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  1. During the Primordial Era there was only Primal Chaos and Nothingness. This Primal Chaos was condensed and focused in a single point. No life, no planes, nothing.
  3. For thousands of years, that was the state of the universe. As time went by, the Primal Chaos gave birth to consciousness, and from this consciousness loneliness was also born. Tired of being alone, the being born out of the Primal Chaos gave out his own life, exploding in Primal Energy that created the universe, the stars and all planes. At this time, the first two races were also born: The Gods and the Devils.
  4. From them, countless other races also spawned. From Humans to Mythical being such as Dragons, Phoenixes, Qillins, Demons and many others. The universe was filled with life and countless different races.
  6. Initially the universe enjoyed peace, as being born out of Yang lived in the South of the universe and the ones born out of Yin lived in the north part of the universe. While both were opposites, they rarely got into conflict, as there was little to no reason to do so. Humans were one of the few races that lived in both parts of the universe, being accepted as both a being of Yin and Yang.
  8. Gods and Devils grew stronger by absorbing this Primal Energy that was filling the universe. As time went on, the Primal Energy on both sides started to dim. And as that happened, slowly but surely both Gods and Devils were taken over by one of the feelings that was very common for humans: Greed.
  9. Both Gods and Demons started to lust over the opposite part of the universe. They made excuses against eachother, recruiting lesser races as their pawns, and, before long, a war born out of greed was born.
  11. Humans, as a race that lived in both sides of the universe was split. Some fought for the gods, some fought for the devils, and some understood that such a war was pointless and would only bring the extinction of many races... And so it did. As the war raged, many races perished. By the end of the war, there was only few races left, and even then they were already on the brink of extinction. The Gods and Devils suffered of the same fate, but on their case, most of them only felt joy by such event, as less of them also meant that they would have more Primal Energy. By the End of the war, both the last God and Devil killed eachother.
  13. And just like that, the war was over. Almost all life in the universe was extinct, and the both races that lusted over the Primal Energy were now dead. Humans were one of the few races left in the universe, but even them were on the brink of extinction. But out of this situation it was not doom that was born, but hope instead. For humans and the remaining races they never had the chance to ascend to godhood under the rule of the devils or gods: Neither race would be willing to share Primal Energy. Not only that, but over the universe there were countless inheritances left by the gods, devils and other mythical races.
  15. It was the beginning of a new age... One that each race would be able to thread their own path.
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