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  1. i hate games: "anime/manga room is only there for shutposting"
  2. i hate games: "everybody on the room condones piracy" clearly you care
  3. i hate games: streaming sites dont contribute anything to sales etc and pirating promotes a lot of things to then buy series or figures for the series you would have never touched
  4. aybekay++: excuses...
  5. i hate games: and so they wouldnt have ever got the sale to begin with
  6. i hate games: what do you mean ecuses lol
  7. i hate games: it's facts
  8. i hate games: saying "it's morally wrong" is your excuse
  9. i hate games: for being so damn salty
  10. aybekay++: i am not salty
  11. i hate games: no you're definatly salty
  12. aybekay++: LOO
  13. aybekay++: L
  14. i hate games: "facts don't care about your feelings" ben shapiro
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