy, and I did not learn quite as much before Lord Alwyn met an untimely end..." Ammy frowns and sighs.
  213. [21:34:42] <Kain> Eiko: "Hmmm..."
  214. [21:34:52] <Kain> Eiko: "Why does that name sound familiar..."
  215. [21:36:23] <Amaryllis> "We are called 12GIL, if you have heard of it." Ammy rattles her necklace. "Twelve Gates of the Immortal Legend. Ah, Lord Alwyn Aitchison lived in the noble quarter in Lindblum. You may have seen the remains of the mansion." The last sentence is spoken more quietly.
  216. [21:36:50] <Kain> Eiko: "Twelve Gates..."
  217. [21:36:53] <Kain> Eiko: "Oh!"
  218. [21:38:59] <Kain> Eiko: "Grandpa told me that long ago... there were twelve people that were tasked with guarding the twelve gates to the underworld. They were each given a key to guard, but they were afraid they"d be targeted! So they hid the keys around the world, each of them telling only the most trusted one the location. And they picked a different guy to guard the gates!"
  219. [21:39:54] <Kain> Eiko: "And then... uhh... I don"t know? They died or something. I"m not good at telling stories, or remembering the ones I wasn"t interested in." :<
  220. [21:40:35] <Amaryllis> "It is quite alright. I think all stories are valuable, but I am quickly learning not all think that way."
  221. [21:40:41] <Kain> Eiko: "But I do know something!"
  222. [21:40:53] <Kain> Eiko: "One of the gatekeepers was Father"s ancestor, Cid I, the Explorer King!"
  223. [21:41:15] <Kain> She beams at remembering that tidbit.
  224. [21:41:56] <Amaryllis> "We do have two, one meant to open the gates to the Underworld and one to maintain the seal. They..." Ammy pauses. "Ah, then that is why...I see. I believe Cid I was one of Nat's summoners once, or at least fought at her side in battle."
  225. [21:42:14] <Kain> Eiko: "Hmm... I don"t think he was a summoner, no..."
  226. [21:42:21] <Kain> Eiko: "But he was friends with people in our tribe."
  227. [21:42:39] <Kain> Eiko: "That"s why he was given a piece of Alexander"s summoning jewel."
  228. [21:43:06] <Kain> Eiko draws out two glittering stones from her clothes.
  229. [21:43:13] <Amaryllis> "Then the latter, and one of our number if what you say is true." Ammy rattles the necklace again. "In any case, the ones we entrusted to the gates? They are dead now. We are..." Ammy bites her lip and pauses. "being hunted."
  230. [21:43:40] <Kain> Eiko: "Oh no! That"s terrible..."
  231. [21:43:42] * Amaryllis gets a good look at the jewels. It's kind of awe-inspiring to be so close to a piece of summoner history like this.
  232. [21:44:44] <Kain> One of them appears to be the Falcon Claw, the symbol of Fabool"s lineage. The other is a simple, glittering jewel piece that even now is marked with grains of sand.
  233. [21:45:17] <Kain> Eiko: "I had another one, but I exchanged jewels with Dagger a long time ago."
  234. [21:45:19] <Amaryllis> "Beautiful and yet forboding..." Ammy mutters as she looks them over.
  235. [21:46:23] <Kain> Eiko: "But... will you be okay?"
  236. [21:49:05] <Amaryllis> "I believe so. I wholeheartedly trust the man who delivered this news, even as I worry for his own safety. I will simply have to keep a watchful eye open at all times. I have," Ammy pauses and when she speaks again it is with uncertainty "not yet told Natalie of this. It is possible she may be exempt from the hunt as she is not formally a member of our organization, nor does she know much of it."
  237. [21:50:11] <Kain> She relaxes a little bit, then looks down at herself again.
  238. [21:50:39] <Kain> Eiko: "It"s weird... I still don"t know why I"m in my trance form... this is the longest I"ve ever been in it, too. And I feel... calm! That"s really unusual..."
  239. [21:51:25] <Amaryllis> "My very realm exudes a threatening, murderous aura. It could be an instinctive reaction."
  240. [21:52:18] <Kain> Eiko: "Maybe..."
  241. [21:53:46] <Kain> Eiko: "Hmm, we should probably get going..."
  242. [21:54:05] <Amaryllis> "Perhaps we should, yes."
  243. [21:55:11] <Amaryllis> "Thank you for listening to me. And even if you do not wish to give me your blessing in my endeavors, I very much value whatever input you do have to give."
  244. [21:56:10] <Amaryllis> "Whatever form the new renaissance of summoner and eidolon takes, I believe it should pay homage to and give utmost respect to the tales of the old summoner tribe."
  245. [21:57:35] * Amaryllis shuffles forward a few steps in the dark corridor and then stops to think. How did she usually exit and bring people out of this place again?
  246. [22:01:19] <Kain> (However you like :3c)
  247. [22:01:36] <Kain> Eiko nods. "Thank you, Lissy..."
  248. [22:03:06] * Amaryllis holds her lantern up high, and the flame within it roars and grows, filling the entire cage and almost spilling out. Showered by this light, Ammy raises her knife up to meet the lantern. In a swift motion she cuts down, and for a second the world seems to split along the path of her blade before everything disappears.
  249. [22:03:13] <Amaryllis> (like that? :D)
  250. [22:04:53] <Kain> (Sure)
  251. [22:05:01] <Kain> Aaand you"re back in the VIP lounge, with your unopened bottle of Mist.
  252. [22:05:41] <Kain> Eiko still seems to be in Trance for a moment, but her body glows brightly for a moment and crackles with energy as the form fades, putting her back to normal.
  253. [22:06:57] <Amaryllis> "Again, thank you." Ammy bows her head slightly.
  254. [22:08:23] <Kain> Eiko: "Um, sure! Good luck out there, Lissy. If you ever need a friendly face, you know where I am!"
  255. [22:08:42] <Amaryllis> "Of course." Ammy begins to stand, having packed her things. "One last question..."
  256. [22:08:49] <Kain> Eiko leans forward. "Mhm?"
  257. [22:08:58] <Amaryllis> "Bunce. Do you mind if I tell Nat, or...?"
  258. [22:09:28] <Kain> Eiko: "...heehee. Oh, she already knows."
  259. [22:09:34] <Amaryllis> "I mean, she might be able to help and you are very close, as summoner and eidolon..."
  260. [22:09:42] <Amaryllis> "Oh. Very well then."
  261. [22:11:29] <Amaryllis> "Then, until we meet again." Ammy gets up and starts heading to the exit and then frowns. "...Bloody hell, do you climb up here every day? There is not an easier way in and out is there?" She sighs and starts the slow arduous trip down with her 1 DEX and 0 athletics.
  262. [22:11:47] <Kain> Eiko: "Oh, I just hop, skip, and jump~"
  263. [22:12:05] <Kain> aaaand </mini>
  264. [22:12:26] * Amaryllis grumbles and makes her way down. About halfway she gets tired and has to catch her breath, so she takes the moment to start scribbling in her Tonberry book.
  265. [22:12:29] <Amaryllis> "There is a story I know. It's about a lost traveler and a glowing orb of light he or she follows. The story echoes throughout history, changing in small ways. The setting may change. The traveler may be alone or in a group."
  266. [22:12:29] <Amaryllis> "But in all the versions of this story, the light never brings comfort, and the traveler never makes it home."
  267. [22:12:29] <Amaryllis> "Today I tell this story again, but I have decided on different changes. The light brings the traveler warmth, and it brings with it a knife that cuts a path home..."
  268. [22:12:42] <Amaryllis> (now /mini :>)
  269. [22:13:14] <Kain> :>
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