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  1. [12:04:47 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> jaz
  2. [12:04:54 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Hey
  3. [12:04:59 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> tourney bots and fx host is 7.31 still?
  4. [12:05:02 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Yup
  5. [12:05:08 PM] <[Fx]Droid> I updated them to 7.42
  6. [12:05:12 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> oh cool :)
  7. [12:05:14 PM] <[Fx]Droid> After a bunch of games
  8. [12:05:16 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Downgraded them
  9. [12:05:22 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Or rather
  10. [12:05:22 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> :/ you dont like it?
  11. [12:05:23 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Upgraded them
  12. [12:05:25 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Back to 7.31
  13. [12:05:53 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Maybe I'll update back when nobody's playing 7.31 anymore
  14. [12:05:55 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> hmm
  15. [12:06:03 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Or rather, when BA gets fixed
  16. [12:06:13 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> that might be a while since lampe has a job and apparently nobody else can change tera lol
  17. [12:06:41 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Good
  18. [12:06:52 PM] <[Fx]Droid> I really dislike 7.42
  19. [12:06:56 PM] <[Fx]Droid> For many reasons
  20. [12:07:09 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> i'm not a fan of the autoheal or the anitnuke but i really like the rebalancing of units
  21. [12:07:17 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Well
  22. [12:07:20 PM] <[Fx]Droid> I like some changes ofc
  23. [12:07:25 PM] <[Fx]Droid> But the majority I disagree with
  24. [12:07:39 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> i'd be happy with any change really - i'm a bit bored of 7.31
  25. [12:07:43 PM] <[Fx]Droid> For starters, the complete removal of all armour classes
  26. [12:07:49 PM] <[Fx]Droid> That's just silly
  27. [12:07:52 PM] <[Fx]Droid> The removal of EMP Bomber
  28. [12:07:54 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Also silly
  29. [12:07:54 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> oh i dont know anything about how it's structured
  30. [12:07:58 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> what does that do in practice?
  31. [12:08:00 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Any unit can get EMP'd easily
  32. [12:08:02 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Including Com
  33. [12:08:03 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Also silly
  34. [12:08:04 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> ah i see
  35. [12:08:07 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> hmm yes
  36. [12:08:45 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> but i love what they did to air - it was far too easy for a single good air player to win a game before
  37. [12:08:53 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> and i like how now in big games its much more about ground fighting
  38. [12:09:04 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Well
  39. [12:09:09 PM] <[Fx]Droid> I think I like the HLT nerf
  40. [12:09:17 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Fighters should've been nerfed, but not by HP
  41. [12:09:31 PM] <[Fx]Droid> one shot from any aa to kill a fighter is silly
  42. [12:09:43 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> yeah
  43. [12:09:48 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> but better than before
  44. [12:09:51 PM] <[Fx]Droid> especially when one shot kills a blade too, but fighters are sooo much more expensive than blades
  45. [12:09:57 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Hmm, perhaps
  46. [12:10:10 PM] <[Fx]Droid> It was just silly that people had to make a gazzillion fighters every game
  47. [12:10:18 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> yeah
  48. [12:10:26 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Now they have to make more though
  49. [12:10:30 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> and that a single air player coul decide a game so easily
  50. [12:10:31 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Because they die so easily
  51. [12:10:39 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Yeah
  52. [12:10:41 PM] <[Fx]Droid> That was silly
  53. [12:10:44 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> no i disagree, now you have to keel fighters further back
  54. [12:10:46 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> away from mobile ground aa
  55. [12:10:59 PM] <[Fx]Droid> You had to do that anyway
  56. [12:11:03 PM] <[Fx]Droid> But now it's just more important
  57. [12:11:11 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> agreed
  58. [12:11:29 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> now its absolutely essential to keep a good bit space in front of your base
  59. [12:11:30 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Dgun range got buffed by 50 I think
  60. [12:11:34 PM] <[Fx]Droid> No idea why that was done
  61. [12:11:38 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> lolwut...
  62. [12:11:46 PM] <[Fx]Droid> mexes no longer cost e to operate
  63. [12:11:50 PM] <[Fx]Droid> which I sort of agree with I guess
  64. [12:11:58 PM] <[Fx]Droid> well
  65. [12:12:00 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> i never knew they needed e
  66. [12:12:02 PM] <[Fx]Droid> There's a lot of hidden changes
  67. [12:12:14 PM] <[Fx]Droid> I disagree with BA development in general now
  68. [12:12:27 PM] <[Fx]Droid> For ages, Fatty was developing BA alone and making sure his changes didn't cause uproar
  69. [12:12:33 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> yeah they were a bit quick with all the new changes
  70. [12:12:34 PM] <[Fx]Droid> and he didn't let niob or nixa have BA dev
  71. [12:12:36 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> could have introduced them slowly
  72. [12:12:41 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Because they wanted to make huge changes
  73. [12:12:48 PM] <[Fx]Droid> He forced them to make their own BA fork mods
  74. [12:12:50 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Which they did
  75. [12:12:52 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Nobody played them
  76. [12:12:58 PM] <[Fx]Droid> He gives BA lead to Beherith
  77. [12:13:04 PM] <[Fx]Droid> And beh gives them all BA dev access
  78. [12:13:17 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Then Niob goes and makes dozens and dozens of big changes
  79. [12:13:24 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Without telling anybody before hand
  80. [12:13:25 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> doing it all at once was def a mitsake
  81. [12:13:27 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Then forcing a release
  82. [12:13:32 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Was stupid
  83. [12:13:46 PM] <[Fx]Droid> I even got PM'd about it
  84. [12:13:49 PM] <[Fx]Droid> By Beherith
  85. [12:13:55 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> saying what?!
  86. [12:13:56 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Saying "What do you think of these changes?"
  87. [12:14:03 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Like, a few weeks before it was released
  88. [12:14:05 PM] <[Fx]Droid> I gave my feedback
  89. [12:14:10 PM] <[Fx]Droid> And a few minor suggestions
  90. [12:14:13 PM] <[Fx]Droid> I got ignored completely
  91. [12:14:22 PM] <[Fx]Droid> He never replied and I never got anything back
  92. [12:14:35 PM] <[Fx]Droid> I've made so many good suggestions
  93. [12:14:40 PM] <[Fx]Droid> And they all get missed
  94. [12:14:45 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> hmm
  95. [12:14:47 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Because BA threads on the forums are full of utter shite
  96. [12:14:54 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> yeah wombat is the least heplful person ever
  97. [12:14:58 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Yup
  98. [12:15:00 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> smoth too
  99. [12:15:03 PM] <[Fx]Droid> He should've been banned long ago
  100. [12:15:13 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Smoth doesn't play BA at all
  101. [12:15:20 PM] <[Fx]Droid> He should stay out of the BA sub-forum completely
  102. [12:15:38 PM] <[Fx]Droid> And there's tons of good, respectable players making decent, legitimate suggestions
  103. [12:15:44 PM] <[Fx]Droid> like 8D, Alba, myself etc
  104. [12:15:49 PM] <[Fx]Droid> And we just get blanked tbh
  105. [12:16:01 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> 8d does rage a bit though
  106. [12:16:03 PM] <[Fx]Droid> And instead, Niob gets his way to make any changes he wants
  107. [12:16:05 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> alba had some good points i thought
  108. [12:16:11 PM] <[Fx]Droid> 8D knows what he's talking about
  109. [12:16:17 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Being pretty the much the best BA player around atm
  110. [12:16:21 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> this is true
  111. [12:19:04 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> nixa: "And yes, ideally BA (the name) should be left at 7.31 and a new name selected."
  112. [12:19:33 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> he also says he didnt cause any of the changes in 7.42
  113. [12:20:38 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Yeah
  114. [12:20:45 PM] <[Fx]Droid> I mean, nixa wanted a lot of changes too
  115. [12:20:53 PM] <[Fx]Droid> Him and Niob were working together on a BA fork
  116. [12:20:55 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> who is deadnight warrior?
  117. [12:21:00 PM] <[Fx]Droid> But Niob was the one who made all the changes
  118. [12:21:01 PM] <[Fx]Droid> No idea
  119. [12:21:40 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> yeah niob seems to be carrying the can for this
  120. [12:22:08 PM] <[Fx]Bluestone> probably the best thing that could happen is if he listens to the threads a bit and makes a new version with some of the changes watered down
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