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  1. [22:06] Annie: Tbh just play yi. I know I bitch a lot but if you're low elo and you consistently get yi you'll climb.
  2. [22:06] Bewitching Janna: Angels are getting done. Soon.
  3. [22:06] Soul Rimor: I kinda suck at yi tho
  4. [22:06] Tempting: sliiid up to Taliyah. Innocent fox smile.
  5. [22:06] Soul Rimor: I've kinda inted on him every time I jungle for the past 3 years
  6. [22:06] Vilthea Shatterfang: Good.
  7. [22:07] Annie: soul [youtube.com]
  8. [22:07] Soul Rimor: I just play Vi if I get autofilled jungle
  9. [22:07] Bewitching Janna: I really wanna see Kayle's kit get changed, and with Morgana I just wanna see her visuals updated.
  10. [22:07] Bewitching Janna: Maybe some tweaks to her passive because... Morg doesn't really have a passive honestly.
  11. [22:07] Stoneweaver places a cup in front of the Ahri gently, pouring a cup of tea from her stone kettle.
  12. [22:07] Annie: How to Pubstomp as Yi: A gold guide to jungling as Yisus - By Annie Hastur
  13. [22:07] Bewitching Janna: It's just free spellvamp and that's it.
  14. [22:07] Soul Rimor: My toplaner of choice was Gnar, then I heard Gnar got nerfed to oblivion so I dont have a toplaner anymore
  15. [22:08] Vilthea Shatterfang: I just use Annie when I try to get rank. Usually works.
  16. [22:08] Bewitching Janna: I usually use Nami to get rank.
  17. [22:08] Soul Rimor: Vilthea a student of the LS school of climbing
  18. [22:08] Vilthea Shatterfang: He ain't wrong. Free farm, blow up bad people.
  19. [22:08] Tempting: patiently waited with that smile; and once the cup was filled, a delicate snag of the porcelain brought the brew close. Beam.
  20. [22:08] The Card Master: Get good at Zed and climb, silver mid laners have no idea how to not int.
  21. [22:08] Soul Rimor: Maybe I should learn veigar. He seems pretty easy.
  22. [22:08] The Card Master: That's my advice.
  23. [22:08] Stacked: You're easy, Soul
  24. [22:09] Bewitching Janna: Veigar's fairly easy.
  25. [22:09] Soul Rimor: Or pick up Syndra again after... Uh... 3 years
  26. [22:09] Annie: Step one. Get left side of the map. Start red. Immediately after red, run to enemy wolves. If they're there, kill them. Most enemy junglers can't fight yi early, and you'll have red buff and they won't. If they're not there, take their wolves, and then blue. If their blue is gone, they're at scuttle. Kill them at scuttle. ANd the rest is gravy.
  27. [22:09] Bewitching Janna: But you start doing really good when you learn how to land W without using E.
  28. [22:09] Submissive Jinx lights a couch on fire
  29. [22:09] Too EZreal: Huh... The loading page's "Did you know" is blank.
  30. [22:09] Too EZreal: Hweird.
  31. [22:09] Soul Rimor: And I know I am, stacked
  32. [22:09] Bimbo Vi scribbles down notes, she has terrible handwriting tho
  33. [22:09] Vilthea Shatterfang: Im too lazy to rank anyway. Rather bang.
  34. [22:10] Bewitching Janna: It's fucking beautiful when you land a W in a hectic teamfight without even using a stun as Veigar.
  35. [22:10] Stoneweaver mirrored her gentle smile, giving the vastayan a gracious nod before gingerly replacing the kettle at the center of the table. "Be careful, it's still very hot."
  36. [22:10] Bewitching Janna: I remember one occasion where I saw Draven heading towards a bush. W, Q... 5 seconds later get a "What the fuck" in chat.
  37. [22:10] R A P P E R bullies stoneweaver. "Pipsqeak."
  38. [22:11] Bewitching Janna: And then a "Veigar, why does my death recap say 2400 damage in 0.2 seconds?"
  39. [22:11] Bimbo Vi: Veigar gets to do soooo much damage for so little effort
  40. [22:11] Annie: General advice: don't use q to gap close unless you have to. Use it, instead, to dodge attacks/cc/follow mobility. Don't use e while jungling unles syou know where the enemy jungler is. E damage is very important for trading. You can auto-tap w-auto to auto reset. Let's see what else..... uh......... you can take dragon really easily really early by timing his alpha to dodge some of the dragon attacks. Like, as soon as you have red smite you can take drag......
  41. [22:11] Soul Rimor: Yeah, I need to learn a control mage. I'm not good enough at Taliyah to get fed on her, I'm dogshit at assassins since i have a very cautious playstyle, and who the fuck plays engage tanks in low elo when your team can't be trusted to understand running 1 by 1 into the enemy jungle is a bad idea
  42. [22:11] Bewitching Janna: Soul. Lissandra. She's a challenge to learn, but super rewarding when you start doing well.
  43. [22:12] Annie: actually, despite the label, assassins are good with a defensive play style, at least in lane. A common strat for assassins is to let the enemy push in, and then freeze.
  44. [22:12] Soul Rimor: Ahri I'm only decent at because I have a fucking ungodly amount of hours on her.
  45. [22:12] Soul Rimor: Liss I've played a decent amount
  46. [22:12] Soul Rimor: But I always feel like I dont do damage on her, somehow
  47. [22:12] Stoneweaver offers R A P P E R a cup of tea.
  48. [22:12] Bewitching Janna: Or Karma mid. I'm a heretic but I love Karma mid.
  49. [22:12] Tempting: a settle of her figure beside the desert feminine, tails obediently hovering behind her. Cherry lips emitted a closed giggle. "I'll be mindful. Thank you so much."
  50. [22:12] Annie: ll stylish is like, THE zed player, and in this one, he goes over laning against control mages like orianna. It's good stuff
  51. [22:12] Annie: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6IsbnV-4JXI&t=24s
  52. [22:13] Stacked: My biggest gripe is that I'll build heavy into tank so it takes the entire enemy team like 10 seconds to kill me, engage, and all my damage dealers stay a healthy distance away from the action and don't do anything but watch me die.
  53. [22:13] Soul Rimor: Akali I'm trying to learn but cant really play her right now. Permaban and all.
  54. [22:13] Soul Rimor: Sivir's good right now, right?
  55. [22:13] Soul Rimor: Maybe if I can get my work done, I'll spam her for a day
  56. [22:14] Stoneweaver nodded again in acceptance to the thanks, waving a hand casually. "I'm always happy to share of my table," she answered politely.
  57. [22:14] Bewitching Janna: Sivir's good, but sorta braindead.
  58. [22:14] Soul Rimor: Then in the offseason practice some new champs
  59. [22:14] Soul Rimor: Good. Janna, I'm silver 2.
  60. [22:14] Annie: braindead is good for ranked
  61. [22:14] Soul Rimor: USED to be plat, but that was 3 years ago.
  62. [22:14] Soul Rimor: I've played 50 games this season, and 30 of them were in the past week :P
  63. [22:14] Annie: old sky vid has the real wisdom [youtube.com]
  64. [22:15] The Card Master: I mean, just because he won doesn't mean its a good strategy.
  65. [22:15] The Card Master: Stylish admits in the first 2 minutes 'the whole point is to miss cs'
  66. [22:15] Stoneweaver: Annie that is literally my favorite Sky vid. My friends and I quote it literally every day.
  67. [22:15] Annie: The point is to survive laning phase until you're strong enough to hit back
  68. [22:15] Soul Rimor: So, the tristana strategy
  69. [22:15] Bewitching Janna: My record is Bronze 5 in season 3, then bronze 4, then 4, then 2, then silver 5, and I pulled gold V for the first time this season.
  70. [22:15] The Card Master: I mean, that's how a lot of melee assassins work. But you're still in a much worse position to lose lane as an assassin compared to anyone else.
  71. [22:15] Bewitching Janna: I was terrible for a long time.
  72. [22:16] Annie: I'm not even sure what you're arguing
  73. [22:16] Annie: I'm just saying that you don' thave to play super aggro to play an assassin
  74. [22:16] Soul Rimor: Bronze S2, Silver S3, Gold S4, Plat S5, Gold S6, Gold S7, looking like Silver S8
  75. [22:16] The Card Master: "Assassins are good with a defensive play style, at least in lane" this isn't true
  76. "
  77. [22:16] The Card Master: .That's all I wanted to say. Obviously sometimes you have to play defensive but its not good.
  78. [22:16] Annie: I mean, he starts the video saying 'freeze the lane into yourself as usual'
  79. [22:17] The Card Master: Freezing lane isn't a defensive action. Its how you zone.
  80. [22:17] Annie: Letting the orianna push into you and freezing isn't defensive? lmao
  81. [22:17] Soul Rimor: Ever since they decided they want Ahri to be a mage instead of an assassin she's felt off to me
  82. [22:17] Annie: oih it's you, of course you're arguing with me. later gater
  83. [22:17] The Card Master: You're saying 'as usual' then you swap to 'as Orianna'
  84. [22:17] The Card Master: yeah, never mind. Later.
  85. [22:18] All Eyes on Me: Big yikes.
  86. [22:18] Bewitching Janna: It's just been steady, slow improvement from me.
  87. [22:18] Ez: yikes
  88. [22:18] Yannette: Fuck me, tonight was eventful!
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