BWL loot system change?

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  1. BWL change proposal
  2. roll decreased to 1-50
  3. MS/OS rules delineating who can roll on what
  6. On-time and raid-end still apply.
  7. 4 points for attendance
  8. 1 point for ony
  9. 2 points for MC bosses (Geddon and rag)
  10. 8 points for BWL bosses
  11. 15 points possible with 2 nights: 5 total for 11/11, 10 for BWL Maximum. For the first few weeks, we may wanna award a flat 10 points per time spent in the instance. (e.g. award points every 18 minutes starting at the beginning of raid.)
  12. double points for being there the first time we kill a boss.
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