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  1. Observations
  2. Cure
  3. Name ElAP MP   Ra   A1A2   PO E1E2 E3E4 F1F2      AN   Ti            
  4. 0B01 070A 0600 0400 0105 0128 A8B4 0101 8161 1000 0200 3600 0001 5000
  5. Name is two byte pointer to the name index for when the move is used...the bit in the menu seems to be different
  6. El is the element of the move
  7. AP is the AP/10 it takes to master
  8. MP is how much MP the move costs
  9. RA is the range of the move. 40 is a line, 80 is weapon range.
  10. A1 is 1 for most moves, 2 for Illusion moves....think it affects who it targets.
  11. A2 is the area of effect of a move, expressed in tiles beyond range, so a range 3 a 1 move hits one tile 3 tiles away while 3a2 hits a cross 3 tiles away...I think. 40 for Illusionist moves, it's what moves the battlefield down the screen.
  12. PO is the power of the move
  13. E1-E4 are the four different effects for a move.
  14. -A8 is 100% accurate healing to nonundead
  15. -B4 is a magical attack to undead
  16. -C7 is a triple damage attack
  17. -5B is Mog Aid healing...need to research how that's different
  18. -26 is Mog Aid Esuna...see above
  19. -A3 is Unicorn Esuna. Needs More Research
  20. -91 is Stardust's attack...magical attack, I guess?
  21. -3F is for Air Render and Mog Attack...physical attack?
  22. -4B is "Knockback if Effect1 hit." This can be glitchy. It needs the Weapon Attack animation to be set, and possibly some other requirements. Can be done at range, can't be done with area of effect.
  23. F1 and F2 are Flags of the move.
  24. -81 is Reflectable
  25. -61 is Silencable
  26. AN is the animation of the move
  27. -02 is Cure
  28. -88 is Ultima
  29. -87 is Mog Aid
  30. -42 is Unicorn
  31. -2F is Stardust
  32. -69 is Air Render?
  33. -81 is a basic weapon attack
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