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  1. Izana/Femui C PCF1:
  2. Kamui: Izana, do you have a minute?
  3. Izana: Oho, Princess Kamui! Whatever could be the matter~?
  4. Kamui: I heard that your specialty is fortune-telling. So, I wanted you to tell mine…
  5. Izana: I see, I see~ you are also a girl at heart~! Telling your fortune is the least I could do to repay you~!
  6. Kamui: Are you serious!? Then please do.
  7. Izana: What kind of reading shall I do~? Health would make a good start, no~? Being in so many battles, your body is your prime investment after all~! Ahem, honyahonyamumumu… let’s see what’s in store for you~!
  8. Kamui: Uwah! That’s a full-scale incantation!
  9. Izana: Eh? No, no, this is just for atmosphere~! Hearing something like that makes it better, right~?
  10. Kamui: Eeeh!?
  11. Izana: That way it raises the impact~! Ah, while we were talking, the results came in! Let’s see… “You are enshrouded by a great fatigue. You should rest immediately,” or so it says!
  12. Kamui: Eh…?
  13. Izana: That being said! You and I shall rest right now! I have some tea leaves that are quite effective in overcoming fatigue, so hold a moment and I’ll get them~!
  14. Kamui: But… by telling my fortune I’ve already taken up so much of your time, to impose on you any further would be…
  15. Izana: It’s no matter~. Everyone will worry if they see you looking so tired, right~? I’m responsible for that fortune, so leave everything to me~!
  16. Kamui: W-Well… thank you. I’m in your care.
  17. Izana: Yes, yes! Now then, I’ll take my leave~! If anything else troubles you, let me read your fortune again~!
  18. Kamui: Thank you very much.
  19. Kamui: … Izana is a very kind person. Hm? But just now… couldn’t he have just seen my face and decided to tell me to rest? … No, I’m probably thinking too much into it.
  21. Izana/Femui B PCF1:
  22. Izana: If it isn’t Princess Kamui! Did the tea from before have any effect~?
  23. Kamui: Izana! I wanted to thank you for the other day. Thanks to you, my fatigue is completely gone!
  24. Izana: That’s wonderful~! Ah, that’s right. Today, you’ve come wanting another fortune told, I see~!
  25. Kamui: Sorry, I guess it was too obvious… but thanks in advance!
  26. Izana: Oh no~, you don’t have to thank me~! Seeing your happy face is enough for me~! What should I read today… next, I’ll divine your financial fortune! Let’s see…… Hm, nothing good or bad, what subtle results~.
  27. Kamui: Eeh!?
  28. Izana: Now, now! Seeing as you come from royalty, it seems you don’t have to worry about things like money! If it worries you, for the time being you should be fine by setting some aside for the future~!
  29. Kamui: Fufu. Alright, I will. … But, this must be a burden on you Izana.
  30. Izana: Hm? Whatever could you mean?
  31. Kamui: Well, you can’t always get good results from your fortunes like the one just now, right? Sure, good results exist… but so do bad ones… I think when you give bad results to people, it must be difficult for you too, Izana…
  32. Izana: … You’re very kind.
  33. Kamui: Eh?
  34. Izana: But, your fears are baseless~! Even if the fortune were bad, I would just solve it with my spells~!
  35. Kamui: I-Is that so?
  36. Izana: Yes, yes! So you have no need to worry! … Ah! Is it that time already~? I must leave now, so until next time~! See you~!
  37. Kamui: Ah, Izana! … Izana seemed a bit strange somehow. I wonder if I asked something weird…
  39. Izana/Femui A PCF1:
  40. Kamui: Izana!
  41. Izana: …! O-Oh, Princess Kamui…!
  42. Kamui: … As I thought, you’re acting strange Izana.
  43. Izana: Eh?
  44. Kamui: Um… is it because of that talk from the other day about fortune-telling?
  45. Izana: Princess Kamui… are you worried about me?
  46. Kamui: I thought, maybe me asking something strange caused you concern…
  47. Izana: … It’s not something for you to worry about. At that time, hearing you say something so incisive while carrying such a heavy fate yourself… I was simply left speechless…
  48. Kamui: Izana…
  49. Izana: Although I thought I could deceive you, I was caught~. It seems I caused you great worry.
  50. Kamui: Not at all… I’m fine! You’re my friend, so please let me worry about you! … Besides, no matter what kind of fate is in store for me, I’m okay with knowing it.
  51. Izana: Princess Kamui…
  52. Kamui: No matter what painful things might be, that’s still in the future. There’s still a chance it will change. Besides, I have friends who’ll support me. So… no matter what fate may bring, I’ll try to change it in a good direction.
  53. Izana: ! That’s right… my heart grows strong hearing you say that, Princess Kamui. … Though I was a little downtrodden, I’m alright now! Thank you, Princess Kamui!
  54. Kamui: Izana…
  55. Izana: Ahead of you and your friends awaits an unrelenting fate. But… I believe in you all. Princess Kamui… I pray that your future is a bright one.
  56. Kamui: Thank you.
  57. Izana: Fufu, leave the prayers to me~! After all, I am a descendant of the gods~!
  59. Izana/Femui S PCF1:
  60. Izana: Hello~ Princess Kamui~!
  61. Kamui: Kyah! Izana!?
  62. Izana: Acting so surprised, what’s the matter~? Well, I guess I’m at fault for speaking behind you like that? Sorry~. Ah, as an apology, shall I tell your fortune again~? How about a love fortune this time~?
  63. Kamui: Eeeh!?
  64. Izana: Hm? Something wrong~?
  65. Kamui: N-No… you sure have great timing… I-It’s nothing.
  66. Izana: Really? Then I’m going~! Honyahonyamumumu… let’s see what’s in store for you~!
  67. Kamui: Again with the strange incantations…
  68. Izana: Let’s see… your fated person… is right before your eyes~!!
  69. Kamui: Eh?
  70. Izana: Meaning… your fated person is me!
  71. Kamui: I-Izana, you’re…!?
  72. Izana: Look, Princess Kamui… there’s something I want to ask you. If I’m always with you, I can support you. … When you said you would change the future, I wanted to become your strength. Your words made me stronger. … My feelings towards you were also born then. I love you, Princess Kamui. I want you to accept my feelings…
  73. Kamui: Izana… … I’m, so happy. That Izana was my fated person…
  74. Izana ! Then…
  75. Kamui: Yes. I, too… am in love with you. With Izana supporting me, I think I can move towards a bright future.
  76. Izana: Princess Kamui… Aah, I’m so relieved~! I was suuuuuuuuper nervous~~~!
  77. Kamui: Huh? You were nervous? But what about the results of that fortune?
  78. Izana: Despite that, I was still nervous to confess~! Ah, but it did say, “Your chemistry is perfect”! You can rest easy~!
  79. Kamui: Fufu, that’s great. … I love you, Izana.
  80. Izana: Wawah~! What’s with that, my heart hurts~! Hearing you say “I love you,” I’m so happy I could die~! Alright, from now on I’ll support you as your lover, so treat me well~!
  81. Kamui: Yes! Thank you…!
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