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  1.  "Hh'mh'-" unavoidable the shift between the seconds, the body was honest, and those toughened finger pads were confident in their journey; passing through flowerbed to the destination of choice; breaching first its sensitive outer limits before reaching apex and stirring a reflexive jerk that won her cooperative constrictions further, and that hitch of her breath, "H'hm!-Rh!--Hn." Resonating from lower, to high, then low again from muffled point of lock-however she could manage it.
  2. City Elf    Old Man 33 minutes ago  Raven bound and determined to command realms of plusher bottom row; and she caught in the cross of seal's completion, it was with a hearty sup of air through narrower passages and desperate grazes of her own fingernails that her moment of silence reigned. Though not a silence, when the guttural projection presented itself to the contrary, "Mm'gh," and across the layers of green likely belonging to his collar opposite where this hand began; aligned arm across the stretch of his back, did these slender fingers take grips. But it too served as an necessary assertion given his necessitate drive forward, giving way to limbly strangle of her thigh for-reasons she would know soon enough if the passes of reach did not bring enlightenment promptly. Ousted hereabouts, that the single file of explorers found petals kissed by earliest traces of few-collected like a fine mist in the earliest hours of point's reach
  3. City Elf    Old Man 49 minutes ago  It was hungry and who could blame it. While her head may have succumb to turns and face to partial eyeshuts prior, they refocused here with that upward turn and picturesque agape implicating her heavy breathing induced by his-ardent pushes and pulls. Complimenting her blame and wearing it thusly, another rise found her anchor to the tree considering its leave, or so that flex of winding arms suggested, as did original leg of fixation, "Mm'h... nh... no, I knew where it'd land me, but I ... was arrogant." Boldly agreeing upon the grounds of her guilty status in the breath it took to draw herself into pressing dominion for acts of greed all her own, wishing to experience the rove of fanning talons with reduced hindrance. The vessel demanded it, while the headspace sought structure of further speech, were she not so tempted by the impose of hasty muscle.
  4. City Elf    Old Man 52 minutes ago  He could still undo her with just the hotly snarls just outside the tangible reaches of her ear canal and with that invigorating pin, her resolves had begun their fray already. Unraveling bit by bit with every new flare of movement, as he is in ownership of discomfort in prisons of his own design, therein lies revitalizing spring. Not dried, but uncovered again and needed only a little digging deeper to see it flow as promisingly as it did before. Raven could battle against those crimson borders and behind enemy lines, forces rallied him to do so-a Benedict Arnold to her own position, but Zilyana had never claimed to be on a side of opposition. And that highlighted piece of information found itself shining through firstly in wordless brighten, stemming from her own sparks of enthusiasm in what should be 'dire straits' against such a mighty beast, ready to tear through defenses and have its meal.
  5. City Elf    Old Man 1 hour ago  Saying nothing of other choice regions present and in the past, the truth remained: any would be fool to dispute claims. Foolish further if they insisted and one felt that inclination to be exceptionally unpleasant that day; Zilyana, the notorious party for sporting tooth and fang where ostensible monster took the route of flowery poet and writer of stories to meet those rough tongues with jovial retorts with greatest ease. And still he laced such energy into tales supposed and shared with devilish woman caught and haphazardly bound by bawdy paw work and the mixed signal to receptors exclusively; mind was most sure of their tastes for it. Spent no time in delaying its share, where eager hoists persuaded a former wreath to tighten itself and seize opportunity from the bite of bark in her shoulders and its flirting graze at her lumbar.
  6. City Elf    Old Man 1 hour ago  Muted albeit ribbons of pink forged by talons purposely dull did well to straighten the svelte woman's back and entice from his little siren the inviting creep forward of her own hips, specifically on the return feed over them with cauterizing clap of palm, "Sss!-- T'fh..." air hissed its way through teeth catching themselves on the inside of her lip and forfeit its grounds to breath out one humid pant. Another mark of staked possession, as though the senses part of any investigation would not turn up some piece of evidence to link the two. Be it nose, strongest or weakest, though mingles wild and tame consecutive -aye, they wore one another as their own unfazed; more confident for it, perhaps, nay, a certainty. And eyes, where claw marks presently etched brand into porcelain tissue, teeth dressed skin with blossoms further up.
  7. City Elf    Old Man 1 hour ago  Furthermore, there would be ask why, if permitted - but they already knew those answers. The idea of cool down when already known was the absence of obligation, which, in turn for one if not both... meant nothing to implicate them as a guilty party worthy of unthinkable reprimands. Freer in a word, under Terca Lumireis' skies, Zilyana felt herself to be, and Raven the brazen had long since uncovered this chapter in their collaboration; 'anywhere', he'd said. Seldom did that chase go without a moment's entertain during her lulls; may have held it as inspiration on the climb, if only for a passing second, only just a moment ago when the physical memory presented itself firmly against her pelvis and impressed additional weight in light of those first scrapes back across whitened trek of skin, brighter under the rays of moonlit make.
  8. City Elf    Old Man 1 hour ago  Due privilege to lap up those trails left behind to collect and such was case of Zilyana's entrapment. Compliancy on the rise, these eases of manipulation into promise of security through coiling leg were of but one demonstration. It was not the first time a particularly artful co-proprietress forewent the road of successful overthrows, but who was she to assuage a manhandling she intentionally provoked? Not without honest surface, it put them back on the paths of main objective at the beginning and found its gradual dissolve into degeneracy once again. Yes, there, under their witty turns of phrase and exuberance to keep spirits up and moods into healthy competition for a climb came the undoubted appeal to sexual appetites that flourished under the realms absent of their responsibilities.
  9. Old Man City Elf    2 hours ago That hearts could make agreements with harmony so pure, and their keepers knaves utmost in sordid locks. Story-teller, he was, and Zilyana an unlikely actress; it was said the maiden mewled, and thereabouts he adopted a mind to draw it out of her to put a performance across Halure's airwaves. An arm which had itself hooking around her thigh to feast on that delicious haunch choked in deeper around the broader part of her limb, marrying it against his outline with a flex of his bicep that he may feed a hand in further, cupping from behind as fingers given to splay unified to narrowing rows. Forgive his pitch of weight to pin his slighter companion so heavily, as it was his most recent whim to roam sultry valleys and glide through flowery petals with a roll of toughened fingers riding toward the pert crest. "--Mnh'mh..."
  10. Old Man City Elf    2 hours ago "Waggin' that thing at me all night, darlin'? Yer not th' victim'a this story." Instrument to his maddening descent--and subsequent rise--found itself in accusatory hoist, the reddened cheek lavished with a jostle serving as well to secure himself surer as calloused tips delved toward the splitting breach for grip. The kittenish seductress, the single-minded sleaze; neither were heroes by any stretch of the imagination between their particular chapters. Yet all the same Raven intended to christen themselves like such with adoration befitting a fairy-tale ending, impure as the delivery might have been where his hot tongue's tip made haste to assert itself to lap up the slickened trail from her own only just after he fed in to seal both tiers over her own.
  11. Old Man City Elf    2 hours ago Gone were the playful snaps to otherwise comical interpretations of dire-creatures--there before amber eyes, Raven became a character of fabrication much too convincingly. Showing throat to upward glances, and the rumble in his larynx to carry out until breath's depletion, Raven's prickled jawline dipped back in that he may lay a gaze brimming with life's sweetest glimmers that had once been nigh unimaginable in pools then devoid of meaningful engagement. Something in their bridged stares resonated--begged pregnant pause before growling replies if only just to sup one last one-sided beat of reverence--and the freeman truly that flit lower out of want for glistened ribbons. Zilyana knew what she was doing, coating that inviting bottom lip as though it were her finest dagger envenomed with implicating premeditation.
  12. Old Man City Elf    2 hours ago Battling against crimson curtains into the unforgiving threshold of rawer leather straps, there was no barrier too off-putting to keep him from grinding that pained wad against the smoother sweeps keeping a flat abdomen. He had a thought, however passing, that a little excursion would do well to relax the greedy beast in restrictive confines until the quarters became marginally agreeable. That thought did not account for intentionally suggestive turns of phrase nor the tantalizing game hike-and-peek ensuring his perpetual state of excite, now given room to try its clothed fetters in straining flashes. The push was enough to see his lungs empty in hot projections sent toward the heavens, into the canopy that remained a lifetime above their disheveled heads. "--Hh'n."
  13. Old Man City Elf    2 hours ago Every motion paid itself against her figure in hopes she may read the frustrations of his loins in a language of desperate friction. Pressed against a pliable underbed of flank, his knuckles turned to dig in with his dullest blades truncated through idling gnaws, pulling his grip to rake them down the back of her thigh just to etch those aforementioned "claws" into plush, unbroken porcelain. Fortunate that her leggy hook had instilled a sense of confidence in her uprightness, permitting him temporary leave from hands-on fastening for all but the second it took to retake it in hover down to send the flat of his empty paw and warm those pinkish trails with the broader sting of sudden impact. "Hngh'rrh," Snarling through the fleshy slap of firm collision, reclaiming bawdy hold and utilizing its sure sink to hoist the greater bulk of his dense frame against her in a provocative roll.
  14. Old Man City Elf    2 hours ago Perhaps Zilyana too may come to enjoy the hushed marvels of passerby and acquaintance alike as a stalwart of undying vigor if certain tales broke out to feed her--supposedly--growing legend. No doubt in any that were familiar with Raven's trademark spin of the yarn that such stories may be accounted fourfold, though if given enough time and privacy, they'd not be tall-tales at all. Still, Raven's pugnacious little prize could boast all his resilience and more, keeping yet an innermost marking fresh whilst he writhed within a trap of limb self-imposed in an eagerness to deliver a reprise. Noses keener than theirs would have found this elf claimed in absolutes agreed upon by even the most primal of cognition, though it would not take so sharp a scent to note their subtle wear on one another's cherished trademarks.
  15. Old Man City Elf    2 hours ago Be they busied streets or townsfolk resigned to the comfort of their bedrooms, Raven would have his pound of flesh and then some unless the intoxicating idol of presently handsy affections saw fit to correct his behaviors in the same manner she had used to win unlikely endearment in the first place. Enablers, the lot of them, each inclined to goading prods of one another as if knowing the course their trails would inevitably spin, and as his forceful administrations had gone on without reprimand of personal company or whatever local flavor of law enforcement, chances seemed slim that he may relent any time soon. An obscene flaunt of his august vitality, the frequency in which he found himself meandering back toward the addictive wells of promise glowering against the firm impress of his pelvis, plotting their whimsical escapade with his greediest pulls from at every available instance.
  16. Old Man City Elf    2 hours ago Pray not take up a misconception that recent memories were ephemeral things to the she-elf's slavering satellite, as reasonable as the opinion might have been when fixations were profound and trained upon from the opposite end of a narrow scope. Zilyana had gotten away with pulling her bestial beau into coherence on the mount of clever wiles, and far be it of a competitive lover to let that elating loss of proud positionals go without due receipt in turn. Jovial fronts and indolent fancies did well to mask the raging waters that were quick to rise into an overtly tactile surface, utterly unfazed when risks of discovery from a third-party hung outside of his peripheral as a very real possibilities.
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