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Dec 22nd, 2015
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  1. locusf vakkov: <- this gets repeated a lot of times 17:49
  2. sledges vgrade_: thread? 17:49
  3. vgrade_ sledges: idk, gdb output is useless 17:50
  4. locusf vakkov: updated it, please f5 17:50
  5. beidl ofono service stalls, causing lipstick to not start 17:50
  6. vakkov oh, it's not only the modem output but also bluetooth and wifi; locusf 17:50
  7. locusf vakkov: yeah 17:50
  8. vakkov are your bluetooth or wifi working? 17:51
  9. locusf vakkov: not sure about bluetooth probably not 17:51
  10. *** meek_geek has quit IRC 17:51
  11. vakkov locusf: Connect_RILD: Connecting failed. Connection refused(111) 17:51
  12. vakkov ok, you need to patch your libril 17:51
  13. vakkov otherwise ofono can't connect to it 17:51
  14. vakkov beidl has to push that patch soon :D 17:51
  15. locusf bluetooth not working 17:52
  16. vakkov locusf:;a=blobdiff;f=libril/ril.cpp;h=ca34eb89e7414e16ef40e25f0f050c07a95b5dea;hp=3e6492e8235f2898d582e3dacf558f10a79e2f18;hb=a95f74b45ea801f14b1aaa78707cf691de82c76c;hpb=ae67953e93218859806918f20175693015fd8ecc 17:52
  17. beidl the sad part is: we don't need that patch on maguro 17:52
  18. vakkov patch this and install the new libril and hardware_legacy 17:53
  19. vakkov beidl, whatever, push it. look what happens with his log :D 17:53
  20. locusf I don't have a sim card btw, do I need it? 17:53
  21. vakkov well ;D won't be bad to have one. btw, remove it's pin code for the time being!!!
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