Cinnamon-git PKGBUILD fix

CaioAlonso Dec 22nd, 2011 115 Never
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  1. 66,68c66,68
  2. <   install -m644 data/theme/mediaplayer/player-paused.svg "${pkgdir}/usr/share/cinnamon/theme/"
  3. <   install -m644 data/theme/mediaplayer/player-playing.svg "${pkgdir}/usr/share/cinnamon/theme/"
  4. <   install -m644 data/theme/mediaplayer/player-stopped.svg "${pkgdir}/usr/share/cinnamon/theme/"
  5. ---
  6. >   install -m644 data/theme/player-paused.svg "${pkgdir}/usr/share/cinnamon/theme/"
  7. >   install -m644 data/theme/player-playing.svg "${pkgdir}/usr/share/cinnamon/theme/"
  8. >   install -m644 data/theme/player-stopped.svg "${pkgdir}/usr/share/cinnamon/theme/"
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